History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 462

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You can’t blame Ye Wen for being too surprised, because he really can’t figure out what is happening now.

“Is it hurried to send myself to someone else’s hands, what’s going on?”

If Athena designed Artemis, he could still be regarded as the Goddess of the war. Artemis is not pleasing to the eye, so if you want to find something awkward for that woman, then this situation is really confusing. Too.

Ye Wen doesn’t think he’s really a handsome indignation, a non-human existence resentful by humans and gods, and he doesn’t think he’s cultivated any special cultivation technique that can charm women—Innate Purple Qi is an authentic Taoist cultivation technique, and even emphasizes innocent desire; And Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror has nothing to do with this aspect! So he even wondered why this happened.

“Can’t I just look at my extraordinary natural talent?”

In the wild thoughts, the doubts in his eyes were not covered in a bit, and the opposite Athena was seen to see 2 Chu. The Goddess of Wisdom and War saw a smile that was quite playful when he saw Ye Wen’s expression: “Actually… …You don’t have to think about things as complicated!”

“Oh? How about an explanation?” He wanted to hear what Athena would say.

Unexpectedly, the Goddess leaned back slightly, and then the legs that were always together slowly lifted one, and placed on the other leg under the eyes of Ye Wen. That one was very simple. The long skirt skirt slightly lifted up with her, and exposed the white and tender calf.

“It’s just that a person feels lonely for too long and wants to find a suitable partner that’s all!”

Ye Wen wouldn’t believe this. The woman hasn’t seen her thinking about this kind of thing for a long time. How come sooner or later, when she came to Olympus, she wanted to find a man?

“You don’t believe it?” The smile on Athena’s face hasn’t changed. Even if Ye Wen looked like “I’m so strange I believe you”, she didn’t show any dissatisfaction: “Actually, I can prove it!”

“Well, I don’t believe it, and you don’t need your proof!” Ye Wen is simply neat. He feels that after talking with Athena in this way, he will definitely fall into the rhythm of this woman. If she accidentally leads her by her nose Go, so take the initiative to open up, destroy the topic, and then look like you don’t want to continue talking about it, and close your eyes as if you are asleep.

His move was obviously to send the guests off, and Athena returned to normal after a little stunned, and then left a sentence: “Consider it!” He stood up, then looked at Ye Wen again and left This palace.

When Athena’s footsteps faded away, she could no longer hear it, and Ye Wen opened her eyes again. Then, when she opened her eyes, she saw Yu Wentuo’s damn expression: “What expression are you? “

“Master ……” Yu Wentuo’s Master shouted more sincerely than before: “You are too powerful!” This sentence is definitely from the heart, if this discipline is not wearing a body, you feel more pressure The golden holy cloth may immediately kneel in front of his Master.

No way, just this matter was just a little surprised for Ye Wen, but for Yu Wentuo, this impact is as strong as being directly hit by a comet on the forehead.

Who is Athena? Although he didn’t know much about Greek mythology, he also heard of the name of Goddess, but even the real War God Ares on Mount Olympus took her character, Divine King Zeus also had a headache. Existence-indeed a headache, Athena popped out of his head.

There are many powerful people on Mount Olympus, but Athena, a woman in these existence, is also in the forefront of the figure. Such a woman is now saying that she wants to marry her Master. Valkyrie can’t figure it out, is this gap too much?

At this time, Yu Wentuo eagerly hoped that his Master could impart this skill to himself, and he did not expect to be able to do anything like the three transmigrators in the novel. 3 houses and 6 houses would make him satisfied with Valkyrie. Too.

“Master ……”

“Hugh wants to be cranky, hurry up and practice!” I finally understood this discipline and so on Ye Wen, I just felt that didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Where did this kid know that Ye Wen was having a headache for this matter? It is not good for a woman or a beautiful woman to marry herself, but the problem is that this woman is Athena, which inevitably makes him feel very troublesome.

As far as he knows, although Athena is the rarer goddess on Mount Olympus, and she is clever and powerful, there are also many people who target her.

Including Divine King Zeus and Sea King Poseidon want to receive it, that is to say, regardless of others, there are 2 BOSS-Rank characters on Olympus staring at this woman! Now that Athena pulls herself in, isn’t she just standing on the opposite side of the 2 big bosses?

Poseidon didn’t care anyway. Anyway, because of Artemis’s reason, the two had already become the opponent, not to mention that the two of them had already played against each other, and there was no possibility of reconciliation.

Zeus… he was looking forward to being able to make friends with Zeus. Athena is making trouble, he still has a good hair!

“You can’t… this woman just made such an idea?”

If you think about it carefully, it is not impossible, but what is the benefit for Athena? He couldn’t figure it out for a while, so he threw the matter aside. Anyway, he didn’t plan to receive the Goddess in his room, so he didn’t have to think too much, just like soldiers with generals and stem water with earth.

After glancing at Yu Wentuo, who has been meditating not far away, Ye Wen began to think about how to teach this discipline.

Yu Wentuo’s cultivation speed is really amazing. All True Heart Law estimates that it will not be long before he is trained. What martial arts should he cultivate next?

