History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 455

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Yu Xuan blinked, and then looked carefully at the dozens of Zixiao swords lined up in front of him. The purple sword light circulating on it made this Old Daoist cold, even he could feel this row of long What a horror is the power contained in the sword.

“This is Ye Wen’s method?”

This Old Daoist Priest is indeed a bit capable. I can see at a glance that this Zixiao Sword is almost the same as the real sword. It is Ye Wen’s own skill gathering, not a set of Flying Sword magic weapon.

“Fellow Daoist Ye… Still a grumpy haha?”

Yuxuan laughed, but he didn’t care about the situation where he could hit at any time, and even used his own nunchaku instead of scratching and scratching his back-this action made Artemis, who had been silent. There was another contempt, and he didn’t even want to look at him again.

“Well, I’m really grumpy!” Ye Wen ordered nodded, but approved the comment: “Especially for your shameless guy!”

“Why did Fellow Daoist say this? Old Daoist Priest I’m just here to get something that’s all!”

Ye Wen snorted, pointing to Qilin behind him and asked, “Then do you know who Qilin is?”

The Old Daoist was stunned, his eyes drooped a few times, and said directly: “Naturally is the relic of the dead person behind you!” It is specially emphasized that it is the relic of the dead person, then it can be understood as a masterless object. This Old Daoist Priest’s response was indeed extremely fast. It was not a worst thing to say that he came to take this thing as if he came to get it.

Now that the previous owner is dead, the things left behind by him are naturally obtained by the destined, whoever gets it is whoever gets it! Although this Old Daoist Priest didn’t say this remark perfectly clear, but the words revealed such a meaning.

“Poor Daoist, right?”

Ye Wen did not deny it: “Yes, it is indeed this person’s relic!” Huang Tianhua’s body was broken and simply could not see who this person was, so the Old Daoist on the opposite side was also impossible to see Huang Tianhua’s identity at a glance.

If it weren’t for the weapons and magic weapons that he carried, and the previous Siren mentioned Huang Tianhua’s name, he was also impossible to judge the identity of this person so quickly.

“However, this person’s family is still here, and I naturally want to return his relics!”

As soon as Ye Wen said this, the expression of the Old Daoist Priest on the opposite side immediately changed, and compared with the relaxed frivolous look of the previous face, he looked much more serious at this time.

It turns out that although there are many people in this Immortal World who can drag the family into the mouth, they are all well-known characters, and most of them are even Celestial Court sergeants, Yuxuan is not a rookie who does not know anything, plus Yunyou 4 is well-informed and understands the key.

“So that’s how it is …”

Thinking of this, he also knows that if he wants to win this Qilin, he will not only have a fight with the guy in front of him who doesn’t know what is coming, but he may also be mad at the family of the original Qilin-who Do you know where this guy came from? If his family is big and big, when the time comes and he really wants to settle the accounts by himself, he can’t stand the odds alone.

“Aiya, how is this good?”

Shaking his head with a stick, Yuxuan turned his head to look at the youngster, with a smile on his face: “It seems that a good mount is impossible, or shall we go find another Divine Beast as a mount? I think that A 4-legged snake with wings is great!”

That youngster hearing this, but eyes shined, and then stood there seemed to be fantasizing about his majesty, but after a while, still looked at Qilin behind Ye Wen a little bit reluctantly.

After struggling back and forth for a while, the youngster finally nodded: “Also, but that thing doesn’t seem to be so easy to grasp?”

“Just give it to me!”

Ye Wen listened to the content of these two people and understood the general idea. It was the Old Daoist Priest who promised to find a mount for the youngster. Later, he didn’t know where to learn that there was a head Qilin here, so this was the rush to run , Thought it was cheap, but didn’t expect was caught by Ye Wen the early bird catches the worm.

2 people talked for a while, but in the end the teenager was still upset and asked, “I don’t know who this original Qilin is?”

When the people present heard this, they knew that this young man couldn’t let go of this Qilin, and Yu Xuan was puzzled when he heard it. He was also curious about who owned this Qilin.

