History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 445

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Regarding the idea of ​​the so-called XX level 3 Warriors, Ye Wen didn’t tell Zeus, and he didn’t even tell Athena that he wasn’t going to tell anyone about these things, but waited until the Holy War started to guide him slowly.

That’s right, Ye Wen will also participate in this Holy War, and he has even arranged his own identity-all Saints’ Teacher!

This is also impossible. At present, even if it is assembled, there is no Saint Seiya, and Athena, as Goddess, is naturally impossible to do this kind of work personally, so he definitely needs someone to help. Counting the entire Mount Olympus, it seems that only Ye Wen can help.

Among the main gods, Ares and Athena must not be able to stand together, and even bringing Aphrodite would not help Athena.

In addition to the Artemis incident, Apollo probably will also stand on the opposite side. And Goddess of the Moon… After this incident, it was almost a dream to want to draw it to this side. The only thing I can expect is that Goddess of the Moon is not in line with Apollo, so it will not stand on the opposite side.

After coming out of the pantheon, Ye Wen thought about it. It seemed that the only one who could really help was the god Hephaestus, the god of flames and craftsmen, who didn’t stand on the standpoint, but simply worked hard to make excellent armor.

“Maybe… can you try to talk to Poseidon?”

Ye Wen thought of this, but how could Athena not? It’s just that Poseidon’s interest in these things is not great. If you can’t give enough temptation, Poseidon will basically not participate in these things. The biggest possibility is to stand and watch from the top, Quandang is one. Make a wonderful drama, and then make appropriate sentences to ridicule 2 sentences.

So after a little temptation and seeing that Poseidon was in need, Athena gave up the idea and just concentrated on her own affairs.

So, since this time, Ye Wen has hardly seen Athena, nor any other gods. Except for occasionally being called by Zeus to ask how the situation is, Ye Wen is like being in Olin Like an ordinary person living on Mount Pisce, everyday all lives boring and…more boring days.

“When will such a day come to an end?”

Sitting in the hall like Shen Gongbao, Celestial Court’s general watershed is indeed not comparable to that of Ye Wen. Shen Gongbao sat there very calmly, and then pinched one by one with his hands and dripping drops of water. The grapes are then chewed slowly into the stomach.

“Aren’t you bored?”

“If you once dissatisfied Your Majesty with the result of the battle and were left behind for 100 years, then you will be as calm as me!”

Shen Gongbao’s words made Ye Wen speechless for a while, only to realize that Shen Gongbao’s cultivation was not what he wanted to practice, but the environment was forced and had to do so.

“Has the black tiger not returned yet?”

He has lived on Mount Olympus for quite some time now. Even if the white-fronted black tiger flies slowly, it is estimated that he should have arrived at Shushan? Why hasn’t there been any movement for so long? is it possible that this worm really found a place to play on its own? If this is the case, next time you see, you must take care of this birth. You can at least look at Shen Gongbao’s face and take it lightly.

Shen Gongbao was also a little embarrassed. His own mount was so disobedient, and it really embarrassed him, so a calm embarrassment appeared on his calm face: “Forget about the day, I should be back soon…”

“Hope it…”

Fortunately, the Black Tiger didn’t embarrass Shen Gongbao this time, and soon appeared in front of Shen Gongbao and Ye Wen—because when he first came, the gods of Olympus had also seen the Black Tiger, knowing that it was Shen Gongbao Without any obstruction, let him fly directly into Mount Olympus, and found his owner based on his unique connection with Shen Gongbao.

When the two saw the Black Tiger again, the big black worm was full of tears, and looked at them pitifully.

“this is?”

Heihu carried a huge package on his body, and its size was as large as that of Heihu, and the package seemed to be written with the name of Shushan in large characters. I was afraid that others would not know who it was. It turned out that the Black Tiger came with so many things on his back.

Ye Wen unfastened the huge package from the black tiger, and then he only felt that his hand sank, and he understood why the black tiger looked so poor.

This thing feels overwhelming with his current cultivation base, and with the power of the Black Tiger, it is estimated that carrying so many things is more painful than letting him carry 2 people. No wonder he is so happy when he sees himself and Shen Gongbao, It turned out I knew I could finally be relieved, and I would look like that when I was excited.

Seeing Shen Gongbao touching the head of the Black Tiger as if praised, Ye Wen dragged the big package straight into the palace, and then untied the package in the hall. Anyway, it was nothing to dare to pack the package. Something inconceivable… But Ye Wen was wrong, the group of people on Shushan was bolder than he thought.

Only after unwrapping the package, a huge iron box appeared in front of Ye Wen. Looking at the patterns and patterns on it, Ye Wen had a headache: “How can this thing be shipped so blatantly? Isn’t it afraid? Robbed?”

The iron box in front of Ye Wen is very familiar, because he specially painted a set of drawings for Hephaestus a while ago. The content is these boxes, and its role is naturally self-evident, just to hold those that can be called In the holy cloth for artwork.

