History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 461

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Yu Wentuo didn’t know that he had worshipped Ye Wen as a teacher, and was indirectly regarded as his own by Athena, a “well-known” person. If he was known, I’m afraid he would be shocked, and then say no Whether it should be happy or panic-Athena’s reputation in Earth is not all positive.

Ye Wen, who didn’t think so much, just closed his eyes slightly and felt the golden holy garment just finished, then turned his head to beckon to Yu Wentuo and called him over.

In fact, since Hephaestus finished the Libra Saint Cloth, the dazzling rays of light attracted Yu Wentuo’s attention completely, although he didn’t particularly like the shape of the Libra Saint Cloth, but he could get one The golden holy cloth is your own armor. This kind of thing was thought when you were a child. Who can think of this day?

So when Ye Wen beckoned to him, he was still very excited. Even these few steps seemed to float up, and then stood there with excitement.

I didn’t see Ye Wen gesturing the mantra and so on afterwards. I just slapped it on the holy cloth. The Libra holy cloth seemed to be fragmented by Ye Wen, a palm student. After the bang, it turned into countless The parts, and then these parts have been turned into one after another golden light, directly flew to the side of Yu Wentuo.

Everyone in the palace was attracted by this glory, and was originally prepared to say to Artemis and so on Athena also closed her mouth and quietly looked at the scene in front of her-to be honest, gold The thing of the Saint Cloth is quite gorgeous even when it is worn, and this is the most satisfying to Athena. This gorgeous and explosive equipment suits her best, even if the practicality is slightly worse. Moreover, the practicality of this golden cloak is not bad.

The gorgeous golden brilliance burst, followed by the rays of light, and it was no longer as dazzling as it was just now, so that people could not see anything clearly. At this time, there was no Libra holy cloth in the temple, but an extra cloak. Golden armored youngster.

Yu Wentuo stood on the spot and looked down at his armor and the shields on his arms. When Ye Wen painted these holy cloth drawings, he chose the shape of the golden holy clothes during the tenth palace of the Hades, he thinks That version of the Saint Cloth is the most perfect and gorgeous, more angular than the previous version of the Saint Cloth, and also highlights the user’s strength; at the same time, it is smoother than the new version of the later version.

Because of this choice, the two shields of the Libra Saint Cloth are all hung on the forearm, instead of the left hand on the right side of the forearm on the shoulder.

Of course, in addition to being able to pull out a chain as a weapon and throw it out, the two shields also have a function inside, that is, they can store weapons.

Although Yu Wentuo will learn boxing skills with him, who knows whether this discipline will like to use any special weapons? Plus Ye Wen has come to the conclusion that this kid must have a relationship with Thor, the Thor, and as everyone knows, that Thor uses a hammer…

If you want to use other weapons, you don’t have to be so troublesome. The Libra Saint Cloth comes with long spear (Trident), 3 nunchakus, nunchakus, crutch, sword and other weapons, enough for him to use.

Ye Wen looked at Yu Wentuo up and down, looking at the disciplinary golden armor, the whole body still exuded golden sun like the sun, he knew that it was formed by the small universe contained in the holy cloth itself, not by his own discipline. The strength, that is to say, Yu Wentuo can’t control this holy garment at the moment. He is able to wear the holy garment on his body right now because of Ye Wen.

“Wave a punch at me!”

Yu Wentuo looked doubtful towards Ye Wen. After wearing this holy garment, he had a strange feeling, a feeling of suddenly possessing powerful power, and at the same time there was a strangeness of this feeling that was not controlled. Awkward, at the same time, it seems that the divine force hidden in the fleshy body has also got some catharsis, and it shows a part of it.

All kinds of feelings are mixed together, giving Yu Wentuo an illusion: he has become a lot stronger!

At this time, I heard Ye Wen let him throw a fist, and he was somewhat hesitant, but soon he came back to his senses. I realized that even if he became many times stronger, I am afraid that he would not be regarded by his Master. So it was a very simple punch and punched directly at Ye Wen’s chest-he still didn’t dare to punch directly at Ye Wen’s face.

Sure enough, he couldn’t move forward until his fist was halfway through. A finger that was not thick or even a little slender was clicked on his fist. It seemed that the finger that could crush it was like the most on the world. Like a solid object, no matter how hard Yuwen Tuo exerts his force, he can’t move his fist forward half a minute.

In the eyes of others, it was Yu Wentuo’s body of rays of light Dasheng, and then stepped on his waist to swing his arms. A straight fist with great power slammed into Ye Wen. This fist only knows that power is good. , I am afraid that even a boulder will be blown into dust by this fist.

But this fist was picked up by Ye Wen casually, and compared to the heaven-shaking, earth-shattering imposing manner and various dazzling light and shadow effects on Yu Wentuo, Ye Wen just raised his hand flatly. The index finger was stretched out, and Yu Wentuo took a punch.

