History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 456

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Ye Wen looked up and down the youngsters below, when he heard the name, he really doubted that this guy would be the Thor of Divine Race in Odin?

However, Thor should be a robust man with golden hair and a beard. The young man in front of him is thin and weak. The black hair is still pure, and the face is also an authentic Oriental. Looking at it this way, this and Thor is a teenager with the same name, not the robust man.

Ye Wen discovered another natural phenomenon through the glass pupil, that is, the teenager’s body vaguely revealed a divine force, faintly discernable is not strong, it is because it is too weak, Ye Wen did not take up too much skill just now I didn’t see it at this time. At this time, my pupils were gathered together, and the color flow of a pair of pupils was indefinite, and there were slightly rays of light coming out of the pupils, which made Yuxuan Dao look surprised.

Although Artemis had also seen Ye Wen radiate 7 colored streamers in her eyes, at that time, Ye Wen was doing her best. Guanghua was so dazzling that she could not look directly. Although the 7 colored rays of light are so beautiful, she did not see clearly. what’s going on. At this point, it was only a clear 2 Chu, looking at the curious look of Ye Wen’s double pupils.

Yuxuan Taoist even opened the mouth and said: “This pair of divine eyes looms through the power of Western Buddhist circles. The glass-like pupils are similar to the Buddha’s 7 colorful glass fires. Door Buddha’s Magical Powers?”

Ye Wen didn’t answer. After watching it carefully for a while, the Magical Powers had been put away. The teenager named Thor was looking at him curiously, and laughed: “Your eyes are extraordinary, too, after cultivation. There will be all kinds of magic, don’t envy my pair of eye pupils!”

At this time, Ye Wen had put away the colored glass pupil, and his eyes were restored to their original appearance-this is also the most important progress he made on the magical powers of the colored glass pupil, otherwise, he would stare at a pair of eyes like 7 colored light bulbs all day. I am afraid that no one will feel comfortable, and can only play blind with his eyes closed all day.

Saying that’s all, Ye Wen asked curiously again: “You don’t remember what you were called or where you came from?”

Tuoer nodded, but didn’t speak, but although his eyes didn’t cruise, he still told Ye Wen to see the flickering point in his eyes-this is his strong eyesight, and he can see the changes clearly.

When he saw this kid he didn’t want to say, he wouldn’t question him anyway. Anyway, this kid would be with him every day in the future. Sooner or later, he would be asked a clear answer.

Yes, Ye Wen is not going to send him back to Shushan! First of all, since he is ready to accept him as a disciple, it is natural to teach. Ye Wen couldn’t go back in Olympus. If he was sent back directly, would someone ask him to teach? That would be too irresponsible.

Another point is that he taught nearby to be able to detect the situation of this youngster, which is also an important reason why he promised to be accepted as a disciple-even if this teenager really has a problem, can he solve it directly? For example, if his temperament is not good, he doesn’t mind coming to clean up the sect.

Now, Ye Wen first discovered that there is a little divine force hidden in this youngster, but it is almost different from the dimine force of Artemis almost all over the body. These divine forces are all hidden in the fleshy body of the teenager, which is It is said that these divine forces do not belong to this youngster, but belong to this physical body.

This kind of situation is rare in this area. Artemis and their divines force possessed by Divine Race are almost all born. In this way, not only does the body have the divine force, even Soul and other beings will have divine force.

This is true even for those Demi-Gods-precisely because of this situation, there is almost no possibility for human beings to become gods in the Olympus land, they don’t have that’bloodline’.

Knowing this, Ye Wen once hesitated, is it still possible to achieve that goal? But he thought about it and found that he didn’t need to worry. First of all, he could help behind him. In addition, Olympus also does not that absolutely does not have the method of human beings becoming gods, but it is a little troublesome for that’s all.

But even those gods who later formed by various methods will not have such a weird situation as the teenager in front of him.

So after noticing this, Ye Wen already had a guess in mind, but it was not an appropriate opportunity to ask at the moment. Instead of asking this question, he sat down and talked to the young man.

After listening to it for a while, the Yuxuan Taoist went to find a corner in the distance to meditate. He also knew that Artemis did not want to see him, so he consciously hid far away.

Artemis was not interested in these things. He stood aside and listened for a while, then turned and walked to the big bed, then sat on it in a daze-because someone was there, she was not going to sleep and rest, anyway, she was the main god. It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t sleep.

In this way, Ye Wen and Tuo’er are the only ones sitting there and talking. Now the two people are still master and disciple – although they haven’t yet gone to the teacher, things basically won’t change much.

So it’s also a person. Ye Wen doesn’t think it’s wrong to ask those questions, so after sitting down, he opened his mouth and said: “Why do you want cultivation?”

“Because I want to become stronger!” Tuoer’s answer almost didn’t hesitate, and lifts the head and Ye Wen looked at each other, and didn’t mean to retreat.

“So why do you want to be stronger?”

Ye Wen also feels that his question is a bit too serious, because there are many reasons to become stronger, and there are even people who simply want to become stronger. When he was watching some stories, he always heard what was said,’The reason why you are strong? ‘, always feel that these questions are really meaningless.

