History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 448

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Artemis felt a headache when he thought of Poseidon and his son. This thing did not seem as simple as she had imagined.

Ye Wen asked two sentences in wonder, and finally understood why Artemis reacted so much after hearing Poseidon’s name.

As the brother of Zeus, Poseidon and Zeus have the most in common-the same lust, and in order to get the woman they fancy, the same by fair means or foul.

The only thing stronger than Zeus is that Poseidon’s goal is always limited to female gods or humans, not like his own brother Zeus, but all beautiful, regardless of gender or race, all can be asked by Poseidon. Good appetite.

But precisely because of this, Poseidon often extended his devil’s claws to many Goddess who are also the gods of Olympus. For example, Demeter had suffered his poisonous hand and even broke with the sea emperor. Now when the two people hardly met, Demeter asked himself that he couldn’t beat Poseidon, so he always avoided him, but where Poseidon appeared, Demeter was absolutely invisible.

In recent years, this situation has become more and more intensified. It is not to say how Demeter is, but the Goddess on Mount Olympus have begun to hide from Poseidon. The infamous Sea King has not been around for a long time. Started with a Goddess, but this does not mean that the sea emperor abandoned evil and good, but because Goddess are very careful, but no one knows when the sea emperor adults will break out, regardless of looting people .

In this way, many Goddess had to hide as much as possible to avoid bad luck!

Artemis is naturally one of these Goddess. Although she is very confident in her military force, she is even known as the Divine archer of Peak on Mount Olympus. However, these auras are useless when facing the sea emperor. The sea emperor who can by fair means or foul in order to get the woman in his hand is not afraid of her means.

Therefore, Artemis, who was too late to hide the sea emperor, immediately frowned at the site of Poseidon when she heard that the target of this time was on Poseidon’s site. She always felt that this behavior seemed a bit walking right into a trap a feeling of.

“Apart from this, Triton is not a good person!”

Terry is also the eldest son of the sea emperor, a mermaid, inheriting his father’s extremely lustful character, and often starting with beautiful women. It was just because he didn’t have the amazing means of father, so he could not scourge Olympus.

But this time is to go to the Sea Emperor’s site, and I’m not sure what this Crown Prince Crown Prince will do-in terms of military force, Artemis is not afraid of this Sea Emperor, but who knows this Did Triton also inherit her father’s ugly character, which was so versatile, and she really could not cope with it by any means.

If an inattentive person is scourged by that guy, Artemis is useless even if he wants to settle the accounts!

Ye Wen looked at Artemis with a headache, and said with a smile: “Since that’s the case, will I go alone?”

Anyway, Ye Wen didn’t expect the god Olympus to help him. Besides, this time he was looking for the star sand, he still held the ulterior motive! If there is a god Olympus beside him, he is really not good to start-but he is prepared to install as much sand as possible, and then looks back to Hephaestus after returning, and the rest All brought back to Shushan.

If Artemis was by his side, this would not be so easy!

It’s a pity that Ye Wen couldn’t control the thoughts of others. Artemis, after hesitating for a while, showed her Goddess of the Moon’s arrogance, holding her head and said: “hmph, but it is Poseidon’s territory, I’m afraid What?” It just seemed a little discouraged after saying that, and then turned to look at Ye Wen: “And… Divine King Your Majesty has made it clear that you will be my husband, even if the sea emperor is bold, Dare to disobey Divine King Your Majesty’s will!”

This is the agreement of the gods of Olympus. If it is violated, it will be crusade by the gods!

Although this purpose of Zeus was unreliable, at this time it became Artemis’ umbrella. As long as Artemis bite Ye Wen to be her man, then the sea emperor cannot force her to be taken away, otherwise it is with Divine King Zeus is right!

Of course, this is just that’s all on the surface. If the sea emperor really recognized Artemis and wanted to take this niece home, then there is no proper way to kill Ye Wen, Zeus’s. The will is naturally invalid!

Don’t think that the sea emperor can do this kind of thing. At least all Goddess on Mount Olympus think that if the sea emperor thinks it necessary, then Ye Wen will definitely be killed. No one will doubt it.

Ye Wen didn’t know, but when Artemis’ eyes seemed suspicious, he was wary: “It seems that this trip will be very hard!”

Hephaestus can start catching people no matter what they talk about here: “If you have a good discussion, take the star sand quickly, if the delay is too long, it will affect these weapons and holy. Clothing is formidable power, so you better come back to me before this time next month… Bring the star sand you found!”

No longer paid attention to 2 people, each minding their own business is doing their own thing, and they are too lazy to send, anyway, these 2 people are turned up without being invited.

