History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 463

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“Our Sect clothes are all handmade products made with the best materials, absolutely high-end goods!”

Ye Wen only felt that there were black lines on his head, and he coped with two sentences casually and then taught: “And you don’t have to care too much about these. In fact, the martial arts in those novels have prototypes, which is really uncertain. Who is the copycat?”

These are not all nonsense, at least there is indeed Quanzhenism on Earth, and there is indeed a Sword Art called All True Sword Art, and the prototype of Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms is also a category of Quanzhenism. The palm method Jianglong 8 1 turns the palm, the difference is that there is an additional word that’s all in the original version.

Ye Wen until now all claimed that Shushan Sect inherited the Quanzhen Taoism, but at this time it had a role.

At least when ignoring this discipline from Earth, there is a quasi-preparation: “This school really has to count, and it can be regarded as the Taoism of the Quanzhen religion, so the martial arts of this school are mainly based on the Daomen cultivation technique! Of course, so Over the years, there have also been many miscellaneous cultivation techniques for the side doors. Those martial arts also have their own unique features. You don’t need to know about these at present. You will have the opportunity to tell you later!”

Yu Wentuo froze listening to Ye Wen’s long talk there, and the thing in his head was long gone by Ye Wen’s words, and then waited for Ye Wen to pause for a while, before saying: “Master, disciple will be in the future What cultivation techniques can you learn from this school?”

Isn’t it often written like this in a novel? Because there are so many disciplines in the Great Sect, there are also many branches, so cultivation techniques are divided into different categories. Which faction can learn what kind of kung fu is basically delineated, so Yu Wentuo is natural I asked curiously.

I don’t know that Ye Wen is respected on Shu Mountain. As his discipline, he naturally learns what he wants. Ye Wen didn’t answer at this time, but just said: “Now you don’t need to think about this, first Just pass on your internal strength mentality and the skills I will teach you to practice!”

Saying that’s all, Ye Wen began to teach from All True Sword Art, but then he discovered that this discipline simply knew nothing about Sword Art, there was no way to start teaching from a more basic place.

Fortunately, this discipline is familiar with these things very quickly, but just one day later, it seems that the basic Sword Art dances all the way, but if you really want to cross the threshold of Sword Art, it takes a period of hard work. practice.

Seeing Yu Wentuo pack up the yellow golden sword and a group of weapons, Ye Wen saw the pile of red and blue double pupils again, thought about it, and suddenly pointed to the distance and asked, “Have you seen it there?”

Yu Wentuo turned his head and followed Ye Wen’s finger to take a closer look, and then he was surprised for a moment, but the Master asked him to answer complied obediently: “It’s very clear!”

“What did you see?”

“A long and cute little girl hiding there… seems to be peeking at us? Is she also the god on Olympus?” Yu Wentuo also saw it with a finger, scratching her cheek a bit Wonder, why would this person hide there to peep? Is it to steal martial arts? But the problem is that what he practiced today is really too basic. It is estimated that even if he wants to steal something, he can’t learn anything useful?

Ye Wen had long known that there were people there, but he was too lazy to control that’s all. At this time, he also tried Yu Wentuo’s double pupils and answered casually: “That’s Sleeping God’s son Phantomassos, It’s a fake girl! You Master, I taught him a meal. I’m not sure this kid will come to trouble you later. Remember what he looks like. Be careful!”

Yu Wentuo was shivered for a while, and then looked at the lovely and fantastic Phantasos, only to feel a chill-before I only heard about this creature, but today I saw it with my own eyes, this impact can be too great.

Ye Wen looked at the boy’s reaction and felt sorry for him: “This child, what if he sees him in Martial Uncle and Lingzhu?”

Turning his head and looking at the distance again, Phantasos has disappeared. It is estimated that Ye Wen found himself and left, and he didn’t know what he was here for, but Ye Wen treated the kid. Still has several points of beware.

In the final analysis, it is because Phantasos and Aphrodite are closer, and Aphrodite likes Ares. This is something that is known throughout Olympus, and he and Ares because The relationship of positions is absolutely impossible, so the two sides are 100% hostile.

After taking Yu Wentuo back to the palace where he lived, he heard Shen Gongbao’s voice as soon as he entered. When he walked into the hall, he saw Shen Gongbao turning around the jade Qilin, and clicking one’s tongue in wonder, it seems to be very surprised that jade Qilin will suddenly appear in the place where he lives, especially where he is now still on Mount Olympus.

Seeing Ye Wen coming back, Shen Gongbao even asked first: “Where did this Jade Qilin, Ye Sect Master find it?” After that, he pointed to several scars on his body: “Although these wounds are more comparable Serious, but with Qilin’s magic, it is not incurable, but unfortunately there is no suitable medicine ingredients at hand…”

After looking at it, I looked at Yu Qilin with a pity, and my hands seemed to stretch out but didn’t dare to stretch it out-just looking at his expression, I knew that this guy must have stretched his hand, and was taught by Yu Qilin.

It’s no wonder that pets and owners will have several points of similarity. Looking at Shen Gongbao, it’s a model like yesterday’s Black Tiger. It can be seen that Black Tiger’s playful temperament is also estimated from Shen Gongbao, but Shen Gongbao Self-control is stronger, usually restrains that’s all.

