History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 467

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Ye Wen’s black line on his face, of course, he knew that Zhang Ling was deliberate. It was estimated that it was because of his two wives’ explanations, so Zhang Ling came up with such a method-think of Ye Wen’s figure, although slender and straight, But why can’t you go with the muscular man, not to mention the super muscular man more than 2 meters high?

The Taurus Gold Saint Cloth is almost designed for this kind of macho. It is not that the standard figure can’t be worn, but because of the original relationship, that image has already penetrated into the hearts of people. Ye Wen thought of the Taurus Saint cloth on a thin bamboo pole. It feels awkward.

Ye Wen knows that he is not a thin bamboo pole, but it has to be compared with the image of the original… And the knees of the Taurus’s clothes and the elbows of the shoulder armor have sharp horns. Armor of this shape does not wear on the macho. It looks awkward.

Thinking of him in a refined in manner, looking at a man like a scholar, wearing this kind of armor, that looks really unattractive. Ye Wen in the heart thought a little about what he looked like after wearing the Taurus Saint Cloth, and turned into a shivered body.

“You are…” Ye Wen was about to grin and scold the tricky discipline, and was interrupted by Athena as soon as she didn’t want to speak.

“Oh? Taurus? It looks very good!” Athena looked up and down at Ye Wen, then covered her mouth with her hand and smiled for a while: “I’m curious about the effect of that holy suit on you. ?”

When Ye Wen painted drawings of the holy clothes for Hephaestus, there were 2 shapes of the clothes on each drawing, and the human shape of the Taurus clothes was drawn according to the image of a large robust man more than 2 meters long. , Athena can see it naturally-she thinks this suit should be suitable for Hercules.

Athena certainly didn’t know that Hercules later became the Martial Immortal in the myth of Earth, and in that anime the Martial Immortal was also worn on a robust man, so Taurus was wearing in Herakles Naturally, it is also very suitable for him.

Even if you don’t wear it to Hercules, there are many Demi-God figures on Mount Olympus that are very suitable for this holy suit, or the shape of these 2 sets of gold holy suits are very popular with the gods of Olympus. Love it, because it is not only gorgeous and practical, but also shows their outstanding figure.

Compared with those muscular men, Ye Wen’s figure is obviously unqualified-the Orientals are indeed one lap smaller than these guys, not to mention that the cultivator does not follow the muscular sportsman. Of course, not all of them are the same, but if you want to compare muscles with these guys, I am afraid there are only a few talents, such as Guan Yu (even if Yang Jian is not such a muscular man).

At this time, in the mind of Athena, a funny appearance of a little child wearing adult armor has appeared automatically. Although she knows that the golden holy garment will automatically adjust the size according to the user, she automatically ignores this point at this time.

Ye Wen looked at the happy Athena who was smiling, and then looked at Zhang Ling, who was pretending that nothing had happened, still standing there calmly.

Finally, clenched the teeth stomped and ruthlessly, Ye Wen’s stubbornness came up!

“I’m wearing Taurus even now, I think how you laugh!”

As soon as he said this, Athena smiled even happier, and even Zhang Ling on the side was no longer able to bear, a Ten Thousand Years Cold Ice face suddenly changed into a spring and blossom season, knowing As brilliant as blooming flowers.

But the most excessive is Garfield who has been obediently and honestly. This little thing actually fell on the table and covered his little white belly with his front paws. He kept rolling back and forth, and the back paws were kicking. He didn’t listen, as if he laughed-he couldn’t even open his eyes.

Grabbing Garfield, Ye Wen stared at the little man with a cold face: “Do you know what the Taurus Cloth looks like? Smile so happy?”

didn’t expect Garfield showed an expression that he knew of course, which reminded Ye Wen. When everyone was bored, everyone gathered to see Saint Seiya, and this little thing was there. It’s just that he didn’t expect that Garfield would remember it so clearly–think carefully, Garfield can remember the small universe, and naturally knows the Holy Cloth, but he has forgotten this for a while.

Athena watched Ye Wen talk to a kitten, and then the kitten could still respond, but was curious: “Why? Where did this little thing come from?”