“Huang Tianhua!”

Ye Wen didn’t bother, he just reported the name. After hearing that, Yu Xuan’s face was completely clear, and he didn’t mention any fart like this Rui Beast and this young man-it was just casual. For Hu Xiao’s stuff, Ye Wen is also Celestial Immortal, and it is not always possible to see what kind of things and who are destined for such a mysterious thing.

After hearing the name of Huang Tianhua, the young man was stunned for a while. It seemed that he didn’t know who this person was, but after thinking for a moment, his face suddenly became awkward-this expression surprised Ye Wen for a while, didn’t expect the young man knew Huang Tianhua’s name?

Yuxuan didn’t notice the youngster’s expression because he was standing in front of the teenager, but Ye Wen looked at it clearly. He felt strange in his heart, and he inevitably asked: “What name is this doll called?”

At this time, the two sides had already fought the battle, so the atmosphere was no longer so tense. Old Daoist Priest did not care about anything. He sat directly on the ground cross-legged and heard Ye Wen asking: “This youngster has no surname, Just call him Tuo’er.”

Ye Wen clicked nodded, and then looked at the young man’s eyes again: “Your eyes…it’s very strange!”

The youngster named Tuo Er had a smirk, and he felt a slightly replied touch on the back of his head: “I was born with these eyes, but I didn’t feel any difference. I just looked farther than ordinary people, clearly. Some that’s all!”

Ye Wen froze for a while, and then asked again: “Have you never cultivated?”

Generally speaking, natural peculiar people need only a little cultivation to cultivate their peculiarities into a special spell or magic weapon. It seems that this youngster who has such a pair of eyes will basically develop some peculiar abilities. Come. Like this youngster, there is no natural phenomenon, and it is basically an ordinary person who has never been cultivated.

“Don’t!” The youngster answered simply, and answered directly.

Ye Wen was a little surprised by this answer. He originally thought that the youngster was the Old Daoist’s discipline. Although the two talented people weren’t talking like ordinary Masters and disciplines when they were speaking, it was hard to guarantee that the two people had strange personality.

Yu Xuan saw Ye Wen’s doubts, and hehe responded: “Poor Daoist 4 has been accustomed to traveling alone, and has never received or wanted to receive the recipe, but just accidentally got a favor from this young man, so he wanted to send him something. It’s a reward!”

“So you want to send him a Qilin as a mount?”

Ye Wen only felt the black lines on his forehead and admired the old Daoist Priest’s idea-to send a youngster who had never been cultivated to Qilin, he didn’t want to think that even if he really got this Qilin, this young man tamed Yet?

Old Daoist Priest was calm: “He helped me get a baby, Poor Daoist repays with a rare treasure, one for another, no one owes anyone. As for the side, Old Daoist does not care!”

This remark also makes sense, although Ye Wen feels that this old man is a little irresponsible, but they are right. Originally, there was no friendship between the two of you. I helped you once when you helped me. We don’t owe anyone, and we are reasonable and reasonable.

When I heard Old Daoist Priest say this, the teenager was also depressed, and finally muttered: “If you don’t accept, you don’t accept, I don’t believe I can’t find a Master who is willing to accept me as a disciple!”

Looking at that look, it is estimated that this youngster has indeed moved the idea of ​​worshiping the Old Daoist Priest as a teacher, but the Yuxuan Taoist firmly refused to accept it, only willing to send him something to report, and the arrogance of this young boy has also come up over time, since Old If Daoist Priest refuses to accept, he will not force him.

“When I have a mount that can travel 1000 miles a day, when the time comes to find the expert Senior who is willing to take me as a disciple!”

It turns out that the reason why this teenager wants to mount is here. After all, if he searches in 4 places as an ordinary person, it is estimated that he can not find the so-called expert Senior in his lifetime.

Especially since he is still in the West, it is not easy to reach the East-Hasina also went through the SUFT untold hardships, and traveled to the East after a long journey, and she came across the border with great luck Ye Wen, who is hanging around, does not know whether it is related to her reincarnation as Wuzhen, but this opportunity is not so easy to come across.

