History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 447

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“Vulcan? Machine gun?” Artemis didn’t understand the meaning of these two words, but even if she understood it, she wouldn’t be interested in the thing that Ye Wen brought out: “You let me carry This strange and very ugly iron pimple competes with people?”

When speaking, there was a disgusted and very repulsive expression on the face. Obviously, the beauty of nature made Artemis simply not to think about this thing that Ye Wen brought out, even if she didn’t know how huge this might might be. .

“Ah, don’t you like it?”

Ye Wen carried the Vulcan machine gun and took a 4-point shot. It seemed to want to demonstrate how powerful this weapon is, but there is no suitable target when looking left and right. Perhaps the only thing suitable for this place is that target. Ten 2 sets of golden-bright and dazzling gold holy clothes.

But how could the holy clothes that Hephaestus worked so hard to use as a target for a gun test? Even if Ye Wen said he was not in a hurry, Hephaestus would not agree to just destroy the’semifinished product’ he had worked so hard to create.

Putting Vulcan away, completely ignoring the curiosity of Hephaestus’ face, Ye Wen took out another barrett, but Artemis didn’t even look at it this time and went straight to Sagittarius. Golden Saint Cloth, pointing at the golden bow above said, “This bow looks good, but I always feel that there are shortcomings…”

Hephaestus immediately explained: “These armours have not been completed yet, but now they have a look that’s all, simply without any formable power!”


Artemis originally thought that this pile of things was a metal sculpture made by Hephaestus, used for decoration, didn’t expect these grotesquely shaped things turned out to be armor?

Although some of them do look like armor (such as Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, Sagittarius), but the other shapes seem to be animals. This looks like it is not connected with the armor?

“Yes, when used, these armor, called holy garments, will break apart, and then become armor of various parts to wear on the user!”

“Oh? So interesting?”

In the eyes of Artemis, this holy garment is also an interesting plaything. Even if she knows the true appearance of this thing is the armor she wears, she doesn’t think that as the main god of Olympus, she must rely on a set Armor made of gold to protect yourself.

However, the gorgeous shape of the Gold Saint Cloth still attracted her attention. After looking left and right, Artemis’ eyes finally stayed in Sagittarius, because only this Saint Cloth is equipped with a bow and arrow. .

Artemis’s hand stroked a few back and forth on Sagittarius, and finally said: “If you build a set of such armor for me, then the compensation for the weapon will be yours!”

I didn’t go to see Ye Wen when I was talking, so I didn’t notice that Ye Wen was flipping around in his storage ring. Right hand was carrying the Colt rattlesnake, M16A3 was in his arm, and a few were in his left hand. Flash bombs, Barrett and RPG crossed on the back. If you put a red headband on your shirtless head, it is a gesture to go to the battlefield.


Ye Wen is picking his own equipment to see which long-range weapon will meet Artemis’ taste. Helplessly finds that the long-range weapon in his hand is basically something like a firearm, simply does not have anything like a bow and arrow. child.

If you think about it carefully, in fact, it is not just him, no one on Shushan will bring such things! After all, Shushan Sect was only a Jianghu Sect faction at the beginning. At the same time, in the Nine Provinces world where it was originally, things like bows and arrows were also managed products. A Jianghu Sect faction impossible would hold this kind of thing.

Ordinary rivers and lakes will not practice this skill, naturally will not deliberately manufacture and save!

After arriving in Earth, it is because some situations have stored some long-range weapons, but this category is definitely not included! Not that there is not. For example, the Holy See has a large number of evil crossbows. He also saw that Chris used it, but he did not retain it-not to mention that even if it was retained, Artemis might not be able to see those things!

Therefore, he really doesn’t have a suitable weapon for Artemis! As for whether the ring can summon out the design? This is too much try one’s luck, can not be expected.

Ye Wen, who was having a headache, suddenly heard this sentence, looked up at Artemis in surprise, and then saw the moon and the hunt Goddess eyes staring at the Sagittarius cloak.

“Do you like this?”

Walking to the sagittarius sagittarius, Ye Wen reached out and knocked on the thing that can’t be called the saint garment, making a dull sound.

Artemis turned his head and looked at Ye Wen: “I think this gold bow is very good…” Ye Wen thought Artemis saw the formidable power of this gold bow after it was made, but he didn’t want to follow. I heard: “It’s gorgeous, it’s beautiful…”


It turned out that it was just to make a gorgeous weapon. As for practicality and so on, Artemis simply didn’t think about it!

