History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 466

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Zhang Ling’s foot is instinctive, but fortunately, there is not much power, otherwise this girl will be kicked on Yu Wentuo’s stomach with all her strength, even if Yu Wentuo is protected by the golden holy cloth, it will inevitably be kicked into 2 immediately cut.

But no matter how careful you pull it, the gap between the two people is indeed too large. Zhang Ling looked at Yu Wentuo who was spitting in front of her and was a bit not knowing what to do, because she had never encountered this situation before. .

Think about it too. The group of people on Shushan often approached Zhang Ling and even practiced together, as if there was nothing weaker than her! Even Tommy, who doesn’t usually adjust her tone, is much stronger than her if she is really serious.

And the general Shushan discipline can’t turn to Zhang Ling for guidance, and the various reasons are counted, which causes Yu Wentuo to encounter this situation at present.

Ye Wen walked over, explored with True Qi a little bit, and then forced out some of the congestion of his within the body, and then put the slightly shifted organs back into place, and then said to Zhang Ling: “It’s fine, Just go back and sleep!”

This is also due to Yu Wentuo’s special fleshy body, otherwise Ye Wen really dare not say so! As for this injury, at least one month will be required if you change someone else. During this time, let’s say you don’t fight against people, even if you practice.

But Yu Wentuo’s best is his physical fitness, so he doesn’t need to worry too much. Just mention this recipe and Ye Wen took Zhang Ling back to the palace where he lived-since I heard Master said it was fine, Zhang Ling also So I let go of my heart, put my knife back into the sheath and walked back with my Master.

However, he still asked a question halfway: “Master, someone has been watching us!”

“Well, ignore it!”

Zhang Ling can find that Ye Wen is naturally impossible, but the person who came is still the phantom thassos who hasn’t been in a long time. Ye Wen presumably because of Zhang Ling’s arrival, the phantom thassos who received the news Si came to check the situation again.

As for the show that just made Zhang Ling reveal some of her abilities, Ye Wen was not worried about it-Zhang Ling’s knife was carried with him at all times, and she was used to using it immediately immediately Solved, so this ability will be exposed sooner or later, there is no need to specifically hide it.

What’s more, Zhang Ling’s strength is still the ultimate power and Seven Colored Battle Qi that is being cultivated. At the same time, the cosmic power that has been comprehend is her real hole card.

Zhang Ling’s great cosmic power, let alone that Phantom Thasos can’t be detected, even Ye Wen doesn’t know what it is — Zhang Ling has never used it.

However, Zheng Ying’s great cosmic force Ye Wen has already seen it. At that time, when Cui Ying triggered the great cosmic force, Cui Jun also helped aside. I don’t know if it was related to it. The abilities match very well. It turns out that Zi Qingdou is the flame that Heaven Realm is very rare seen.

It’s just that Zheng Ying’s strength can’t fully exert the formidable power of this flame. If he can really master it, in the future, Shushan Sect wants to refine the magic weapon without worrying about the fire source. At the same time, this flame is also formidable power for combat. Ordinary people can hardly escape to death as long as they are touched.

After coming out of the fighting field and returning to his residence, Ye Wen hadn’t had time to put down Yu Wentuo in his hand, and he saw Athena, a woman who had a headache for him, standing there.

“It’s very early to come back today!”

Athena, as one of the main gods on Mount Olympus, is naturally familiar with Ye Wen’s daily actions, knowing that he will go to the fighting arena to guide the discipline every time, and will not come back until sunset.

didn’t expect I came back just after noon today, but when I looked down and saw Yu Wentuo with Mozi hanging in the corner of my mouth, I immediately understood why I came back so early: “It seems that when you are facing your discipline, Do not be merciless!”

In the past these days, Ye Wen has done something on the Aegean Sea, and it has been learned by some people through various channels, including Ye Wen killed 1000 soldiers of the Hai tribe, one move killed Hai Demoness Siren and The sea emperor Poseidon slammed him back.

Various events caused a lot of waves on Mount Olympus, especially the most critical part of these things: all because the Hai people wanted to rob Goddess of the Moon Artemis, and Ye Wen as Al Themis’s fiance came forward to do so many things for her woman.

At first, most Olympus gods did not believe that Ye Wen would do these things! It’s not that they think Ye Wen doesn’t have this masculinity, but that he has the strength. Even if he once defeated Artemis in the face of all eyes.

But compared to the 1000 elite soldiers of the sea clan (in fact, Artemis also killed a large part, but no one will pay attention to this point), a move to kill the sea Demoness Siren-this makes countless gods feel The headache person, once the Demi-Gods on Mount Olympus did not dare to set foot in the Demoness of the sea, even if must take that route, he would choose to bypass; fight with the sea emperor Poseidon and force him to be ineffective And back.

If the first point is that they are barely acceptable, then the second and third things are simply impossible in their eyes. Some people must have deliberately made rumors-although they are also very strange, making such rumors What are the benefits besides destroying the reputation of the gods of Olympus?