But Ye Wen didn’t pay attention to this, but it was the sentence that Shen Gongbao said that he could cure jade Qilin: “General Shen has a way?”

Shen Gongbao circled around and looked at it a few more times, and then kept a distance of about one meter from Yu Qilin, pointing to the broken corner: “Don’t worry about this place, even if you don’t care about it, after 3 50 years It will recover naturally. If you have a medicine pill or some heavenly material earthly treasure to help, it will not be a rare thing to recover in a year or two!”

After a few steps, I came to Yu Qilin. At this time, Yu Qilin did not wait so much to see him. After all, this guy was also talking about how to treat his injury, and it was not good to always give people a face.

Shen Gongbao pointed to the blind eyes, tsk tsk said: “If there is a Divine Beast next to it, it will take some weeks to restore this eyes, but Qilin, Dragon, Xuanwu, etc. need not be so troublesome, as long as the medicine is suitable, Combined with a medicine bath, and then a good life will raise some, and slowly will restore vision until intact… As for the scar, it can be disappeared in one or two months!”

Yu Qilin’s eyes now look white. If the eyes of ordinary people become this look, simply there is no possibility of recovery!

But who are the people standing here right now? In the eyes of everyone, it is the general existence of Divine Immortal. At the same time, Qilin itself is not an ordinary animal, but Divine Beast representing auspiciousness, and it is also arrogant. Therefore, it is not impossible to restore the blind eyes as before.

As for the scar from the forehead to the moment, simply don’t have to take it seriously, even if you don’t need a medicinal stone, give Yu Qilin a period of time, you can be disappeared.

If it wasn’t for the tortured day and night in Hai Demoness, and it was necessary to protect Huang Tianhua’s body, how could Jade Qilin become so embarrassed?

Ye Wen listened to Shen Gongbao saying a big pass, and finally took out the communicator directly. After connecting, she asked Shen Gongbao: “What medicine ingredients are needed?”

Shen Gongbao was taken aback for a while, and then came to understand that Ye Wen wanted to contact Shushan, and then thought to send something to Shen Gongbao for use.

When he reported what he needed, he saw Ye Wen playing around with it a few times, and then stood there talking to the people-Shen Gongbao could hear the sound from the detector, otherwise He also wonders Ye Sect Master Who is this talking to?

When Ye Wen closed the communicator, Shen Gongbao asked, “What is this magic weapon?”

Ye Wen didn’t hide it, just said directly: “The one that was made a few days ago is one of the things delivered by your black tiger, and can talk directly with Shushan.”

Shen Gongbao knows what Ye Wen let his black tiger go to Shushan to take. It is really more convenient to have this thing-Communication Talisman 箓 No matter how fast, it is not more convenient than this thing, this thing is like 2 People talk face to face, but Communication Talisman is still more similar to correspondence.

He didn’t know yet, this thing can only talk to the terminal of Shushan now. If you want to make a finished product that can be talked about with just two detectors, the talisman Formation to be restrained is much more complicated than this, Cui Jun Currently under study, I am afraid it is difficult to complete in a short time.

Ye Wen just explained a big pass, originally thinking that after Yuxuan arrived at Shushan, then trouble the Senior to send things to Mount Olympus.

It didn’t expect that Zhang Ling directly opened the mouth and said after hearing Ye Wen’s request: “I will send it to the Master personally!”

Ye Wen didn’t expect Zhang Ling would say to come, but he did not object, just said: “Be careful when you are on the road and hang up!”

Regarding Zhang Ling, he hasn’t paid much attention to it, and he hasn’t even officially accepted her as a discipline. Even now, he is staying on Shushan under the name of a Honorary Disciple.

But this girl has always been quiet, and there is no sense of presence in it normally. How did you behave so positively this time?

He did not know that this matter was still arranged by Ning Ruxue. The original 2 people thought about sending someone to accompany Ye Wen. Originally, because Ye Wen was worried about going to Mount Olympus, he didn’t know what would happen. It’s convenient, so I gave up this point, but now that I know that Ye Wen has lived safely in Mount Olympus, that is to say, there is no danger for the time being, then it’s miserable to let him stay outside alone. .

What’s more, Ye Wen until now doesn’t know how to take care of himself. Sending a recipe can take care of it in the past.

I wanted to let a certain discipline accompany me, but Shushan Sect was struggling to clear the level. Zhou Zhiruo several people are struggling to impact Earth Immortal realm. Ning Ruxue and Huayi also need cultivation, and the rest have no impact level. There are things to be busy.

After all, only Zhang Ling is more leisurely. After all, Cui Jun sits in the Fabao Pavilion, plus Zheng Ying is enough.

And Zhang Ling’s cultivation technique does not need to be closed to improve, she is not as busy as Chris to Absolute Domain and Seven Colored Battle Qi Full Mastery, so in the entire Shushan, she is relatively idle at this time, So he was picked by Ning Ruxue and sent her to Olympus to accompany Ye Wen.