In other words, among the things Shushan Sect brought to the Black Tiger, the biggest item turned out to be a set of holy clothes!

The group of same sects who were slandering their hearts were also bold, and Ye Wen soon noticed the communicator dropped next to the holy cloth.

Pick it up and put the communicator on your face in the way Zheng Ying told him to cover one ear and one eye. Although this instrument has pale-yellow lenses, it will not affect Ye Wen’s vision. At the same time, there will be no uncomfortable feeling after wearing on the face.

“At least this comfort is first class!”

After pressing the start button, the small screen in front of me instantly flashed a row of text. This screen reminded Ye Wen of the boot screen of the computer, but the flashing in front of me was not the birds, but a pile of Charm talisman, from here you can know that the inner core of this detector is the Immortal Spell Technique used, not any technology products.

These pictures are just a flash, and when Ye Wen is still thinking, a familiar voice sounds in his ear: “Hello, hello? Master? Is it you?”

Ye Wen heard this familiar voice, instinctively nodded, and then he realized that he was nodded, the other party could not see, and immediately said: “Is it, Zheng Ying?”

“Oh, Master!” It seems to be talking to someone on the side, Ye Wen can still hear the noisy voices of other people, but Zheng Ying then made them shut up: “Wait, I will put the self-destruction program first Close it and talk!”

“Self-destructive program?” Ye Wen only felt a twitch in his mouth. He didn’t think that the so-called self-destructive program was aimed at Zheng Ying. Then, in this case, it means…

“Yes, Master, in order to prevent people from accidentally getting these things, so we have installed some self-destruction programs on the things sent to you this time… in fact, some Formation, but as long as they are destroyed here, Then this self-destruction Formulation will completely collapse and merge with other arrays, there will be no possibility that the self-destruction program will be activated again!”

Speaking of kung fu, I heard who Zheng Ying was talking to over there, and at the same time he was busy for a while, and then heard Zheng Ying said: “Okay, Master, all released!”

Although Zheng Ying said so, Ye Wen still has the urge to pick off what he sees, and throw it away. Fortunately, Zheng Ying’s disciplinary normally is reliable, so Ye Wen stopped the urge and continued to talk to him through this communicator: “Yes, this communicator can be used. Did you get a satellite?”

If you really get that stuff, then it seems that the Immortal World version of the mobile phone can really be launched?

“No, I used some arrays of Xianjia, and performed a similar binding effect on the two communication facilities, so now I can only talk to fixed objects.”

Ye Wen understood that, this is the same reason as the toy phone made of cups and ropes. Only the holders of these two cups can talk to each other, and cannot call other people.

In this case, there is still a long way to go to implement the so-called Immortal World version of the phone! However, these are not the topics that need to be paid attention to now. Ye Wen cares about the letters he sent from the Black Tiger to explain how they did what they did.

“Master can basically make everything required in the letter, and the suit of Pegasus is made according to the simplified production plan marked on the drawing you sent. Although it is a simplified version, As long as it cooperates with the outbreak of the small universe, formidable power is not bad!”

“Oh? Have you tried it?”

Zheng Ying complied: “Gaffie has already started to cultivate a small universe, so let’s experiment with it!”


After imagining what Garfield, who is a little bigger than his slap, looked like in a holy suit, Ye Wen found that it was too much to challenge the limits of his imagination, so he had to choose to give up.

“According to your design of the Master, the Saint Cloth can be automatically adjusted to the size of the user’s body, so Garfield can also use it! By the way, bottle gourd Sen Senior praises the design of the Master and thinks this is not the case. Very strange function but it is used by the Master in the most appropriate place. I think you are a genius…Senior, would you like to talk to the Master?”

The last sentence should be that Zheng Ying can’t stand the chatter of bottle gourd Xian Cui Jun beside his ear, so he can express his dissatisfaction in such a polite way.

Ye Wen knows that this holy cloth has such a function, but really didn’t expect such a great power, even the big kittens can wear it? It seems that for Saint Seiya, figure is not a problem!

“But Master, what are you going to do with this holy garment? is it possible that the gods of Olympus are going to fight Holy War? Are you picked by Athena Goddess as Pegasus?”

Zheng Ying is just a joke, but Ye Wen smiled bitterly. He did not become a Pegasus, but Athena has made it clear the other day that Holy War Ye Wen must be added, and it is not just a teacher who trains Saint Seiya, but also participates in the front line.

Ye Wen was very uncomfortable at the time, and only said: “In that case, the Pluto Army will not be beaten? I can wipe out all those chats!”

Although I have the magical power of a small universe, it really has to be compared to Ye Wen. The difference is still above heaven under earth. Ye Wen and even Myriad Swords Art can kill all the Pluto army without using them. Holy War?

“So… you have to suppress your strength!”