If this young man is allowed to chaos, it is estimated that he will not be able to meet another cultivation man when he is old, let alone worship him as a teacher.

Yu Xuan listened to the young man’s words, and he was still unwavering. He said that if he didn’t accept the disciples, he wouldn’t regret it easily, but he only remembered the reason why the young man wanted to mount. He suddenly turned his gaze suddenly. Reached Ye Wen.

“En? What do you think I did?”

Ye Wen was watching the excitement on the side. I didn’t want this Old Daoist to turn his gaze to himself. After looking up and down, he suddenly asked, “I don’t know if there are any restrictions on the recruitment of Fellow Daoist.” ?”

“No!” Ye Wen answered casually and suddenly understood what the old man was doing. It is estimated that he suddenly remembered his good strength, and he was anxious to get rid of the youngster in front of him. At the same time, the purpose of this youngster was just to find a good Master. So, how can we solve it by contacting several things together?

“That couldn’t be better. I think Fellow Daoist is outstanding. I want to teach myself what I have learned. Although the youngster is a bit verbose, its aptitude is indeed not bad. It is not as good as Fellow Daoist to accept him as a disciple. Go to this youngster and Fellow Daoist wish!”

Ye Wen pulled in a few words and said that Ye Wen’s wish really made Ye Wen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh! It is estimated that this Old Daoist does not know what his identity is in the door, and at the same time, he does not know that he has long run away.

However, what the Old Daoist said was indeed true. Only then did he look up slightly and looked at it. This young boy named Tuoer is very good, but it is an extremely rare aptitude. If such a person is the group of the East Cultivation Sect saw that it must have been pulled into his own Sect.

Such a youngster, Ye Wen also wanted to include it in the school. After a good teaching, Shushan Sect estimated that he would have another expert.


“This Ye doesn’t seem to need to solve the trouble for Fellow Daoist?”

Yuxuan Taoist laughed: “Fellow Daoist should do good deeds, help Poor Daoist! Poor Daoist will be rewarded in the future…” This Yuxuan Taoist really made Ye Wen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, just to grab Qilin was a bit annoying when he talked about it, and later found that this person is not a bad person, even when acting, it is easy to bore strangers. When I heard what happened to him and the boy, I realized that although the Old Daoist was a little bit out of touch, he acted brightly. At least grateful and seeking to repay the kindness is much stronger than many people.

“Don’t look at the old Daoist as I am. In fact, I am in a life-long relationship with the famous bottle gourd fairy Cui Jun. If the Fellow Daoist can help me this time, the Old Daoist can help the Fellow Daoist go to the bottle gourd fairy to have a good baby! “

As soon as this was said, Ye Wen was shocked. After looking up and down for a long while, he was shocked and asked, “Dao Chang and Cui Senior are best friends?”

“Yes!” nodded, and then realized and so on Yu Xuan looked at Ye Wen carefully: “Fellow Daoist also knows my old friend?”

“Cui Senior is a guest on my sect mountain, this Ye knows it naturally!”


As soon as this word came out, it was Yu Xuan who was surprised: “Although the old fogey is usually sloppy and sloppy, and started drinking without drinking, but it is very high, but it will come to this person’s teacher as a guest? See This one is not a small one!”

After being shocked, he also spoke a little bit enthusiastically: “I don’t want to be the same family!” I just wanted to say a few more words. I saw Ye Wen took out a strange thing, put it on my eyes and played with it a few times, then seemed to say to himself He said to himself: “Cui Senior, I met an old friend of you today!”

It turned out that Ye Wen heard that this person knew Cui Jun, so he took out the detector and got in touch with Cui Jun. He wanted to make sure. If it was really the old Ye Wen, there are a few things that I would like to trouble-just, Huang Tianhua He had to send his body back, originally wanted by the Black Tiger, but now it seems that there is a more suitable candidate.