2 The person kept this position for about ten seconds, and Yu Wentuo felt that all his strength had vented thoroughly, but when he wanted to throw a fist, he found that the armor on his body seemed to be within 1000 pounds, and he even moved. It was very difficult, and it was a surprise.

It was just that he soon remembered that the description of the Saint Cloth in the original book was quite similar to the situation he encountered now, and he immediately understood what was going on.

“It seems that you have understood it!” Ye Wen stood in front of Yu Wentuo, the expression on his disciplinary face changed naturally as he saw it clearly: “Don’t see that you have put on this holy suit, but want to be real It is not enough to use its formidable power to your current strength, so for the next period of time, you have to work hard to cultivate!”

“Yes, Master!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded. Although this discipline is a transmigrator, it is not a brain damage at present. I don’t really think how expert he is. I am respectful of his Master. Overall, he is more satisfied: “Then, for a while, you don’t need to take off this holy garment. Wearing it normally to practice exercises is also an adaptation!”

Yu Wentuo thought that he would resist this set of clothes even when he walked, and he would inevitably reveal a bit of bitterness, but he thought he might have superhuman strength, he was relieved: “If you don’t suffer a bit, where did you come benefit?”

As for whether he can move normally in this holy cloth at this time, Ye Wen is not worried. The divine force contained in this kid’s body has the effect of letting Ye Wen marvel. It seems that the discipline is being tempered every moment. Fleshy body, and from the strength of the punch he just noticed, Yu Wentuo’s power is far more than ordinary people, even some cultivation people don’t dare to connect him to this fist easily.

In other words, although Yu Wentuo looks like a mortal and has not received any exercise, in fact, he is very different from mortals. In the words of Olympus, it is that this is A Demi-God body is a human being who has a part of the power of God.

With this kind of existence, there is no problem walking around in a golden cloak, even if this cloak not at all admits this guy as his master.

In such a moment, Hephaestus refined Artemis’ 2 weapons, and Goddess of the Moon was playing 2 brand new weapons beside Hephaestus, and he also pulled up Solidar-The rage of the stars shoots a magic arrow.

The magic arrows released by the rage of the stars are like meteors in the sky, shining bright starlight, dragging a long tail, and giving this slightly dimmed great hall a momentary light to the target-hitting the target After that, this light disappeared.

With this bow, Artemis basically does not need to consider the problem of arrows again, and the magic arrows from the Condense of this bow do not need to consume her half of the divine force.

At the same time, the pair of Azzinoth Warblades also made Artemis very satisfied, but she probably didn’t have many opportunities to use the weapon, and more often used the anger of the stars to fight the enemy-she is not very good It is used to putting opponents in front of himself, not to mention Artemis’ usual wearing habits, and it is not suitable to use the weapon of Azzinoth Warblade.

I played around and watched the soft rays of light emanating from the blade of Essinos. Unlike the original green rays of light, Artemis’ pair of Essinos passed through Hephaestus Sri Lanka’s Improved, exuding a yellowish brilliance like the moonlight, is soft and not dazzling.

When the pair of soldier blades were lifted on the hands, Artemis’ white skin seemed to be covered with a halo, and the other people looked a little hazy, which made the beautiful Goddess of the Moon add somewhat mysterious.

“Not bad!”

Artemis waved it smoothly, and found that although the pair of battle blades looked huge and a little blunt, they were actually very suitable for swinging. With the sharp blade, they could break almost everything she wanted to break. Objects, this formidable power makes Artemis very satisfied.

Although there is no special ability for War Blade, this is enough to satisfy Artemis. After all, this is a melee weapon?

Stretching his hand on the war blade, the moon-like armband on Artemis’ right arm slightly emits a trace of rays of light, and then the two sets of soldier blades on his hand are all disappeared-Ye Wen Then I realized that the armband on Artemis’ right arm was what she usually used to store her weapons. He always thought that the armband was just a decoration.

Turning his head to look at Ye Wen, Artemis, who was smiling, nodded at him rarely: “I am very satisfied with what you compensated me, then the matter is over!”

Then turned around, leaving a beautiful back slowly disappeared from everyone’s eyes.

Athena saw Artemis gone, and then turned her head towards towards Ye Wen. She also had a surprised expression on her face: “Did you not even set this woman?”

She was really a little surprised, originally looking at the return of Ye Wen and Artemis to live together in harmony, she was much more intimate than she was a few days ago. She thought Ye Wen, the powerhouse from the East, had conquered The proud woman-after all, a man and a woman ran to the Aegean Sea alone for half a month, saying that nothing happened that Athena really didn’t believe it.

But it was only at this time that she was surprised to find that Ye Wen really didn’t do anything, otherwise Artemis absolutely impossible left such a dashing expression, and then turned his head proudly and turned away.

Ye Wen looked at Athena with a depressed face, and she couldn’t figure out what trick Goddess was doing. Was she eager to push down the Goddess of the Moon herself? What good does this do to this guy?

