History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 457

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as the saying goes, it’s not that the family doesn’t enter the door

Yu Wentuo originally felt that his unfathomable mystery had such a pair of eyes, and this pair of skins was indeed handsome, so it’s nothing bad for Yu Wentuo to be a cow in the cottage.

What’s more, as a transmigrator, he said that he didn’t think he was the protagonist at all, so it was impossible! After all, crossing such bizarre things happened, and anyone who has changed will start to imagine that after crossing, they will go all the way, and finally walk to Peak.

But now he began to doubt whether his future path would be so good. The most important reason is the Master he just worshipped.

Originally, he woke up in the World of Ice and Snow, and he saw an armor and a pair of beautiful white-winged beauties. He thought he was in a world similar to the medieval West, and then filled the world with magic and sword. Of course, when he was at first, he thought he was confused when playing games. He even saw an NPC in a game dedicated to helping players resurrect.

After he was awake and heard some words from Valkyrie, he thought he was in the world of Divine Race in Odin, but he didn’t want to wait long before he came across an Eastern Taoist-he was completely messed up, a little bit Not sure where he came from.

Not at all from the Taoist mouth, I learned too much news, but I knew that this World is very broad, and there are people like him in the far east, and there are also magical cultivation techniques that can make cultivation success a fairy Buddha — —At this time, Yu Wentuo began to wonder if he really possessed himself as the great character, that is to say, he came to the world with the game as the background.

I turned 1000 to 100 in my heart, and seriously thought about the way I should go in the future. I feel that the most important thing is to find a Master to learn art first. Originally this Yuxuan Daoist is the most suitable, but this Old Daoist He refused to accept the student, which made him very helpless.

Especially after he was hit-after his body recovered, he was kicked out of Valkyrie from the cemetery of the gods, thinking that he could not stay there forever, even if he was clear Expressed his affection for Valkyrie and even vowed to protect her forever.

It is a pity that a sentence from Valkyrie made his heart fall into the abyss: “What ability do you have to protect me? And, mortals and gods are impossible together!”

At that time, he didn’t understand the key. He had encountered Yuxuan all the time, and helped the Old Daoist in an accident. Then he learned the key: the huge difference in lifespan is an insurmountable sky, and Valkyrie The days now are not so good. As the only survivor of Divine Race in Odin, she has to protect the graveyards of the gods with her own strength. She may die in battle with other Divine Race at any time.

From this moment on, he embarked on a path to become stronger, and after meeting Ye Wen, he unexpectedly heard the name Shushan Sect: Is it that I came to Sword World?

But this idea broke after seeing the detector taken out by Ye Wen. From the very beginning, I felt familiar enough to recognize the source of this thing after observing nearby. Yu Wentuo finally realized that in this world, special people are not only themselves. One, and then learned that this World and Earth are closely related.

It can be said that for these immortals, the transmigrator is actually no different from the soaring cultivator. It’s not even as good as those cultivators that soared up, because those cultivators came to Immortal World with their own strength, they are also excellent talents, and transmigrator… they have nothing.

If you think about it this way, Yu Wentuo is more fortunate. At least his aptitude is very good. After meeting Ye Wen, he was immediately fancy and prepared to take it with him to teach him—although I still don’t know this Shushan Sect is the Shushan Sect you know, but he is also satisfied with the fact that he is a teacher of Sect Master.

Talking on and off all night, Ye Wen gradually made Yu Wentuo’s situation clear, and at this time the rain outside had stopped, and Yuxuan Taoist looked at the direction of the cave entrance, it seemed to be considering whether to leave directly go with?

At this moment, the communicator rang again. Ye Wen smiled and put on the communicator in Yuwen Tuo’s weird gaze, and as soon as he connected, he heard Cui Jun’s voice.

“Is that old mixed hair still there with you?”

Lao Za Mao pointed out that Yu Xuan was a real person. Ye Wen looked at Yu Xuan and found that he was turning his head to smile embarrassingly. The communicator’s voice was too loud. Although Yuxuan was not sitting close, he heard it.


