History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 464

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Life on Mount Olympus is calm and boring! Fortunately, Yu Wentuo can teach at any time, so Ye Wen is not afraid of having nothing to do.

Every day after the sun rises, I will grab Yu Wentuo, and then go to training in that dilapidated arena. After the past few days, Yu Wentuo’s Sword Art has finally been practiced, but even so Ye Wen Nor did he teach him the complete set of Sword Art.

In the past few days, he also wanted to understand that if he wanted to teach Yu Wentuo a little bit, so that this discipline, like his many disciplines, started from the basics, then began to practice routines and slowly figured out how to really The way of using Sword Art, that time is already not enough.

So Ye Wen decided to teach in another way-to teach the basic use of these weapons, and then through endless combat to allow Yu Wentuo to practice the basics in these foundations, as for the set of moves will not be Yuwen The most important thing about cultivation is to give him a few drills at most and then let him know what the martial arts are about.

“In other words, you don’t have to think about what martial arts this move is and what it looks like. You only need to remember the approximate role of this move and know when it should be used!”

Originally, this should be a very profound martial art concept. If there is no severe decades of hard work or the perversion of the sky, it is impossible to understand. But Yu Wentuo’s situation is a bit different. His excellent physical quality can ensure that he can use some basic moves to form a strong formidable power. Considering that all moves are just the evolution of these basic moves, it is better to concentrate on polishing this kid. The foundation.

“I don’t know what kind of person will be taught when I get it!”

Because of the structure of the yellow golden sword, after learning Sword Art, Ye Wen took the opportunity to teach the basic Blade Technique to Yu Wentuo, and did not even specifically emphasize which is the Blade Technique and which is the Sword Art. Anyway, this kind of yellow golden sword Similar to the appearance of the Western Broadsword, it can fully meet the requirements of any of these two weapon tricks.

After teaching for a few days like this, when Yu Wentuo swayed the yellow golden sword, it made people wonder whether it was Sword Art or Blade Technique. Maybe the first second was the sword and the sword was punctured. The next second came a force to split Huashan. Swords and swords are mixed together. If you are a martial artist who is used to playing routines, it is estimated that unfathomable mystery will be hit immediately by this mess.

It’s a pity that this is Mount Olympus, and there are powerful gods living on the mountain. The foundations of these foundations are simply not worthy of their interest-even Phantasos will not come after a few days of peeking. Well, I guess I don’t think I can see anything useful after reading it?

“After the practice of the yellow golden sword, you will practice long spear… But because this set of yellow golden spears also has twigs, it also uses a lock technique, which may be more troublesome than the yellow golden sword!”

Yu Wentuo just oh, and did not comment on Ye Wen’s arrangement. He already understood that since he worshipped this person as a teacher, he should not think too much, just follow the Master’s teaching and practice.

Moreover, the most obvious fact in the past few days is that he gradually adapted to the weight of the Golden Saint Cloth. Although he still could not let the Libra Saint Cloth recognize him as Master, the powerful physical power was gradually inspired, even if Against this heavy armor, you can still move freely.

“Before practicing Spear Art, let me show you the only set of Spear Art!”

After I finished talking, I picked up a long spear-naturally gold long spear, and then demonstrated the set of Tang Family Overlord Spear.

This way Spear Art was exhibited in the hands of Ye Wen, but it is much more than the set of Spear Art terrifying in the original book. The point of the gun blade is nothing more than a scene of flying sand running stone, just a moment, in this arena There was a burst of dust. If it weren’t for Yu Wentuo’s peculiar eyes, I might have been unable to see Ye Wen’s movements for a long time.

After Ye Wen finished the Spear Art all the way, the arena seemed to be swept over and over again. The dust and gravel were all gone. If it wasn’t broken, it would be the same as brand new.

4 After a second look, Yu Wentuo suddenly said: “Master, can’t the Spear Art disciple that sweeps the street this way?”

“Can’t…practice well, if you practice those basic movements to such a might, then you can also reach a higher-level with this Spear Art!”

