History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 450

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Artemis can feel it. This feeling may be attached to a main god. He can detect abnormalities from some unremarkable and even some clues that he did not even notice.

Then give me some tips! It’s just that the prompt is very erratic and not easy to grasp. After thinking about it for a moment, Artemis found that he couldn’t think of anything more. He could only look at Ye Wen again with a slightly suspicious look, and then stopped asking. Go on.

Looking up at the star-filled night sky, Ye Wen then glanced back at the calm sea, and finally turned to look at Artemis, who stared at himself: “It seems that tonight, I can only rest here Now!”

In the big night, look for an island on the vast sea that they don’t even know what they look like, even if they are not ordinary persons, the darkness will not affect them at all, but also not a very interesting thing, or wait for the dawn After that, continue to look for more suitable.

Artemis didn’t care much. As Goddess of the Moon, she had no effect at night. As long as there was a faint moonlight that was not bright, Artemis could even save herself in the dense jungle The prey you want to catch is shot-this also reflects how powerful Artemis’ eyesight is.

In fact, Ye Wen can do it, and he with a glass pupil is even more powerful than Artemis-at worst glances directly at him, and the other party is burnt.

It’s just that he doesn’t want to reveal too many cards at Olympus, even his own Myriad Swords Art, he is not prepared to use it unless necessary.

After all, he is still wary of the gods of Olympus. If there is a real conflict, then he has to escape from his own tricks!

Since the cultivation base entered the world of Heavenly Immortal Realm, Ye Wen found that his Myriad Swords Art not only made it more convenient and faster, but also formidable power was stronger than before. I don’t know how many levels, and even can mobilize Heaven and Earth Origin Qi To enhance the formidable power.

Shushan Sect’s 2 sets of group attack tricks, one is Myriad Swords Art and the other is Thousand Sides Afterglow sword!

My Myriad Swords Art mainly depends on its own skills, and the formidable power of the Thousand Sides Afterglow sword is determined by the surrounding environment!

But after arriving at Immortal World, because Immortal World’s Heaven and Earth Origin Qi is extremely abundant, and everyone’s own skills are also entering the country quite quickly, Ye Wen feels that there is no need to make such a distinction. Tip 2 is one, so it can also play a stronger formidable power.

After the merger, the firm name is still called Myriad Swords Art. In Ye Wen’s words, “We are Shushan, not Qionghua!” So it was so dictatorial.

After this, Ye Wen was using this sword tactic for the first time in actual combat today. Although it was only a small trial of the sword, he even used only a dozen Zixiao swords. He did not attack mainly with Zixiao swords. It is the exploded sword energy, but its formal power still makes Ye Wen very satisfied.

If you are still attacking with Zixiaojian, you can actually clean up the sea monsters, and Zixiaojian will not dissipate, but in that case, it really reveals too much strength.

Ye Wen, sitting on the beach, staring at the sea in a daze, didn’t notice that after Artemis walked back and forth on the sand for a while, frowns came to him: “Let’s leave!”


“The sand has cooled down!”

Although it is still very comfortable to step on softly, the temperature of the beach is slowly decreasing as the sky gets late. This is still barefoot, not so comfortable at first.

Ye Wen looked up and down Artemis again and again. The tattered long dress hung on the woman’s body. It was really tempting, and half-covered and half-covered was more exciting than nothing.

Artemis’ brows were higher, and she didn’t realize that she had wrinkled her brows a day since she met Ye Wen: “In addition, is there any clothes I can wear? This dress It can’t be worn anymore!”

Ye Wen didn’t say no, but turned a few circles in his head, and finally threw out a moon white evening dress: “You should be able to wear this one!”

The off-the-shoulder maxi dress is very close-fitting and almost shows the female figure perfectly. If you don’t wear it well, it will be a tragedy, but if it is Artemis…

This dress was originally selected by Hua Yi to wear when he attended some events in Europe, but it was bought a little longer accidentally, it didn’t fit very well, so I never touched it, and it has been thrown in Ye Wen’s ring.

Artemis has a taller figure than a Chinese dress. This dress seems to be tailor-made for her! After hiding in the woods and changing clothes, Artemis reappearing in front of Ye Wen is enough to eclipse the stars in the sky, worthy of the title of Goddess of the Moon.

But at this time, Ye Wen’s head did not think of Artemis’s appearance at this time, but the sturdy shape of the slaughter all sides with Vulcan there.

“It’s over, there is a shadow!”

Watching Artemis boarding his frame and flying into the sky, Ye Wen had to continue to follow behind this Goddess, and then flew around the sea like a headless fly, looking for that I don’t know where exactly, I don’t know what Stars Island looks like.

This flight lasted 3 days and 3 nights. The two people flew at sea without any rest. Every time they saw an island, they had to go down to see if they had Stars Island with stars.

