History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 459

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Ye Wen had seen star sand when he was in Shushan. This sand is no different from ordinary sand in appearance. The only special feature is that it emits faint rays of light like starlight.

If the number is small, then it is difficult to be noticed, but if you grab a handful of star sand in your hand, it is still difficult to ignore.

Yu Wentuo’s feet and trousers were stained a lot, so he was called Ye Wen to see, turned his head in surprise and looked at Artemis, who was also surprised, then jumped up from the recliner.

Neither of them went to Yu Wentuo anymore, but walked to the water and looked down at the fine sand flickering with the waves. At this time, Ye Wen found out that the sand that was constantly washed by the waves was actually involved. There are a lot of star sand mixed with it, just because it is covered by ordinary sand, so I have not noticed it.

After walking a few steps, until the sea did not cross the calf, and bent down to grab a handful of sand, Ye Wen found that there was a lot more star sand in the sand than there was just now. I walked a little deeper, but most of them were star sands.

“The star sand of feelings is in the sea. No wonder it has been flying in the sky for so long and it has never been found!”

Looking back, Artemis stood on the beach and looked at Ye Wen, not at all, but every time Ye Wen bent over, he grabbed a handful of starlight sand, Goddess of the Moon finally put out a long breath, and a smile appeared.

Finding Star Sands means they can leave. The only hope is that the number of Star Sands will satisfy them.

But for now, they should be able to meet their requirements!

At this time, Ye Wen grasped the sand under the water with his hands, while observing this piece of Sea Territory with the double pupils of the glaze. Finally, he was surprised to find that the sand under the water around the island was all the star sand that he was looking for. The hugeness made him speechless.

Standing in the sea water, Ye Wen looked at it again, and at the same time, using the power of the colored glass pupil, he extended his sight to the distance. It was found that although there was more than 4 meters away from the island, there was still sand under the water. But there is no star sand.

At the same time, between the range of 100 meters under your feet, almost all the sand is the star sand you are looking for, simply does not need to be carefully screened.

“Is this island called Stars Island?”

In fact, Ye Wen had this kind of speculation just now, but he vaguely felt that things were not so simple, and turned his head to look at the beach. The result surprised him even more.

The fine sand on the white sandy beach that he has been neglecting turned out to be star sand, but the Power of Stars contained in it was not as obvious as those under the water, so he never found it.

“After so long, didn’t expect is right in front of me!”

The embarrassing curl one’s lip, Ye Wen used the ring of Bethephne to install a lot of star sand in his hand, and the number of star sand under this piece of water was so horrible that even if Ye Wen was drawn at 4 places, there were still a lot of them The endless stars Sha stayed quietly where they were.

Wading back to the shore in the cold water, Ye Wen ordered nodded to Artemis: “It should be enough, I installed the star sand that can make Olympus all the beaches!”

In fact, what he said is a bit exaggerated. Mount Olympus is tall and big. Even if he put all the star sand around this island away, I am afraid that the mountain tops cannot be paved.

However, he did install a lot. Not only did the materials for the weapons of Saint Cloth and Artemis exist, he also had a lot of surplus, and he could take it back to Shushan directly.

Artemis was laughed and did not speak, but there was a nice male voice beside him, very magnetic: “If you want to make Olympus all beautiful beaches, then this is not enough. , You need to find more star sand…”

Ye Wen eyelids twitched, I didn’t know when there was an extra person, and immediately turned around, I saw a sturdy middle-aged man, with his upper body naked, and then stepped on the sea and looked at him and Artemis Trident on his hand and the crown-like headdress on his head directly told everyone his identity. The imposing manner exuded from the whole body almost made Yu Wentuo chill out, and there was an impulse to worship.

Yu Qilin behaved quite normally, even being able to bow his body to express his dissatisfaction, and at the same time, he used his tail to pull back, gradually throwing Yu Wentuo, who was a little overwhelmed, behind him-Yu Wentuo although innate Talent is outstanding, the body is even more special, the body also contains Thorine divine force, but after all, it has just begun to embark on the path of becoming stronger. At present, there is no ability to face Poseidon at all, and it can support this while it is already a very good performance. Too.

Yu Wentuo hiding behind the jade Qilin Body can finally see the situation around him, and found that Goddess of the Moon is still standing on the spot without movement, but he has an extra hunting bow with a white light on his hand. There is no bow and arrow, nor killing intent and so on, but the sense of alertness can still be known at a glance.

Compared to that, his Master seemed much more relaxed, standing there very naturally, slightly more than half the first step of Artemis Station, and then looked at the Sea Emperor standing on the sea calmly, As soon as he said, “Good evening!”

That very comfortable and calm tone made Yu Wentuo wonder if his Master’s next sentence was: “Did you eat?” It was just like saying hello to the neighbor who is old and who is not who he is, and the sea emperor of the famous Immortal World The adult speaks.