Ye Wen simply is not proficient in Spear Art, he can make it out also relying on the cultivation base is profound and knowledgeable, really want to talk about Spear Art alone, Shushan has to be the strongest of Guan Luyan’s father and daughter.

Although Tang Family Overlord Spear was suitable for him, although he was made majestic by him, he really had to run into the knowledgeable (such as Guan Yu), which would inevitably be a bit of a suspicion of displaying one’s slight skill before an expert.

But it’s enough to teach Yuwen Tuo, not to mention Ye Wen, he didn’t teach him deeply, only let the basic movements in Spear Art one after another church let him realize it by himself, he just gave the recipe a dangdang sparring, only Nothing more.

After so many days, Yu Wentuo was familiar with the basic principles of Spear Art, and then Ye Wen asked him to cultivate and shield! As for the nunchaku and the 3 nunchaku, it was left to the end-for no reason, Ye Wen would not!

Ye Wen knows at most that these weapons are a little bit of fur. I don’t even know the basics. I still have a communicator in my hand. I’m directly connected to Shushan to ask which one I know. I’ll tell you about it and hurry back to teach Yu Wentuo. .

Fortunately, Ye Wen did this in private in his room. Otherwise, if Yu Wentuo knew that his Master was also sold now, he didn’t know how much confidence he would have in this Master.

After the six weapons were taught one after another, Ye Wen simply took out Huang Tianhua’s 6 sledgehammers and threw them to Yu Wentuo to make him familiar with them. Anyway, he has learned many of them, but they are not bad. .

In this way, Yu Wentuo became the most complicated discipline learned on Shu Mountain after less than 2 months of apprenticeship. The weapon he mastered was the most on Shu Mountain, with as many as 8 kinds (Yellow golden sword counted as 2 kinds) ), if you want to count some changes in these weapon types, it will be even more.

Although it is still not possible to claim a weapon like a 8 to 1 overnight weapon, there are ten kinds of reluctances. Ye Wen is very satisfied with this recipe. After Yu Wentuo mastered the usage of the sledgehammer, he said with a smile: “Even if you have limited achievements in the future, You can go to Celestial Court to be an Instructor!”

Yu Wentuo has a black line, although it sounds like a bright future to work in Celestial Court, but the post of Instructor really makes him proud of not not raise.

However, the sledgehammer was turned over, and Yu Wentuo suddenly said to Ye Wen: “Master, this pair of hammers is very handy, don’t you know if you can give it to the discipline?”

Ye Wen was shocked, didn’t expect practiced for so long, this discipline even loves the sledgehammer? But thinking about his original speculation, it is estimated that he has several points of relationship with his body, and he ordered nodded: “The pair of sledgehammers are Huang Tianhua’s weapons, which is not a rare thing. It is not strange, but it is enough. It’s sturdy and heavy, so it’s right for you to use right now!”

As he said, he thought to himself, “If I haven’t made a mistake, the flesh after this kid’s crossing is not the divine force of Thor Thor, it is the variation of Thor’s hammer. It’s not uncommon to like a sledgehammer. I wonder if anything will change?”

After inquiring about the various situations of Yu Wentuo, he had this speculation in his heart, plus his pair of Liuli pupils also had a somewhat Heavenly Eye’s magical ability, even if he still can’t see the truth, he can still see a rough idea. , Yu Wentuo will have such an outstanding Fleshy body, the reason is basically these two possibilities.

This also explains why Valkyrie regarded Yu Wentuo who had just come to this World as the resurrected Thor Thor, and even Ye Wen suspected that Valkyrie also saw the truth, so he deliberately gave Yu Wen Tuo Tor This name-this point, makes Ye Wen Wuxiang tend to be attached to the body of the late Thor Thor.

If this is the case, does it mean that Odin Divine Race still has a baby waiting for his own recipe to get it? But in that case, will Yu Wentuo be swallowed by Thor’s divine force lurking in his body and become the Thor of Odin Divine Race again?