As a result, every time it returns without success!

“Are you looking for Stars Island?”

When he landed on an unknown island again, but still didn’t find the star sand he was looking for, Ye Wen began to consider whether to go back to the melting pot and ask Hephaestus this guy.

Just then, a silhouette suddenly came out of the sea, and then shouted at the two men standing on the beach with their frowns on their faces.

Although it is far away, Ye Wen still sees clearly that this is a woman, with only one head exposed on the water, the shape of the ear is a little strange, and the pointed one is not like the kind of so-called elves he knows. The pointed ears are a bit like fish fins.

A long hair of sea-blue color is scattered behind him, but the slightly curly hairstyle is similar to the side Artemis has several points of! At the same time, flickering shoulders with the waves seemed to indicate that the woman was wearing cool clothes.

“Who you are?”

Ye Wen not at all. The other party’s beauty and softness weakened his vigilance. Anyway, there were many beautiful women who died under his hands. He wanted to speak of which he was really not a tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex. .

The sudden emergence of this woman has already made Ye Wen very vigilant, let alone shouted their purpose.

Artemis turned his head and glanced a few times, then gently’Huh? ‘Sound: “It’s a personal fish!”

“Mermaid?” Ye Wen understands why this woman popped out of the sea, even a sea clan. Although the fin-like ears made him guess a few points, really didn’t expect to be a mermaid.

Isn’t Terry the same mermaid as the mermaid here? There are also mermaids?

Artemis gave him a glance, although Ye Wen didn’t say it, but that expression almost hung his doubts on his face: “Of course!”

The gods on Mount Olympus are notoriously fond of beautiful things. Although Poseidon, as the sea emperor, did not know which part of the gene was wrong, he was born with some strange things, but he also He likes beautiful things, so his subjects are also impossible. They are all ugly and messy things.

The mermaid, the subjects under the rule of the sea emperor, is also a group of sea celebrities who are famous for their beauty.

“But… the mermaid family has almost become Terry’s plaything. All mermaids must obey his orders. This mermaid will take the initiative to appear in front of us…”

Artemis also realized that something was wrong, and this mermaid suddenly appeared, but they could not doubt it, but the question she asked was indeed the most troublesome thing for them now.

“Do you know where Stars Island is?”

Ye Wen didn’t think so much. Since people sent to the door and wanted to be a guide, he didn’t have to let it go! As for crafty plots and machinations? He was not afraid, the strength of that Triton was not very good, at most he had some thoughts, but it was also easy to deal with-he didn’t need to eat or drink.

If you don’t eat or drink, there is no possibility of poisoning. Apart from this, even if Terry has arranged a large army to surround them, he is not afraid. Ye Wen has cultivated a large group of group attack skills since the cultivation base profound. There are several.

Not to mention the formidable power Myriad Swords Art, the Spirit Attack Six Roads of Samsara is also a trick that can attack multiple enemies at the same time! At the same time, he still glared at who burned the pure world fire…

“How do you say that sentence? When the strength is strong to a certain extent, all crafty plots and machinations are just jokes that’s all!”

This is the situation right now. Ye Wen has enough strength to not have to be afraid of Terry’s strategy, and the more important point is: The Crown Prince named Terry does not know this!

“I know… Do you want to follow me?”

The mermaid kept beckoning at sea, so it seemed like a little girl with a lot of enthusiasm, and the sound of this mermaid, who didn’t look too big, was particularly beautiful. When it reached Ye Wen’s ear, it would be involuntarily very comfortable. Feeling, it seems that closing his eyes and listening to this sound will make his heart feel very peaceful and peaceful, eager to keep listening.

Ye Wen was surprised by this situation, and his eyes narrowed slightly: “I heard that when the mermaid sings, it can make people lose themselves, and it doesn’t seem to be a totally unfounded legend!”

Floating in the air and flying in front of the mermaid, Ye Wen crouched down so indecently, and then looked at the mermaid with almost the whole body in the sea in front of him: “What is your name?”

“My name is Seni. I like helping others the most. Do you want to follow me? I know the way to Stars Island!”

The mermaid named Seni saw Ye Wen flying in front of her, and she was very happy. A pair of small hands clenched into fists and placed it on her chin. A pair of eyes stared at Ye Wen, not sure if it was an illusion, Ye Wen really wanted to see stars in those big eyes popping out.

“Lead the way, I will follow you behind!”

Seni was very happy to hear Ye Wen say that, nodded her head abruptly, and then turned over, a slender white tender waist came out of the water, protruding against the two pieces of seaweed as she twisted Ye Wen’s eyes flickered, and then a fish tail with blue rays of light flashed out of the water, and then slammed into the water again, setting off countless bright water splashes-splashing Ye Wen A face.


