History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 446

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“Do you want to know?”

Seeing Artemis’ curiosity, Ye Wen didn’t have any idea to hide. She wanted to show her the drawing of the Azzinoth Warblade, but when she raised her hand, she remembered it. Storrs did not reserve a backup.

“Wait, I’ll draw it for you!”

“No!” Artemis thought for a while: “Since you asked Hephaestus to make it for you, then just go with me to the melting pot!”

As a hunting Goddess, Artemis attaches great importance to his weapons, so naturally impossible does not pay attention! When she learned that Ye Wen had made Hephaestus build a weapon, she had guessed that she was preparing to compensate her, but what kind of weapon it was was always clueless.

I just know that Hephaestus and Ye Wen have been very frequent during this time, as if the god of craftsmen and Ye Wen have many common topics.

This news made Artemis more curious. After all, Hephaestus’ manufacturing ability and imagination have always been the existence of Peak on Olympus. Ye Wen, who can share the same topic with Hephaestus, There must be something extraordinary. What weapons would such people use to compensate themselves?

Looking down at the shoes on his feet, Artemis’s curiosity in his heart spread uncontrollably, especially when he thought that his maid often looked at herself more enviously during this time. Her body shape and legs made her understand that the shoes were not made for the purpose of teasing people.

So she ran over and said very simply that she would go to the melting pot to see the weapon with her own eyes!

When 2 people walked out of the palace together, Artemis also asked, “Yes, that weapon was designed by you?”

“No, it’s a drawing I accidentally got!”

“That’s it!” Artemis nodded, and her expression didn’t change. She couldn’t see what she was thinking: “So, what about these strange shoes?”

“Shoes?” Ye Wen turned his head slightly, and then looked down towards the ground: “Oh… this is actually brought from an Earth!”


The gods of Olympus are not strangers to Earth, but they haven’t paid much attention to this strange world for a long, long time. Didn’t expect Ye Wen to go there and watch him speak The tone of your voice should have been recently?

At this point, the topic fell into a short pause. Artemis lifted his leg on the carriage pulled by his deer, and the carriage with soft moonlights of light was also decorated with gorgeous ornaments. However, the painting was a bit abstract, and Ye Wen could barely see that a round meniscus was set on it. What other patterns represented, he couldn’t see it.

But he had no desire to explore, and he didn’t even mean to be close to the carriage. The last time he was overcast by Athena through the carriage, he still has a fresh memory. At this time, facing Artemis with some suspicions, he was more impossible and careless.

It’s just this time, but Ye Wen is more concerned. Artemis simply didn’t mean to ask him to get in the car. The proud Goddess of the Moon may not be able to accept a car ride with a man, not to mention it’s own exclusive car. , Even more people are not allowed to ride at will.

So after stepping on the carriage, after Artemis screamed, the two seemingly ordinary male deer took a step forward and leaped directly into the air. The appearance was like pulling a frame on the ground, exactly similar, only However, the two male deer each step stepped on the void, but strangely made a very clear hoof.

Ye Wen watched Goddess of the Moon ascend into the sky, and then drove Jianguang followed along, while controlling his own speed, only following Artemis behind, it would never exceed half a point-he didn’t know The entrance of Hephaestus’ residence, which is also convenient for Artemis to lead the way.

The melting pot where Hephaestus lives is about 5 kilometers away from Mount Olympus, which is a towering cloud, covered with thick snow from the mountainside, but the mountain top is exuded The huge mountain range where the dark smoke and the blazing fire reflected the sky.

Artemis frowned when the frame was near the high mountain, and then turned his head to greet Ye Wen: “Those black smokes are extremely poisonous, you better be careful!” As for the increasingly terrifying high temperature, she did not mention it. Perhaps it was because she thought such obvious temperature changes did not require her to remind her.

The choking smoke and the dust falling from the air made Artemis uncomfortable. Even if she could use the divine force to open an absolutely closed space and isolate all the things she hated, she still couldn’t make her feel comfortable. .

As for Ye Wen? The sword light around him can isolate all the existence that he wants to separate, and the dust and poisonous smoke that are barely visible with naked eye can’t get close to him.

But this harsh environment still surprised him: “The guy at Hephaestus lives here? This environment is really not suitable for living, even if it is a god!”

Indeed, this place is not suitable for living, so Hephaestus does not live here all the year round, but this is just the place where he works, that’s all, his residence is still on Mount Olympus.

Behind Artemis, two people successively got into the volcanic crater exuding the terrifying high temperature and red rays of light. After entering here, not only the terrifying high temperature can make people instantly become corpses, but also because The relationship between high temperature and sight is also severely affected. Almost everything in front of you is distorted, and you can’t see farther away.