Ye Wen saw her saying this, and then patted it on the golden bow. As a result, she accidentally used a lot of effort and left a very clear handprint on the golden bow: “This thing… In fact, it’s not that gorgeous. If you really want a gorgeous weapon, I can design one for you! Of course, just gorgeous, formidable power can’t be guaranteed, then you have to ask the god of craftsmen!”

unfathomable mystery Hephaestus, who was drawn in, blinked, and the old face, which could be described as ugly, even showed a very innocent, nothing to do with me, I just came to make soy sauce.

It was only when Ye Wen said: “The design is not worse than that of Essinos!” After that, Hephaestus showed some interesting expressions: “If it is a perfect design, Then I will do my best to make it and make it have a formable power that can match its perfect appearance!”

“Oh, wait!”

Ye Wen took out the detector again. This detector was collected by Artemis when he came, so now he needs to take it out of the storage ring when he wants to use it.

After wearing it, ignoring the curiosity of Artemis and Hephaestus, Ye Wen directly sent a communication request-Zheng Ying’s guy actually made this communication request similar to a penguin software. However, in such a harsh environment, and even in a closed space, communication can be sent out. It seems that the communication array used in this detector has a very strong effect, completely ignoring the influence of terrain.

With the click of a light sound, Zheng Ying’s voice came from the headset: “Master, what’s the matter?”

Just after Ye Wen suddenly hung up the communication, Zheng Ying was busy with his own affairs. Didn’t expect to find that he didn’t take long to find out that his Master sent a communication request. Fortunately, he carried the handset of the communication device with him. The movements in the hand kept on connecting and the call was directly connected.

“Do you know what bow is more famous?”

“Bow?” Zheng Ying was stunned. He really didn’t understand this thing. When it comes to bows and arrows, he is probably most impressed by chasing the moon and shooting the sun. This is still due to Ye Wen’s bad taste, which led to Shushan. I don’t know how many of these disciples that lived on Earth have played that famous stand-alone fairy game.

These two bows are the equipment used by one of the protagonists, so they are quite impressed.

“Kaiyuan Chasing Moon Bow and Hou Yi Shooting Sun Bow!”

There was a black line on Ye Wen’s head: “These two won’t work!”

The first name is too easy to misunderstand; the second simply is to find trouble, in other words, to be taboo! Maybe Artemis will not care, and may be very happy, but then Ye Wen is afraid to be irreconcilable with someone.

“No way…” Zheng Ying responded quickly enough, and he immediately thought that his Master is currently on Mount Olympus, where there is a Moon God and a Sun God!

My Master usually doesn’t talk about using bows and arrows, not even touching. At this time, he wants to find his famous bow.

“It seems that some well-known Western bows should be sent!” Zheng Ying thought for a moment, then turned to Zhang Ling next to him and asked, “Do you know which bow is more famous?”

Zhang Ling originally laid down Cui Jun on the side. Even if Zheng Ying was talking to the Master here, she didn’t look back, but she was seriously doing her own thing, even her expression didn’t change.

At this time, Zheng Ying asked, she did not have a big reaction, she handed a piece of material to Cui Jun’s hand, and then placed another thing where she should put it according to Cui Jun’s instructions. It didn’t seem to hear Zheng Ying’s question at all.

However, Zheng Ying knows that Zhang Ling will definitely answer, even if he can’t think of it, he will give himself a reply.

Sure enough, after about ten seconds or so, a name suddenly popped up in Zhang Ling’s mouth: “Solidar-Furious Stars!”

“What the hell is this?”

Ye Wen also heard Zhang Ling’s answer because the moment just now was very quiet. Although the sound from the headphones was not loud, it was still possible to hear the content clearly.

The same is true for Zheng Ying. He couldn’t remember what this thing was, so he asked again, “Where is this weapon?”

“Woo Wo!”

“Oh!” Suddenly remembered that although Zhang Ling was usually quiet and quiet, she was a game madman. She has played many games, and with outstanding memory, many of the games she has played will be remembered by her. It is not uncommon to be noted by her.

Turning his head and telling Ye Wen, Zheng Ying then found some information about the weapon in his portable notebook, and then passed the content through the communication device of the detector-although the communication facilities in this detector still There are many problems that have not been solved, but some of the abilities that should be are very complete.

Ye Wen looked at a small piece of information that appeared on the small screen in front of her and the picture above, Ye Wen was very satisfied: “This is it! And the name is also suitable!”

Artemis, who is Goddess of the Moon, uses a bow and arrow called the rage of the stars. It is also very appropriate. After all, in the impression of some secular people, the moon is like the commander of the night sky. The stars are just a lot of embellishments on the side of the moon. Surrounding the moon like a soldier.

Then the weapon used by Goddess of the Moon is called the rage of the stars, which also symbolizes her identity as the lord of the night sky.

Turn off the communication and put away the detector. Ye Wen doesn’t want these Olympus gods to know the various functions of this thing. It’s enough to expose only one communication ability: “This is the discipline and a Senior. The little things made by the expert together are used to talk to people from afar!”