“That’s right, you tell him to bring Huang Tianhua’s body to Shushan immediately, the ready-made Zhuangding need not be white!”

Although it was originally intended, Ye Wen didn’t expect Cui Jun so anxiously: “So anxious? Could something happen?”

Cui Jun was also very happy, and said things directly.

It turned out that Cui Jun’s Communication Talisman grief was delivered, and immediately made Huang Feihu very distraught. He thought that his son, who could no longer be seen, could still find the body. Although he had passed away, it was better than nothing.

So Huang Feihu simply tidied up and responded directly with the best talisman in his hand-this talisman is almost immediately sent to the other party, it is extremely fast, but it is also very difficult to manufacture, also in Immortal World Not everyone has it. Even Huang Feihu, the Great Emperor of Dongyue, didn’t have much in his hand, only in emergency situations.

This time I learned the message of Aiko, and I used this thing anxiously, and then simply sent some messages to Cui Jun. I didn’t even bring my followers, and I set off on the 5-color Divine Ox.

At this time, Cui Jun received the news from Huang Feihu. He contacted Ye Wen and asked Yu Xuanshun to bring Huang Tianhua’s body back: “apart from this, those few magic treasure leaves Sect Master are kept by themselves!”

“Oh? These things don’t need to be returned to Huang Family?”

Cui Junhe said aloud: “Dongyue the Great Emperor said that as long as he saw the body of Aiko, the foreign objects were meaningless with or without it!” This sentence was clear enough, mainly because Huang Feihu didn’t care about the magic weapons, he I want to look at my son again, even if it’s just a dead body.

“As for the jade Qilin… Ye Sect Master still ask Qilin what he means!”

Qilin is the Divine Beast, even if it is born, it is impossible. Huang Tianhua, this jade Qilin, hasn’t known how long it will be. If it really becomes real, I’m afraid it can be transformed into an adult type!

It is estimated that such a beast will not always be a human mount. Now that Huang Tianhua has died, Yu Qilin It shouldn’t be back to Huang Family-Yu Qilin only recognizes that Huang Tianhua is the main, but it has not become the livestock of the Huang Family.

Ye Wen turned his head and looked at Qilin, who was lying there with his eyes closed and rested, and nodded clicked to express his understanding. But he looked at what Qilin looks like now, and even if he wanted to go back, he still had to cultivate himself for a while.

“That’s all, hang up!”

Cui Jun cut off the call as soon as the matter was explained, and each minding their own business was busy with their own affairs. Anyway, Huang Feihu will take a while to arrive, and Yu Xuan is also impossible to bring Huang Tianhua’s body back immediately. During this time, he should still do what he does, without always staring at this matter.

Ye Wen picked up the detector, then got up and rushed to that cup of Yuxuan a cup one fist in the other hand, just about to speak, the Taoist had already got up and came to the front, laughed: “Old Daoist I have heard, that old Bottle gourd likes to catch Zhuang Ding. Okay, let me do this!”

With his help, Huang Tianhua’s body floated out of thin air, and then floated in front of Yuxuan. Old Daoist Priest waved his robe sleeves. The sleeves, which were not so wide, suddenly became extremely large, and directly covered Huang Tianhua’s body. After entering, Ye Wen felt that there was a flash, and there was Huang Tianhua’s body in front of him, and Yuxuan’s robe sleeves were the same size as before, as if he had just dazzled.

“This spell of Universe in the Sleeves is really convenient!”

The oriental cultivator generally has several points of means to hold things. When the expert cultivation base of the general monk is enough, you will understand this Universe in the Sleeves, but this spell wants to make this kind of flow, free flowing, and not ordinary people. Did it. The general cultivator is still used to carrying things like treasure bags.

And Ye Wen lamented whether he should also learn this trick. The jade Qilin suddenly opened his eyes, stared at Yuxuan, and grunted.

Ye Wen knew that Qilin was worried about his master, so he walked over and said something roughly to this beast, then asked: “Can you go back together?”