Under such circumstances, ordinary people simply do not know which direction they should go in, and they do not even know which direction is the correct way to leave this terrifying place. It can be said that once they come here, then wait for this person. Only dead end.

Unfortunately, today’s 2 visitors will not be affected because of such difficulties, Artemis, the main god of Olympus, will not talk about it, and Ye Wen will not be affected by this. It has been tempered into a glass pupil Although his eyes did not carry Magical Powers, his vision far beyond ordinary people allows him to see everything he wants to see without any influence.

He has seen clearly that there is a place similar to the gate on the mountain wall, and a humanoid figure with obvious mechanical structure who does not know what constitutes stands next to the gate.

“Over there?”

Ye Wen hadn’t had time to ask, Artemis had waved at him: “Here!” Then he flew straight away in his own car.

Coming to the gate, Artemis didn’t even get off the bus, and didn’t say anything to the silhouette, just went to that stop, and then took a cold look at the silhouette that should look like a maid. Just waited quietly for the door to open.

The maid gave a respectful salute and called out: “Dear Moon and Hunting Goddess, welcome you to the Heart of Molten Fire…”

Artemis responded this time, turning his head to look at the maid who was clearly not human: “Heart of Molten Fire?”

“Yes, the host has officially named this place the heart of melting fire!” He spoke without delaying the movement of his hand, turning around on a steering wheel-like thing next to it, and then a bit of Kara gear engaged in rotation. After the sound rang, the thick door in front of me, which did not know what metal was made, slowly opened.

Ye Wen didn’t speak from beginning to end. Looking at the robot-like maid and the semi-mechanized door in front of me, I felt very interesting in my heart-I was not surprised. After all, no one is a fool. I thought of these simple machines. It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just that the robot-like maid should use abilities like puppet spell!

Seeing the door open, Artemis did not continue to question. Anyway, it was just a name that’s all, not worthy of her attention. After driving into the gate with the frame, Artemis finally jumped off the frame.

At this time, the door had been closed again, and this very empty room cooled down at once. Compared with the awful environment just now, it was difference between Heaven and Earth. Artemis put out a long breath, put it away, and kept it in the body. Divine force around: “It’s like this every time I come, so I don’t like coming here at all!”

Ye Wen thought to herself, “Then do you want me to accompany you to see what weapons?” But he didn’t say it, he just moved forward slowly, and then looked around for 4 times.

The vast space they had entered previously seemed to be a place exclusively for the gods. After Artemis got out of the car, he walked towards a corridor not far away, and Ye Wen continued to follow behind him. Listening to the non-stop sounds coming in front of me, I suddenly felt something scratched.

Along the way, Ye Wen didn’t see half a silhouette, and there were a lot of forks along the way, but Artemis almost didn’t hesitate to move forward, as if she had known where Hephaestus would be. .

Soon, Ye Wen only felt that his eyes were bright. Even if he couldn’t help but squint his eyes, ka-cha’s continuous sound and the sharp and dense sound of iron made Ye Wen understand that he had arrived Where-where Hephaestus worked.

Artemis seemed to have been prepared for a long time, and there was almost no pause. The sudden light did not affect her vision. She walked behind Hephaestus who was working and asked. : “Where is my new weapon…”

Hephaestus seems to have understood the person who came, so he didn’t even look back, but then continued the movement of his hand after pointing a certain direction, occasionally paused to look at the work in his hand, and then continued himself work.

There were not many metal figures like the maid who had met him at the gate. These people should be machine puppets made by Hephaestus for his own station. They were all without exception. Maid’s shape-Hephaestus is also a sullen type, and will not complain about fatigue or heavy work, and will only complete the work perfectly according to Hephaestus’ instructions.

Ye Wen 4 looked around. Eleven items exuding golden rays of light were placed not far away. Looking at the shape of these eleven golden objects, Ye Wen knew immediately that this was what he had made Hephas. Eleven sets of gold holy garments made by Toss, and these eleven sets of gold holy garments are all placed there in an unowned form at this time (that is, the combined form of the holy garment when no one is wearing it).

Looking at it roughly, the only thing missing is the Pisces Gold Cloth. It seems that Hephaestus is making the Pisces that guards the last house.

But when he turned his head and looked at it carefully, Ye Wen found that these eleven golden holy clothes were simply not holy clothes.

“En? Strange …”

“Did you find it too?” Hephaestus didn’t know when he had stopped his movements, but came to Ye Wen, frowning at the newly completed work: “This Eleven pieces, that’s all just decorations made of gold, are not armor with practical value!”

