History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 458

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One night passed quickly. After walking out of this old nest in Siren, the bright sunshine made several people squint unconsciously, and the gorgeous rays of light were reflected on the sea. At a glance, the whole world seemed like Are glowing.

“Don’t say anything else, this sea Demoness is still good to choose the home level, the scenery here is really good!”

Artemis didn’t speak, but she can tell from the expression that she also agrees with Ye Wen, but now it’s not when it’s time to talk about the world, she lifted her legs and stepped on her frame, then turned her head and said to Ye Wen: “Let’s continue to search for the star sand, but what should you do with your discipline and that strange monster?”

Qilin actually can fly, but is so weak at the moment, obviously not suitable for flying, Ye Wen laughed, and Artemis had a discussion: “Anyway, your car is also big enough to let it rest on your car. What? As for my discipline, I will naturally take it with me!”

Unexpectedly, Artemis looked disgusted, and even hided slightly behind him: “No, how can the dirty and ugly monster get on my car?”

Artemis is Goddess, and it is also Goddess of Olympus. He loves clean and beautiful things, but the jade Qilin under his eyes is in any way not related to these two words.

I don’t want to say anything about it. It is tortured by the siren. I don’t know how many years. If I want to clean it, I can’t clean it. Most of my dirt is a mixture of my own blood and mud.

As for the beauty… In fact, Qilin’s appearance is very majestic, but Yu Qilin’s eyes are a little bit depressed, and it seems a bit depressed.

Ye Wen looked at the jade Qilin and found that Qilin was still lying on his side with his head down, and he was not dissatisfied with Artemis’ words. It seems that this old guy who has lived and did not know how much has already done it. Glorious and disgraceful, even if Artemis worsened it, it would not be annoyed by it-this Qilin simply ignored Artemis.

Seeing this, Ye Wen knows that even if Artemis is willing to let Qilin get on the train, it is estimated that Qilin will not get on. After all, Divine Beast also has self-esteem. Since you look down on this Divine Beast, Divine Beast will naturally not give you a good face.

In desperation, Ye Wen had to explode the sword light, wrapped Qilin and Yu Wentuo into the sword light, and then headed straight to the sky to fly to the sky.

Artemis also urged the two stags of the cart to be tightly followed along. In a blink of an eye, the reef island where the siren’s nest was located was disappeared from the eyes of two people.

The speed of 2 people is extremely fast, but just one day’s effort has turned a big circle. If it is not because of seeing the island, it is necessary to go down and explore, I am afraid that 2 people will not be so long on this sea.

After this day passed, 2 people didn’t know how many islands they saw, but they still couldn’t find the so-called star sand. While feeling depressed for a while, they also regretted not asking beforehand.

Watching the sun setting down, Artemis stood on the white sand where the temperature was gradually disappearing, and tilted his head and said to Ye Wen: “Don’t take a rest tonight, keep looking! Anyway, night is for you There is no impact!”

At this point, she already knew that Ye Wen’s peculiar pair of pupils had many magical places, such as ignoring the distance and observing what she wanted to observe or even its essence, and… ignoring her clothes to see what Ye Wen wanted to see, etc. .

Ye Wen said that when he leaked, he thought that the Goddess of the Moon would go up again. He took out his bow and arrow to send himself to the rage of the stars, but unexpectedly found that the woman had no reaction. After thinking for a day, there was no result. , Ye Wen remembered asking about it.

“Aren’t you angry?”

“Angry?” Then seeing Ye Wen’s gesture of looking up and down, Artemis straightened his waist instead, and the pair in front of him straightened up 2 times, holding his head and said, “You didn’t watch it long ago Has it passed?”

Ye Wen, who said a word instead, was a little embarrassed, and Artemis made him speechless after a sentence: “What’s more, what can I do if I am angry? I can’t beat you…”

This is a fact, even if Artemis really wants to clear this account with Ye Wen, I am afraid it will be nowhere. First of all, Artemis’ proudest killer stunt star rage is a flawed trick in Ye Wen’s eyes. As for ordinary bows and arrows or fighting ability, although she has not seen Ye Wen’s real hands-on, but probably You can also see some clues from Ye Wen’s shots.

The final conclusion is that-no one is Ye Wen’s opponent. If you take a brave shot, in addition to angering this powerful man and possibly causing irreparable results, simply will not have any meaning .

“So, it’s better not to shoot!”

“It seems that I became a wicked villain?” Ye Wen turned his head and glanced at Yu Wentuo, the discipline he had just received, so that he would not destroy his tall image in a day.

As a result, when I turned around, I saw Yu Wentuo closed his eyes and sat quietly, kneeling and sitting silently. He looked like he didn’t see anything and heard nothing. Then he stretched his hands in a semi-circle, and finally lifted a 5 heart. Xiangtian posture. Just looking at him, anyone would think that Yu Wentuo is practicing, but Ye Wen on the side has a black line.

“Don’t pretend, I haven’t taught you anything at all!”