After thinking about it, I finally decided to give this kid a cultivation lesser formless art, not for any special reason, mainly considering the divine force of this discipline within the body. If it conflicts with other cultivation techniques, it will be difficult to deal with. The compatibility of Lesser Formless Art is the best of several cultivation techniques in his own hands-although I don’t know if there will be any conflicts with the power of this completely different system.

As for the cultivation of All True Heart Law, why didn’t you consider it, or because All True Heart Law had a problem, and it wasn’t distressed when it was abolished.

In the follow-up cultivation technique, once the cultivation is up, if something goes wrong, then there will be more trouble. Maybe it will affect his future, so I have to choose carefully.

At present, there is no need to consider the issue of Lesser Formless Art, although according to the current perspective, perhaps this discipline can be cultivated in less than 3 to 5 months.

But Ye Wen has more to teach him at present-as a Libra Saint, how can he not know how to use weapons?

Therefore, in the outer sect kung fu tricks and weapon use, Yu Wentuo has enough things to learn, not to mention anything else, just the long spear, long sword, shield (also can be used as weapons such as Meteor Hammer and chain), The weapons of abduction, nunchaku, and 3 nunchaku each require a lot of time to practice.

At the same time, through the outer sect kung fu cultivation, Ye Wen also wants to inspire the divine force in Yu Wentuo’s Fleshy body, it is best to do this before his All True Heart Law cultivation reaches a certain level, only then he So as soon as possible to judge whether Yu Wentuo can continue to cultivate Eastern internal strength mentality, if there is serious conflict, it is better to resolve it as soon as possible.

So as soon as the sun rose on the second day, Yu Wentuo, who was still in his sleep, was picked up from the bed by Ye Wen, and then ordered him to wash in the shortest time, then put on the holy clothes and go out to practice. .

“Master … don’t have breakfast?”

Yu Wentuo is not Ye Wen. He is still basically a human being and still needs to eat to maintain his life.

But Ye Wen showed a devilish smile and dropped the sentence: “Don’t eat it first, you will vomit!” He took the lead and went out.

“Why…who is not good to learn that road idiot…”

Mumbling followed behind, Yu Wentuo yawned all the way and looked around at four places from time to time, and finally he found himself in a ruin.

Although there are several buildings here, they are all in a dilapidated state, and at the same time there is a very large square. There are broken stands on 4 sides, which looks a bit like a sports field.

“This is an abandoned fighting arena on Mount Olympus. No one usually comes. We will train here in the future!”

Ye Wen has inquired clearly about the situation in this place. After knowing that there is such a suitable environment, it is natural to make good use of it.

“Nothing is complicated to teach you today, starting from the most basic!”

“What?” Yu Wentuo thought about it, the most basic thing? Could it be meditating? After all, the cultivation or cultivation that he remembered was that he didn’t do anything all day. Finding a nobody’s mountain ditch is a kind of 1000 years.

It is a pity that he does not know how Shushan Sect got started, or what Shushu Sect’s cultivation technique is? I thought it was the same as the cultivation sect in those novels.

Therefore, when Ye Wen shouted: “Zamabu!” Yu Wen Tuo didn’t come back to his senses for a long time there.


He even suspected that there was a problem with his ears that caused auditory hallucinations, otherwise how could he hear such a “national art” vocabulary?

“Master, aren’t we cultivating Sect?”

Ye Wen ordered nodded, told Yu Wentuo that he heard correctly, and then briefly explained: “Our Shushan Sect is slightly different from other home Sects, we are from Wuqi!”


“That is to say, our Sects are all martial arts trainers, so don’t be in a daze, Zama!” Suddenly a short stick came out of the hand, and Ye Wen imagined a piece of stick shadow while waving. With a few sounds of peng~ peng~ peng~, Yu Wentuo felt that his legs were bent, his waist and abdomen and his arms were successively hit by several sticks.

It hurts, but it doesn’t hurt, but after a few sticks, the whole body is involuntarily posing a posture. Yu Wentuo takes a look, isn’t it the authentic horse step?

Ye Wen clicked again with a stick to Yu Wentuo, came back to his senses, and saw a slightly distorted place: “Remember this posture, there must be no change!”

Yu Wentuo shouted inwardly: “I’m so miserable!” But why didn’t expect it turned out that Shushan Sect turned out to be a martial arts Sect, and the entry disciples actually started to practice from this most basic foundation, and he thought Immortal Sect was all It’s the kind of finding a place to sit and then come out to be a fairy!

But now that he has entered the thief ship, it is not easy to choose to give up. Moreover, he has also seen the strength of Ye Wen. It is indeed very powerful. Such a Master is not so easy to find-even if this World really has a lot more powerful existence than Ye Wen, he has to find it. And even if he finds it, no one is willing to accept him as a disciple.

Although Yu Wentuo is a transmigrator, he also has various fantasies about his life after crossing. But he is not an idiot, and he also knows that there will be rewards only if he gives, and it is almost impossible to want to be immune to any sin and become a powerful existence.

So he clenched his teeth and stood firm, while enduring the horrible weight of the golden holy cloth while maintaining the posture of Ma Bu, stunned that Ye Wen did not have the opportunity to export his lessons.

