History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 451

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Sea Demoness Siren, nominally belonged to the sea king Poseidon, but even in this area of ​​Olympus, her reputation is not so good.

In the final analysis, this Sea Demoness is a do as one pleases character who does not estimate anything. As long as she thinks, then she will do it, simply will not consider whether the person she wants to torture belongs to the Olympus camp. People or gods.

What she likes most is to seduce the sailors on the sea to sail the ship towards the reef and destroy the ship.

Or maybe it just turned into a mermaid, seducing those handsome men who looked down at the sea at the sea, and then grabbed their old nest as a plaything-Siren’s old nest is an island formed by a reef, and there is nothing bare on it. It seems obvious at a glance, but there should be a more secret place for her to rest.

Before the gods of Olympus did not come to Immortal World and the period when they had just arrived at Immortal World, Hai Demoness siren had been dissociated from the Divine Physique Department of Olympus, and almost became unmanageable. Unique existence, this situation was not resolved because the sound on Mount Olympus was not unified at that time, until Zeus established its Divine King status, the sea emperor and the Pluto said that they would follow Divine King’s instructions. It is considered to have the energy to clean up this siren.

Siren is very willful and arrogant but she is not a fool! After realizing the changes on Mount Olympus, Siren expressedacknowledge allegiance! In addition, she is active at sea, so she naturally became a subject of the sea emperor Poseidon, and Terry, the sea elderest son, will seek the help of Siren after seeing the power of Artemis. It is a matter of course.

Without Ye Wen, perhaps Artemis would really be seized by Siren with that tempting voice and the 7 colorful fantasy, and then give it to Triton.

After all, Siren once made the entire Olympus gods have a headache. Even for a period of time, a Sea Territory that Siren was moving was a forbidden place that even the gods dare not pass through at will.

Moon and Hunting Goddess Artemis is one of the main gods on Mount Olympus, but what she is good at does not threaten Siren, and Siren’s strength happens to be Goddess of the Moon’s weakness, so… …

Triton did make a right choice. Without Ye Wen, his plan would be smooth. Well, without Ye Wen…

Siren regained his original appearance. A pair of wings kept flapping, and the gusts of wind brought Ye Wen and Artemis’s skin not far away to the air like a knife cut, and the clothes were blown. Ringing.

However, in this way, the dress that was very close to the body was tightly attached to Artemis’ perfect lovable body, which made side Ye Wen once again addicted to the eye.

Artemis gave Ye Wen a glance, but said nothing. Xu Shi remembered that when he was bathing, he was spotted by Ye Wen, and now he is much stronger than that, so don’t worry too much. What’s more, Artemis has always been very proud of her beauty, and I don’t know how many men and Spiritual God have been overwhelmed.

After losing to Ye Wen in a duel, she originally thought that this man would be like everyone else, impatient took her as her own, but this was not the case.

Although relaxed in my heart, there is still a feeling of hurting self-esteem-it seems that the more confident women are in their beauty, the more intolerable this situation is?

Fortunately, Ye Wen’s performance proved that he was not indifferent to his eyebrows. How much did Goddess of the Moon find a little self-esteem-maybe she appeared in front of Ye Wen so frequently, just to find her self-esteem?

For this situation, Ye Wen can actually guess roughly, and secretly he also slandered: “Can you group of women be fresher? Is it so interesting to be old?” So he showed a pair very simply “In fact, I am still very interested in you” looks, let Goddess of the Moon get back his self-esteem, it is estimated that there will be no more trouble.

If Artemis knew that the pride he had just raised was nothing but Ye Wen’s deliberate alms to her, would he vomit blood qi on the spot? But now she was still waiting for Siren in front of her with dreadful eyes.

“It’s so beautiful…even I feel a little jealous!” Siren tilted his head, and his bulging mouth seemed to show his dissatisfaction. How cute and lovely this is, but what I said later Not so cute: “Destroy it, just look really uncomfortable!”

The words hadn’t settled yet, and Siren’s wings were shocked, followed by a strong wind, and then Siren, who had been in front of the two, disappeared.

It’s just that neither Artemis nor Ye Wen are ordinary people. They have very strong eyesight and can clearly see Siren’s movements. So when Siren moved, the two of them responded immediately and immediately.

Artemis raised his hands, followed by a bow and arrow gesture, just because her weapon was destroyed, so this action seemed a bit confusing.

Ye Wen was originally ready to shoot, but didn’t expect Artemis’s hands flashed a faint and very soft brilliance, a flash of faint rays of light suddenly condensed in her originally empty hand Hunting bow, this is a bow made entirely of Artemis’ divine force condense, that is, an energy aggregate.

Although it is similar to Ye Wen’s Purple Night Sword has several points of, but compared to the actual similarly similar Purple Night Sword, this moonlight hunting bow can still be seen at a glance but is a product of energy gathering, that hazy The hazy and even slightly transparent sense of truth reveals its essence.

