History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 454

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Huang Tianhua’s father is naturally Huang Feihu. Ye Wen wondered about the section of emotion in the novel before. Since Huang Feihu was the king of Wucheng, how did he relate to this Celestial Court?

Later, Cui Jun explained to him, actually Huang Feihu was originally a member of the fairy family, but the title of Wu Chengwang was not taken seriously by him. It was just that didn’t expect later generations would focus on using Wu Chengwang when writing this section of emotion. Talk about that’s all.

After the feudal god, he was at the top of the 5 Yues. Although he was claimed to be in charge of the human world, in fact, this position was simply a idle job, and had no meaning.

But Huang Feihu also has another position, that is, in charge of yin, that is, in charge of the judgment of good and evil after death and samsara reincarnation and other matters.

It was not until later that the matters of the Yinsi were transferred to his hands, and the Great Emperor Dongyue was completely idle. Now Huang Feihu found a place in the sky to live a life like a seclusion, and the source of all this is his family and even his son. After becoming a god general, he died one after another.

Huang Tianhua was originally the strongest of Huang Feihu’s sons, but didn’t expect that this son was also missing, and no one died, no corpse lived, in the last ages, little bit of news had not been sent back, and it was naturally gone under worry. The thought of dealing with public affairs gradually let go of the power.

During this period, it also involved the Buddha world extending its power to the East Immortal World, especially the matter of the yin. The yin of the Buddha world and the East Immortal World are almost mixed together. The two parties work together to manage a ghost, but secretly contention is also common. Huang Feihu I knew these things, but I didn’t have the mind to join together.

didn’t expect Ye Wen I went to Olympus this time, but accidentally found Huang Tianhua’s body. I don’t know what happened to the Dongyue Great Emperor when he heard the news of his son’s death.

Cui Jun was thinking about it. He drew a few talisman on his hand, took out a plate of jade pieces, pinched several secret arts in his hand, and threw the jade pieces straight. He said, “Go! After seeing it, Zheng Ying saw it on the side, knowing that this is the fastest means of communication in Immortal World, but it is still no different from traditional letters, at most it is faster.

More importantly, the material for making this jade piece is not easy to find, so Zheng Ying does not think that this communication method will conflict with the’telephone’ he is studying.

After finishing all of this, Cui Jun continued to talk to Ye Wen: “Among the few magic weapons, 2 handles and 8 edged iron hammers are the weapons that Huang Tianhua mounts on the mount. Can’t be considered what is rare, that is strong! The magic weapon in Huang Tianhua’s hands is the most common pair of sledgehammers!”

Ye Wen, who is carrying a sledgehammer in his hand, is testing the weight, and found that the pair of sledgehammers are not uncommon, but they are very heavy to start with, and they have a sense of overwhelming.

“Apart from this, the strongest of Huang Tianhua’s soldiers is a long sword, called Moxie, but it is quite a good sword!”

Ye Wen put the 2 hammers aside, bent over and lifted the sword, and then right hand pulled the sword that he didn’t know how long it had been put out halfway.

It was just this pumping, and suddenly a bit colder in the stone cave. The faint purple light from his body shone on the sword, exuding bursts of cold light. Although the sword was not completely out of the sheath, it was called Ye Wen can feel the horror murderous aura and sharpness of the long sword.

“Good sword …”

According to Hades’s remarks, a sword without a murderous aura is not a good weapon, at most it is a relatively powerful tool that’s all! And Huang Tianhua’s Moxie sword definitely meets Hades’s weapons requirements.

Ye Wen did not continue to draw the long sword out. After all, it is not a suitable place at the moment. At the same time, after the sword is taken back, it may not be returned to the Huang Family. In this way, he will not be so interested.

“The other 2 items are the Fire Dragon logo and the save heart nail, both of which are similar to the hidden weapon. It is also not bad to exhibit the formidable power!”