Take advantage of this…beware of the women on Mount Olympus who hook up with their own men. After all, the chaos of the relationship between men and women on Mount Olympus is enough to make everyone up and down on Shu Mountain stunned. Even if it is normally informal, it seems that Xu Xian who does not take seriously anything has an unbelievable look with his mouth open.

“Mess… really messy!”

shook the head, after leaving such a comment, Huayi and Ning Ruxue were also extremely worried. Although they clearly know that the aesthetics of Westerners and Orientals are very different, they may not be able to see their own husbands, but to say Not worried about natural impossible at all, so Zhang Ling took the orders of the two Sect Masters, carried her long knife, and set off with the medicine ingredients Ye Wen needed.

Of course, considering Zhang Ling’s speed is not fast, it would be a waste of time if she flew in this way, so Cui Jun directly lent her the bottle gourd sitting under her normally.

“How to collect this bottle gourd when the time comes?”

Looking at the big bottle gourd where 2 people can stand up, Zhang Ling has a headache about how to save this thing. After all, this is Cui Jun’s magic weapon. She can’t be like a bottle gourd.

Cui Jun said: “Don’t worry, you hit fiercely on the bottle gourd when you reach the ground, and the bottle gourd will fly back by yourself!”

This bottle gourd was originally not so smart. Although Immortal World knows how to return to the master side magic weapon, this bottle gourd is definitely not in this list. It was during the days of Shushan. Cui Jun added it after refining. Several functions: “And you don’t have to think too much when you go, just sit on it, and it will fly to Mount Olympus itself!”

“Automatic navigation and automatic return journey?”

“Almost, are you ready? Get ready and just sit on it…” After seeing Zhang Ling jump on the bottle gourd, and then sat on it again, he said: “Yes, once this bottle gourd departs I can’t stop. It’s estimated that you can only sit on it during these days, so take this with you to ease your boredom!”

“This is…” Zhang Ling took the thing from Cui Jun’s hand and directly embarrassed. Cui Jun handed her a PSP.

“Relax, this thing has been modified by me. You don’t have to worry about running out of power after half of the game. Even if you don’t shut down and play for a month! It’s okay!” Cui Jun and Zheng Ying have been tinkering for a long time. The design of the energy problem of the device was quickly used by the old man on the game console. Zhang Ling did not know when to cry or laugh, and then rushed to Cui. Jun nodded and signaled that there was no problem.

Unexpectedly, Zheng Ying opened the mouth and said: “You wear this thing!” A detector similar to the one in Ye Wen’s hand was thrown over, but the lens in front had a different color that’s all.

“This thing can be contacted with the Master’s detector. When you are near Mount Olympus, you can use this to inform the Master, otherwise you can easily be arbitrarily taken as an enemy!”

As soon as this remark came out, all the talents responded to this point. Cui Jun turned his head and praised it: “Thanks to your thoughtfulness, Old Daoist, I didn’t expect this!”

Zhang Ling’s face looked so ugly, she found herself and the others simply thought what she was thinking, and asked her to go if she wanted to go. The details of it were simply not considered, so she set off, and what happened would be really hard to say. .

It’s a pity that she didn’t give her the opportunity to regret, and as soon as she took over the detector, Cui Jun pinched the secret art: “Go!” Then the bottle gourd swept up to the sky, and disappeared.

“OK, let’s go back!”

The crowd who came to send the lively crowd only felt a gust of wind blowing, and their eyes were all involuntarily narrowed. When they opened it again, there was no shadow of the bottle gourd. It can be seen that the bottle gourd is fast.

“Is this faster than a supersonic plane?”

As they walked back, several people talked in a low voice. No one noticed that the Great White Bear, a hero, froze a few times in the same place, as if looking for something.

Besides, Zhang Ling, sitting on bottle gourd, only feels that the wind is coming, but fortunately she is Absolute Domain, Fleshy body tempering is extremely tyrannical, so apart from being a little bit bored, there is no other problem. After she released her power a little, and put a layer of air around her like a shield to open the Gang style, the feeling of boredom was also disappeared.

Looking at the surrounding clouds, it was not the first time to fly, so I didn’t think there was any novelty. Zhang Ling had realized that Cui Jun, the old senior, was so prescient and gave himself a game machine to kill time. .

But before she could turn on the game console, she heard a small “meow” sound behind her, and even felt something was touching her lower back.

The sound is not loud, but above the sky where there is almost no sound, I would like to attract Zhang Ling’s attention. It is almost impossible, and I smoothly put my hand on the handle, and suddenly turned around, Zhang Ling saw it immediately. A scene that made her particularly speechless-Kitty Garfield also sat on the bottle gourd with her legs crossed, and her mouth kept chirping, and after seeing her turn around, she stretched out a piece of grilled fish pinched in her paws towards her :”Meow?”

I don’t know exactly when this little Brat was running. Zhang Ling was speechless for a while, but multiple companions were always good. He picked it up and put it in his arms, pats. The little belly that had been swollen by Garfield, Zhang Ling Take out the game console, 100 boring open to prepare to kill this boring time.

After a second… above this sky, a roar full of anger, grief and depression suddenly sounded:

“Isn’t there a game installed yet?” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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