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"You discovered it long ago?" Artemis's brows can be mentioned with Mount Olympus on equal terms, because he is now a little doubt whether Ye Wen deliberately let himself fall on this island and then face this The sea elder's eldest son's.

In this case, is there any collusion between Ye Wen and Hai Huang? What conspiracy between them? No matter what is going on, it is not a good thing for Artemis.

It is a pity that Artemis is not stupid, but she is not as smart as Athena. With the clues she can guess the general truth, so she is more accustomed to determine it in a simpler and straightforward way-ask Ye Wen directly: " Did you fall here on purpose?"

"If it was intentional, then I wouldn't drink those springs!" Ye Wen didn't move, didn't even raise his head, and sat very calmly.

"What do you mean?" Artemis didn't understand the connection between the spring water and the question he just asked. Ye Wen's answer was simply unanswered.

However, Ye Wen then smiled bitterly: "I now feel sore and weak, and my limbs are numb, and my tongue is starting to feel slightly numb..."

"You mean..." Ye Wen's answer surprised Artemis: "Are you poisoned?"

If this is the case, then the situation is even worse. If you add Ye Wen with your own strength and you don’t have to feel scared when facing Trident, then when only one person has battle strength, then the situation is much more dangerous.

"It should be like this..." Ye Wen is still very calm, as if the poisoned one is not like him: "But I am very curious, what is the poison, so powerful!"

Artemis also did not know what the poison was, but many creatures in the sea itself had unusually powerful toxins. With only a small point, a Spiritual God with incomparably powerful strength could fall. Artemis did not see it himself Yes, but I have heard a lot of similar things.

Although she doesn't like Ye Wen very much, it doesn't seem to be the right time to mock at this time: "You... don't it matter?"

"Should be...nothing!" Ye Wen's answer made Artemis sighed in relief. It seems that this poison is powerful, but it does not let the powerhouse from the east fall. Then maybe it will be delayed for a while. Ye Wen You can restore the battle strength and work with yourself to force Terry back.

It's a pity that Triton didn't seem to give her time. It was a while after Artemis spoke with Ye Wen. Many strange monsters suddenly appeared on the beautiful and tranquil sea. Like lobsters, half-human creatures that stand upright also have many pure monsters that have nothing to do with people.

The densely packed ones popped out of the sea one by one. The amount of terror made Artemis scalp numb. She only looked at it and found that this small island was already surrounded. The regiment surrounded her.

At the same time, these monster soldiers were either holding javelins or bows and arrows, and aimed at her remotely. As long as she moved slightly, it was immediately a sight of 10000 arrows.

Turning his eyes to where Terry was, the seaweed man didn't come out. He still only showed half his head and looked at himself far away, without any sign of showing up.

"What's this guy doing?"

"I guess you want to clear the relationship?" Ye Wen looked at it, and then slowly expressed his guess with his gradually hard tongue: "As long as he doesn't show up, he can shirk it. It's not that he deliberately took you away Yes, it’s entirely possible to rid yourself of your own siege to please you!"

Artemis listened to Ye Wen's explanation and showed a disdainful expression: "Can such a poor lie still deceive others?"

Ye Wen looked up at Artemis, and suddenly found that this proud Goddess was actually quite naive. I don’t know if it was because normally did not improve his ability in this respect. On the crafty plots and machinations She was too much for Athena.

"He doesn't need to deceive others, he just needs such a good excuse for the past! Even if everyone knows he is lying, there is no alternative!"

"Hmph! Do you think he will succeed so easily?" Artemis raised his head. "Even if so many soldiers from the sea are sent, there is no threat to me..."

When she talked, she was not so confident, but Artemis, as the moon and the Goddess of hunting, was born with arrogance, so that she would not choose to bow her head at this time. Grab it and play with it, it's better to hold your head here than fight a battle.

"I would rather die here, than be caught by him!"


After Artemis said something like an oath, she turned her head and looked at Ye Wen, who was still sitting in the same place, without moving at all—the man appointed by Divine King Zeus as her husband, although she was not Accept, but didn't expect how this guy will be with me before I die.

"Is this... destiny?"

A god, talking about destiny, if Ye Wen knew it, I might be ridiculed. But Artemis did have this feeling in his mind at this time, although only for a moment.

Raising her arm, Artemis instinctively prepared summon to produce her own weapon, but she remembered it as soon as she raised her hand. Her weapon was destroyed when she dueled with Ye Wen, and later Ye Wen said she was willing To compensate, she didn’t have to go find the right guy, and she simply didn’t have half a weapon on her side, so her raised hand could only stop awkwardly in the air.

"Without weapons?"