Poseidon’s expression didn’t change, but Ye Wen stayed a few more eyes. No one else can see it, the sea emperor can’t see it? Don’t look at Ye Wen, it’s just a little more step forward than Artemis, but in this small step, almost the most powerful imposing manner that he exudes has been followed, and finally oppressed Artemis. His body is almost negligible-otherwise he will give out the imposing manner with all his strength, which can completely make the Goddess of the Moon collapse and become his own plaything.

As for what happened in the last few days, although not all are clear, but there is still a certain degree in his heart. At that time, he had determined that his useless son would certainly not succeed, but he did not expect that his son had several Points of little cleverness actually found Siren to help.

The only accident was that Siren failed to succeed, and even lost his life. As a sea emperor, he will know everything that happened in this area, plus the special circumstances of the sea, the Aegean Sea is almost everywhere All over his eyes and ears. So when Siren died, he quickly received news that if he didn’t shoot, it would be estimated that this beautiful prey would slip away.


“Oriental, you are stronger than I expected!” Ye Wen’s strength is indeed beyond his expectations. Originally, he didn’t pay much attention to this Oriental. The main reason is who is the Oriental powerhouse, He probably has a spectrum in his heart. He has seen it for so many years, but he has never heard of the name of Ye Wen.

Therefore, Ye Wen is a nobody in the eyes of the sea emperor, and the sky is a newly emerged character, even if has several points of strength, it is also limited.

didn’t expect, this guy who wasn’t put in his eyes, but now he can face himself and still calmly, and also easily kill the siren that is very difficult to deal with.

Moreover, this man has a good guts. When facing the sea emperor, he dare to stand up to him: “It seems that you are ready to protect your wife by your own strength…”

When Zeus married Goddess of the Moon to Ye Wen, he naturally knew that what happened in front of him was no different from a man who started his own woman.

Ye Wen stood here, looking at the other side of the chattering Poseidon suddenly had a ridiculous feeling, turned his head and asked: “Is this Old Guy always so verbose?”

He didn’t intentionally loudly, but he didn’t converge, because even if it converges again, at such a short distance, he can’t escape Poseidon’s ears, it is better to simply.

As soon as these words came out, Artemis was in a daze for a while, and then he couldn’t hold back the smile, and he kept up the mouth to show a very bright smile.

The Poseidon on the opposite side was frost-faced. When looking at Ye Wen, he wished he could pierce this kid with a fork, and then threw it on the sea for dozens of 100 years-anyway, the life force of these oriental cultivator It’s also very tenacious, and it doesn’t have to die for 100 years.

In fact, Ye Wen would be so polite, and he also clearly saw the situation. Since the Emperor Poseidon has stood out blatantly, it is naturally fearless, and he is determined to be the Goddess of the side-in this case, how to think of him The fiance of Goddess of the Moon will not end well, that is to say, there is no room for relief between the two people. In this case, he does not need to speak well with this sea emperor. Anyway, the positions of both parties have been determined, yes The enemy is no doubt.

The two sides confronted each other for a while, and Poseidon suddenly waved Trident in his hand. The water under Ye Wen’s feet suddenly wrapped his legs like life, and then several water arrows turned into one. Rod lance, stab Ye Wen from all directions.

This attack came without warning, and it was extremely fast. It was attacked from all directions, and there was almost no possibility of evasion. In this case, either this move next or die without a whole corpse , There is no other possibility.

Ye Wen’s reaction was not unpleasant. Almost immediately he noticed that the seawater under his feet was different, he responded immediately.

Meixia Dang True Qi burst out in an instant, just as the sea water lance stabs to Ye Wen, Meixia Dang True Qi burst out like a flame, and the power of Cabernet Sauvignon could not help tumbling over Ye Wen. The terrifying high temperature emanated from the surrounding seawater evaporates thoroughly in an instant.

Afterwards, Ye Wen leapt forward and avoided the second wave attack that followed, but Poseidon’s this move was not easy to receive. Although Ye Wen was not injured, the robe on his body was also a densely packed lance A 1000 sore and 100 holes were stabbed, and the gown almost turned into a set of holes. Ye Wen wore it on the body, but seemed to have several points of embarrassment.

Leaping back to the beach, Ye Wen looked at one side that had been elbowed to the elbow, and the other side only leaned on the remaining part of the gown hanging on his body, helplessly sighed: “The last gown was destroyed again!”

For the first time, he felt that his clothes were not strong enough. If he made a magic weapon-like clothes, he would not only increase the protection ability, but also ensure that he did not have to worry about his clothes when fighting with others.

After tearing it, the gown that was barely hung on the body was pulled by Ye Wen and dropped to the side. He was only wearing a pair of trousers-also holding the trouser legs (the hem of the gown was tied to the waist just now), and the upper body was also worn by Ye Wen tore it off this time, revealing his not-so-sturdy but well-proportioned upper body.

“This look doesn’t seem to suit me very much!”

