History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 465

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After returning to Mount Olympus, Ye Wen didn’t rush to ask too many things, but asked Zhang Ling to take out the things Shen Gongbao needed—the medical ingredients required by this water divider were really a lot. It wasn’t Zhang Ling who personally sent it with the storage baby, it is estimated that Cui Jun’s bottle gourd could build a hill above it.

Shen Gongbao was resting in the palace at this time. When she saw Zhang Ling coming, she knew that what she wanted had arrived. She hurriedly got up one after another to check, and finally determined that the things she needed were all there. Then she smiled and said to Zhang Ling: “There is a girl working.” Now!”

Zhang Ling was just un’ed, there was no other indication. Fortunately, Shen Gongbao also lived in Shushan for some time, knowing that this girl is so personality, don’t care, just take out several kinds of medicine ingredients, and then lie still on The immobile Jade Qilin greeted: “Follow me!”

Although Yu Qilin is proud, she also understands that Shen Gongbao shouted that he was going to help himself, so he did not take the stand and stood up directly.

After more than a month of cultivation, Yu Qilin’s unreliable appearance, although still looking thin, gradually began to grow flesh on his body, and he was no longer a pitiful face.

It gradually recovered, and as Qilin used to be out of the ordinary imposing manner, it gradually showed up. Some of the maids and servants walking in the palace had not yet put this strange-looking and desolate monster. In my eyes, it has only gradually changed until recently.

At this time, Yu Qilin held his head high, and strode behind Shen Gongbao into the largest bathroom-although Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao also have separate bathrooms, there is another large one in this palace. In the bathroom, the pool inside uses Ye Wen’s words’the whole pool is just a pool! ‘, it seems that Shen Gongbao is preparing Qilin to use Qilin to brew the medical liquid, and then let this Divine Beast soak in it to heal.

As for the medicinal ingredients of the fortuitous encounter, refining into a pill is necessary, and some tools are needed, but Ye Wen has a good relationship with Hephaestus, the god of craftsmen. It’s not difficult to build some pill concocting appliances. What’s more, Shen Gongbao was also a Taoist priest, and he carried some simple pill concocting appliances with him. Hephaestus would be more than enough to help create some supplements, so I don’t have to worry about the guys who don’t have the chance to use them.

When Shen Gongbao and Yu Qilin disappeared from sight, Ye Wen greeted Zhang Ling to sit down, but Yu Wentuo was still a dead man, standing next to the sculpture, if he didn’t take a closer look, he might really think it was an ornament.

Especially after the helmet is buckled, the special function of the quotation helmet can only see the part under the nose, but in fact this part is just an illusion, and a smiling face is always created, which does not represent this. Human’s original expression-now Yu Wentuo, it is estimated that this kind of indifferent smile can’t be revealed? Maybe a bitter smile makes it easier to pose.

After entering, Garfield jumped to the table without any politeness, and then his eyes wandered back and forth on the fruit. I guess he was trying to find out which fruit was more delicious?

Ye Wen greeted Zhang Ling: “Do you have any orders from your teacher before you come?”

According to his knowledge of his 2 women, he will definitely explain some things! And Zhang Ling is not the kind of character who will not say anything, as long as you ask yourself, you can learn what you want.

Sure enough, Zhang Ling sat there and said indifferently: “Sister-in-law let the discipline look at the Master, lest the Master provoke a bunch of unfathomable mystery women!”

Ye Wen was a little embarrassed and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. Before he came here, he hadn’t really thought about provoke a woman, but the unfathomable mystery had a relationship with Artemis, and then Athena ran in and was too chaotic enough to join in. Now if this situation is for the two understood, Huayi may not say anything, but 2% of the sisters have to be jealous.

Before he had time to say anything, he continued to listen to Zhang Ling: “After hearing some of the reputation of the gods of Olympus, the lady was very uneasy, so she called the discipline to come!”

