History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 453

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As more and more strong sea breezes blow, Ye Wen lifts the head glances at the sky and finds that it doesn’t know when to start. This Sea Territory is actually covered with a black cloud, this look looks like a rainstorm. The coming prelude.

“It seems the weather is about to change!”

Artemis did not care about the weather. Her eyes were still cruising back and forth on the sea Demoness Siren’s body and Ye Wen’s face. Ye Wen almost killed the Siren without even raising her hand. She was a big shock, especially under the premise that she used a stunt but failed to cause any damage to the Sea Demoness.

“Isn’t he really that powerful?”

In the impression of Goddess of the Moon, the most powerful one is his father Divine King Zeus. Although Zeus has all sorts of problems, and his character is very annoying, but its powerful strength is unquestionable for all gods up and down Olympus. This is also after Zeus became Divine King. There are countless reasons why people feel helpless but still no one dares to pull it from Divine King.

Secondly, the strength of Poseidon and Hades are also extremely strong. Although the true strength of Hades is always a mystery, everyone only knows that the brother of Divine King has extremely strong strength. , But no one knows how powerful it is.

On the contrary, the sea emperor Poseidon did not conceal his own strength, and his unscrupulous degree was more than that of Zeus!

After this brief moment, Artemis began to suspect that the man from the East in front of him was a powerhouse of the same rank as Divine King Zeus and Poseidon.

In fact, Ye Wen is not yet strong to that level, but Ye Wen has too many strange tricks. Among them, the particularity of Six Roads of Samsara this move makes it almost impossible for Siren to have any counterattack power, and the strength of the whole cannot be exerted simply. Half a bit.

If the match force with force really hits, even if Ye Wen can clean up the siren, it won’t be so easy, and it will still have some highlights, but Ye Wen hopes to do it quickly, so he fully exerted Six Roads of Samsara , And the formidable power of this move makes him very satisfied: “It seems that there is another credible trick!”

Checked it for 4 times, and finally Ye Wen pointed to a very unremarkable reef: “There, what seems to be there…” Although Liuli pupils were not transported, Ye Wen felt the same since he mastered the pair of gods. I became a lot more sensitive. Although I didn’t check it at this time, I still noticed that it was a little unusual.

At this time, either pick up your eyes and probe carefully, or simply take out the detector to check and confirm, but when Ye Wen finished talking, the cold raindrops fell down, which happened to fall on Ye Wen stretch On the free hand, the cold feeling made him stunned, and then turned to look towards Artemis.

Although Artemis has recovered a lot at this time, he has consumed more than half of his divine force, and his face has not completely recovered. He stood there looking a little weak. When the rain fell, Artemis did not even release the divine force. Come out, let the cold rain drop fall on his shoulders.

“Go ahead and talk!”

With a wave of beckoning, Ye Wen took the lead in flying past, and the whole body was surrounded by swords and lights, and it was considered to have taken measures to deal with the sudden situation that might arise.

Landing in front of a reef that looks like a three-story villa, Ye Wen quickly found an opening, which was not at all purposely covered up, but the location was very good, plus there was a block in front If it weren’t for reaching the front, it would never be seen.

It can be said that these reefs have become the natural protective color of this cave. After Ye Wen stepped in, he made his erratic sword light brighten up again, and then the dark cave lightened up.

Artemis also drove the frame into the cave at this time, and just after two people walked in successively, the rain outside suddenly became fierce, almost forming a line of rain and forming a rain curtain. The cave looked like it had a curtain of rain.

Artemis threw it away, and immediately made a dull sound in this cave. Ye Wen turned his head and saw that the woman had brought Siren’s body in.

Although I don’t know what Artemis is going to do, Ye Wen has no interest in asking, but just keeps walking forward, and then observes everything in this cave.

After just turning around, he can be sure that this is the residence of the sea Demoness, because the cave inside except for the place where it just came in is very dark and wet, and the space inside looks large and bright, and there are even many Household appliances for use, including a large comfortable bed.

I turned around again and found a relatively secret room. The layout inside made Ye Wen embarrassed for a while. Looking at the messy tools in there, he walked out decisively, and then Stopped Artemis who wanted to go in: “I think you’d better not go in!”

The beautiful Goddess of the Moon looked straight at Ye Wen and always felt that Ye Wen was uncomfortable all over, so he walked in with his head raised, but a few seconds later the Goddess of the Moon came out, Although her face was normal, Ye Wen noticed that she had a little ruddy in her pale face.

Ye Wen didn’t even see what she was doing. She continued to search in this hole. Artemis saw that Ye Wen did not make any inquiries and ridicule, and gradually returned to calm, followed by Ye Wen and turned here Go around.

Soon, 2 people found another room, and compared to the comfort of the bedroom and the dark and strangeness of the small room next door, the environment here is very bad, very messy and almost impossible to disperse. Ye Wen frowned.