“This must be the conspiracy of that Oriental!”

The final consensus was such a sentence. Unfortunately, the exact news soon came from the Aegean Sea: Hai Demoness Siren was indeed killed by Ye Wen, and Poseidon returned to his seabed with anger. The palace, while the soldiers of the Hai tribe also made some mobilization, seems to be filling the vacancy.

All the signs prove that the previous rumors are not just rumors. Ye Wen, a man from the East, really made so many major events in order to protect his woman.

“real man!”

Unexpectedly, after confirming that these things are facts, the muscular men on Mount Olympus actually have a good impression of Ye Wen. Many people will greet Ye Wen when they see Ye Wen, and even greet him to go together Drinking, Ye Wen engaged in unfathomable mystery for a while, and did not understand what happened.

It wasn’t until Shen Gongbao ran to ask him that he knew that several things he had done had actually spread all over Mount Olympus, and only he, who was dedicated to teaching discipline, did not know the changes on the mountain.

Athena is also an understood of these things. When she came to see Ye Wen today, she had a playful smile: “I thought you didn’t like Artemis. I was wrong!”

In the eyes of this wise Goddess, if Ye Wen is not fond of Goddess of the Moon, it seems that he can’t do so much for that woman — on this Mount Olympus, almost everyone thinks Artemis Si became a private property of Ye Wen, because he used actual actions to label Goddess of the Moon, even if he really didn’t mean it, and Artemis did not admit it, it was useless. !

Zeus’s will and what happened afterwards simply put a stop to this matter: Artemis is Ye Wen’s woman! That’s it, no one would dare to say nothing, otherwise they have to weigh their strength and how does Poseidon compare? Can you withstand the anger of Ye Wen who is as strong as Poseidon?

None of them thought that Ye Wen’s temper would be as good as that of Hephaestus (Hephaestus knew his wife and Ares have an affair, but not at all except catching 2 people out for public For other acts of revenge, he originally thought that this would make Aphrodite converge, but didn’t expect the beauty and love Goddess simply broke the jar and broke), hoping for the occurrence of the event with the least probability , It is better to expect to be stronger than Ye Wen.

Ye Wen covered her forehead and pinched her temples with his fingers: “You can say whatever you want, anyway, I can’t believe what I explained!”

Athena chuckled slightly: “Actually, I believe it!”

With her wisdom, she can naturally understand the key points. She has long seen that Ye Wen is involved in these things. The situation at that time forced Ye Wen to take action-he has been treated as an obstacle by the other party. Did he stand there and the others to kill? According to Athena’s observation these days, this Oriental man is not that idiot.

Therefore, Ye Wen must be forced to meet the enemy for self-protection, but it just happened to catch up with such a background environment, so some things are not clear.

The gods on Mount Olympus, in fact, have some romantic instincts, so romantic things, who wants to believe that the truth is so cruel and calm? They would rather believe what appears on the surface, at least it looks more romantic.

People who are really calm enough are not without them, but they will not clarify this matter. Such as Athena, there will be such a change in this matter, she is the culprit.

For example, Zeus, this Divine King is the biggest accomplice of this matter, and now it may be the most attractive spectacle for him, and Zeus naturally impossible to make things more interesting.

“Has Artemis not come to you recently?” The smile on Athena’s face became brighter and brighter: “didn’t expect that woman knows shyness!”

In fact, Artemis did not appear recently. One is adapting to the 2 weapons that Ye Wen gave her, and the other is to avoid suspicion! Since no one listened to her explanations, she simply didn’t explain. As long as she never intersects with Ye Wen, this thing will fade over time-not to mention Ye Wen will definitely leave Olympus, she only needs to endure for a while.

Even Artemis drove out of the frame in a very simple way to go hunting. The destination did not tell anyone. She believed that when she returned, the storm caused by the incident would subside.

Ye Wen knew this, not because he asked for it himself, but when the eight-hexagram Olympus gods saw him, they hurriedly told him about Artemis.

As a result, Ye Wen did not dare to turn around in 4 places. In addition to staying in the palace all day, he went to the fighting arena to teach the discipline, because once he met a god, he greeted Goddess without two sentences. of the Moon

Odysseus: “Hey, Ye Wen! Are you going to have a drink together? I tell you, Lord Artemis seems to be a little bored recently, you should go with her more… I just seemed to see her ready to go Over the forest!”

Hercules: “Hah, we’re going to compare strength, do you want to come together? Oh, by the way, you should now go to Lord Goddess of the Moon? I just saw that she seemed to be going to the Temple of Gods? “

Achilles: “I just came out from Lord Goddess of the Moon. Her mood does not seem to be very good. Be careful when you go. Maybe a gift is a good choice…”

Ye Wen: “…”

In this way, he didn’t dare to move around in four places. Finally, he could only obediently and honestly hide in his residence, but he couldn’t avoid Athena looking for the door.