“So you will say that you will send the items in person!” Yes, not doubt, Ye Wen wondered how Zhang Ling could be so active, but actually took the initiative to send the items, the original reason is here!

However, if sending someone to look at himself, Zhang Ling does not seem to be a suitable choice? Because this girl is a bit cold, and it seems that she does not care about anything. Even if you are sent to see which woman is approaching, it is estimated that it will not play a role. At most, it is to go back to the truth and report to the two ladies a bit.

Rather than sending her, let Li Xiaoyao come, at least this kid is handsome and pretty, and can help him attract some vitality.

But thinking about it carefully, Ye Wen knew why this happened.

Those disciplines on the Shu Mountain are either at a critical juncture in cultivation, or there is something on the Shu Mountain that is too busy to get rid of the body. At present, Zhang Ling can come over.

In other words, this girl has no choice in this case!

“Since you are here, don’t be idle. Your Junior Brother just happened to be a sparring partner. In the future, he will be your opponent during his daily cultivation!”

Zhang Ling still has an indifferent expression, as if what Ye Wen said has nothing to do with her. But after all, there was a reaction, slowly raised his hand, and then supported his glasses, and then looked at the more stiff Yu Wentuo beside his eyes: “I am understood!”

I don’t know why, Yu Wentuo standing next to him suddenly had a feeling of standing naked in the cold wind. Zhang Ling’s voice was very plain, and the voice was also very nice.

After coming to the fighting arena on the 2nd day, Yu Wentuo still didn’t understand where the strange feeling in his heart came from. When he saw Zhang Ling standing in front of him, he was still a question mark in his head.

I looked at myself and wore it neatly. The gold holy garment of Libra was fully equipped, and even the helmet that I did not usually wear was buckled on my head. There were a total of 2 weapons (a total of 6 kinds, 2 pieces of each), apart from this There are also a pair of sledgehammers used by Huang Tianhua in his wrist, which is fully armed.

Look at the other side…

Zhang Ling wore a sailor suit with a black bottom. The short skirt could only cover the base of the thigh. There was a gap between the black stockings and the skirt over the knee, and this piece was set against the black The thighs are more white and tender, making people involuntarily look here.

Yu Wentuo swallowed and secretly thought: “No wonder it is called Absolute Domain by many wolf friends, it is indeed overbearing…”

A pair of brown flat-heeled leather shoes are on the feet, which are all standard equipment, and apart from this is a pair of ordinary glasses, and the long straight black hair.

“Black long straight, sailor suit, glasses mother…”

Yu Wentuo looked back and forth for a while, wondering where did he find this discipline from Master? Is Immortal World not popular with these things? Although he heard Ye Wen say, Shushan Sect is also a Sect from Earth inheritance, and later it was sent to Immortal World, so it is not a rare thing that there is a recipe from Earth in the school.

But this outfit really has nothing to do with the immortal in his impression, and what surprised him more was the weapon that Zhang Ling held in his hand-that was the only one that looked lethal on Zhang Ling. Something.

It turned out to be a katana?

“Are our Sects so international?” Yesterday he saw Zhang Ling holding this long knife in his hand, but he was just taught by Garfield at that time, so he never dared to look at this Senior Sister, after all, Just lost a big man in front of Senior Sister. But today he is going to practice with Senior Sister alone. Naturally, he has to take a good look. At this time, he put his eyes on the weapon.

I was wondering. After seeing Zhang Ling hold his glasses down with his hand, he said in the tone that remained unchanged for 10000 years: “Shoot!” Then he stood there quietly waiting for Yuwen’s move.

According to Sect’s seniority and cultivation base’s strength, she is right to do so, but Yu Wentuo always feels awkward, as if she has been underestimated.

As a transmigrator, and later it was a constant fortuitous encounter, I was a little arrogant! I didn’t dare to make it in front of Ye Wen for a long time, and then was picked up by a little kitty. I was a little sullen. At this time, I was a little bit swollen. At the time, my hands were turned over and 2 sledgehammers were held in his hands. .