He must not worry, after all, he is also reincarnated in someone else’s body. At first, he could have suffered from the previous owner’s pain. The kind of headache was not so wonderful. At that time, he encountered only a weak ordinary mortal soul, and now Yu Wentuo is likely to occupy a god fleshy body, which is dangerous, but he does not know how much more than himself.

Now that the discipline has been accepted as a discipline, it is natural to plan for it, then Ye Wen, the hammer of Thor, will definitely not give up. After all, improving the strength of his discipline is equivalent to improving the strength of Shushan Sect, just how to get it, and When should I get it? This is a good plan.

The first thing is to increase the strength of Yu Wentuo, so as not to lose himself in the moment of getting the Quake, Ye Wen must ensure that the strength of Yu Wentuo can suppress the Quake, as well as his own physical existence. Thor’s consciousness.

“Ai, I have a tendency to move closer to the direction of the Great Grandpa!”

Stretching his hand and stroking his forehead, Ye Wen felt like he was thinking too much. Anyway, this is how things look like. Do yourself what you should do. As for what Yu Wentuo will do in the future, it all depends on the discipline. He should not worry too much.

Two more gossips with Yu Wentuo, and he waited until he adjusted his breath before saying: “Come on, let’s go down to the mountain to pick you up Senior Sister!”

Zhang Ling has set off for about a month, and sent a newsletter to himself today, saying that he has seen Mount Olympus! But Ye Wen knew that the mountain could be seen from a distance, and even at Zhang Ling’s speed, it would have to fly a day before he could reach it.

So he continued to teach Yu Wentuo here at a moderate pace, and then it was almost time to prepare to take him down the mountain to pick up Zhang Ling.

Yu Wentuo didn’t ask much, but just let out a sigh, and then smoothly collected the 2 sledgehammers. Ye Wen at first gave Yu Wentuo a bunch of bracer-like storage treasures. The space inside is not large, but it is enough to put the golden holy cloth and the pair of sledge hammers, although the shield of the Libra holy cloth can also store one. Pieces of weapons, but Yu Wentuo thinks it is still placed in the insurance spot of the storage magic weapon

One route was carried by Ye Wen with Jianguang, and Yu Wentuo was still curious about being able to fly, so he kept glancing around and didn’t feel bored at all. When he came back to his senses, he already fell with his Master At the foot of Mount Olympus.

There is also a prohibition around Mount Olympus, which cannot be rushed up the mountain. When Shen Gongbao brought Ye Wen, he first came down the mountain, and then flew up along the mountain wall and landed on the ground in a suitable place. s reason.

Zhang Ling called the magic weapon of Cui Jun, naturally impossible rushed directly to the top of the mountain where the temples are located, and also fell to the bottom of the mountain. When Ye Wen and Yu Wentuo had not stood for ten minutes, they saw a black spot Flying here, its speed is quite fast, only two people can see clearly that there is still one person sitting on the bottle gourd in a moment.


With Yu Wentuo’s special double pupils, he can naturally see clearly, but the only look is immediately a surprise, all because of Zhang Ling’s dress, it is really shocking to him: “This sailor suit cute girl is the one Senior Sister?”

Ye Wen laughed said nothing, and said: “If you are seen to see your Senior Sister’s slashing sword, it is estimated that you will vomit blood!”

In the eyes of the two people, the huge bottle gourd stopped in front of the two people. Zhang Ling actually put out a long breath after seeing his Master. Although there was still no expression on her face, her eyes still revealed her. The idea in my heart-it’s a place!

Holding Garfield to jump off the bottle gourd, and then tossed the kitten on the ground, bowed to the Master and gave a salute, then turned around and lifted his feet to kick the fiercely on the bottle gourd.

Brown leather shoes kicked a “boom” on the bottle gourd, followed by the bottle gourd rushing up to the sky again, and I could no longer see it after blinking my eyes.

“…” Yu Wentuo looked at Zhang Ling’s icy look, and the fierce movement, secretly shivered in his heart: “This Senior Sister’s temper is so explosive!”