Unexpectedly, he mentioned Yuxuan’s name on his side, and Cui Jun suddenly shouted: “Where is that old bastard? Hand the communicator to him!”

Although Ye Wen did not understand what was going on, he still heard that this person did know Cui Jun, and then took off the detector and handed it to Yu Xuan’s hand to tell him how to wear it.

Just put it on, the communicator, who should have heard only one person, suddenly burst out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar, and the sound was so clear that several people standing beside him heard it clearly.

“Old bastard, return everything you took!!!”

Dazzled by this roar, Yu Xuan tranced for a while before came back to his senses, and then realized that it was Cui Jun who said to himself: “Oh, old bottle gourd!”

“Old Turtle! Don’t tell me you broke things again!”

After a sentence, Yuxuan’s face looked very embarrassed, hehe said after a few laughs: “But I found a few things next to it, and I will use those things to compensate you!”


Yuxuan hurriedly took off the detector, and then wiped his sweat after reaching Ye Wen’s hand: “Oh my god, didn’t expect to talk to the old ghost in such a far place “” Then curiously glanced at the things in Ye Wen’s hands: “Is this a new idea from Old Guy? It’s quite interesting!”

Ye Wen put on the detector and said a few words to Cui Jun, and reached an agreement on the issue of Huang Tianhua’s corpse-let Yu Xuan take Huang Tianhua’s corpse back to Shushan and return it to Dongyue Emperor Huang Feihu.

After finishing the newsletter, he told Yu Xuanyi the general situation. The Old Daoist Priest looked bitter: “It seems I can’t escape?”

Ye Wen laughed: “Senior is going back anyway, so it’s a handy favor!” This kind of favor was naturally given to Huang Family. Huang Feihu, the great emperor of Dongyue, although he has limited power, this authority is not small. Even if he doesn’t care much now, the momentum is still there.

But Yuxuan didn’t care about this, but said: “I can still help you with this little favor, but you have to accept this baby as a discipline!”

“Such a good aptitude comes to the door initiatively, naturally there is no reason to miss it!”

After several conversations, it has been determined that the Old Daoist Priest is also his own. While speaking is naturally much easier, Yu Xuan and Ye Wen said no more than two sentences, and then called Tuo Er to the front: “Old Daoist said at the beginning I’ll send you a treasure as a reward. You said you want to mount a mount for 2 miles per day, but since your ultimate goal is to find a good master, then you don’t have to think about the mount’s problem first. You can just worship this person as a teacher. it is good!”

Although Ye Wen didn’t do much, the young sword was clearly seen when he waved his hands, knowing that he looked at someone who was a few years younger than his own. In fact, he was also an expert – more importantly, This man seems to be an acquaintance with Olympus Divine Race? Those who know the gods are definitely not second-rate characters?

The youngster’s eyes dribbled around a few times, and finally bowed directly in front of Ye Wen: “Please Senior, accept me as a disciple!”

“Ah!” Ye Wen opened his mouth, but finally said: “The big gift will be freed first, accept your recipe first, as for the entrance ceremony, wait for you to return to Shushan to talk!”


Yuxuan didn’t think much. After all, various sects in Immortal World are all standing on a mountain. With Immortal World’s extensive, no one knows how many mountains there are, and it is impossible to write down the names of these peaks. .

Unexpectedly, this young man was surprised. Ye Wen looked up and down again, and then frowns seemed to be thinking about something, looking at Ye Wen’s eyes with a little weirdness.

Ye Wen had noticed the peculiarity of this young man for a long time. At this time, when he didn’t see it, he just calmly asked the youngster some things and wanted to know about this young man’s situation.

I don’t know if I don’t ask, but after asking one question, Ye Wen has more doubts.

The teenager said that he didn’t know who he was, and he didn’t even have the previous memories. He stood in a world of ice and snow as soon as his eyes opened, and thanks to the help of a person, he survived, and Tuoer was also the one. The name that the person who saved him gave him.

At the same time, the name was not originally Tuo’er, but Thor! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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