For that exaggerated, obviously lethal weapon, Zhang Ling didn’t care much, but Yu Wentuo surprised her with a pair of sledgehammers.

He turned his head and asked Ye Wen, who was standing next to him, “Isn’t it a sword?”

Ye Wen seemed to understand what she was asking and laughed: “There is no suitable long sword for the time being, but if the sword is made, it is estimated that it will still be used by him!”

Zhang Ling was sighed, as if he knew that it would be like this, and then turned back to face Yu Wentuo. At this time, Yu Wentuo had rushed to the front with a double hammer, Zhang Ling then pulled out the long knife at a moderate pace With a wave, he said lightly in his mouth: “Scatter it, 1000 Sakura…”

“Fuck, not so cruel!”

Although the voice is not loud, Yu Wentuo can still clearly hear Zhang Ling’s voice, and naturally knows what this sentence represents!

At the same time as he complained loudly, the original plain knife suddenly scattered into pink petals, and Yu Wentuo was surrounded by almost a blink of an eye.

“Each petal has part of my Absolute Domain power. You better do your best not to let these petals hit you, otherwise the consequences…”

Zhang Ling’s voice reached Yu Wentuo’s ears through the heavy petals, but what was revealed by the crisp and sweet voice surprised Yu Wentuo.

“Absolute Domain? What kind of stuff is that?”

He didn’t know where this thing was, although he felt a little familiar, but it certainly wouldn’t be remembered for a while, not to mention that the densely packed petals really made him dizzy. What matters now is that he wields his double hammers and gathers them. Smashed his petals.

When the hammer hit it, the petals that gathered together would be smashed immediately, and Yu Wentuo immediately chased after the victory, followed by another hammer, so as to break a path to break out of the enclosing circle formed by this petal.

It is a pity that he forgot that this petal is not meant to be threatened by him if it is smashed. Under the control of Zhang Ling, these petals almost have the same life, even if they are scattered and scattered. , But can regroup and launch the next wave of attacks in the shortest time.

Yu Wentuo made 4 hammers in succession and cut a hole in the wall formed by the petals for forcibly. Seeing that it was about to rush out, he was a bit proud.

And Zhang Ling was also surprised that the Junior Brother of this newcomer had such terrifying power, but it would be impossible if he wanted to rush out so simple.

Thoughts move, while Bai Nen’s small hand that has been hanging on the 2 sides also made several gestures in succession, and the petals surrounding Yu Wentuo suddenly became a little faster, and the offensive launched was even more fierce.

Just when Yu Wentuo held up the double hammer and wanted to open the channel in a spurt of energy, the petals split into several strands and attacked Yu Wentuo’s body around him.

After being forced into desperation, Yu Wentuo had to make a temporary move. The sledgehammer closed in his hand and then swept the other hand. The other sledgehammer also followed up with a hammer, so as to ensure that the attacked petals would be recovered after 2 consecutive attacks. Was completely defeated.

However, Yu Wentuo still underestimated Zhang Ling. After Xu Yi’s previous attack was easily taken over by him, he felt that this Senior Sister’s ability was the same.

Unexpectedly, when he went out with a hammer, another petal had already sneaked in a circle. Just before Yu Wentuo’s second hammer had time to shoot, he slammed into his hand from an unexpected angle. On the sledgehammer.

Zhang Ling’s position of this blow was very clever, not only did he not hurt Yu Wentuo, but also forced Yu Wentuo to give up the hammer, because the huge force from the hammer made him simply unable to hold it, and if he continued to force it Then, there is only one result: the arm is hit hard!

Yu Wentuo, who hadn’t had much exercise, couldn’t die or let go. The pain from his body made him choose instinctively.

And just after the right hand sledgehammer left his hand, Yu Wentuo’s left hand hammer had reached exhaustion, when he was about to return to the hammer to protect himself, and hurriedly retrieve the dropped sledgehammer. It was found that a lot of petals were hitting themselves separately. Although it was able to escape the first two blows, the last one did not avoid the past. After the right hand sledgehammer, the left hand was also shot down by Zhang Ling’s 2 Sakura.