Ye Wen wasn’t gentle at all in Garfield’s hand, so he turned around and carried Garfield to Athena in the back of his neck: “This little thing is Divine Beast, a mountain guard we raised on Shu Mountain, come… Say hello to Wisdom Goddess!”


Garfield raised his front paws and waved his hands. While waving his paws, he kept blinking his big eyes and pretending to be cute, but unfortunately Athena just nodded lukewarmly, and then dropped a sentence: “Well, Very cute!”


Garfield, who failed to be cute, was squatted down after being put down by Ye Wen, and then dragged his head, and there was a sorrowful cloud on his head. Even the surrounding air was affected, much darker than the side.

Athena waved her hand, and a golden box appeared out of thin air in front of Ye Wen. According to the pattern above, you can see at a glance that this is the golden holy garment of Taurus.

This golden holy garment is full of weight. After being out of thin air, it fell directly to the ground and made an unusually dull loud noise. Sheng Sheng bounced Yu Wentuo lying on the ground and opened it directly. His eyes were awakened by a loud noise.

His response was fast enough. Since he had bounced into the air, he turned over and fell cleanly on the ground. Just turned his head and saw Zhang Ling standing on the side, only to feel another pain in his stomach, unconsciously. Moved 2 steps.

“Senior Sister ……hehe ……”


Seeing that I took the initiative to say hello, I got such a cold response. Yu Wentuo just wanted to hide away from this Senior Sister: “He looks and wears so softly and so softly. How can he not be a little soft when he shoots? It’s killing me!”

Stretching his hand, the stomach still turned over and over. Ye Wen gathered his slightly shifted organs back and removed the congestion, but he was injured after all, and it was uncomfortable. Ye Wen is not without a way to heal his injuries, but if this pain is unbearable, how can he become a big weapon in the future? So Ye Wen simply ignored these remaining pains.

As for future problems and so on, as long as they can be cultivated to a certain realm, the body will be tempered without worrying about leaving any future problems.

After Yu Wentuo opened his eyes for a while, his attention was quickly attracted to the gold box. Looking at the pattern on it carefully, he couldn’t help asking, “This is the Taurus Cloth? Someone wants it here. Wear it?”

4 I looked around and found that no one had the right figure. As a result, the boy didn’t know which string was wrong. He asked side Zhang Ling: “Wouldn’t you like to wear it?”

I regretted it as soon as I spoke, and hardly gave him a little time to react, and there was another sharp pain in his side-Zhang Ling was stabbed fiercely with a long knife.

Yu Wentuo, who squatted there with tears, felt that he was still good at shutting up and acting dumb, but the curiosity in his heart still couldn’t stop him from looking around in 4 places. Finally, he was surprised to find that his Master had walked over and lifted the gold box. Got up.

Although the golden cloak is very heavy, it is nothing to Ye Wen. When he gently lifted it, he lifted the golden chest, and then turned and walked towards the bedroom.

“Where?” Athena was strange for a while, and she didn’t need to avoid others while wearing the golden holy dress? Isn’t it the case when the box is pulled apart, the cloth inside will break down and become one after another golden light attached to the user? You can even ignore what clothes the user was wearing.

This way of dressing, even in public, will not cause any bad effects. Athena did not say to avoid it. Why did Ye Wen hide himself first?

Ye Wen glanced back and looked at the tragic look of a strong man who was gone forever: “What are you afraid of? I will wear it if I wear it, but I have to put away my gown first!”

Turning into the middle, Ye Wen didn’t bother and so on, he took off his long gown directly-it was no longer there, but there was a tailor on Olympus, and a white shirt was simply sewn to deal with it. Wear it. Otherwise, this kind of simple waistline on Mount Olympus, and then put a piece of cloth on his body is really unacceptable. After all, he does not have such exaggerated muscles to show.

It was just that after the gown was taken off, Ye Wen did not put on the gold holy garment directly, but took out the detector, and then directly connected the call. Before Zheng Ying asked, he directly said: “Give the communicator to Cui Old Senior. The teacher asked him urgently!”

Zheng Ying didn’t bother, he passed the communicator directly, and Cui Jun was next to him. Two people are studying on a drawing how to install automatic water supply pipes in every important room in Shushan!

