History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 460

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Unable to kill Ye Wen easily is an unexpected situation for Poseidon, and now, even if Ye Wen’s strength is not as good as his own, but he really wants to fight his life, he may not be able to retreat.

In this case, catching Artemis back to seabed simply is an impossible accomplishment-the sea king Poseidon can also be regarded as a high position for many years, and the ability to judge things is also among the gods of Mount Olympus Outstanding, just for such a moment, he already understood the current situation.

“Damn, it is rare to have such a chance that it was destroyed by this Oriental!”

With a bitter glance at Ye Wen, Poseidon turned very swiftly towards the direction of the deep sea, and every time he walked, he did not go into the sea for a while. After a dozen steps, the whole person was completely Disappeared at sea level.


Ye Wen was also a little surprised. He really didn’t expect that the sea emperor was so neat in doing things. He left immediately when he saw no hope. He would not do anything in vain. This situation really surprised him.

Looking at the calming sea, Ye Wen turned his head and looked at Artemis not far behind, and found that this Goddess of the Moon was also surprised, maybe didn’t expect has always been obsessed with beauty Why did you give up so easily today?

Artemis certainly does not think that his charm is not enough, then the only explanation is that Ye Wen’s strength is so strong that the Emperor Sea is also terrified. After a few tentative attempts, he was simply reluctant to meet force with force of this oriental man. Die, so forced to leave.

But this might make her a little unacceptable. Standing there and looking at Ye Wen a little more, it was really difficult to connect such a thin-looking man with a powerhouse comparable to the sea emperor.

Ye Wen was naked at the moment, wearing only one pair of trousers underneath, and the trousers were still pulled up. It really wasn’t good-looking. Plus compared to the muscular men on the Olympus, Ye Wen this The small body is really not enough to see, in the eyes of Goddess, who is accustomed to muscular men, such as Artemis, it seems to be a little thin.

After a few steps on the water, Ye Wen returned to the beach after taking a splash of water, looked at Yu Wentuo who was exhaling and Yulin, who finally dropped her vigilance, and finally said a word to Artemis: “After all, this sea is not a safe place. Who knows if the sea emperor will make any tricks? Since Xingchensha has been found, then don’t delay any more, just go!”

Artemis also felt that this was the case, so there was no objection, and he turned on the frame, and nodded at Ye Wen and rushed into the sky first.

Ye Wen didn’t even have time to sort out his appearance, came to the side of Yu Qilin and Yu Wentuo and said, “Let’s go too!” Jianguang burst into a man and a beast, and followed Artemis rushed into the sky behind him.

He did not know, however, that when the two of them left, there were several eyes on the surface of the sea, including Poseidon, the sea king, and some of his son Triton.

Poseidon saw Artemis walked straight away, and regretted sighed away to the deep sea, as for his son who could not make it? He was too lazy to care-not to mention that his son has several points of being able to bear him very well. Now that Artemis has left the Aegean Sea, his son can no longer toss about it, and he can’t make much waves, so let him go All right.

As expected by his father Poseidon, Terry felt sorry to see Artemis leaving, but in the final analysis he did not have much courage to leave the Aegean Sea to find this Goddess The trouble of the Moon, after all, his strength is not strong. On this sea, he still dares to rely on his prince’s identity to order some soldiers and horses sitting down in the sea, beast and father, or use some unique products of the sea world. Perform a sneak attack.

But to leave these things, to face Artemis with his own meet force with force? He didn’t dare to borrow his ten guts, not to mention there was a man beside Artemis who was a little bit jealous even his father?

“Damn Oriental!”

If you think about it carefully, I was very hopeful to take this beautiful Goddess of the Moon, but it was destroyed by the Oriental. Ye Wen is the biggest hindrance to his plan. It’s him. The real enemy.

“Hmph, it is best not to let me see you at sea again!”

After surfacing to reveal the seaweed-like head, Terry grunted resentfully as he watched the 2 brilliance going away, and then re-drilled into the sea.

But the anger in the heart is hard to calm down after all, and he is always thinking about how to give that guy a little color?

Ye Wen didn’t know about this. He and Artemis respectively used their means to fly towards the direction of Mount Olympus at a very fast speed. It took only a short time to return to Olympus Where the mountain is.

When you get here, don’t worry about Poseidon running out again, so the two can’t help but slow down at the same time. Artemis stands on the frame and turns his head to look at side Ye Wen: “Go to the melting pot Or go back to Mount Olympus?” Although Hephaestus renamed his place as Heart of Molten Fire, he was still used to the name of the melting pot. After all, he didn’t know how long it would take to change this habit.

Ye Wen didn’t think much about it, just said: “Just go back to Mount Olympus!”