Artemis's expression was a little embarrassing. She didn't even dare to look down at the funny Ye Wen. She could almost know by imagination that Ye Wen was definitely looking at herself with a mocking expression.

I have to say that Artemis knows Ye Wen more and more as the contact time of the two of them increases. Ye Da Sect Master does grin silently at this time. If there is no voice, he still wants to give this woman Save some face.

As for the issue of weapons, Ye Wen can’t move, but True Qi within the body can still run. The ring of Bethephne on his finger slightly emits rays of light, and then many weapons appear out of thin air In front of Ye Wen, at the hands of Artemis.

"Just pick one at your fingertips!"

The miscellaneous weapons of miscellaneous 7 and 8 piled up into a hill, not only a few hot weapons previously taken from Hephaestus, but also a few cold weapons were also placed there, the number is actually not very much, after all All the weapons magic weapons were handed over to Zheng Ying by Ye Wen, and then the magic weapon court was managed.

What is carried on the body is either a better thing or a personal collection.

Artemis was startled by so many things that suddenly appeared, but soon she calmed down, and then tilted her head to choose the right weapon among the mess of things.

"You'd better move faster, because those guys have started to rush towards this side!"

Ye Wen didn't move, the tone of speech was still slow, as if the things he said had nothing to do with him, but Artemis could not be as leisurely as he was at this time. After his eyes swam away, he pointed helplessly. The Vulcan machine gun that Ye Wen took out before: "This thing, formidable power is strong?"

"Yes! And very suitable for this situation now!"

"So, tell me how to use it?"

Artemis lifted the huge Vulcan machine gun in one hand, and then the right hand held the handle slightly forward, and the left hand also grabbed the handle-like handle at the back-the beautiful Goddess of the Moon turned into the Terminator TX, and the huge Vulcan machine gun was almost like a toy in her hand and could hardly see its due weight.

"Did you see the red button? As long as you hold down this and then point the front end at the target you want to attack!"

This kind of scene is actually quite impactful. Ye Wen looked at the beautiful Goddess of the Moon and carried such a particularly unsuitable weapon, and always felt a strange beauty.

"Red's... button... this?"

Artemis has never used this weapon, nor seen it, nor know what effect this weapon has. If it is not her own power, it is already very amazing. It may turn in the revolver barrel of the Vulcan machine gun. When spraying the Ray of Death with a long tail flame almost connected, it may be frightened by the huge recoil that came suddenly.

In fact, Artemis was indeed taken aback, but this did not hinder her movements. At most, it was a slight shake of the hands holding Vulcan, and then I don’t know how many bullets were directly hit by the target she shook off The sky eventually disappeared.

Ye Wen's Vulcan is naturally not a general Vulcan. It was originally drawn through some relationships. It is a hot weapon magic weapon combined with cultivation talisman technology. Not only the ammunition box used to equip bullets uses a storage Formulation Increased capacity, this Vulcan can be equipped with hundred thousand bullets, and the barrel itself is also reinforced and cooled array to ensure the continuity of this magic weapon!

apart from this, the equipped bullets are also specially made talisman bullets. Not only can each bullet pull out a bright tail flame like a tracer bullet, to help users modify the design orbit, but also formidable power is not comparable to ordinary bullets. .

Therefore, although the face of the group of marine soldiers has inherent armor (all kinds of shells) on their bodies, they still have no possibility of resistance after encountering this terrifying Vulcan machine gun, at most. After a few seconds, the proud shell will be torn by the horrible light, and the whole person will be blown into the meat-this is a cannon, not a gun! Don't forget this!

Artemis, from the initial surprise to the ensuing excitement, even turned a sacred smile on the face of Vulcan with a bright smile, and then looked at the light representing death in front of him. Paved into a fan shape, tearing those ugly and ugly monsters into pieces.

"So enjoyable!"

When I was playing, I even shouted, and Ye Wen on the side looked at the noble and beautiful Goddess of the Moon into a female mob, and then suddenly a guilt of doing something wrong rose in my heart!

"It seems that she should not be given this thing..."

Although the formidable power of the Vulcan cannon can't be used against the true powerhouse, when it is used to abuse vegetables, its effect is absolutely first-class, and it can completely ignore the numerical advantages.

Ye Wen couldn’t be sure how much formidable power this kind of thing has in Immortal World, but now he can be sure that if he can continue to improve the formidable power of the bullets of the Vulcan machine gun, then this thing is a terrifying existence even in Immortal World .

It's just that the Vulcan formidable power in his hand has almost been upgraded to the extreme. Although the barrel has been specially quenched, it has almost constantly sprayed bullets of this strength. After not knowing how many shots were fired , The entire barrel has become red.