Qilin had returned to calm at this time, and lying there looked at Yuxuan’s robe sleeve reluctantly, and finally shook his huge head.

It also knows that it doesn’t make sense to follow him back. After all, Huang Tianhua is dead. It’s right for him to guard his body for so many years. He is a former master. There is no need to rush to Huang Family to catch up. Mount the rest of Huang Family-Qilin is also arrogant.

So thinking about it, Qilin felt that it would be a period of master-slave fate, and then he went back again. After glancing at Yuxuan again, he closed his eyes and took a break from each minding their own business.

Ye Wen pats Qilin’s head, and then found that Qilin was glaring at him, and he withdrew his hand in embarrassment: “In this case, you should follow me first, and then raise this body and talk about it!”

Qilin thought about it, finally nodded, and closed his eyes again! This time Ye Wen was touching his head but it didn’t stare at him without eyes opened.

After a few words of kung fu, the matter was finished. When Ye Wen turned around, the Yuxuan Taoist no longer had a shadow.

“Dao Chang saw Master talking to Qilin, and it turned into a ray of light and no shadow!” Yu Wentuo just saw a ray of magnificent light flashing, and then he disappeared from the silhouette of the Yuxuan Taoist. The way to help Divine Immortal is more exaggerated than you think, this Old Daoist really wanted to get rid of herself, I am afraid that he simply did not have the opportunity to catch up.

Seen in this way, this Old Daoist product is still good, and his things will not be avoided.

Seeing Ye Wen turn back, Yu Wentuo inevitably asked more: “Master, can I do the same in the future?”

Knowing that he wanted to ask the spell that drove away, Ye Wen didn’t need to think about it, he said directly: “This school naturally has the method of flying the sword, as long as you diligently practice the cultivation technique, you can learn it sooner or later. Arrived!”

“Yu Jian flying?” Yu Wentuo was excited, and he took a skateboarding pose there: “Should it be handsome?”

Ye Wen despised: “Who told you that Yujian Flying is stepping on the sword flying? If you want to play skateboarding, you can let Zheng Senior Brother alone create a magic weapon for you!”

Yu Wentuo grabbed his hair awkwardly, not knowing what this Sword Flying was like, what should it look like, and finally Ye Wen said: “You will know when the day is light, you will fly with you for the teacher!”

They came out this time to find the star sand, and now they have encountered a lot of broken things, but the business is not progressing at all, which also makes Ye Wen nodded.

Artemis, who hadn’t spoken for a long time, was sitting there without interrupting. She didn’t understand. She often fought with the Eastern Immortal World. She also understood the Eastern dialect, but she didn’t want to insert that’s all. However, she only heard 2 conversations in a proper dialogue. Although she didn’t know very much what the so-called Sect represents, the general meaning of apprenticeship is still understood.

Looking up and down again at the young man, Yu Wentuo, who was looking straight at him, was blushing, and then turned to Ye Wen: “The divine force on him is too weak, can it really become a powerhouse?”

Although it has long been known that oriental cultivators are made of ordinary person cultivation, Artemis still does not believe in this kind of thing. She has always believed that those oriental cultivators themselves have some special innate talents to become powerhouses. To put it bluntly, she thinks that the Oriental powerhouse is born like the gods of Olympus.

Ye Wen laughed: “I was much weaker than him at first!”

This did not lie. Ye Wen was beaten to death when he opened his eyes. He lay in bed for several days before he was able to move. Then he stayed for a long time before returning to normal.

Although Yu Wentuo has never cultivated, the strength of this Fleshy body is stronger than that of Ye Wen. I don’t know how much. At that time, even if Ye Wen knew the internal strength, I was afraid that I could not beat it. Now I only rely on the fleshly body strength of Yu Wentuo-the premise is that the skills of the two people are similar.

But this remark Artemis can’t believe it anyway, only when Ye Wen is talking nonsense, curl one’s lip throws out a sentence: “In this case, I would believe in impossible!”