These two things are not very interesting for Ye Wen. Since he has been with sword energy, he hasn’t studied hidden weapon things very much, even with this kind of magic weapon, so he doesn’t like it very much, so see these 2 magic weapons Afterwards, I didn’t even look at it, I took it away, and then turned my head towards the looked towards Qilin, who had recovered a bit.

“Oh? Did you find Huang Tianhua’s mount?” There is no picture of Qilin in the picture that Ye Wen had just sent. At this time, the two people were talking and Ye Wen sent an instant video to Cui Jun. This bottle Gourd Xian Cai saw that Qilin: “This jade Qilin is also a famous mount in Heaven Realm, how can it become like this?”

Seeing a Swiss beast turned into tortured like this, even the good-natured bottle gourd Immortal was also angry: “How is the Demoness of that sea now?” But he deliberately went to Olympus and cleaned up. What’s the sea Demoness.

After all, Qilin is the representative of auspiciousness in the hearts of the Orientals. Although these immortals are not as superstitious as mortals, Qilin is the auspicious view, but they will also have a great affection for this kind of beast, and even see the wild Qilin, There are also very few malicious arrests by immortals.

In the Mormortal World, Qilin is the mount, and most of them are accepted as mounts by virtue of their friendly feelings with Qilin. All Qilins who become fairy mounts are voluntary, which has almost become one of the Eastern Fairies in Immortal World. This kind of unwritten rules-including Wen Qiong’s Black Qilin, is also the case.

Even immortals in Immortal World saw that Qilin was in trouble and would take the initiative to help. Afterwards, even if this Qilin was reluctant to be the mount of this fairy, no one would feel wrong, showing Qilin’s status in the hearts of all immortals .

Such an existence now becomes so miserable, bottle gourd immortal heart is not angry that it is impossible, but fortunately Ye Wen then told him: “Dead!”

“Oh? Why did you die?” Cui Jun didn’t even think about it, and he asked casually.

“Killed by me!”

After talking, Ye Wen always feels that this dialogue is so awkward? After seeing that Qilin swallowed a few medicine pill, it seems to have recovered a lot of energy. At this time, he has stood up, but he still shakes and swings all over the body, but he still raises his head, which shows that Qilin is still very arrogant. of.

“You look like the woman outside!”

Even if he is extremely embarrassed, his head will not be lowered! Ye Wen waved freely, Heavenly Purple Qi Net’s energy was very soft, and then Qilin felt a warm and warm energy supporting his body, and then let it float slightly.

In addition to Qilin, Huang Tianhua’s body also floated. Ye Wen looked around and found that after nothing was missing, he turned around and asked Qilin: “Did you hide anything?”

Qilin shook the head, and then watched Ye Wen turn around and took him out, then closed his eyes and lay prone after Ye Wen.

It doesn’t have to be as careful as when I came out, Ye Wen let out a bunch of Meixia vigorously as a fire light for lighting, striding forward along the way, just want to leave this place where the environment is extremely bad.

Qilin didn’t close his eyes at this time, and Xu Shi knew that he could finally escape from prison, and he was very excited. He stared at the place where he was trapped and didn’t know how many years he was. Tears gleamed in his intact eyes.

Ye Wen didn’t look back, but the scenes behind him were all in his mind. Seeing the appearance of Qilin, Ye Wen also guessed that Qilin must have been exhausted. At this time, he finally got out and became excited. Look.

I was wondering if I wanted to comfort this guy, but I heard an angry cry from outside—clearly the voice of Artemis.

“Is there a companion with Siren hiding somewhere?”

As soon as his thoughts turned, he was a little faster at his feet. With only a slight touch, Ye Wen’s figure moved forward without knowing how far. When he returned to the big bedroom, Artemi Si’s previous sip had not fallen, so he saw very clearly what had happened.

A good-looking person, but the robe on the body is very conspicuous. The priest waved his hand, blocked the arrow shot by Artemis one after another, and then said verbally: “Poor Daoist is not here for Girl, why should this be the case?”

Artemis ignored it at all, but continued to shoot out the moonlight arrows condensed out of his hand with a cold face, and the position of picking was very tricky, very ruthless, a look that would not kill you.