Artemis didn’t care, Xu was already used to this attitude toward Hephaestus! Or she knows the character of Hephaestus very well.

Along the promenade that seems to have no end, back to the big iron door made of no metal, and stepped on the frame pulled by the male deer. Artemis turned his head and asked. : “Are you going back to Mount Olympus?”

Ye Wen froze for a moment, and then realized that Artemis was still an activist. Since he decided to do it, he no longer wasted time and went directly to the Aegean Sea.

After thinking about it, there is nothing wrong with going back to Shen Gongbao. There is no need to say hello. Anyway, the two people basically completed the task, and then they will do their own things. There is no need to get together, so he is very simple. head: “No, I can go directly to the Aegean Sea!”

“In this case, let’s go directly south!”

When the door opened, Artemis released his divine force, and then urged the car to the fastest speed, turning into a white moonlight and rushing straight out.

Ye Wen also followed with a sword light, 2 brilliance came out of the volcanic crater with dark smoke almost at the same time, then turned slightly in the air, and after confirming the direction, he flew straight south .

The Aegean Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea, is located just south of Mount Olympus. It is known as the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean Sea, where the sea is extremely beautiful.

And the wind and waves in the Mediterranean Sea are also extremely soothing. In other words, it is simply a holiday in Holy Land-but unfortunately in Olympus, the sea of ​​love is the territory of the sea king Poseidon. Although many Goddess have been to this beautiful ocean With considerable longing, but no one dared to run to this place to play and play, for fear of being careless, he would be harmed by some unscrupulous sea emperor.

At the speed of Ye Wen and Artemis, I quickly saw the beautiful ocean. The Mediterranean Sea exuding a little rays of light under the setting sun gave Ye Wen an illusion of seeing the night sky, and this illusion But let him have a kind of clear comprehension: “No wonder that such things as Star Sands will exist in large numbers here, and there is a feeling of seeing the stars in this sea!”

Artemis not at all felt something strange. Although she didn’t come here much in the Mediterranean, she still visited a few times. Although this beautiful scenery was amazing, she didn’t enjoy the beautiful seascape.

Artemis, who was slowing down while driving in the sky, kept looking at the sea. According to Hephaestus, the star sand is on an island called Stars Island, which is on the Aegean Sea.

But there are many islands in the Aegean Sea, and she really doesn’t know which island is the damn Stars Island: “I already knew that Hephaestus would give me a map!”

The regretful Artemis glanced at Ye Wen, who was flying a sword light not far away, and almost let Ye Wen fall from the sky as soon as he opened his mouth: “Do you know what Stars Island looks like?”

Ye Wen’s tiger body shocked, Jianguang also followed shock, purple’s halo was a flicker, the strength and weakness was like a voltage unstable light bulb, Ye Wen almost fell directly into the sea Ye Wen was helpless: “How do I Maybe you know? How long have I been here? And I have always been on Mount Olympus!”

Artemis also understood that she had asked the wrong person, but she didn’t admit it so easily: “Don’t you ask Hephaestus?”

“I thought you, one of the main gods of Olympus, knew everything about Olympus’ rule!” Ye Wen really thought so, he really didn’t expect Artemis, who is the moon god. I don’t even know what Stars Island looks like.

“What should I do?”

After stopping his car, Artemis let it hang in the sky, and then stared at the endless Aegean Sea!

This Aegean Sea is not big, but it is not small, but there are many islands scattered in various parts of the ocean. If you want to find the Stars Island you want to find from the countless islands in such a large range, it is as much trouble as finding the Sea King directly to find out the location of Stars Island.

Ye Wen was sad when she saw Artemis, knowing that she had no clue at all, and felt trouble for the moment. 4 I looked around for a while, and finally saw a small island not far from the bottom of my feet. He pointed to Artemis and said, “Don’t get the pestle on this half of the sky, go to rest there first. By the way, think about where to start, there will always be a clue!”

Artemis didn’t want to listen to Ye Wen’s suggestion, but he thought he was doing so in the sky. If he was seen by the guys in the sea and reported to Poseidon or Triton, it would inevitably be another burst. Trouble, so finding a place to stay is a suitable option.

I clicked nodded, and then turned around to head directly to the island, and in order to avoid being noticed by the people in the sea, Artemis not only did not make much movement, even the moon that is often used to show his identity when flying. white light Huadu has converged.

Ye Wen also condensed the sword light and silently followed Artemis behind and landed on the island.