I hurriedly rolled on the ground, and when I looked up again, I found that the 2 sledgehammers were no longer in shadow. It was estimated that Zhang Ling had moved out of this range with 1000 Ben Ying. It seems that his most trusted double hammer can no longer be used.

But the weapon is gone, it doesn’t mean that today’s contest is over. Zhang Ling just glanced at Ye Wen and saw that his Master continued to attack without speaking.

As an anime game, Zhang Ling naturally has a detailed understanding of the Libra Golden Saint Cloth, knowing that this Saint Cloth itself is equipped with 2 weapons, so even if Yu Wentuo’s double hammer is seized, it does not mean this Junior Brother has no usable edge.

Sure enough, with the shield on his arms, he resisted a few more times, and Yu Wentuo immediately pulled a shot of gold long spear from the back. Speaking of long spear, actually simply a Trident, although not as powerful as the sea emperor’s, but also not ordinary weapons can compare.

Seeing the petals hitting him again, Yu Wentuo immediately waved long spear, dancing out a gun shadow, and his hands turned like non-stop blooming flowers, then the yellow golden spear became a propeller, even if it was a sky The pink petals cannot cover the golden light.

Yu Wen Tuo Wu is proud, but you can’t help with such a tight defense? Unexpectedly, it was so distracting, there was a huge tremor between his hands, and the entire palm was numb, then the yellow golden spear had taken off and flew out.

When I looked up, the yellow golden spear that flew halfway through the sky was just about to reach the apex. When the big hand formed by the condensed pink petals was a hand, the golden long spear flew away from the far away-look She was also confiscated by Zhang Ling.

It’s just nothing, Yu Wentuo found out that the pink big hand was actually clenched into a fist in the air, and then raised his thumb, followed by a posture that turned into a thumb down position, and shook himself 2 shake……


Take out another shot of the yellow golden spear…being beaten!

Take out 3 nunchakus…being beaten!

Use nunchakus… continue to be shot!

Playing a pair of shields is the same as Meteor Hammer… Still being shot!

Take out the yellow golden sword Blade Technique Sword Art Qi Qi out… without suspense, instantly be flying!

Touching smoothly, Yu Wentuo of gasping for breath found that there was only a pair of crumbs left, and the petals around him seemed to have dissipated a lot at this time. Zhang Ling on the opposite side was still standing, not only did the position have not changed, even the posture It’s exactly the same as when I started the competition.

This silent competition made Yu Wentuo blush, but he also keenly found that the surrounding petals were not as tight as they were at the beginning. After some deliberation in his heart, he rushed to the side-there are the most sparse petals The place.

If you only look at this moment, you will only think that Yu Wentuo wanted to make a hard break, rushed out of this petal array and then made a conspiracy, but Ye Wen found that although the boy rushed to the side, his eyes always aimed at another direction.

“Oh? Interesting, finally know how to use your brain?”

Thinking about it this way, I saw Yu Wen Tuo violently throw his arm, and a pair of golden crutches were thrown out by him successively. This pair of golden crutches themselves also have great formidable power. At this time, they were thrown out as hidden weapons. Naturally It’s no small peek, and those petals are also instinctively gathered to take the blow.

In this way, the petals inevitably moved a little, and the gap that was not so noticeable suddenly became larger. Yu Wentuo immediately turned to see the opportunity, and even protected the face with his arms, forcibly rushed out of the petals, and then lifted Fist punched Zhang Ling.

“Unfortunately… The lack of sufficient understanding of the enemy has led to a difference between the final result and the expectations of Heaven and Earth!”

Yu Wentuo looked incredulously at the leg wrapped with black silk nylon in front of him. The colic from his stomach told him that it was not an illusion.

Then, as soon as my eyes were black, I fainted! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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