It’s not unreasonable to choose this way. He and Artemis left and had a half a month. This period of time is enough for Hephaestus to finish some work, just waiting for him and Artemis to take the stars. Take it back to carry out the final work.

So he stays in the heart of the molten fire and has nothing to do. He is likely to return to Mount Olympus to wait for the return of two people, or listen to the news here-the ability of the gods of Olympus to spread the 2 hexagrams. Not weak, staying on the mountain can also understand what happened on the Aegean side.

Sure enough, as soon as the two fell on Mount Olympus, it was Hephaestus, the god of flames and craftsmen, who was the first ugly man to disregard his disability on the leg. Step rushed to Ye Wen, and then, after Ye Wen and Artemis had not stood still, they asked: “How? How much?”

He didn’t ask if he didn’t find it, he just asked how much he found. It seemed that he thought the star sand was easy to find, and simply impossible.

Ye Wen naturally heard this, and couldn’t help but asked curiously: “How do you know we can find it? When we left, we forgot to ask where the Stars Island is. If it wasn’t because of some coincidence, it was true. I missed it!”

Hephaestus blinked his small eyes and froze for a moment before came back to his senses: “How could it not be found? This star sand can be seen everywhere almost on the Aegean Sea!”

“What?” Although Ye Wen had such a speculation, didn’t expect it turned out to be a fact?

After looking at Ye Wen’s reaction, she turned her head and looked at Artemis again, and found that she was also puzzled. The god of craftsmen finally understood that these 2 people were not laughing, but they really didn’t know about Stars Island. meaning.

While walking inside with the 2 people, heading towards your palace on Mount Olympus, I spread the knowledge about Stars Island to the 2 people along the way.

“Actually, Stars Island is not a specific island, but refers to all islands scattered like stars in various locations on the Aegean Sea!”

Ye Wen covered his face, and he understood that he and Artemis were like a fool and turned half a month in the sea. In fact, the star sand has been in the front of one’s eyes for 2 people. , Only 2 people lack a vision of discovery.

Hephaestus did not notice the more ugly expression of the two people, and explained directly: “In these islands, any island with a beach around the island can basically be called Stars Island, because the sand in the Last ages has been exposed to sunlight and starlight, and some changes have occurred…”

“Of course, if this is the only reason why star sands appear impossible, there is another big reason is the special situation of the Aegean Sea! The Divine force of the sea emperor covers the entire Aegean Sea, making this Sea Territory a little bit special.”

“The sand that is exposed to the outside, although absorbing a lot of the power of the sun, moon and stars, can’t preserve these forces for a long time, so this part of the sand’s energy is constantly circulating between enhancement and passage, although it is also regarded as a star Sand, but not stable enough.”

“But those islands that are soaked in the sea around the island are different, because the special effect of the sea water with divine force makes the Power of Stars in the sand that absorbs a lot of energy will not dissipate, and it has become a real and best quality for many years. Star sand, which is the source of star sand…”

To put it bluntly, after absorbing Sun and Moon Essence, and because of the special environment, this part of the essence will not dissipate. It has become a special heavenly material earthly treasure after years of hardening.

In other words, as long as it is an island with sandy beaches in the Aegean Sea, the square of the diving area around these islands is covered with countless stars and sand, and 2 people simply do not need to travel on the sea for a half a month.

Artemis blushed with a red face, presumably thinking that she was almost caught by the abominable sea prince because of a lack of common sense. She would feel uncomfortable at all thoughts, so she was facing When Hephaestus didn’t give the Vulcan a good face at all, he just made Hephaestus wonder for a while.

“What’s wrong with me? Did I do something wrong?”

Ye Wen is not in a good mood right now. Although he received a disciplinary called aptitude because of these opportunities, there is still a sense of suffocation. Therefore, after arriving at the palace of Vulcan, he simply did not meet Hephais unless necessary. Toss said too much.

The palace of Vulcan is huge, and the side hall of this huge palace is the workshop of Hephaestus on Mount Olympus. He can make something here, or take the semifinished product made in the melting pot. Come here for fine post-processing.

And compared to the bad environment of the melting pot, it is undoubtedly much more comfortable here. Hephaestus himself will not go to the volcano to find suffering unless it is necessary, so he is very simple. Two sets of gold holy clothes and weapons prepared for Artemis were all obtained here for final production.

A series of works that have begun to take shape and look similar to the finished product are lined up and placed in front of several people. Ye Wen found his sights on these exquisite garments and weapons that are art works. There is still an acquaintance standing here, the Goddess Athena of Wisdom and War, who will soon become the true owners of these holy garments.

“Are you back?”