This is a very small island, with only a small grove, and then the island is surrounded by a sandy beach covered with fine sand. When falling, Ye Wen noticed that there seems to be an unremarkable small waterhole in the center of the island. It should be It is a source of fresh water-although he can not eat or drink, but the habit will still pay attention to these things first.

After falling, Artemis still stood in a daze in the car, presumably thinking about where to find it, and Ye Wen quickly walked into the woods and poured a large sip of cold water on this unremarkable island. With such a clear and sweet spring, Ye Wen was quite surprised.

Ye Wen, who was full of water, was surprised to find Artemis still standing in the car, simply did not move the place.

“Are you going to stand on the car as a sculpture?”

Artemis, who was interrupted in thinking, glared at Ye Wen, but then felt that it was not the same to stand on the car in such a silly way, so as soon as he lifted his feet, he walked off the car.

It was only when I stepped on the soft sandy beach that I almost slammed the slender heels of the high-heeled shoes, and Artemis, who suddenly lost his center of gravity, was almost ugly, and his frame was on hand. He stabilized his body in time.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

On the side of Ye Wen laughing heartless, he already knew that this kind of high-heeled shoes would happen on the beach, but Artemis certainly did not know.

“Are you intentional?” Artemis’ anger was brewing at a rapid pace in front of the man who was not looking at him. “You already knew this would happen, right?”

“Yeah, I knew it already!” Ye Wen, I knew it for a long time. I just wanted to see your joke, which made Artemis’ anger maximum value a few hundred points again. The fair and beautiful face was almost about to become a thick layer of frost.

However, Ye Wen turned the topic to another question: “Do you like this kind of shoes so much?”


This question is not easy to answer. If you like it, Artemis is afraid that this man will think of going somewhere else. But she didn’t like it… Why did she wear it all day? To be honest, although wearing these shoes will make her legs look better and taller, they are still very tiring.

“I want to say, if you like it, I still have a lot here!” Ye Wen does have a lot in his hand, and there are all kinds of styles and colors, all of which were bought by Huayi after he was bought. , All did not pass through.

“Not only these shoes, but also some other things, such as clothes, footwear and the like, you will like it if you want to come!”

Artemis did not show a happy expression as Ye Wen expected, and then asked him for those things. Instead, he narrowed his eyes and asked in a questioning way: “Why… you will carry so many women with you s things?”

In that way, Ye Wen remembered the disgusted expression that Artemis had shown when he talked about Poseidon’s father and son, as if he saw something dirty, he could not avoid it.

“Don’t I take these things with me and be treated like a big satyr like Poseidon?”

But if you think about it carefully, it seems that a man carrying these with him can easily make people misunderstand. Ye Wen had to secretly smile bitterly, and then pretended to explain inadvertently: “My wife bought it and put it here, and then Forgot to go back!”

“Your wife…” Artemis was stunned, and then remembered that this man had a wife: “I heard that you have 2 wives!”

“Well, 2 of them!” Ye Wen looked at Artemis who was still afraid of moving the carriage: “You can take off your shoes, anyway, the sand on this beach is very soft and warm!”

Just at sunset, the sand that had been irradiated by the sun for a whole day was very warm, and Ye Wen touched it a few times without feeling hot or feeling too cold.

If it wasn’t for barefoot running on the beach, it wasn’t really what the men did. He also had the urge to step on the beach.

But Artemis… there is no need to take care of it.

After hesitating, the noble and beautiful Goddess of the Moon took off the high-heeled sandals, and then tentatively stepped on the slightly hot beach, and found that this time Ye Wen did not lie to her. The soft feeling is quite comfortable.

Stepped on a few steps, leaving a few small and lovely footprints, Artemis looked back as a girl, and then showed a very bright smile-but then woke up and jumped up. After turning his face back, he stepped up and walked in front of Ye Wen with a proud step.



Seeing Ye Wen pointing to the beach with his finger, and then sitting on the ground without caring for the first time, Artemis blinked, revealing an incredible expression: “You let me sit on the ground?”

“Is it possible that you sit on me?”

Artemis looked at the ground. Although the beach was warm and soft and looked golden, she was still reluctant to sit down directly, and finally said with her head held up: “Just say it!”

Ye Wen put his chin on his hand and looked at the proud Goddess in front of him, saying something that would make her turn pale with fright: “Well, then, I actually want to tell you that there is a guy hiding in the water to watch you for a long time Now…”

“Wh…” Immediately turned around, Artemis almost immediately saw that floating on the surface of the sea, like seaweed.

But with her eyesight, she immediately saw that it was not seaweed at all, but a person — and that the guy with this seaweed-like hair was exactly one of the two guys she was quite dreaded before: the sea emperor’s eldest son Triton! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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