Ye Wen noticed that the bullets that were fired were no longer almost a straight line as they were at the beginning, but began to be scattered and scattered aimlessly. If there were not too many targets in front of them, even if they were just blind If you can kill a lot of people, the lethality may have dropped. I don’t know how many classes.

But even so, this is the end!


"En?" The rising Artemis did not look back, continued to shake the weapon in her hand, and then harvested the life of the group of monsters-she found that the group of monstrous meant to retreat, after all, she had This thing is too terrifying.

"You better stop..."

"For..." Before asking his questions, the fire god suddenly made a loud noise, and then a burst of fire flashed, which was still very powerful and domineering, making Artemis extremely excited. A pile of junk.

The white long skirt was blown up several places, especially the upper part of the skirt was cut by a debris that suddenly flew out to reveal a big greasy thigh that was covered under; The place also opened a mouth, if it is a little lower, Ye Wen can even see through the gap to see more beautiful and moving scenery.

The long brown hair with micro curls was also messed up by the sudden explosion. There were a few disobedient hairs that were so stubbornly separated from the big army and stood proudly in the sea breeze.

Artemis froze there for a while, before turning his head black and questioning Ye Wen: "What's going on?"

Ye Wen shrugged: "Actually... this weapon cannot be fired continuously for a long time, otherwise it will explode..."


"Ah... It's just that the barrel that fired the bullet exploded because the temperature was too high!" Ye Wen didn't really understand: "That's probably what it meant!"

Throwing a part of the Vulcan still on his hand to the ground, Artemis looked at the scattered iron pieces everywhere, and then looked at the tattered long skirt on his body, a stomach full of dissatisfaction: "Now you not only owe me a weapon, but also owe me a set of clothes!"

Ye Wen stood up, but he didn't take it seriously. Anyway, he had clothes in his hand, and Artemis picked it and sent her a few hundred sets.

I turned and looked at the sea. The seaweed head that had been hiding in the water and refused to come out was gone. It is estimated that I saw the crazy performance of Artemis just now. I know that my plot has no drama today, so it is very simple. ran away.

"Huh, I ran fast enough!"

"Are you okay?" Seeing Ye Wen standing up, Artemis looked up and down, and then found that Ye Wen's palm was holding a fist-sized water polo. The water polo did not seem to be a bit strange. , It's just that the ball shape is held in the hands, it looks pretty.

"It's okay, I still wanted to give this thing back to that guy!" Ye Wen held the water polo's hand, Meixia burst into a burst of energy, and flame-like energy rose in his hand, for a moment. Just let that beautiful water ball turn into steam. "Didn't expect runs very fast!"

Artemis turned his head and looked again at the monster soldier who seemed to be ready to rush up: "What now? Do you want to run?"

"Run?" Ye Wen laughed: "Although the Lord has fled, this account will not be calculated for a while and a half, but it should be the first to collect interest!"

With a wave of his hand, a row of purple night swords appeared in front of him with the wave of Ye Wen, and then he didn’t see any gestures by Ye Wen. The row of purple night swords was like receiving a command. Like a sprinter, he jumped out sharply, and then suddenly turned around halfway, and went straight into the sky.

Immediately after several groups of purple brilliance broke out, this world actually began to rain with swords-Ye Wen pushed Zixiao sword into the air, and then all Zixiao swords released Self-destruction to release infinite sword energy.

Taking Ye Wen's current cultivation base, the sword energy contained in each purple sword is a terrifying amount. At this time, it suddenly exploded, and I saw everywhere all is purple's sword energy, almost this side world They have become purple.

Artemis looked at the countless monster who had been strangled under the purple sword rain with no ash left, and his face changed several times. Although she is confident that she can kill all these monsters, it will never be so easy! If there wasn't that strange weapon called Vulcan, she might have fallen into a bitter battle-so many monsters, even if she could kill a piece with one move, it was enough for her to kill her feet.

Triton apparently played this abacus, grinded Artemis out of strength and then captured her in a spurt of energy, but I didn’t expect Ye Wen to have the magic weapon in his hand, and Ye Wen This Easterner turned out to be the most perverted group attacker.

The purple sword rain lasted for ten minutes. After the dazzling purple dispersed, the sky was already dark. Under the moonlight and the starlight, the silhouette of the half monster could not be seen on the sea, even the original was originally Al The body that Themis shot with Vulcan and left on the sea surface was also gone.

"You just..." Ye Wen's move just now was more terrifying than the lightning speed punch he used a while ago. Is it true that this man's strength is more terrifying than what he saw?

Ye Wen laughed, as if it was not him who made such a horrible trick just now: "Can't be considered what, it's just a better way to deal with that that's all!"

Artemis listened to him say this, slightly sighed in relief, but she always felt that this Oriental did not tell the truth! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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