Now he understands it. In fact, asking this question doesn’t really want to know why the other party wants to become stronger. Perhaps it is just to find a topic to facilitate the subsequent dialogue.

Just like now, after a moment of pondering, this young boy named Tuo Er said his reason: “Because I want to find someone and protect her…”

“Oh…” Ye Wen saw that the youngster’s expression was first determined, then a gentle face, and then his cheeks were red, he had several points of shyness, and then there was a loss-Ye Wen astounded and changed quickly Ye Wen understands why this youngster is looking for expert apprenticeship. “female?”

“En!” Tuoer pondered for a moment without concealing. Perhaps it is to understand that in front of you is your Master, and will become your closest person, there is no need to hide.

Ye Wen thought about it, and put together the information she currently knows: “That woman… just the one who saved you?”

Tuoer was stunned, and then nodded: “The name…she gave it to me!”

“Why did you give this name?”

Ye Wen is really curious. The name is not any cat or dog. Anyone dare to use it. At the same time, according to what Tuo Er said just now, he must not associate the place where this teenager appeared with that piece of Heaven and Go in Earth.

Sure enough, Tuoer then said: “She said that the place where I was found was the place where the person fell. She felt that it was the person’s will there, so she gave me this name… she loved it the most. Person’s name!”

Ye Wen is embarrassed, no matter how rich his imagination is, he never thought it would be such a situation. This youngster fell in love with a woman, and that woman has always loved the fallen Thor. Even saving a teenager will be because of this and that. The reason for giving the name Thor… Boy, your love is full of thorns!

However, to know that Thor also knows Thor and can even move freely in Divine Race Land of Falling in Odin, then it does not mean that this woman is… Thinking of the thing I heard at first, Ye Wen guessed this woman in my heart. :”Valkyrie?”

Tuo Er blinked, seeming a little surprised, but still nodded in a daze: “She is a Valkyrie, and according to her is the last Valkyrie, so she gave up her original name, just Use Valkyrie as his name!”

“A rare thing on the verge of extinction!”

I didn’t say it, but I still thought so. Ye Wen felt sorry for this Odin Divine Race. It fell like this, and it fell so thoroughly that there was only one Valkyrie that was not so advanced. Still struggling on whilst at death’s door.

However, this youngster actually got involved with a Valkyrie… And still fell in love with a Goddess as a mortal, the huge gap in identity is really a bit unacceptable. Not to mention anything else, maybe the teenager has become a dying old man after several decades, and that Valkyrie is still young, this is the biggest obstacle.

No wonder this youngster wants to find an expert to study art, even if it is to extend lifespan to stay young, he must also embark on this path, otherwise he will not even have the qualification to pursue that Goddess.

The conversation fell into a dull moment, and the teenager sat slightly sternly, moving from time to time. It may be uncomfortable to be stared at by Ye Wen’s eyes, and finally took the initiative to say: “Master, our Sect…what is the case?”

Although the question was to ease his embarrassment, he was indeed curious. The curiosity and expectation of those eyes could not be hidden. Ye Wen still felt a little doubt in it.

“Let’s Sect… It’s not really prosperous, and its history in Immortal World is not long, but it is still barely standing still!”

“Our Shu Mountain is located in the westernmost part of the Eastern Xianzhou. In a basin surrounded by mountains on four sides, if there is no means, even if you enter this basin and see the Shu Mountain, it is impossible!”

Ye Wen came out and looked at the boy again: “You care about that Yuxuan Senior to ask for a mount, but it’s really right! Otherwise, even if you go to the east, you won’t be able to find the true cultivation Sect , Because the places where these sects are located are quite secretive, it is difficult for ordinary people to enter even if they know the place!”

Tuohe hehe laughed, it seems to have several points of complacency, his eyes dribbled round and round, not knowing what to think.

Ye Wen continued: “As for our Shushan Sect, there are still a lot of disciplines, and the teacher is also the most senior person in the school today!”

Tuoer has no doubt, although Ye Wen looks young, the Goddess of the Moon over there looks just as young, but who knows how old this woman has lived? Although the appearance of Ye Wen is not obvious, who knows the actual age? Therefore, Tuoer guessed that his Master was also a cultivation for a long time, and he would not have become an expert because of as time goes by.

From this point of view, worshiping Ye Wen as a teacher also meets the expectations of teenagers, because although Yuxuan is powerful, he also knows that this Old Daoist is not low in quality, but this selling is really a bit worse, I don’t know if it is Cultivation technique that is not his one’s own cultivation makes him unable to maintain a young and handsome appearance like his Master.

“In addition to being a teacher, you also have 2 Martial Uncles… and there are several disciplines for the teacher. If you enter the door, you are the smallest one!”

As soon as Ye Wen said this, Tuo Er believed in his judgment even more. If he hadn’t got enough years, where would he accept so many disciplines? I didn’t know that Ye Wen originally accepted the disciple for the purpose of developing the Sect, but also had several points of chance.