“Are you here to tell me these things?”

Ye Wen’s eyes glanced back slightly. I don’t know if it was an illusion. Zhang Ling’s girl actually held her glasses down with her hand, and with her movements, the ordinary lens seemed to flash.

“Of course not, I came to see you for business!” Athena glanced at Yu Wentuo, who was thrown away by Ye Wen, and then frowned deliberately: “Is it the first golden saint in my first generation, just Is it so impossible to withstand a single blow?”

Ye Wen doesn’t care: “You know, the enemies these Saint Seiyas are facing are only humans, even if we teach them some special abilities, they are still humans… if a human can easily withstand the blow of the gods , Will it make you more worried?”

Of course, Athena couldn’t think of this. I just said that’s all deliberately just now. When I saw Ye Wen, I told the truth without any politeness. Wisdom Goddess rarely showed the appearance of a little woman: “Can’t you Coax me? Am I not a beautiful woman?”

“of course not!”

Athena thought that Ye Wen was saying that she was a beautiful woman, but did not expect the man’s next sentence to almost make her run away.

“It’s not a woman I’m going to coax…” The sentence in front of the feeling Ye Wen said that he certainly wouldn’t coax her. With this sentence, it is clear that you are not a woman worth me coaxing. As for beauty? who cares?

Athena’s character is actually not very good, not too generous, and even very small-bodied chicken intestines-she used to be more beautiful than Hera, the beautiful god Aphrodite, and was deliberately bribed for this purpose. The poor worm of referee, it can be seen that this Goddess is actually very concerned about his own beauty-it seems that the only thing that doesn’t care about his appearance on Mount Olympus is Artemis?

Now Ye Wen ignored her beauty in front of her, which made her very angry, but she still smiled on the surface, but in her heart began to figure out how to clean up this guy, so that this man knew how powerful he was.

It’s a pity that her selfish calculations didn’t escape Ye Wen’s eyes at all, and then she sat there as if she were a senior monk, her eyes closed, and she began to pretend to be dead.

“If nothing happens, then I will rest!”

Knowing that this woman is in trouble, Ye Wen is not going to continue to have any involvement with her. It is better to pull away the distance and talk next to it, but it is a pity that Athena will not let him go so easily.

As soon as her eyes rolled, Athena thought of a new way: “Actually, I arranged a new residence for you. Presumably you have been living on Mount Olympus, don’t you feel used to it?”

The topic of “en?” still made Ye Wen a little interested. He is really not used to it here. After all, it is someone else’s territory and he has more concerns about doing things.

“My Sacred Domain in the world has been preliminarily built, but there is still a lack of a person who can manage the first batch of Saints. Besides, they still need a Teacher to teach the small universe. You can’t shirk this thing anymore?”

Athena deliberately sat down in front of Ye Wen, and then that slender leg lifted slightly and hung on the other leg, the white and tender jade foot wearing only strapless high-heeled sandals. Little by little light in front of Ye Wen Shaking non-stop: “How is it? Is it appropriate?”

It’s a pity that Ye Wen didn’t even open his eyes, and he casually’ah’ fooled past, but even if he didn’t open his eyes, he could notice Zhang Ling’s glasses standing not far away flashing again, and then he did it again The movement of holding his eyes with his hands made Ye Wen very tangled.

When I saw Ye Wen, I didn’t look at myself, and Athena’s temper also came up. She stood up and dropped the sentence: “In this case, be prepared? Let’s go tomorrow morning and go to the Sacred Domain that mortals built for me. I will Send out Oracle in advance and let those mortals receive you!”

Ye Wen was even happier than her, and stood up very simply: “No, let’s go now, I guess your Oracle has already been sent!”

If he lives on Mount Olympus again, it is estimated that he will collapse first. It is better to live in the Sacred Domain!

Athena didn’t object, but pointed to Ye Wen’s clothes: “But you need to change a suit, this eastern style…may cause some misunderstanding!” In a Sacred Domain dedicated to the gods of Olympus Among them, wearing a long gown is really not suitable.

Ye Wen felt the same way after thinking about it. Finally, after thinking about it, she said directly: “Just look for a golden holy suit!”

In this case, it is more in line with Athena’s needs. If a godlike presence such as Ye Wen is hidden in the Saint Seiya, then Sacred Domain is almost certain to win. Although it’s just a game, Athena doesn’t want to. Lose.

“This is the best!” Come to Ye Wen for a while, only this thing best fits the Goddess’s wishes: “So, which set do you want?”

Ye Wen touch the chin thought for a while, and finally turned to ask Zhang Ling: “Which set of holy clothes do you think is suitable for the teacher?”

Zhang Ling put her finger on the top frame, and after looking at Ye Wen, she said firmly: “Taurus!” (Unfinished. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote, Monthly ticket, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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