But as soon as he looked down, he saw how many kittens crouched in front of himself than slap, and looked up at him curiously with his head up: “Ah? Is this Senior Sister’s pet?”

I wanted to take the opportunity to get close to the Senior Sister, but unfortunately Zhang Ling ignored him, but Ye Wen said: “No, this is our Shushan Sect’s body protection Divine Beast!”

“Hahaha, Master, you really love cracking a joke!” Crouching down to hug the kitten, and by the way extend the hand, he was amused. He didn’t believe in Divine Beast or the like. Unfortunately, this Little Brat didn’t appreciate it at all, simply ignore his teasing fingers, just staring at him with round eyes.

Turning his head and looking around, Ye Wen seems to be talking to Zhang Ling, is it just that the medicine ingredients are all brought in? As for what is happening on Shushan, Yu Wentuo is not interested after listening to 2 sentences, and continues to tease the kitten in his hand.

After 2 glances, Garfield suddenly turned over and muttered in his mouth: “I don’t know if it’s male or female!”

I wanted to look more closely, but unexpectedly, Garfield’s eyes suddenly flashed, and then a whole body of green 氤氲, the 氤氲 also contained the temperature of terrifying, Yu Wentuo released his hand after a hot.

Then Garfield opened his small mouth and shouted, “Meow!” The whole body skyrocketed, and then the hind paw spread out, the left front paw closed to the waist, and the right paw immediately moved upward. , A standard right hook hit out.

It stands to reason that with Garfield’s physique, even if this fist hits the standard, it is also impossible to hit Yu Wentuo, but with Garfield’s punched out, a cyan-green giant dragon appears out of thin air, with a big mouth roaring out Azure Dragon blasted Yu Wentuo’s face directly, and then sent the youngster who intended to obscure Garfield to the sky.

Yu Wentuo, who did not know how many laps in the air, flew to 100 meters high, and then continued to whirl and fall down, finally slammed on a boulder, and the Olympus produced The hard boulder smashed into pieces — he should be glad that he was wearing a golden holy garment, otherwise he would have to be seriously injured even if he could not fall.

The Garfields stood on the ground, jumped back and forth twice, and then snorted to the ground, snorted on the ground, unable to move even a little bit, and then crouched back to the ground, squinting and licking his right paw.

Ye Wen didn’t say anything, just introduced Zhang Ling: “That’s my newly-discipline called Yu Wentuo!”

Zhang Ling’s expression of’this is again’ walked over, and then stabbed Yu Wentuo with a scabbing knife attached to the scabbard: “I am Zhang Ling, hello!”

Yu Wentuo lying on the ground and corpse: “…”

Ye Wen grabbed Garfield, and then asked the little one: “How did you come?”

Garfield waved his front paws and greeted Ye Wen, and then the two front paws were held together. A pair of pleasing looks, Ye Wen knew at a glance that this Little Brat was bored, so he ran over. He didn’t think it would be Zhang Ling who took the initiative to bring this little thing, the only explanation was that Garfield himself followed.

“Never mind, since you’re here, let’s come…but there are a lot of perverts on Mount Olympus, you should be careful!” After thinking about it, no one should be so powerful, even such a big little thing. Don’t let it go?

But he didn’t want Garfield to glance at Yu Wentuo, who was still lying on the ground, and showed a deep expression, which seemed to say: “I understand!” Yu Wentuo, who just lifted the head, lay back again. He buried his face in gravel and refused to lift it up.

It was that’s all to be taught by a cat, but now it is still despised by a kitten. Yu Wentuo has the urge to die for the first time in so many years.

Fortunately, several people did not mention this matter again. Yu Wentuo even buckled the holy garment helmet that he had never worn on his head, and activated a very special ability on the helmet-hidden face (only exposed The chin and mouth, no matter how you look at it, the part above the nose is shrouded in the shadows and cannot be seen). Then she got up and returned to Mount Olympus with Ye Wen. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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