Roughly speaking about the situation of Shushan Sect, this little discipline can be regarded as understanding what he is in the school today, knowing that if he enters the door, although it is Ye Wen’s little discipline, there are still a bunch of teacher nephews and teachers below My nephew, I became so happy all of a sudden, I didn’t know what I thought of.

At this time, Ye Wen said: “You don’t think you opened the protagonist aura and worshipped a Great Grandpa as a teacher. Since then, it has been smooth sailing. If you find that your conduct is not good, you can be expelled from the teacher as a teacher!”

This admonishment was originally the second half of the sentence, but as soon as the first half came out, Tuo Er looked surprised, watching Ye Wen look up and down strangely, and then asked in a low voice uncertainly: ” Master, what is the protagonist aura?”

Ye Wen hehe said with a sneer. The teenager looked at him after a while, and said: “Do you want to be confused, you really can’t see it as a teacher? Earth is here?”

As soon as these words came out, Tuo’er couldn’t hide anymore, he looked at his Master with a big mouth, as if he saw an alien, and then suddenly thought of his teacher’s name as Shushan Sect, and then asked in doubt: “Master, our Sect’s name…”

“That’s for me…”

Tuoer smacking the lips for 2 times, then suddenly asked curiously: “Master you…”

Ye Wen doesn’t mind: “Earth is also from Earth. I was cultivated on Earth for a long time, and then I was promoted to the Immortal World with the whole faction!” Although it is already certain that this one is a little fellow, but it is not the same Everything can be said, a little disclosure is enough.

Tuo’er’s mouth was wider, and he was surprised that he could come to this place and meet people from the same Earth. At the same time, he was shocked that he didn’t know that there was a fairy on Earth.

“Master…Earth also has Divine Immortal?”

“Not a Divine Immortal, cultivation, do you always know?”

The teenager ordered nodded.

“Probably that means! After repairing to a certain level, you have the opportunity to soar to this Immortal World.”

“Why is this so…”

“Like a novel!” Ye Wen waved his hand directly after the teenager finished speaking: “You just want to be like this, in fact, no one knows which of the authors of the group is written when the discipline is boring!”

Once again shocked by the “truth”, the teenager slowed down for a long time before returning to calm, and gradually accepted the reality, and then Ye Wen asked him about his situation.

“Actually… I turned out to be a college student who was just graduating and was worried about work. Finally I was notified that there was an interview. Let me go to the company to report. Didn’t expect an accident on the day I went to work…”

“What an accident?”

“After going out, I was crushed by a sudden turn of earth…”


This memory is not so beautiful, even he himself was trembling, and then said: “Then I didn’t know how long it was before, and I stood in an ice and snow after the eyes were opened, when I was I didn’t even have a cloth on my body. If it weren’t Valkyrie, I might have been frozen to death! When I saw Valkyrie, I was frozen and confused, and I asked her, “Do you want to resurrect you?”

“…” Ye Wen finally knew the general situation of this youngster: “When was it when you came?”

The teenager thought for a while: “It should be before the South Africa World Cup starts!”

“Oh!” Ye Wen said nothing. At that time, he should be in Changbai Immortal Realm. I don’t know how this youngster came to Immortal World? But he didn’t need to manage these things. Instead of caring about those things, it was better to ask some useful things. “What’s going on with your body and your eyes?”

Tuo’er hook the head: “These eyes are like this after I came here. As for the body… Valkyrie said that my body seems to have a part of Thor’s divine force. At first, she thought that Thor was resurrected. So I hurried to check it out, but didn’t expect saved me. But I couldn’t feel it at all!”

When Xu saw someone who could speak, Tuoer didn’t hide anything and told Ye Wen what he was doing. After all, in his eyes, Ye Wen was cultivated for a long time, and he still came from the same place as him. Now he has become his Master, and he really is the closest person at present.

After listening to his words, Ye Wen actually had a guess in his heart, but he was not sure. Maybe he would have to get along and observe later to know whether his judgment was right or wrong.

As for now…

“Let’s give you a name first! It’s not appropriate to have a name without a surname!”

Tuohe hehe laughed: “Actually, I have already taken it for myself, Master. Look at my pair of eyes. It would be a pity not to call Yuwen Tuo, right?”

Ye Wen didn’t say anything, he squeezed his shoulders and pats the shoulders of youngster, and then burst out a sentence to let the teenager unfathomable mystery: “It’s my Shushan Sect’s discipline. It seems that you are destined to be a teacher!” “

In such a sentence, it recognized the name Yu Wentuo gave to himself, and then said: “Just so, as for your cultivation problem, then slowly discuss, now you have to deal with these trivial matters!”

Before it was time to continue, there was a sound from the detector again. After Ye Wen took out this thing, he saw Yu Wen Tuo staring at the detector in his hand. Ye Wen said: “This is our Shushan product. !”

Yu Wentuo’s face suddenly seemed a bit puzzled when he saw it just now. At this point, after hearing Ye Wen’s explanation, I immediately understood the key, but then the expression became very strange. Now he somewhat understands what Ye Wen just said.


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