This kind of perseverance surprised Ye Wen a little, and secretly ordered nodded: “It seems that this kid is not the kind of pointless guy, but has several points of perseverance!”

Seeing that he clenched his teeth and insisted, Ye Wen suddenly said a few words and then stretched out his hand. Yu Wentuo immediately felt that True Qi in his body seemed to have received the order, swimming in his body.

And every turn, I feel a little better, and my lower body, which has almost lost consciousness, is gradually getting better. At this time, he does not know that some of the masters in teaching him to walk the horse, he is an idiot, and he is calm. Qi remembered the steps clearly and clearly, and then I didn’t realize that Ye Wen was still standing aside, each minding their own business according to the method just carried out within the body True Qi.

Ye Wen looked aside, and finally nodded with satisfaction. Although Yu Wentuo’s perception was not the best, but because of his excellent physical quality, plus has several points of perseverance, and the reaction was also sensitive, so cultivation speed Quite impressive.

In fact, just a while ago, Ye Wen was deliberately trying out this discipline. Among his many disciplines, Li Xiaoyao almost didn’t need him to give instructions, but only stepped into the horse, and immediately realized the key. Just point out some mistakes.

However, Yue Ning already knew this when he started, and Zhou Zhiruo guided his own practice-at that time, he was quite young, so he taught these formulas at the same time, and did not try.

Further down, Xu Ping is an introduction to leading the arts; Liu Muyan doesn’t have a little aptitude, and the final achievements are also limited; let alone Guo Jing, you don’t teach him, he won’t even think about it, but only gradually when he is old. Enlightenment, actually completed the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms.

Li Xiaoyao has already mentioned that Wei Hong has hardly received his guidance, and Guan Luyan and the like will not be elaborated, because these people have a special situation.

Carefully calculated, Yu Wentuo’s perception should be in the middle of the discipline, but the comprehensive quality is the best of many disciplines! Li Xiaoyao is poor in physical fitness, but after eating Spirit Fruit, it has improved a lot.

In other words, if Yu Wentuo teaches well, he will become the best person in his discipline like Li Xiaoyao. After discovering this, Ye Wen is quite looking forward to it.

One morning, Yu Wentuo learned Zamabu, but his pain has only just begun. Since he discovered that this recipe is a material that can be made, Ye Wen can’t care about anything else at this time, just in Olympi Sishan taught the discipline wholeheartedly.

After finishing Ma Bu in the morning, he helped Yu Wentuo get some food, and then let him relax for a while, then he began to teach the sword.

“Since you have put on this holy suit, let’s not talk about it, you have to use the matching swords on it…”

“Obviously it’s the Master, the one you plugged into me…”

Ignoring Yu Wentuo’s complaint, Ye Wen asked the discipline to dismantle all the weapons on the holy garments, and laid them out on the ground. Then he took the lead to pick up a yellow golden sword.

“Although there are a lot of skills in this school, but Sword Art and palm art are the first, so you can see some Sword Art of this school first!”

The words did not fall, Ye Wen first demonstrated from All True Sword Art, Ye Wen did not deliberately dazzle the colorful flowers played by Sword Art, but it was quite satisfactory to perform a set of Sword Art and then change to another one. Set of Sword Art.

From All True Sword Art to Revolving Wind-Falling Goose Sword to 100 to 1000 Phantom Cloud 3 and Extinct Double Swords, during which there were also three Linked Life-Seizing Immortal Sword and Taiyue 3 Qingfeng several sword moves, Afterwards, the sword around the sword and the sword of Shenmen 3 1 were demonstrated…

The various Sword Art in Shushan Sect were skewered by Ye Wen in one breath, and finally several Blade Techniques such as Five Tigers Breaking Gate Blade, Bloody Blade Technique, Xuanxu Blade Technique and 7-spin unrestricted weapons Kung Fu was sent out with a long sword.

“The last few were Blade Technique, but this yellow golden sword is said to be a long sword, but it is similar to the Western broad sword. It is also used to make the sword move, so…”

He grabbed a lot of words and looked up to see Yu Wentuo staring at him in a daze with staring eyes.


Yu Wentuo stunned the head, but then nodded again, and finally a sentence came out: “Master… let’s Sect these martial arts…”

He said this, Ye Wen immediately understood that it turned out that when he just demonstrated his tricks, every time he used a kung fu, he would report the name of Sword Art. One of the two was nothing. Where are these martial arts?

“Ah, when naming these martial arts for the teacher, it’s a lot of laziness…”

“This is it!” Yu Wentuo wiped the non-existent sweat on his head, and then thought about it, and suddenly curiously asked: “Yes, Master, what are some of the more well-known methods in our Sect?” The accent is bitten on the two words, and the meaning is self-evident.

Ye Wen didn’t care, just casually said: “Iron Palm, Soft Palm, Heaven and Earth Net Force, Floating Snow Palm Fist, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms!”

Yu Wentuo felt more dizzy as he listened, and after listening to this bunch of names, he suddenly asked: “Master, will our Sect’s Sect costume be Adi Wang’s?” (To be continued. If you like this work, welcome You come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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