And after the appearance of the moonlight hunting bow, Artemis’s fingers holding the bow slightly changed. After the index finger was straightened, a moon white light continued to extend along her index finger, and then lifted up to shoulder height In the left hand, the moon white light flickered, and an arrow with soft rays of light appeared in Artemis’s hand.

“This move, because of some annoying guy, I originally didn’t like to use it! But because there are no weapons, so…”

Artemis said this, Ye Wen remembered that when he met Apollo a few days ago, although Apollo held a long bow in his hand, the arrow was the arrow formed by this divine force, and Artemis used to use cast arrows to make a big difference.

At that time, he only thought that it was Apollo’s unique trick, Artemis did not. The original reason was because Apollo used it, so Artemis, who hated Apollo, was even reluctant to use similar tricks. .

But in fact, the arrows from the Artemis Condense and Apollo’s arrows are still very different! Apollo’s arrows radiate dazzling rays of light. At the same time, the arrows around the body seem to burn like flames. The kind of golden rays of light can hardly make people open their eyes. Involuntarily, they want to move their eyes away.

Just like using naked eyes to look directly at the sun, simply is tormenting your own eyes. Avoiding not looking is the best choice.

Artemis’s is different. The soft rays of light makes people feel very comfortable after watching. The gentle rays of light attract people who want to watch them all the time, even want to hold them in their hands and play with them carefully. , But feel that doing so is a blasphemy against this object exuding divine beauty.

Therefore, these two arrows are very different, and it will not make people think. If must say something similar, then either of these two arrows is very dangerous.

Artemis’s expression congeals, the left hand finger that did bow work suddenly loosened, it seemed that the arrow she pinched between the fingers came out of the string, and the response was almost unresponsive, Ye Wen I just saw a white light of the moon flash in front of myself, nothing more.

It’s not so easy to avoid such a fast arrow, but Siren’s side is timely, it can escape this arrow, but it still commemorates her beautiful face when the arrow is crossed. , A drenched with blood wound on the cheek.

Siren, who avoided an arrow, immediately realized that he was injured, and still hurt his most important face. The angry Siren rushed down, and then turned his feet into sharp claw, straight to Artemis. Go-it is the beautiful face of Artemis that is almost perfect. The angry Siren not only wants to kill Artemis, but also destroys the beauty of Goddess of the Moon. .

Ye Wen stopped his movements when Artemis shot. At this time, seeing Siren escaped Artemis this arrow, I was a little curious about how Goddess of the Moon would deal with Siren’s attack. Too. But didn’t expect Artemis then put away the moonlight hunting bow in his hand, and then stood on the spot, holding his head and calmly looked at the siren rushing towards him. The expression and almost ignored the plug Ren’s eyes looked as if she was really empty.

Ye Wen, who was wondering, immediately thought of something, turned his head to look up at the sky, and saw the scene that surprised him.

Because it is the relationship between the day and the sunshine today is very strong, the little rays of light are almost covered up, but what does Ye Wen look like? As long as he wanted to see it, there was nothing he could not see, so he immediately discovered the little starlight that was covered in the strong sunlight.

Countless fist-sized starlights dragged one meter to a long tail light and fell straight down from high altitude. Such dense starlight reminded Ye Wen of the sword rain he had cast a few days ago, but this time it was a star rain Too.

Siren also realized that something was wrong, especially the terrifying power from the head, which made her stop involuntarily and lifts the head to the sky. Immediately, Siren’s pupil shrank.


The sound of mournful scream in this sea that can’t be seen at the edge, I don’t know how far out, the starlight that almost fell like raindrops instantly flooded the siren, Ye Wen can only watch the countless in front The starlight is covered by heavy rain and nothing can be seen.

“this is……”

Artemis exhaled, his face pale: “The wrath of the stars…” Artemis, who had been standing with his head upright and standing upright, was slightly shaking, reaching for the edge of his frame to stabilize Lived his own figure.

It can be seen from this that Artemis’ this move is still very expensive, not as easy as it just showed, which also makes Ye Wen secretly sighed in relief.

Until now, he thought that no one would study this kind of large-scale killing tricks except himself. After all, the battle between immortals is basically one to one, at most a few to several, so few people will delve into such skills.

Most Western gods also advocate the one-on-one duel, the principle of fighting against each other, so I have not heard of anyone who understands this trick. Today, Ye Wen is an eye-opener. It turns out that Artemis, Goddess, mastered it. With such a trick, this move the rage of the stars…

“Ah? Wrath of the stars?”

“Well…the same name as the bow you are going to compensate me!” Artemis glanced at Ye Wen, but she was actually surprised, and even wondered if Ye Wen had concealed anything? Or did he investigate himself before? This move, she has barely used it since she finished training, even if she knows she knows how to do this trick on Mount Olympus.