Ye Wen knew that Artemis had such a personality. When she ran into her, she was generally fierce, but she was a guest on Mount Olympus at that time, so she did not clean her up. Don’t care.

I saw the severe light flashed in the eyes of Old Daoist Priest and drank: “In this case, Poor Daoist offended!”

While talking, she stretched her hand in her arms, Ye Wen’s eyes narrowed, and immediately knew that the Old Daoist was about to be a magic weapon! At the same time, I am also a little curious. What kind of magic weapon will it be? After all, he has been to Immortal World for so long, and he really hasn’t seen a few Peak magic weapons, even Shen Gongbao’s magic weapons.

But he didn’t want the Old Daoist to reach into his arms and fumble for a while, but he even took out two dark and straight sticks. This short stick is about the length of the forearm, just the thickness of the grip, and there is a short chain connection between the two sticks, which is clearly a nunchaku.

When I was surprised, I saw that Old Daoist had one leg and sipped: “Wow~ Oh!”

Then flick left, right, up, down, and flick aside the moonlight arrows that Artemis just shot, and then stand alone, hand The nunchaku on the ball still flicked and said, “Why do you force me!”


Ye Wen is very speechless now, and always feels that the picture in front of him is really ridiculous-Artemis is a typical white man with long brown wavy hair scattered behind him, wearing a white evening dress at this time. Because of the archery, the legs were split a bit, maybe to facilitate the effort. As a result, Artemis tore the skirt of the dress into a long mouth, and a long straight leg with a faint glory is like this. Exposed to the air, coupled with the reason for the high-heeled shoes, the leg was stretched tightly, but the tempting curve of the long leg was more prominent.

Holding his head high, a pair of Artemis who looked down on people like a proud Princess, looked towards the front with contempt-wearing a rather gorgeous robe, wearing a hairpiece and looking at Purple Gold, then The right foot is in the front and the left foot is in the back, and the left hand is slightly raised obliquely backward, and the right hand swings the nunchaku in his hand forward… Old Daoist Priest.

I don’t know if it’s for this scene or what? Old Daoist Priest’s moonlight arrows flying with nunchakus did not dissipate, but were scattered on the ground or stone wall around them. This moment gave people the weirdness of being in the battlefield. feel.

What makes Ye Wen even more collapsed is that a young man stood not far from the Old Daoist Priest. The youngster looked at him for about 14-15 years old. He was born with a good look, red lips, white teeth dashing eyebrows. He also wore a bun on his hair and wore a normal bunt. He stood there and kept applauding, and said: “The mighty master! The master is rippling…”

“Fuck, what is this and what?”

This kind of scene that made him a little broken forced Ye Wen to have to cough and show his existence before giving a Taoist courtesy to the Old Daoist.

The Old Daoist Priest didn’t seem to expect that there was even another person, so after seeing Ye Wen, he was shocked, and the nunchaku in his hand was not shaken. After a stunned look at Ye Wen, this was a gift: ” I don’t want to even meet fellow Chinese in a foreign land. I’m so fortunate, fortunate!”

Ye Wen hehe smiled: “I don’t know what’s going on here? Is there any misunderstanding?”

Seeing fellow villagers always feels kind. Although they don’t understand what is going on, they can mediate if they can mediate. No more fights. Ye Wen is a good person, but not a bad person.

“This person said that there is something here for them, and then they will force it in!”

Artemis not at all put away the moonlight hunting bow in his hand. When he spoke, he bowed his head and tapped his face with his chin. It was clear which one he was talking about.

“Your stuff?”

Ye Wen looked at the Old Daoist with a puzzled look after listening: “I don’t know how to call Fellow Daoist?”

That Old Daoist laughed, put the pair of nunchakus in the back of the collar, and announced his name: “Poor Daoist, the track number Yuxuan, is a tour guide Loose Cultivator!” I don’t know how to call Fellow Daoist?” You Fang Loose Cultivator, is an idle cloud wild crane that has no way to Sect and likes to travel everywhere. This kind of person is really a rootless duckweed. Where do you go, Ye Wen only understands why I saw a fellow Chinese on this Olympus land boundary, and my feelings were here.