When Yu Wentuo didn’t hear it and continued to pose, Ye Wen suddenly remembered that since he had all stopped here, it would be better to take this opportunity to help Yu Wentuo get started with internal strength cultivation.

With this aptitude of youngster, Ye Wen simply does not need to teach from Basic Internal Strength. Ye Wen walked over and extended the hand to send out a ray of True Qi into Yu Wentuo within the body, and immediately felt the width of Yu Wentuo’s meridian, as if Cultivation internal strength has a general age.

“Such aptitude, one year of cultivation, top ten years of hard work!”

And Yu Wentuo is still in the Heaven and Earth Origin Qi, an extremely abundant fairy within the realm cultivation, the speed will be faster, if all goes well, I am afraid that it won’t take long for Yu Wentuo to cross those thresholds and go straight into Earth Immortal realm, or even It is possible to cultivate to Celestial Immortal at a stretch.

This is what Ye Wen discovered after imparting internal strength to Yu Wentuo. This youngster meridian is wider and tenacious, but it is not a fixed Meridian, and there is still a lot of room for expansion. This represents Yu Wentuo’s There is unlimited potential to be tapped.

More importantly, while Ye Wen taught him luck and martial arts, some of the divine force in his fleshy body also echoed. Although it was not absorbed and assimilated by True Qi, it also resonated–this also means Yuwen After the extension of internal strength after successfully cultivating it, these divine forces will also be controlled by him. In this way, the bursting strength will be stronger than those of the same cultivation base. This can be considered an inherent advantage.

“It’s really enviable and jealous, through the plus physique! Good Fortune that is even more devilish than Junior Brother!”

When it comes to the opportunity at the start, no one can compare Yu Wentuo up and down the Shushan Mountain, which is why Ye Wen is so emotional and wants to be included as a major reason-he now understands how great the Great Grandpa is. Seeing the guy with the protagonist template will lose their minds. In addition to the IQ drop that comes with the protagonist template, it is also too tempting because such a discipline.

After Yu Wentuo entered Zhou Tian’s state, Ye Wen closed his hand and did not help. At this time, he had determined that this kid only practiced All True Heart Law at the moment just now, and he also took advantage of it. The first True Qi of their own. Then by virtue of the advantage of blessed by heaven, this True Qi was quickly expanded a lot. At this time, I am afraid that no one can see that Yu Wentuo is just starting to practice.

In this case, there is no need for Ye Wen to help anymore, as long as appropriate teaching is nearby, it makes him a lot easier.

“This aptitude is really against the sky, but I don’t know what the perception is!”

In terms of perception, Li Xiaoyao is the strongest in Shushan Sect, but Xu Xian is also weaker than his nephew. Li Xiaoyao’s perverted perception can give almost any tricks he has seen-mainly to see This one wanted to learn or didn’t want to learn anyway. Anyway, the tricks that Ye Wen played in front of him, except Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror required special requirements, none of them ran away. All of them were learned by him, but some tricks were played because of skill. Doesn’t come out that’s all.

As for what Yuwen Tuo will do, it is unclear. But with this body to do the discipline, no matter how rotten it will go!

After helping Yu Wentuo get into the door and practice All True Heart Law, Ye Wen returned to the place where he had just taken it, took out a bamboo recliner, laid it on the beach, and then faced Al Themis made a gesture: “Please!”

Artemis did not expect Ye Wen to carry these weird things with him. He was also polite after a moment of consternation. He sat directly on the recliner and leaned back.

At this time, Ye Wen took out another recliner, and then placed a small table among the two chairs, took out some fruits, and looked at the darkening sky and the seemingly quiet sea.

“What were you doing?”

After lying down for a while, Artemis finally did not hold back the curiosity in her heart and asked. Although she did not understand what was going on, she still felt a little strange. Especially after Yu Wentuo started cultivation, the divine force on his body also fluctuated, which made Olympus, who is quite sensitive to divine force, want to ignore all impossible.

“Teach him the basic cultivation technique!”

Ye Wen took another bottle of red wine from the ring—it’s a pity that it’s not a high-end thing, it’s just ordinary dry red that can be bought in the supermarket, and then I used Ice True Qi to lighten the ice a little and took out 2 glasses of red wine. The goblet, poured a cup for Artemis and himself.

After taking a light sip and entering the mouth with a cool liquid, Ye Wen was satisfied with the fineness of his manipulation of True Qi, but the psychological thought was: “Let Li Xuan’s old lady show this hand in front of himself , I will be there too!”

Artemis didn’t know what Ye Wen was thinking, just holding the wine glass in a daze, looking at the delicate wine glass held in his hand, exuding hazy halo under the rising moonlight, and the liquid in the glass in the dark night There is also a strange beauty.

After a light sip, Artemis frowned: “This wine…”

“Bargain, let’s drink…” Ye Wen, the wine on Mount Olympus, has also tasted it. It is indeed a good wine. No wonder there will be a wine god on Mount Olympus who specializes in wine. This winemaker The craft is really powerful.

By comparison, my bottle is much worse, but I can’t go back to Mount Olympus to get it now, so I will deal with it first.