10000 unhappy Ye Wen began to flip through the script in his head, preparing to find a suitable section to let her gloriously die, lest Athena would always whisper in her ear.

Recalling that he was still talking with Zheng Ying, Ye Wen put these things aside for a while: “Not for me, but for someone here to use!” If there is no accident, it is bound to be the protagonist of this Holy War , This game is also the power arranged for excitement, Divine King Zeus!

As for why the Saint Cloth was not made by Hephaestus, this is also to highlight the protagonist’s out of the ordinary!

At the same time, Ye Wen was also prepared to attract Zeus with a holy cloth, so a sample is needed! It’s just that didn’t expect Zeus’s boredom is higher than he thought. The Tianma Saint Cloth hasn’t been delivered yet, and it has been eagerly prepared-Zeus has even determined the time when he is going to be born.

“In addition, the pair of short blades and chains you want for Master are also made! However, Master, what do you want this thing to do?” Zheng Ying is also familiar with those two things, but he can’t understand Ye Wen wants What are the uses of these two distinct things? is it possible that your Master cottage is addicted, and you have to go to Olympus to do the cottage business?

Ye Wen turned his head and looked towards another box that wasn’t very eye-catching. After opening the box, a pair of thick, wide-blade weapons lying quietly in the box, while the root of the handle of the wide blade There are also 2 unremarkable inky chains.

“Because there is a nasty guy here that gets in the way!”


Zheng Ying was stunned, but when he thought of the weapon that Ye Wen wanted to make himself, he immediately understood which one was the so-called obstruction guy, and at the same time understood what his Master was going to do.

“Oh, Master, why can’t such a fun thing call me?”

Zheng Ying’s sentence turned the other end of the Talker into a trouble. The noisy sound of the vegetable market caused Ye Wen a headache. Fortunately, he heard Xu Xian’s voice soon: “What’s the noise? What’s the matter? System?”

Only the following sentence made Ye Wen almost fall: “What contention? Is it your turn to do this kind of thing? It is also me who wants to go!”

The subsequent confusion was not enough to make a detailed list with outsiders. Anyway, Ye Wen took the time to ask whether this detector was considered a finished product? Are there any other functions besides calling?

“Master, as long as you don’t need this thing to detect living things, then there is no danger!” Zheng Ying’s words are fully considered that the people who are active on Mount Olympus are basically tyrannical gods, and these gods must have more power. The upper limit of the detector.

“In other words, it can only be used to find some treasure? Can’t it be used to detect the strength of others?”


“This is enough…” Ye Wen’s most wanted to find is Star Sands, which is a rare thing in the east, but there seems to be a lot of this thing around Mount Olympus, and the gods of Olympus themselves are right It is not particularly important-I am afraid that only Hephaestus knows the value of this thing.

But the trouble is that the gods of Olympus don’t take it seriously anymore, and they won’t sit back and watch Ye Wen, the Oriental, come to them to dig out treasures at random, and it’s more impossible to tell him where there is such a thing, so Ye Wen can only find it by himself. This is also one of the reasons why he eagerly hopes that Zheng Ying will quickly build and send the probe. He needs to find the star sand by the probe before he can take it away.

According to Zheng Ying’s explanation, part of the function of the detector was turned off, and then Ye Wen began to explore the surroundings with confidence. Want to see if there are any treasures worth paying attention to on Mount Olympus?

It was only when he opened the detector that he felt that a mass of items full of Spiritual Qi was moving towards him, and the speed was not slow.

“Which god with the treasure came over? Athena?” Ye Wen didn’t know, but he immediately collected most of the things, leaving only the garment of Pegasus and the detector on his face, Waiting quietly for the man’s arrival.

But when he heard the clicks that he hadn’t heard for almost years, the whole person was in a state of consternation—that was the sound of high heels stepping on a hard ground. This sound was indeed not heard for a long time.

And there are only one person who has these shoes on Mount Olympus.

“How did she come?”

Confused, Artemis stepped on those high-heeled shoes and stood proudly in front of Ye Wen. The already tall figure now became more prominent because of the shoes, which was quite tight The long dress attached can’t cover the tight legs, it looks more eye-catching.

Artemis held his head, looked at Ye Wen standing there, and then turned his gaze to the side of the cloak box: “Is this the weapon you are going to compensate me for?” frowned: “It still works The iron box is packed!”

Ye Wen realized that Artemis was here to’demand’ and immediately hooked the head: “No, this is not the thing to be compensated to you, your weapon should not have been made yet!”

“En? Haven’t made it yet?” She heard that Hephaestus was helping Ye Wen build something, and she guessed that she was about to prepare a weapon for her compensation. She came over and looked at it with curiosity, but listening to Ye Wen What does your own stuff seem to have not been manufactured yet? However, this made her more curious.

“Really? I don’t know what kind of weapon, but even Hephaestus has been busy for so long?”


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