After thinking about it, I couldn’t think of an answer. Ye Wen decided not to continue tormenting his head. He continued to watch Hephaestus carrying out his work, and slowly completed the remaining golden garment one after another. A set of golden holy clothes lay there, and the ray of rays of light almost made this dim workshop bright as noon, especially when the eleven holy clothes were placed together, just like the noon sun, it was scary. Look straight.

Only Athena stood there, squinting and smiling, looking at these eleven sets of artwork-like holy clothes and sighed: “It’s perfect!”

Ye Wen did not speak, but turned around and took Yu Wentuo to leave. He accompanied Artemis to fly half a month at sea like a fool. At this time, he returned to Mount Olympus and the most wanted thing to do is Find a place to rest and rest.

After all, although the place in the Aegean Sea is beautiful, he does not go on vacation. This half a month is really not very good. Running around 4 times a day makes him a little tired-not physically, but mentally.

At the same time, playing with Siren and Poseidon in succession, even though there was no damage, he still spent a little effort, and he had to think about how to deal with opponents like Poseidon.

Although there are not many powerhouses similar to Poseidon on Mount Olympus, they are not without them. Coupled with Apollo’s sister who is also not weak, his life is actually not so good.

Yu Wentuo did not say anything, but obediently and honestly followed Ye Wen, but Athena also followed, making Ye Wen a little surprised.

Along the way, no one took the initiative to speak, and Yu Qilin closed his eyes, letting Ye Wen use Heavenly Purple Qi Net to carry it in the air and carrying it behind him. That look was as comfortable as it could be-plus Ye Wen From time to time, feed him some spirit pill and marvelous medicine and so on, and Yu Qilin’s injury has recovered a lot, and it has been cleaned again. At this time, I see that Divine Beast has gradually become the prestige.

It’s just that compared to the strongest period, the skinny jade Qilin still looks a bit pitiful, but Yu Wentuo likes to stick with this Qilin. Ye Wen looks at it, it is estimated that his discipline has not given up. This Qilin is going to be accepted as a mount, but he is also happy to see it done and he will go.

Ye Wen guessed right, Yu Wentuo is thinking of himself in a golden holy garment, stepping down the majestic jade Qilin, and then grab some more domineering swords in his hand, this majestic look of majesty Just standing there can scare many people, right?

It’s just that Yu Qilin has his own ideas, and it’s not so easy to conquer as a mount. Yu Wentuo can only work hard to get close to Yu Qilin, hoping to deepen his feelings when it is weak, so that when it is better. It is estimated that I will not want to go away.

If you don’t leave, it means that he has a chance, so he is still working hard for his goal.

After a short trip, Ye Wen returned to the palace where he lived on Mount Olympus. After entering, he thought he could meet the idle person of Shen Gongbao, but didn’t expect to see the black tiger lazily Shen was lying there basking in the sun, but Shen Gongbao didn’t know where to go.

“Ah? Is this black tiger the Master’s mount?”

Yu Wentuo also saw the black tiger at this time. Compared with Qilin, this black tiger looks much more majestic, even if it is a lazily at this time, even his eyes are half-squinted.

It’s just that when it noticed Jade Qilin, the pair of sleepy eyes opened violently, and then after looking closely, they showed a look of surprise. They stood up immediately, howled and went to Jade Qilin. The body flew over-it didn’t look like an attack, but after seeing a friend, I wanted to throw a warm hug.

Ye Wen was not surprised. Both Shen Gongbao and Huang Tianhua participated in the battle of the gods. The two people knew each other naturally, so it is not surprising that their mounts knew each other.

What’s unexpected is… when this black tiger rushed over, Yu Qilin even looked uncomfortable, and then slightly shrunk his neck, followed by a sharp head lift, the angle on the head hit the black tiger’s chin very accurately, Directly flew the white-fronted black tiger flew to the side-dribbled around in the air several times, then bang hit the wall on the side, and finally slid slowly to the ground against the wall, slammed Fall back to heaven.


Ye Wen put jade Qilin on the balcony, let this guy bask in the sun, and then left it alone, and jumped up again. A black tiger next to jade Qilin went to find a place to sit down. .

Yu Wentuo was also surprised to watch two mighty Divine Beast slap on the balcony side (actually the black tiger turned around Qilin, jade Qilin closed his eyes to sleep), until Ye Wen said: ” That tiger is from Shen Gongbao!” This is the key to understanding.

Seeing the recipe, Ye Wen no longer talked nonsense, and turned his attention to Athena again: “So, Your Goddess, do you have anything to do with me?”

Athena took a look at Ye Wen and asked Ye Wen what was unexpected: “It seems that you are really not interested in Goddess of the Moon! In that case, what do you think of me?”

Ye Wen, who was putting fruit in his mouth, was shocked by this sentence and stopped his hand movements, then held back for a long time before finally holding out a word: “Ha?” (Unfinished. If you like this Works, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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