Fortunately, Artemis didn’t really care about this, and after a few more sips, he continued to stare at the sea and started to stay. Such Goddess of the Moon was not easy to see. Ye Wen hadn’t noticed it. After a while, there was no sound from the side before he turned and glanced.

“To be honest, this Artemis is really beautiful!”

Artemis, who lay there quietly, exudes a touch of rays of light, seemingly echoing the moon in the sky. Although compared to the moon’s rays of light, it is more conspicuous, but anyone will stay involuntarily. On Artemis.

Although Ye Wen is not so evil, but compared to the bare moon, he is still more willing to enjoy the beautiful side view.

I just watched it for a while, but I heard Artemis’ voice: “Are you looking good?”

“En!” After blinking and making sure that he is not auditory, Ye Wen admitted it simply and neatly. Anyway, this is also the fact: “Your beauty makes the moon in the sky also lose its color!”

The corner of Artemis’s mouth lifted slightly, revealing a faint smile: “I thought I could not hear such sincere praise from your mouth!”

2 People have been turbulent since they met, and Ye Wen doesn’t have any good looks for Artemis. From that situation, it is indeed impossible.

Ye Wen also thought of this, and showed an embarrassed smile: “Although there are some misunderstandings, I will not deny the obvious facts!”

“Really?” Artemis didn’t turn his eyes from start to finish, his eyes kept looking at the distant sea, as if there was something like: “So, would you like to design a Battle Armor for me?”

“En? Battle Armor?” Ye Wen knows that this woman’s love for weapons and armor is not weaker than some men, but how can this topic be said in this atmosphere? But he quickly answered: “If I think of a suitable one, I won’t be stingy!”

Thinking about it, it seems that there really is no suitable women’s armor, and even if it does, it does not meet the arrogant and holy temperament of Artemis.

So, he just said that’s all casually, anyway, it won’t be able to honor it in a while!

Artemis also seemed to hear the perfunctory words in Ye Wen’s words, and his smile was slightly more obvious, but he still didn’t say anything. Instead, he turned his eyes and looked towards the sea not far away.

Ye Wen also glanced down at his eyes and found that Yu Wentuo didn’t even know when he woke up, and was walking into the sea with Qilin. After half of his body was submerged in the water, Qilin was wiped up by the sea water.

“En?” Ye Wen hadn’t taken it seriously at first, but he wanted to clean Qilin, but it was also normal, but he didn’t know that this thing was actually proposed by Yu Qilin himself, but only by himself. Weak body, so let Yu Wentuo help.

With the passage of time, the dirt on Qilin Body was washed away, revealing a jade-like emerald green scale, and it glowed under the moonlight.

As soon as this original appearance was restored, the original frail and dismal appearance was disappeared. Even if the eyes still did not recover, the corner of the head was still broken, but it added a bit of solemn killing aura. Especially the scar on the eyes was almost daunting.

The jade Qilin standing in the sea with his head upright finally showed his original appearance. The style was that Artemis was also shining in the eyes, and finally lost the look of disgust.

At the same time, that jade Qilin may have noticed Artemis’ gaze, and now his head was raised higher. Although his weak body was a little trembling, he still stood stubbornly motionless in the sea water, as if it was intentionally displayed You are different.

Seeing this scene, Ye Wen suddenly had the urge to laugh. This jade Qilin was a child with a temper. After being ridiculed by Artemis, he immediately wanted to get back to the scene. Seeing him as a bird, it was almost like It was exactly the same as Artemis’ posture in the morning.

This Divine Beast is generally as proud as Goddess of the Moon. At this time, Yu Qilin is in a good mood, but just doesn’t want to directly vent the imposing manner, and still heads back.

“This rare beast is called Qilin, right?”

In the battle with Celestial Court, Dongfang has some warriors who use Qilin as their mount. Besides Huang Tianhua, Black Qilin of Wen Zhong is the most famous! Artemis has also seen it a few times, but that majestic look has several points of appearance.

It’s just that the appearance of Yu Qilin last night was too miserable. She didn’t connect the two together at one and a half. At this time, she saw Yu Qilin’s original appearance, which reminded her.

“Well, this Swiss beast is called Jade Qilin!”

“It’s really good, but it’s barely worthy of me!” In and out of words, I really fell in love with this Qilin and wanted to put it as my own mount.

Ye Wen didn’t think it was strange after hearing it. This woman already liked the mighty and beautiful things. It’s not surprising to see Yu Qilin, but Ye Wen then said: “I think you are more suitable for riding a white tiger… “

“White Tiger?” Artemis withdrew his eyes and puzzled: “Why?”

Ye Wen shrugged, there is no explanation, not to mention it, but he has come back to the beach. Yuwen Tuo who helped Yu Qilin rub his body rolled the eyes and casually said: “Master, you are really going to carry out the cottage industry. In the end! But this is a bit too unreliable?”

I just wanted to talk to this discipline, and taught him that Shushan Sect’s characteristic must carry forward, but found that the discipline’s legs did not know what was stained. In the night, they even emitted stars-like rays of light.

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