Looking down at yourself, Ye Wen did not call out the Zixiao Sword, and took a step forward. At the same time, he stepped on the right fist towards the waist and abdomen, and then twisted the waist and swing the arm by the force of the forward. A punch punched out at Poseidon.

When he did this action, the person was still on the beach, but when he stepped out, everyone only thought that saw a flash, the shadow of Ye Wen was no longer on the beach, and on the sea not far away, the waves Sedon immediately felt a sudden pressure on his face, hardly thinking about it, and immediately tilted to hide.

And almost at the same time, a fist with a terrifying power appeared in front of Poseidon’s eyes, straight from the sea emperor’s face, if he didn’t move fast enough to hide sideways, this Fist can tell the sea emperor to understand what a peach blossom looks like.

This fist, Ye Wen did not use any kung fu, but it was learned from the punch of True Lord Erlang when he was compared with Yang Jian on Shushan.

There is no change in tricks or strange and peculiar energy, that is, condensing the whole body skill, and then using all the power to punch out with the fastest speed.

At the beginning, Yang Jian punched out, and Ye Wen was so fast that he could not even hide. He could only use a subtle cultivation technique to force a hard connection and barely took Yang Jian’s punch.

This time I changed to Ye Wen, but faced the prestigious sea emperor, the final result is naturally different, Ye Wen this fist formidable power speed is already decent, but the sea emperor can still escape, it can be seen that Poseidon’s Powerful.

Moreover, Poseidon not only can avoid, but also can make the most correct response. When Trident turns, the surrounding seawater is responded to. The general condense has countless water arrows attacking Ye Wen. At the same time, Trident also borrows This turn adjusted the direction and pierced Ye Wen’s abdomen.

This thorn made Ye Wen’s face instantly green, darkly cursed: “Dark!”, and then ignored the countless water arrows that stabbed at his back, and simply backed away to avoid Poseidon. thorn? As for why? You have to know that Trident has 3 blades, while the middle longest blade pierces Ye Wen’s abdomen, while the short blade next to 2 happens to be up and down, not to mention the above, if the lower one is stabbed…

As for the water arrow behind him, Ye Wen ran the Star River cyclone, and behind it was a Star River with purple brilliance. When turning, he directly dragged the water arrow into the Star River. Ye Wen could no longer deal with Ye Wen. threatening.

The sea emperor saw that Ye Wen had been attacked by Ye Wen several times. Thinking of him dignified the sea emperor, even this little-known guy could not beat it, wouldn’t it be a joke to die after being passed out?

Angrily in his heart, the strength in his hand increased a bit, Trident pointed away, and there was no other action, even a powerful energy erupted from the Trident and went straight to Ye Wen.

This time gave Ye Wen little time to react. From Poseidon lifting Trident to the force attacking him, he didn’t even arrive for a second, which was faster than the punch that Yang Jian attacked him. a bit.

It can be said that at this time, Ye Wen was able to appreciate the true strength of the sea emperor, almost the same as the two-level attack just made Ye Wen expression congeals, the pupils couldn’t help but shrink, his palms were shot forward, and then followed With this movement of his arms, a clear dragon roar suddenly sounded in this silence, and Yu Wentuo watching from the side was also amazed.

Ye Wen this move is different from what he used to do before. When he used Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms, he was so energetic that he took a giant dragon on his palm and shot it with a palm. The giant dragon roared roaringly. Flew out.

At this time, I only heard the dragon roar, but I didn’t see the giant dragon, and the palms were mediocre, and almost no abnormalities were seen, but it didn’t mean that the palm formidable power was bad. I only watched Ye Wen’s palms forward, then Just collided with the energy released by Poseidon, a terrifying loud noise almost made Yu Wentuo lose his hearing, and it felt like a shell exploded beside him.

The four bursts of energy that followed the eruption forced the piece of sea water aside, and even the sand under the water surface was forced out of a deep pit by this terrifying force.

This natural phenomenon lasted for half a minute, which shows how much strength the two sides used in this move. When the energy finally dissipated, the sea still did not return to calm, and a wave of rough waves seemed to come like a rainstorm. A lot of seawater that was lifted into the air fell down, making the scene like rainstorm more realistic.

Poseidon coldly looked at Ye Wen, who stood proudly in front, silent for a while, but he didn’t hide any of the tricks just now, and he really helped. Didn’t expect was still by Ye Wen took it with a pair of fleshy palms.

The Oriental reminded him of a Celestial Court god. The guy also had a very powerful Fleshy body, which could hardly be beaten. The many gods of Olympus who were used to melee also felt that person. 10000 points headache.

The not-so-beautiful impression plus Poseidon realized that it was not so easy for him to get rid of Ye Wen, even if he could do it, then he had no spare time to catch Artemis again—however In this way, Artemis is also the main god of Olympus.

In other words, the depressed discovery of Poseidon, the sea emperor, could not achieve his purpose on this trip! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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