History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 452

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The red sky, the bloody smell of everywhere, the terrifying flame that can almost never be rid of the body, the burning pain is tormenting the nerves of the siren every moment, but when this situation continues, I don’t know how long. It seems that this pain can no longer be taken seriously.

“Do you think such ridiculous tricks will make me succumb?”

Siren didn’t know what happened, but her rich experience made her guess!

After Ye Wen’s eyes suddenly released 7 gleams of light and chanting sounds in the sky, she found herself in this terrifying place.

This existence, which seems to be somewhat similar to the underworld, has countless powerful and terrifying monsters. They are constantly torturing weak creatures such as Siren. Siren finds that his own power can’t be brought out at all. Here she is with a Ordinary little girls have no ability to resist at all, and can only grind their teeth and endure countless horrors.

Frying pan, being driven to climb the mountain wall formed by countless sharp blades, being forced and violently pulling her tongue out, even tying her four limbs to a rope, and then being pulled by several huge monsters Pull in different directions…

And usually, the terrifying flame that almost never extinguishes on my body seems to be the spice of all this torment!

day after day, year after year, from the very beginning can also rely on forcibly maintaining a sober brain to calculate how long the siren has spent here, and gradually feel numb.

The godless eyes have lost their demeanor, and the originally painful torture seems to have no effect on her, but it is silently at the mercy of those monsters.

Until one day, a monster squeezed Siren’s dirty and broken cheek with his hand: “Don’t play, it’s broken!” After that, she threw her into a bloody pool.

This pool siren has also been seen many times, and she has seen countless powerful terrifying monsters throwing the “like” that each and everyone has almost numb into it. This pool is one in the eyes of siren The huge Chaotic Burial Mound is the place to deal with broken toys that are no longer fun for monsters.

“Has it… finished?”

I don’t know why, Siren suddenly felt that there was a relief in his heart at this moment, and there was a smile on his already numb face. The dirty and dirty pool water gave her an unusually warm feeling. She seemed to hope that she would stay forever it’s here.

But then, I accumulated a shock of spirit willpower that I don’t know how many centuries. The feeling of almost frustrated hope that it will go on forever was expelled from her mind by force, and the eyes that gradually recovered her body are still serious. I looked around myself, looking for a way to escape here.

“Do you think I can die like this? It’s naive!”

She admits that the fantasy created by Ye Wen this move Spirit Attack almost made her die completely, but only in this way, she no longer has to worry about what dangers she will have: “hmph … micro-trick… “

It’s just 4 Next look, I found that I couldn’t see anything except darkness, but from the body’s feelings, I was really immersed in liquid, the only difference was that there was no such kind of person Disgusting stench.

Just when she felt puzzled, a huge thrust forced her to move involuntarily, and then she felt that the surrounding pressure suddenly disappeared, and at the same time, the warm liquid that had always wrapped herself completely disappeared, and she found that there was air directly blowing on herself. The kind of coolness on my body.

“Did I escape?”

Everything is a question mark, her eyes still can’t see anything, and she finds that she can’t even say anything despite her efforts.

When she felt a little anxious, it seemed that some animal’s tongue kept licking his whole body, and he did not miss any part of her body very carefully up and down.

It is reasonable to say that Siren, who should have raised a huge sense of shame, found that she did not reject this feeling at all. She even wanted to be close to the guy who did not know it was and so on.

Instinct made her keep approaching the creature, and the difficult siren crawling on the ground quickly encountered a warm body, and in one mouth, the sweet and fragrant liquid poured into her mouth…

“What the hell… what happened?”

Day by day, Siren gradually realized that he could make a sound, but was unable to speak, and his voice gave Siren a bad hunch.

Soon, the restored siren finally saw everything clearly-on the endless prairie, he was lying on the ground like that, his slender limbs and her front hooves, which were visible from her head, were telling her the shape of her life. When she saw the doe in front of her looking at herself with a kind of warmth and kindness that made her feel particularly warm, Siren understood.

“Could I…become an animal?”

This terrifying fact made Siren depressed for a long time, and even she felt repulsive to eating-the endless appetite on the grass and some strange fruits on the ground made her almost crazy.

But the instinctive needs of the body forced her to lower her head to nibble on the green vegetation that was no different from weeds in her eyes.

In this day after day life, there is hardly anything to do every day. I just need to go back and forth on this endless grassland with my “companions” who are exactly similar in appearance, and then head down to bite when I am hungry. The mouth almost never eats green grass, and when he is thirsty, he goes to find a source of water and drink a few sips of water.