If Ye Wen knows this, then he will have so many intersections with himself, and he will have to rethink. However, judging from his reaction at this time, it should be just a coincidence that’s all.

“Well… The rage of the stars… It’s very appropriate!”

The innumerable number of starlights smashed down from top to bottom, indeed it seemed that the stars hanging high in the sky suddenly became angry, and then rushed down to give the most terrible punishment to those who caused their anger.

Judging from the starry rain in front of me, although this move is very powerful, it may not be as good as its own sword rain in terms of formidable power-sword energy always implements the concept of use point to break surface, and sword energy itself is also very good. Sharp, passing by will also cause terrifying wounds, so the lethality is amazing.

But these star showers… seem to be just smashing people! Although these star showers seem to explode slightly when they fall on the surface of the sea, an explosion of this magnitude is only an itching for the powerful Spiritual God, and the only thing to be afraid of is this amount.

After a rough calculation, this star shower is about one minute, but because it is extremely dense, the number is quite terrifying. There are about 1000 pieces. Ye Wen breathed another breath, not to mention formidable power. I don’t have much Myriad Swords Art on my own. It seems that Artemis is actually much worse than himself.

Coupled with Artemis’s state after using this move, it can be judged that this move is not a small trick that can be used randomly. It is estimated that Artemis is also because of Ye Wen, even if he is out of force, he is not afraid of Terry running out and picking up. Is it cheap to use this move so simply?

As for other reasons… there may be the reason why this proud woman is unwilling to give up in front of herself. After all, the sword rain that Ye Wen used a few days ago is still quite powerful. Perhaps this woman is regarded as Ye Wen. She demonstrated, so she would make such a response today.

After the stars gradually thinned out and disappeared, it seemed that the boiled sea water calmed down slowly, but the wave that was set off just now still affected this Sea Territory. The calm and gentleness just now can no longer be seen. The sea shows him and On the non-gentle side, the turbulent waves hit the reef below, and the splashing water, even Ye Wen standing tall in the air, was not spared-after the clothes were wet, the pants and shoes were also affected calamity.

“Ah… I only have this set of gowns!”

The last conflict with Apollo destroyed his suit. Fortunately, he also brought a set of replacements. This set is now wet again. There is no gown to change at hand-there are many modern clothes.

When Ye Wen complained, Artemis’ face recovered a little after resting for a while, but still looked a little pale: “Let’s go!”

As for Siren? She doesn’t think this sea Demoness can survive under her own trick!

But Ye Wen didn’t see it that way, and after complaining a few words that she had no clothes to wear, Ye Wen laughed: “Go? I’m afraid the siren will not let us go so easily!” Then he said to the rough sea Sentence: “Are you right? Hai Demoness?”

Under Artemis’ incredible vision, the little by little of Siren emerged from the sea. The scene in front of him proved that Ye Wen was right, and also told her that her most proud move was actually right. This sea Demoness has no effect.

“This…this is impossible!”

Ye Wen laughed, he could understand the reason why Artemis would be so shocked. The proud trick was not at all powerful, and no one could accept it calmly, but only for a moment, he already understood why there was This is the case: “His beautiful Goddess, if I am right, the anger of the stars has not been used much since you practiced it!”

“Yes!” The unbelievable Artemis responded instinctively, and then she realized that Ye Wen’s words seemed to indicate that the Oriental saw the problem: “Do you mean…?”

Ye Wen waved his hand: “Wait later I will talk about this! As for now…” Although I looked a little embarrassed, my limbs were still healthy, but I lost some feathers and had more wounded sirens: “I There are a few questions to ask about this Sea Demoness!”

Siren’s smile on his face has been disappeared, replaced by a cold face full of murderous aura, but after hearing Ye Wen’s words, Siren’s mouth twitched and a sneer was drawn: “Oh? Would you like to ask what?”

“What I want to ask is, what happened to the oriental cultivator called Huang Tianhua?”

“Is that cute toy?” The sneer on Siren’s face tended to expand: “It’s a pity, a very good toy, but it’s not very strong, and it was broken by me!”

I licked my lips, maybe I was hurt by the rage of the stars just now, the blood stained on my tongue stained my lips with her movement, and it looked like there was a fascinating charm: “Hope… you can compare That guy is stronger!”

“That’s it!” Ye Wen ordered nodded, as if just talking about a very ordinary thing: “Since this is the case, then you don’t need to live!”

As soon as the words fell, Ye Wen closed his eyes, his hands spread naturally, 2 palms forward, right arm forearm up, and left arm sag naturally. Suddenly, the 7 pupils radiate brightly in the open eyes, and then there is no movement of Ye Wen’s lips. A sound that can shake the soul sounds from all directions:

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