“Ye Sect Master, is there anything urgent?”

Generally, Ye Wen asked him by name, and that was a question to ask, and Cui Jun was not a nonsense to go straight to the topic. After all, there was still work to be done. If this thing is done well, he will prepare to go back to Heaven’s Mystery Sect and install the whole set of running water and electricity after having experience! Nothing else. With the electricity, he can easily use the computer as a convenient tool.

“Cui Senior knows what spell can make the body bigger?”

Ye Wen dared to speak and wear the Taurus Cloth. Naturally, he had a way. I don’t know how many strange Immortal World spells are. It’s hard to learn a trifling to change his body? What’s more, he didn’t need to change too much, let him soar to more than 2 meters in height, and at the same time a muscle.

Compared with a monkey that is so big and big, it makes people shout: “Elder Sun, close to Magical Powers!” There are more simple unremarkable to come.

Cui Jun was surprised, and didn’t expect Ye Wen to ask such a question, but he answered it very happily: “spell does exist, but the more common one is Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation. If this Magical Powers is repaired At high altitude, the figure can soar several times in a flick, even if it becomes a ten thousand zhang high person, it is not impossible… It’s just that this Magical Powers cultivation is quite troublesome, but it can’t be done in a short time… “

He also understands that Ye Wen will look for him in a hurry, and it must be anxious to display it. Although this Magical Powers is powerful, it is not impossible to get started in less than 100 years of cultivation. Even the talented people need a bit of cultivated bitter cultivation. In order to practice.

Ye Wen immediately rejected: “This Magical Powers is too much trouble, and I don’t need such a strong one, just give it a similar one!”

Cui Jun scratched his hair unconsciously, and after a moment of circling his head, he suddenly laughed and said: “In fact, the Buddha also has a door. Divine Ability, Vajra Buddha body, not only can become bigger at will, but also circulate around the body. Golden Buddha’s radiance, evil spirits do not invade, Ye Sect Master has Buddhism mana, it should not be difficult to practice!”

“Although I have Buddhism mana, but a little bit of Dharma is also different. Even if you put all the 6 Magical Powers of the Buddha in front of me, I can’t practice it!” The Buddhist cultivation technique pays attention to the student enlightenment. Ye Wen doesn’t think he has a good perception. ? At least he has never had the experience of becoming a Buddha by just clapping his head.

“That’s it…” Cui Jun was not in a hurry at this moment. After thinking about it, he whispered: “In fact, Old Daoist has a Sect’s Exclusive Magical Powers. If Ye Sect Master is interested, it’s okay to pass it on to you…”

Ye Wen froze for a moment, and suddenly remembered that Cui Jun said he wanted to accept himself as a disciple. He suddenly remembered the kung fu he said at the time: “Isn’t that the bottle gourd 7 trick?”

“Oh? Ye Sect Master still remembers, that feeling is good!”

“Good sister!” Ye Wen scolded. At this time, think about your discipline and the Old Daoist to study together. I don’t know how many skills he has learned. He can’t be considered Magical Powers by himself. What: “Are you good at sect secret art? I don’t have much effort now, I must practice it right away!”

Cui Jun scratched his head: “To say good practice and practice, I guess the Sect Master’s cultivation base, it is estimated that this introductory part will not fail you, as long as you can get in the door, as long as you can show a little formidable power Enough to meet Ye Sect Master’s requirements… Yeah, Ye Sect Master, how big do you want to be?”

“It’s 2 meters tall…but it needs to be strong enough!”

Cui Jun slapped his legs-a scream next to him, followed by Zheng Ying’s complaining voice: “Next time, please don’t trouble patting my legs!”-Then said cheerfully: “2 meters high What’s the matter, if Ye Sect Master practice well, 20 meters high is not difficult to handle, I first read the recipe of this first recipe to you!”

Ye Wen closed her mouth and listened quietly to Cui Jun’s reading of the formula there. I didn’t know what method Cui Jun used. Zheng Yingming was right next to Cui Jun, but he couldn’t hear it at all. Seeing the Old Senior’s lips keep moving, he couldn’t hear anything.