Such a life is easy and comfortable. After a period of time, she almost forgot that she was originally called Siren. It is a powerful existence that has caused headaches to countless Olympus gods. It is known as the sea. The horror murderer of Demoness!

Until one day, the siren that still found the water source to drink water as usual, after seeing his current appearance in the reflection on the water surface, suddenly felt like he had forgotten something, and the siren standing in the same place and thinking suddenly Waking up, this ordinary life to the extreme life almost made her forget everything about herself.

“No, I can’t go on like this, I must escape from here!”

Although she can’t figure out whether this is an illusion or what? But she kept telling her instinctively that she must find a way to escape from here, otherwise the consequences would be unbearable!

But just before she thought of what she should do, a ferocious cheetah suddenly sprang out, and then bite on the slender neck in the life of the stunned sirens, spraying warm blood continuously. However, Siren could almost feel the blood flowing out of her body continuously, and her extremely low body temperature made her experience the death God once again.

“Aren’t… just over? I am not willing to! How can it be over like this?”

The silent cry seemed to play an unexpected role. When Siren eyes opened again, she found herself’waking up’, Ye Wen and Artemis stood pale in front of them, and the arrogant Oriental still used Covering your chest with your hands and bloodstains on the corners of your mouth: “You can break my Six Roads of Samsara…”

Artemis raised his hand and seemed to want to display his own magic skill, but how could Siren, who had already been alert, make her wish? Although he hadn’t figured out what was going on, Siren reacted immediately.

With his extraordinary speed, Artemis cut off Artemis’s head with his sturdy wings before he attacked.

A beautiful face with surprise, disbelief and unwillingness flew up into the air with Siren’s wings. The blood sprayed out seemed to embellish this poignant picture, and then watched Siren’s eyes fall into the sea.

Artemis’ body stood on the frame for a moment, then planted directly, as if jumping into the water to find his lost head, with a trace of beauty and a trace of strangeness!

Ye Wen looked at all this and screamed incredulously: “The gods of Olympus will not let you go! Shushan Sect will not let you go…”

But before his roar was over, his voice stopped suddenly, lowering his head to look at the white and tender arm in his heart, Ye Wen felt his life slowly reached the end.

“Come on, I’m Sea Demoness Siren, I won’t be afraid of what Olympus gods and Shushan Sect! Come on all the way? How much come, how much I kill!”

With a squeeze, the warm, throbbing thing in his hand immediately shattered, and countless bright and warm liquids spewed out, dyeing the white and tender palm into a red.

Gently snorted, I didn’t realize why he blew out such a horrible killing, Siren dismissively glanced at Ye Wen, who had lost his anger, and then flicked his arm, letting Ye Wen’s body walk to Artemis. Followers.

Suddenly a pair of white jade arms raised high, Siren shouted arrogantly: “Even if Divine King comes, I will not be afraid at all!”

What happened afterwards seemed to be as Ye Wen said, the gods of Olympus were shocked by the death of the moon and the hunting Goddess, and almost the entire Olympus mountain was mobilized, whether it was Divine King Zeus, Hades or Hades Sea Emperor Poseidon, this time surprisingly reached a consensus in the shortest time-kill Siren and avenge Artemis!

The gods of Olympus almost madly pursued Siren, and in the endless journey of escape, Siren felt that his power continued to rise, and the god that each and everyone came after seemed to become her promotion. Stepping stones for strength.

“Come on! Come on more!”

The feathers on the body have deteriorated a lot. In addition to the wings that have gradually moved to the back and still retain the original appearance, the appearance of the siren is getting closer to the human form, and the pair of terrifying sharp claws have also returned to their feet. This made Amy’s Siren extremely happy.

At the same time, she felt that as long as she killed more, she could not only become stronger, but also become more beautiful!

At this time, the people of Shushan Sect also collectively killed the West. In order to avenge Ye Wen, they almost attacked the siren regardless of life and death. They were on the verge of desperate situation again and again, breaking through the limit again and again, and killing the enemy again and again.

In such an almost endless killing, Siren gradually forgot what she was trying to kill, and even she started killing people for killing, destroying all the life she saw to her greatest joy.

Because of her move, enemies are gradually increasing. Heaven, the Buddha world, even Odin Divine Race, which has long been difficult to find traces on death at the door, also appeared, and the Eastern Celestial Court even sent more. The famous god will chase down and round up, and Sea Demoness Siren has become the common enemy of almost all forces of Immortal World.