After wiping it with his hand, Ye Wen straightened up and prepared to follow. I don’t know when he came to the side. Artemis suddenly asked, “Just follow the past, doesn’t it matter?”

“It doesn’t matter, at most it’s what trap Terry and that guy set that’s all!”

Fly forward slowly to ensure that you can see the mermaid named Seni and not overtake her because of the speed too fast: “That guy who dare not show his face, there is nothing to worry about!”

Artemis didn’t think so: “What I want to say is, if this time we are going to face… the sea emperor?”


Ye Wen’s expression froze abruptly. Artemis on the side looked at his complexion greatly changed and immediately said: “You simply did not think about this possibility?”

After she said this, she felt discouraged herself. A few days ago, I felt that this Oriental was very unusual. The image of didn’t expect collapsed without insisting for a few days.

“Also… nothing!”

So far, Ye Wen can only brace oneself! at worst is playing that’s all with Poseidon, but he can also take the opportunity to find out what the strength of this sea emperor is?

He played Hades with Hades, and neither side did their best at that time, but he can also roughly estimate the strength of Hades!

The sea emperor… as Poseidon, the brother of Hades, and Poseidon, who is also in a comparable position, his strength should also be strong?

However, at this time, Ye Wen did not see Hades, and Artemis’s fears did not become a reality. When Sene pointed to a bare group of reefs in the distance, Ye Wen and Artemi Si looked at this bare stone in a daze.

“This is Stars Island?”

He really couldn’t connect this piece of reef with the stars. Could it be that the so-called star sand is a meteorite? This reef is actually a visitor from outside? ‘

Artemis recognized this, and her face became more and more ugly. She immediately turned around, and then looked at a pair of ultra-pure expression Sene: “You are not a mermaid, you are Hai Demoness!”

“Yeah, how can this beautiful big sister say this?” Seni’s panicked dissatisfied expression, and then shook her head while spoiling her with that beautiful voice-that blue fish tail He also drilled a piece of water from the sea, and flicked around with Seni shaking her head.

The splashed water droplets exuded a beautiful 7-color brilliance under the sunlight, and the blue halo emitted by the fish tail itself made Ye Wen and Artemis both stunned and stared at that. A pair of’sad’ Senna.

Seni saw two people with a smile on her lips. The smile still looked extremely pure, but with a trace of triumph that was not easily noticeable.

At this time, Ye Wen suddenly recovered, and the plain black eyes burst out with 7 colorful glazes, and the dazzling rays of light concealed the radiance from Seni, then Guanghua dissipated, everything was calm again.

But at this time, Ye Wen has returned to normal, and even Artemis, who was standing on the side of the frame, was awakened by Ye Wen with a very gentle method-the palm of bright red is printed in Artemis The pale arm looked particularly dazzling.

Artemis, who glared at Ye Wen, expressed his dissatisfaction with his own eyes, but the result was Ye Wen’s sentence: “You’re going to steal it, if you don’t wake up this time, then the next slap is Take your face!”

Artemis suddenly felt that if he didn’t wake up, the man would slap his face. The resentment qi in his heart would inevitably be a little more: “I don’t know what a gentle guy is!”

Sullen while glaring at the cute Seni who was still in the water: “Show your true body, Hai Demoness! It has been soaking in the water, don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“Yeah, it’s sober!” Seni’s expression was still so pure, but the tone of his speech was very different from the previous one: “Really, isn’t it good to just go on like this? Your Highness will get what he wants, and I will add a new toy…”

“Toys…” Ye Wen eyebrow raised: “Do you mean me?”

Seni nodded with excitement on her face: “Toys from the far east haven’t been touched for a long time, the last time was 1000 years ago!” He said to himself happily: “What is it called?” Coming here? Seems to be called Huang Tianhua? A handsome youngster!

“Huang Tianhua?”

Ye Wen’s eyes narrowed, didn’t expect heard a familiar name, but he didn’t understand how Huang Tianhua fell into this guy’s hand? But it doesn’t matter, he can ask slowly.

At this moment, Sene, who had been soaking in the water, suddenly rushed out of the water, and after a faint brilliance flashed, Ye Wen was no longer a mermaid Sene, but a girl with a beautiful face Kong, but half-human half-bird monster with bird characteristics.

The position of the arm became a pair of wings, and the lower body of the original fish tail became 2 slender beautiful legs. Unfortunately, these beautiful legs suddenly changed into a pair of scary birds with terrible cold light in the calf. claw.

The whole body was covered with a layer of bird feathers, and only the lower abdomen showed white skin like a human girl. This look made Ye Wen’s head unconsciously flash the word: Birdman!

“It really is you, Hai Demoness Siren!” Artemis had known this for a long time, and was not surprised by the changes in front of him.

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