After a full minute, Cui Jun said: “These are the entry tips, as long as you practice this part, trifling 2 meters tall body can’t be considered what!”

Ye Wen ordered nodded, concentrated his luck, and according to the method described by Cui Jun, he got up, and suddenly found a faint red light flashing around his body, followed by a sudden rise in shape, and suddenly became stronger-this The red light flashed, and Ye Wen suddenly remembered that Yucheng Lin, the Sect Master of Qingcheng, hadn’t used this move in the first place? It turned out to be the bottle gourd 7 that Cui Jun wore.

It’s just that Yu Lin was reluctant to use this move, and it didn’t take long for him to control himself, but Ye Wen didn’t have this worry. At this time, he felt that not only did he grow bigger in size, but also his power had skyrocketed— —But this body is not as flexible as it used to be.

I’m experimenting, I just heard Cui Jun’s voice in my ear: “My bottle gourd 7 tactics, the first tactic can improve the body strength, Early-Stage body shape increases by one point, and the power also rises by one point, even if it changes The giant who is a few ten zhang is not impossible!”

“And when the cultivation base is profound, you can control it freely, so that you can make it bigger where you get bigger? For example, the shape of the body is unchanged, but the palm of the hand is suddenly changed to several dozen meters. The size of the palm is photographed to cover the sky and cover the sky. , Even if you can’t run, how many people can survive?”

Speaking of which, this Old Daoist Priest suddenly hehe a smirk: “Even when doing sex, it is quite helpful…”

Ye Wen has a black line on his face, while Zheng Ying beside him shines.

When I saw the opposite, I didn’t respond. Cui Jun only tried it when Ye Wen was experimenting. After laughing for 2 times, he continued: “Practice Peak, you can keep your shape unchanged, and you can directly increase your strength! But at this time, Fleshy body is almost renewed. After refining it, its domineering and overbearing, even the 89 Arcane Art of True Lord Erlang is not too much!”

This remark was very domineering, and Ye Wen was also surprised. But think about it, since this bottle gourd fairy Cui Jun can be well-known in Immortal World, naturally it has several points of means! It is not a wonder to be able to create such amazing work.

Ye Wen heard this and was really interested when she arrived, and inevitably asked again: “This is only the first tactic? I wonder if there is anything strange about the next six tactics?”

Cui Jun was triumphant, and even shook his head: “To say Old Daoist, my bottle gourd 7 tactics, each tactic has a magical powers. The second tactic is to specialize in eye pupils and ears. Ye Sect Master can still remember You can see the distance with a pair of Buddhism Divine Pupil that day, and Old Daoist also has the means to see the situation in the distance?”

“Oh?” Ye Wen thought of it, thinking of the orange rays of light flashing in Cui Jun’s double pupils that day, and then it was clear, clearly seeing the situation in the distance.

Putting it that way, the second tip is 2 eyes and downwind ears?

“Oh? How familiar?”

Cui Jun didn’t know yet, he just introduced his Divine Art directly, just like the most qualified salesman said non-stop: “Not only that, if you are profound, these eyes can see through all illusions, with these eyes, The imaginary formation is a decoration for the cultivator!”

“At the same time, some transformed monsters, the body will also be able to escape from these eyes, if you want, you can also use divine light to directly shine on its prototype…”

“Looking at the demon mirror?”

“Well, almost…but it’s much more convenient to carry it!” Cui Jun ordered nodded, but felt that the metaphor of Ye Wen was quite appropriate-in fact, when he created this sect secret art, he did refer to some of the mirror monsters. function.

“The third tactic is to refine the fleshy body, and you can even use the fleshy body as a treasure sword to fight against the enemy. In fact, the third tactic and the first tactic are complementary to each other. Only the third tactic can be achieved before the first tactic can be Great Accomplishment…”

“Wait a minute” Ye Wen divine light flashed in his head, and finally remembered what the so-called bottle gourd 7 recipe is all about: “Are you a whole bottle gourd little Vajra? You confiscated 7 recipes and passed a recipe to each person and then Known as bottle gourd baby?”

Cui Junhehe Yile: “Did this just pass you the first recipe?”

Ye Wen: “…” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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