“Under Shushan Sect Ye Wen!” But Ye Wen is still a bit strange, is there any baby in this Yunyou Taoist who was snatched by Nahai Demoness? So this is the door?

“Shushan Sect?” Yuxuan Taoist thought for a while, and found that he had never heard of this Sect, and Ye Wen was also unheard-of.

“It’s just a small door that has been built in recent years. It’s normal for Dao Chang not to hear it!”

The Yuxuan Taoist ordered nodded, but he also had a few questions: “I don’t know why the Fellow Daoist Ye reached this land boundary? Could it be that Yunyou is here?”

Generally speaking, even if there are 4 places in the school, there will not be such a far place. Moreover, the tone of Ye Wen talking to the woman should be familiar… This made him even more surprised. Celestial Court did not deal with the gods of Olympus. This is a matter of everyone knows. This person speaks clothing and looks They are the most typical oriental cultivators. How do you know this woman?

Although Artemis did not report the title, the one who possessed such strength in the Olympus realm was certainly a god on Mount Olympus. After all, the gods of Olympus were not able to show their heads by cultivation, Those gods basically rely on their own innate talent or some fortuitous encounters to achieve the god position, or the most simple thing is because of bloodline.

The woman in front of her, with her whole body flowing around, her divine force surging, is obviously the most authentic bloodline Owner of Olympus. The Jade Xuan Daoist has 4 places to travel around.

“It’s because of some things that I have to come here!” Ye Wen didn’t elaborate. After all, the key involved was so extensive that he couldn’t just talk to anyone casually.

When Yuxuan Taoist heard this, he stopped asking, but when he turned his eyes behind Ye Wen, he finally saw Qilin, who had been floating in the air, his eyes narrowed.

Ye Wen has been staring at this Yuxuan Daoren, seeing his eyes suddenly change, and then looking behind him, he immediately understood that this Yuxuan Daoren came and so on. Although I don’t know how this person learned that Sirin had Qilin here, but now Qilin has been found by him, and it is naturally impossible to this Yuxuan Taoist.

Even more how, Qilin doesn’t do his stuff now, and he is not allowed to return it to Huang Family-plus Qilin chooses his own master, if Qilin is not willing, Ye Wen can’t force it.

I was thinking that the Yuxuan Taoist saw that he had found this Qilin, and I guess he wouldn’t say anything more, but he didn’t want this Old Daoist laughed heartily a few times, and then summoned the youngster behind him to his body, saying, “Tuoer come here soon. Thank you Senior Ye for helping you find the hit mount!”

Some words are right and proper, but in Ye Wen’s eyes, it seems to be extremely shameless. Why did Qilin of unfathomable mystery become the baby’s mount?

The youngster was not polite, but bowed directly to bow, but a pair of smart eyes exuded a smile, and looked at Ye Wen to bow down: “Junior thank you Senior Ye ……”

It was close at this time, and Ye Wen noticed that the young pupils in this youngster’s eyes turned red and blue, which was quite strange, but he didn’t think about it, but frowned: “I’m not busy, thanks, I can I never said I would give this Qilin to you, a doll!”

Now Ye Wen’s actual age is not small, and it’s not inappropriate to say that this teenager is a doll-although I don’t know if the youngster’s real age is about 14-15 years old, but there is generally no after successfully cultivating it Will keep the appearance of this age, so it is generally not wrong to call it this way.

At this time, the real man Yuxuan again said: “Poor Daoist figured out that this beast is related to this youngster, so I came here to collect treasures, Fellow Daoist. Is this a cross-handed one that cannot be won?”

When Ye Wen heard it, he was furious and scolded: “You old shameless, don’t blame it. When Laozi is a good bully?” Then no matter the faces of the two people were shocked, his hands waved violently, not in front of him. The large space was densely packed with long swords lined up, trembling slightly with the pointed finger towards the two people opposite. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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