After all, Ye Wen is so strong now, Artemis simply does not know how strong Ye Wen is. The only thing that is certain is that if Ye Wen wants to use her strong, I am afraid she has little room to resist .

Turned around, she took a proud step back to where she had just rested, and then looked sadly at the dress and dress that was torn by herself. She liked this dress very much, but now she was torn apart. Almost became a long fork skirt. Although it can be sewed, it is always flawed.

Ye Wen laughed when she saw her like this: “It’s a woman!” Then he greeted: “It’s a pity that I still have a lot of clothes like this. I can’t do it. I’ll give you a few pictures. You can ask Olin The tailor on Mount Pisce will help you make a few more pieces.”

Artemis turned his head to look at Ye Wen, but did not speak, but still responded with a soft “um”.

Seeing her like this, Ye Wen didn’t continue to talk to her. As soon as she turned her head, she saw Yu Wentuo’s newly-disciplined discipline looking at herself in surprise.


“Goddess of the Moon is a disciple?”

No wonder Yu Wentuo would think so. Ye Wen’s conversation with Artemis was ordinary, but it showed the familiarity of the two people. Coupled with the fact that he saw Goddess of the Moon’s attitude towards men just now, compared with Ye Wen, the difference is really one heaven one earth.

“Uh… no!”

Yu Wentuo said “Oh”, but he did not give up and asked again: “Is it now?” Not now, does not mean not in the future.

Ye Wen glared at the result: “What are you asking, should you inquire?”

Yu Wentuo was yelled at by Ye Wen, only to realize that his Master is also from Earth, but after all, he is not the kind of friend who can make trouble at random. Master is Master, after all, not Master! Now respectfully bow your head and admit your mistake: “disciple knows!”

“Forget it, I can’t be considered what major event!” Ye Wen saw him like this, and he was able to achieve his purpose. He was worried that if he and Yu Wentuo laughed and made trouble, he would forget that he was his Master. And the fact that it is different from Earth. After all, the era in which Yu Wentuo lived has long forgotten these rules, so he beats and beats a little to maintain his prestige as a Master.

Yu Wentuo took a peek at Ye Wen and saw that Master was really not angry until she was sighed in relief. Then she asked about Sect: “Master, what sects do we have in Sect?”

Ye Wen laughed, looked at Yu Wentuo in an unpredictable way: “Our Shushan Sect is still quite a lot of school. As for which one you can learn in the future, it depends on your own talents and how much tried!”

Seeing Yu Wentuo excited, Ye Wen said again: “However, the tricks are dead after all, and the talents are alive! So learning to use is the real thing. Don’t ignore the essence of it in pursuit of better and stronger moves! “

Clicking nodded, Yu Wentuo, who seems to understand something, also knows this truth, but it is still unknown whether it can be Full Mastery.

After saying a few words, Yu Wentuo asked again: “Master, what are we going to do here?”

“Find something!”

“Looking for something?”

“Find a special kind of sand…” Ye Wen said here that he again said that the god of artisans in Olympus was making a holy cloth, and Yu Wentuo was surprised.

“Golden Saint Cloth?” Yu Wentuo blinked his eyes, and after seeing Ye Wen nodded, the impatient asked, “Can you give the disciples a set?”

“You?” Ye Wen thought for a while, and suddenly found that this thing is not impossible, just this time Holy War is seriously lacking people, and Yu Wentuo also needs to exercise, and throwing this discipline into Holy War can also be experienced.

But when I think that my discipline will definitely learn Kung Fu with myself, why the time comes when there will be a golden saint fighter who makes Kung Fu?

“Should it be fun?”

As for the constellation, Ye Wen was very overbearing and decided to replace Yu Wentuo: “The golden holy garment of Libra will be given to you! The teacher will also teach you the corresponding tricks!”

Yu Wentuo was unhappy, he did not like the shape of the Libra Saint Cloth very much: “Lushan 100 Dragon Pavilion?”

“Wrong! Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms!”

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