Although he is a man, he pays a lot of attention to appearances-after all, he is a respectable figure. His appearance also represents Shushan Sect’s face, so he must not pay attention to it.

Over time, Ye Wen has also become a person who loves cleanliness, and has become more picky about the environment. At this time, it is naturally unpleasant to see the situation here, but an exception is still letting him insist on moving in instead of turning his head directly. go away.

Compared with Ye Wen, Artemis is even more disgusted with the environment here. Ye Wen had had a hard time before, even if she didn’t like it here, but she didn’t hate it until a strategic withdrawal immediately.

Artemis was different. She was the kind of person who stood at Peak from birth to growth. She had hardly suffered hardships in her life, and had no hardships. She could not bear it at all for such a bad environment. . In addition, as a woman, she particularly likes cleanliness. At this time, Artemis carried her long skirt, fearing that the corners of her skirt would be contaminated with the booty here.

But even so, she felt that it was unacceptable for her shoes to step on here, so when seeing Ye Wen still going to go inside, Artemis took the lead in stopping her footsteps: “Also go forward Is it too bad here!”

“Well, I always feel that there seems to be something ahead. I might want to take a rest here today. It’s better to investigate carefully. 10000 If you still have Siren’s companion here, it’s better to get rid of it as soon as possible!”

When I heard Ye Wen say this, Artemis was not good to say anything. After all, it was also for the safety of 2 people, so the beautiful Goddess of the Moon had to press the disgust in his heart, and moved forward with the skirt corner cautiously Therefore, if it wasn’t for Ye Wen, be careful to watch out for something rushing out. I’m afraid I would have thrown away Goddess of the Moon with frowns and a skirt in his mouth.

As you go further, the air becomes muddier. The pungent smell is almost unbearable. Even the sight is affected. Artemis’ squinted eyes seem to shed tears because of the bad air. Her eyes: “I’ve had enough, I won’t go any further! This is a terrifying place more than the underworld. I’d rather face the disgusting blood pool and don’t want to stay here for a moment!”

Ye Wen shrugged: “You go back and wait for me in that bedroom…” As soon as I said the words, I felt that it was a little too ambiguous, and it was very easy to misunderstand.

Fortunately, Artemis, who was already in a terrible mood because of this bad environment, simply failed to notice this, and before finishing Wen Ye’s words, she turned her head and left here as quickly as possible. The sound of high heels stepping on a stone floor made a clear echo in this hole, and then gradually disappeared in Ye Wen’s ear.

“Siren…Can you bury it again?”

Although Ye Wen decided to continue to move forward, he could not bear the environment here, and he also had greater resentment for the owner of this place, making him wish to revive the dead Siren and then use it again. Six Roads of Samsara has tortured her all her life.

The twists and turns that almost couldn’t see the road ahead made Ye Wen very annoyed, but when he walked in, the strange feeling felt stronger in his heart.

When he heard a dull, whispering warning, but weak, Ye Wen, who had been on alert, immediately raised his hand, and Zi Xiaojian appeared directly in his hand.

The brilliance of purple is more dazzling than the sword light on his body, and at the same time, this dark cave is stained with a layer of bright purple, carrying a long sword and walking 2 more steps, after turning a corner, Ye Wen I saw what was the sound.

It’s a bit like a dragon’s head, with a pair of horns, but one of them is broken, and it has a very clear crack on it. A pair of lion-like eyes are also blinded. Ye Wen can even see a very clear The scratch was connected from the forehead to the side face, just covering the blind eye.

In addition, the intact eyes were opened angrily, staring at Ye Wen gnashing teeth with a dull growl, but although the eyes were open, Ye Wen noticed that there was no god in the eyes, or even no focus, that is to say This guy simply didn’t see what was happening in front of him, and it seemed a habit to give a very low shout of warning.

Ye Wen continued to look through his sword light, and found that this thing was covered with scales. The original color was no longer visible. Now the pieces of black and purple are all earthy, and there are pieces of green Ink color, this look is really not pretty, but also looks very embarrassed.

The body is very thin but the skeleton is not small. Ye Wen only knows this thing, if this thing is normal, the body should be very strong and imposing! But now, it looks like a skinny, four-legged snake.

In fact, at first, Ye Wen thought he had encountered a Dragon Race, but when he noticed that the front foot of the thing turned out to be a hoof, he knew he was wrong.

“What the hell is this?”

After thinking about it for a long time, Ye Wen finally remembered what this 4-foot snake-like thing was: “Qilin? I’ve gone, how can I make such a bear?”

After walking a few steps forward, Ye Wen put away the Zixiao sword in his hand, and only used the sword light emitted from his body to observe the miserable beast on the opposite side.

With his move, Qilin on the opposite side also stopped his dull low growl, and his eyes, which seemed to have no focus, gradually recovered, and after staring at Ye Wen for a while, he revealed a trace of joy.