Athena seemed to be waiting here deliberately. After seeing Ye Wen appearing, she showed a very bright smile, but her gaze turned intentionally or unintentionally on the body of Goddess of the Moon, especially the pale suit she wore. -Yellow’s off-the-shoulder maxi dress (Ye Wen also found a fit for her) and the pair of high-heeled shoes under her feet that make the figure more tall.

Although Goddess’s figure in the war is good, this one is not really tall, especially standing next to Artemis on high heels, it is even more obvious that she is short, so this Goddess keeps Shooting in that direction, I took the opportunity to ask Ye Wen: “I heard that you gave this pair of strange shoes to Artemis?”

Ye Wen is watching Hephaestus’ final work, which is to carry out some special procedures through his divine force to integrate the star sand into the already formed holy clothing and weapons-in fact, if there is already star sand, It is entirely possible to complete this process during forging, but he did not want to destroy the already formed holy garment and then forge again, so he chose the more troublesome way.

“Yes, why?”

Just turning around, I saw the expression of hope in this Goddess of Wisdom and War. Ye Wen could not help but moved a step, keeping a distance from Athena, and said: “I still have a lot here, I will let you know You pick some and take it away!”

Athena nodded with a smile, and then said nothing, just kept looking at Artemis and Ye Wen, Artemis was always dissatisfied, facing the same as the Austrian Athena, the main god of Limpis, said, “What are you looking at? Just look at your expression and you know you are playing sly plan again!”

Externally, Athena is known as Goddess of Wisdom, but on Mount Olympus, her reputation is not so good! Be careful, like to use crafty plots and machinations to pit people, always plot against others is the evaluation of this god Goddess by many gods. Some of these evaluations are more or less heard by Athena, and once she is informed, who secretly said Her bad words, then that guy is going to be bad luck.

Artemis also knows what character this Athena is. She usually avoids contact with this person, but this does not mean that she can be spared. Athena despises herself as Goddess of the Moon, so The same will make some minor measures disgust her.

The most recent one, of course, was to throw Ye Wen in front of Artemis who was bathing, and then flicker Zeus to marry Artemis to Ye Wen.

Just looking at it now, this Goddess of the Moon seems not at all so fiercely behaved. Could it be that after these two people went out for a turn, the relationship has advanced by leaps and bounds?

From the overall perspective, this is a good thing! And if Ye Wen really has further contact with Artemis, Mount Olympus can also keep this interesting Oriental here.

But from a personal point of view, it is not very satisfying for Athena. She had hoped that Goddess of the Moon would be more sullen for a while. Didn’t expect her to return to normal so quickly, it seems that she chose to accept this all?

“When did this woman become this character? Isn’t she supposed to die rather than accept this kind of thing?”

Curious, I couldn’t help but looked at it for a long time, and then gradually looked away, looking at Yu Wentuo who had been standing quietly in the corner and looking around at the curious 4 places.

“A funny teenager!”

Seeing the hidden divine force on Yu Wentuo’s body and the peculiar double pupils, Athena turned to Ye Wen and asked, “What’s going on with this boy?”

“The recipe I just received… apart from this, he may become the 1st place golden saint in your seat in this Holy War!”

By the way, Athena may not care, but when it comes to Holy War, this Goddess will have boundless interest.

Turned his head over ten or two sets of gold holy garments, after one look at it again, Athena looked at Yu Wentuo again, and found that although this young man had the slenderness of the Orientals, on the whole, it was quite straightforward. After wearing the golden holy cloth, it should be quite powerful.

“Which one is it?”

Ten names and general characteristics of the two sets of gold holy garments. When Ye Wen and Hephaestus explained in detail, Athena also listened to them clearly, naturally knowing that each set of gold holy garments has its special abilities. Even the unique tricks of the Saint Cloth can be inherited from generation to generation.

Ye Wen walked in front of a golden holy garment and gently hammered the Libra that had just been tempered by Hephaestus-he specifically greeted him and let Hephaestus finish the holy suit first. Then looked at the golden holy cloth that gradually released the golden light like the sun: “This is it!”


Libra is the only gold holy cloth equipped with weapons except Sagittarius, and it is also equipped with many pieces. Its representative meaning is that only the Libra Saints are the only ones who have the right to judge whether to allow Saints to use weapons except Goddess. Adjudicator. At the same time, Libra also has the power of a similar judge, who is responsible for judging whether someone in the Sacred Domain has committed a crime, so this person must be very cautious, because Libra represents the special existence of fairness and justice in Saint Seiya.

Now that Ye Wen has directly delivered Libra to her own hands, Athena said nothing. Because in the eyes of this Goddess, it is better to give such a position to an ordinary person class than to the equivalent of his own Ye Wen’s discipline-at least in the eyes of Athena, the oriental fairy’s discipline is also equivalent to Fairies are the same as their gods.

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