“You also know that as the leader of a faction, if I don’t stay in the faction for a long time, it will be a little troublesome, so use this to understand some of Sect’s situation!”

Hephaestus knew a little bit about Eastern Sect. Artemis didn’t know it before, but after Ye Wen came, he asked some people about it, and now he has a vague impression. Probably understand.

It’s just that Artemis thought that the so-called Sect in Ye Wen was just like a temple here in Olympus. Ye Wen was the master in that temple, and the others were the believers who worshiped him-she would Ye Wen has become a cult Sect Lord, but in her perception this situation is not bad.

In this way, in terms of status, Ye Wen is also equivalent to a deity. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why Artemis has changed his attitude slightly and can communicate with Ye Wen normally.

A pen and paper was requested from Hephaestus. Ye Wen drew the Soridal-Stars fury at the fastest speed, but this time he did not draw the relevant data, only mentioned a part of the ability .

“Solidar’s rage of stars…well, a great name, very suitable for the beautiful moon and hunting Goddess!”

Artemis was noble and looked at the picture, but Hephaestus’ words made her eyebrows move, and then the corners of her mouth bent a little. It seemed that she was also satisfied with the name.

“You can use your own power to condense the magic arrows, the magic arrows shot will emit a bright starlight, and drag the long tail towards the enemy…It’s beautiful…” Olin, the longest of Hephaestus Pisi Mountain is the first ugly, but the things he makes are top grades that combine beauty and practicality, so Hephaestus himself is very fond of beautiful and gorgeous things, even if a bow has such a After setting, you will lose one of the most important abilities of bow arrow: sneak attack!

But no Olympus would care about this kind of thing. This gorgeous design is like scratching the most itchy place in their hearts.

“Very good, great design. If you make it, it will be an outstanding work!” Hephaestus looked up and down several times, and finally measured the weapon with his palm. The proper size, then carefully observed the white and slender palm of Artemis.

“I already have a general impression, but if you want to make this weapon, that thing will be an indispensable material, so more will be needed!”

Hephaestus’s intrigue made Artemis frown, and she saw that the god of craftsmen was in trouble: “What? I’ll get it for you!”

Already recognized that this weapon will be its own edge, Artemis hopes to get it as soon as possible, rather than just waiting with expectations.

At the same time, she is quite confident about her military force and status, and she doesn’t feel that there will be anything that will make it difficult to get herself. Isn’t all the items under Olympus that she wants to take?

She had not at all heard the conversation between Ye Wen and Hephaestus just now, otherwise she might not be so confident.

Ye Wen knows what Hephaestus said, but he is a bit strange. Isn’t Poseidon so bad at speaking? Shouldn’t it be? Although the gods of Olympus in Myths and Legends have had internal disturbances from time to time, the gods of Olympus in this world are still very united.

But if you think about it, Ye Wen suddenly finds that he has been here for a while. The gods of Olympus have also seen a lot, but Poseidon hasn’t really seen a few times. Not only that, on the entire Mount Olympus, there was very little talk about Poseidon, as if there was no such person here.

Hephaestus looked at the drawings in his hand and finally turned his head to Ye Wen: “This matter may require you to run! If you want to put ten or two sets of gold holy clothes and the weapons needed by Goddess of the Moon, Made it, then that thing is essential!”

This thing was Ye Wen’s thing, and Hephaestus didn’t need to find the trouble himself. He just needed to make these things! If there is any trouble in the meantime, it is natural for Ye Wen or Athena to solve it, and it is impossible for him to turn: “Of course, you can go to Athena to help you solve some problems…”

“What’s the matter with that woman? Is there any trouble I can’t solve?” Artemis felt like she was being ignored, especially referring to the woman, which made her very unhappy, so she directly interrupted He. Feistos: “And what I want to make is my weapon, no need to trouble that woman!”

She didn’t know what Ye Wen and Athena were preparing, so she didn’t know that those twelve sets of gold garments were what Athena wanted! So this trouble was considered by Athena, and it was normal to deal with that woman.

Artemis just felt trouble to find Athena instead of her, and she was invisibly lower than the woman by a grade, so she immediately took the matter over.

“Oh… like this!” Hephaestus didn’t care who was going to solve it, but just ordered nodded: “Then go to Goddess of the Moon and go to Stars Island on the Aegean Sea to find some star sand and come back, because you want to make it. There are a lot of things, so a lot of stars are needed! That’s it…”

After talking, Hephaestus turned to study the drawings, and figured out how to forge this rage of stars, completely ignoring the complex greatly changed Artemis.

“Aegean? Poseidon’s territory?”


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