Finally, this kind of killing path came to an end, after gathering the elite battle strength of all forces in Immortal World, the’commiting any imaginable misdeed horror demon’ Siren finally came to the end of her life.

“has it ended?”

After being beaten by a middle-aged man riding Divine Ox with five-colored brilliance, his thoughts came out of Siren’s mind.

“So tired… I want to rest…”

Closing his eyes and feeling his body slowly sinking, even the consciousness began to fall into the darkness, but just when everything would fall into the darkness, Siren suddenly thought again in his heart: “Why What about this? What is going on?”

Together with this thought, the consciousness that had fallen into the darkness started to come alive again, but before she could continue to think about it, Siren opened her eyes again and found herself lying in a very strange room.

There is a lot of strange things in the small space, especially the thing that can emit rays of light hanging on the roof of the house, let her keep looking at it.

Waving his little hand, the delicate little hand that was no different from the baby made Siren again in a trance: “Who am I…?”

After growing up, Siren knew that he was called Siren, a very ordinary girl in a very ordinary family! The only uncommon thing is that Siren has a good look, which has caused her a lot of attention when she grew up, and she is also proud of it.

However, as she grew up, she gradually discovered that beauty is a source of pride and a source of trouble. Even if she wanted a stable job, she needed to pay something extra that she didn’t need to pay.

From the confusion of the very beginning to the final frankness, Siren gradually realized that all this is just the rules of this World, without changing his ability, then he can only follow the rules to play the game.

She didn’t think it was bad, especially when she gradually adapted to the rules and used her innate talent to climb up step by step.

But she found that no matter how high she climbed, she would always feel dissatisfied. As a result, she lost everything because of her greed, including life.

“No! I haven’t got everything yet!”

The siren re-eyes opened only felt that her stomach was very hungry, and she kept stuffing everything into her mouth, but she still couldn’t make herself feel full. When she saw many terrifying existences around her that described the withered, they kept tearing When she was a companion, she didn’t even realize how terrible it was to do so, but instead immediately rushed up to help one of the terrifying monsters kill the other monster, and then became hungry…

Eat endlessly, but always not enough!

Siren was lost in confusion, looking at the group of siren around who had lost consciousness, but instinctively stuffing everything that could be stuffed into his mouth, and suddenly felt confused.

When she stopped her movements without knowing how much time she took, she looked down at herself and was surprised to find that she was no different from these terrifying monsters: “No… it shouldn’t be like this!”

Siren, who was in a crash, noticed a monster next to him that was weaker than other monsters. This monster was not only weak, but also very small, just like a child, not only could not compete for other monsters to get food, or even You can be a danger to food at any time.

“Eat me…”

I don’t know what the idea is, Siren sacrificed herself, and then she saw countless people with beautiful appearance and white wings waving to her: “Come, now you are also one of us!”

Siren froze for a moment, and then looked at his recovered hands and his normal body shape. Siren suddenly felt a huge sense of happiness filling his body, and those beautiful’kinds’ kept on turning. She issued summon, and the gleeful Siren stretched out her hand, flew into the sky with the “like”, and then led a carefree happy life…

Artemis looked at Siren’s dull eyes in front of him, his pupils spread as if he had lost his life, but his still-changing face seemed to tell her that this Sea Demoness had not really died.

But a moment later, after showing a pure, happy and extremely satisfied smile on Siren’s face, he was able to flap his wings by instinct and flew in midair suddenly stopped, and then the whole person was gone. Get a little bit angry-it’s like suddenly being taken out of life.

“How is this going?”

She knew this was done by Ye Wen, but she didn’t understand how Ye Wen did it? It’s just a vague guess that it’s a Spirit Attack trick, maybe it’s a bit similar to the endless dream of Phantasos-but the dream of Phantasos is at most to make people sleep forever, like this direct death…

Ye Wen, who didn’t know when to close her eyes again, suddenly opened her eyes. At this time, his eyes did not have any peculiarities, and it was exactly similar to normally: “True didn’t expect that this sea Demoness could even reach the end. 6 times… Good tenacious Willpower!”

However, Ye Wen just likes that’s all, even if Siren can stick to the sixth track, but this Six Roads of Samsara is not a trick that will let you go through it all. Ye Wen can let Siren experience 6 more times, and then loop endlessly until he completely gives up struggling.

“Meet me, count your bad luck!” I looked at the siren that had fallen into the sea, floating on the sea, Ye Wen’s stupid curl one’s lip, and said something that made Artemis very despised. But the beautiful Goddess of the Moon has to admit that Ye Wen is telling the truth. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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