Speaking of kung fu, the two machine maids have put the last work properly, and ten or two sets of’artwork’ exuding golden luster are lined up in this way, showing their seductive gesture.

Ye Wen stared at it for a while, and found that these 2 sets of gold garments had almost no Spiritual Qi, and at the same time, as in the original book, even if placed there alone would emit golden rays of light like the sun. Although these twelve sets of gold holy cloths now exude the rays of light, they are actually the rays of light reflected by the gold itself. The origin of the rays of light is not the holy clothes, but the one that forged them. The melting pot.

“So…not finished yet?”

Hephaestus disappointed the hook the head: “It is still a lot of steps away from completion. This holy garment is harder to build than I thought, and the material I need now is out of hand and may need to go out and find Some will do!”

“Oh? What material?” Ye Wen groaned in his heart and guessed something.

“Xingchensha…I think the most indispensable thing is to create the kind of holy cloth that fits your heart! Originally I thought that with my skill, I don’t need that thing, but now it seems…I failed “Hey!” Hephaestus’ words were a bit lost, a kind of loss when a craftsman challenged his limit but failed.

Ye Wen secretly thought, and then made a careless look and asked, “Where can I get that star sand?”

“There is a Stars Island on the Aegean Sea, that is a magical and beautiful island, and that island has the most star sand. As long as you go there, you can get a lot of star sand… Hephaestus suddenly sighed when he said: “It’s just that the island is under the rule of His Royal Highness, and if he wants to get the Star Sands, he must deal with this Royal Highness!”

Hephaestus was having a headache, but the voice of Artemis was heard next to him: “What is this weapon? Is it a bow? But it looks more like a sword?”

After turning around with Ye Wen, I saw that Artemis had not yet completed the manufacture, but only had a shape of the Essinosian Warblade, and then waved awkwardly, but almost turned himself. Scratched.

“It’s… a bad weapon that’s not very good, you just want to use this kind of thing to compensate me?”

Ye Wen shrugged, but only gave a sentence: “That’s because you won’t use it. In fact, the weapon’s formidable power is very powerful!”

“Oh? Then you give me a demonstration!” Artemis dropped the Essinoth Warblade easily, and the speed was very fast, just like throwing a hidden weapon, just the head of the hidden weapon Was it too big?

However, for Ye Wen, there was no threat. The right hand stretched out and held the grip of the Azzinoth Warblade very accurately. At the same time, Hephaestus cleverly stepped back a few steps to let There was a space to sway Ye Wen.

With Ye Wen’s dashing movements one after another, the Azzinoth Warblade draws one after another arc glowing like a meniscus in this side world, Artemis was originally a good show The expression gradually changed, and finally a trace of excitement: “Great weapon!”

Artemis, as the moon and the Goddess of Hunting, has a good military force. Ye Wen just demonstrated the general usage of the Essinos Warblade, and she knew how to use the formidable power of this weapon. At the same time, she also saw more problems: “This weapon…shouldn’t it have only one handle?”

The Essinoth Warblade has been retrieved from Ye Wen, and the slender palm is constantly rubbing back and forth on the weapon that has not been shaped, just like touching the lover.

Ye Wen was so envious at this time. For the first time, he saw Artemis showing such an expression, but it was actually issued against a weapon. This really made him speechless: “Yes, this The Azzinoth Warblade is actually a pair, also known as Azzinoth Double Blade!”

“Acenos double-edged?” Artemis nodded with satisfaction: “I am very satisfied with the weapon you used to compensate me, but did you forget one thing?”


Artemis looked away from the Blade of Azzinoth: “I used a bow! This weapon seems to be just a simple melee blade for close combat!”

Her destroyed weapon can be changed. In addition to the javelin, the most important form is the hunting bow! In other words, Artemis actually prefers to kill opponents from a distance, rather than rushing to fight each other. The double-edged Azzinoth is indeed very good, which makes her like it, but it can not be used as her usual equipment.

“Ah?” Ye Wen didn’t expect Artemis was dissatisfied. Did she recognize that it must be a bow and arrow?

After scratching his head, Ye Wen thought for a moment and then suddenly knocked his left palm with his right fist: “How can I forget this stubble!” The guy came: “I think this thing will fit your appetite!”

Looking at the strange shape, Artemis and Hephaestus approached with curiosity: “What is this?”

Ye Wen reported the name of this weapon with great pride: “M61 Vulcan Organization ******************************** ******Recommended: Demonic beast hero, leading Peak, crosses greenery, who competes with others. — “demonic beast is one of the gods of the ball”, book number 2147706 (to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come Starting point (qidian.com) vote for recommendation, monthly pass, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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