“En? Am I right?”

Ye Wen, who was seriously suspicious of her eye problems, watched it again for a while, and finally found that Qilin was indeed very happy, even wanting to stand up-it was a pity that she was standing together, and the whole body smashed back to the ground again.

However, Qilin still struggled twice, and then turned his body slightly to reveal what was under him-several weapons with cold light flashing, and a broken one that could not see the original look. corpse.

“this is……”

Ye Wen’s expression congeals looked at the broken corpse. The clothes on this corpse have long been ragged and almost inferior to rags, but it can still be seen from some remaining pieces of nails. This is a typical set of oriental style armor.

Especially the part of the shoulder armor, because one of the pieces is still intact, so the above pattern can be seen clearly: “Can it be…This is Huang Tianhua?”

Ye Wen stepped over, Qilin only felt saw a flash, a silhouette came to himself, then leaned over and reached out to reach the body that had been protected by himself.

At that moment, Qilin showed a vigilant expression, until it was confirmed that Ye Wen extend the hand was only looking at the search, and then gradually cleared the alert, and then the whole body crooked to the side and fell straight down.

Ye Wen was shocked this time. Ye Wen, who had been sure that the body had been here for a long time, immediately looked at Qilin deliberately, and it was only then that he noticed that several chains were inserted. In this Qilin’s body, at the other end is a strange metal block.

Extend the hand pinched the exercise, Ye Wen was surprised to find that he was under his luck. This chain was completely motionless, and the strength of it surprised him.

Immediately, the sword energy was transported with two fingers, and I wanted to destroy the chain with the sharpness of the sword energy, but the progress was very slow. Finally, Ye Wen angered and directly urged all the power to forcibly pull the chain off. Then, he said to Qilin: “Hold on!” Fiercely swiped and pulled the fiercely part of the within the body.

The chain was pulled out, and only a black viscous liquid was brought out, even the slightest blood could not be seen. This situation made Ye Wen frown again, and immediately took out some medicine pill from the ring, and then let Qilin serve Go down, fortunately, Qilin is quite human, and he knows what it is. He opened his mouth and swallowed all these things, and then lay there quietly.

Ye Wen looked at the corpse in front of him and Qilin, who was about to become a corpse, had a headache. The identity of the corpse was probably guessed by him. It is estimated that Huang Tianhua mentioned by Siren.

At the same time, he saw several magic weapons beside the corpse, among which is included 2 sledgehammers, a sword, a dart, and several nails.

Although he didn’t know what these things were called, he could roughly see the value of these things. He didn’t know how long this thing was here, but he still knew it as a brand new one. 2

Ye Wen took out the detector and scanned the magic weapon and corpse in front of him, and finally connected Zheng Ying: “Cui Senior is beside?”

Zheng Ying immediately understood that Master had something to ask Cui Jun, the Old Senior. After being matched, he immediately went to the bottle gourd fairy who was tossing outside.

Soon, Cui Jun’s voice came over: “What’s the matter with Ye Sect Master?”

Generally speaking, Ye Wen won’t bother him, and now he is actively looking for himself, and he still says he is looking for him as soon as the call is connected, which is certainly a trouble.

Sure enough, only listen to Ye Wen said: “I will pass you a few photos, you help look!” After that, a pair of images appeared in front of Cui Jun: “This is…”

at first, because the broken body made him fail to see it, but after the photos of the magic weapons came over, Cui Jun contacted the magic weapons and immediately determined who the body was: “Huang Tianhua?”

Upon hearing Cui Jun say this, Ye Wen immediately said: “Sure enough!”

The opposite bottle gourd Immortal looked surprised: “Where did Ye Sect Master find Huang Tianhua’s body? You know this Bing Ling Gong has been missing for many years!”

“In the Aegean Sea, the Demoness Siren’s Den…”

“Hai Demoness…” Cui Jun usually likes to study some messes, or run around everywhere, so his knowledge is quite extensive, but he also knows Hai Demoness Siren. But he didn’t expect anyway, Ye Wen will find Huang Tianhua’s body there: “This thing…”

Ye Wen sighed: “In any case, I am going to save his body first and then send it back to Shushan. The next thing will be to trouble Senior!”

Anyway, Huang Tianhua is also the correct god of Celestial Court, so it is naturally inappropriate to throw it here, or even bury it here, it is inevitable to send it back to the East. But Ye Wen’s idea is to send it to Celestial Court. You can contact Guan Yu or Yang Jian in this regard.

But bottle gourd Xian said: “I will go to Dongyue Mount Tai Tianqi Ren Shengdi…”


Zheng Ying knows that Ye Wen doesn’t know who this Mount Tai is, so he inserted a sentence next to him: “It’s Huang Tianhua’s father!” (Unfinished. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote at Qidian.com) (Recommended tickets, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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