History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 468

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Hanging up the communication, Ye Wen didn’t go on with Cui Jun to see if he became a fool who likes to wear a red vest with a small bottle gourd on his head and two leaves.

But he is still curious what this so-called bottle gourd 7 tactic will look like next? According to Cui Jun’s description, it’s nothing more than manipulation of fire and water. It’s as if you can master your own special fire and water like the power of the universe. Ye Wen is curious to ask whether Cui Jun has any special fire and water. old fogey concealed the past with a smirk of hehe.

As for the stealth ability, he did not conceal it, and at the same time, this ability is not uncommon. The only function is to hide the form-but this hidden form can be spell heaven and earth’s difference to separate, as long as the stealth technique The method has been practiced to the extreme, even if it is Supreme Taoist or the Buddha is close, I still want to see through this technique and find its shape.

Ye Wen is still very interested in this spell, but unfortunately, Cui Jun said: “Unfortunately, since I created this cultivation technique, I can’t practice this sixth recipe to Peak!”

This sentence made him understand that these feelings are just the expected effects. Whether it will be the case after practice, then no one knows-or can’t say that Golden Immortal can’t be practiced as the sixth recipe? But to that extent, there seems to be no need to hide from those two?

“Chicken ribs?”

Ye Wen would like to give such a comment, but if you want to learn the cultivation technique of others, it is not easy to say this.

For the seventh, Cui Jun kept silent and only said: “That’s the old Daoist’s last trick, it’s not easy to show people…”

In one sentence, Ye Wen’s inquiry was blocked. After all, Ye Wen is not his discipline-even if it is really his discipline, it can’t be told casually when it comes to the final battle of Profound Truth, so Ye Wen asked the first After some points of the recipe, the call ended.

Withdrawing the detector into the ring, Ye Wen closed his eyes and lucked True Qi, and at the same time mobilized the various energy within the body according to the method Cui Jun told him, only to feel that the strength of the whole body continued to expand like an explosion. This expansion is under his control.

Estimated that it was almost the same, Ye Wen stopped and then opened his eyes and looked down.

Good guy, even so high unconsciously, Ye Wen only feels that he is now twice as far away from the ground, and closer to the dome of the palace. Thanks to the fact that the space of the palace is wide enough and the roof is high enough, if it is in the same kind of hut as it used to live in, it is estimated that it has already reached the roof.

“It seems too big!”

Slightly converging, dissipating the skyrocketing power a little, Ye Wen watched as he deflated the balloon slowly, which felt wonderful, but it was not really good.

When it felt almost the same, Ye Wen stopped again and looked at his figure again.

At this time, he had about 2 meters to hang up, and a strong muscle was enough to make all men express envy and jealousy and let all women who like macho scream.

At this time, Ye Wen, even if standing with Hercules, this figure will not fall downwind, even at this time he is even stronger than Hercules in a small circle.

Posing the shape of a bodybuilder, Ye Wen laughed: “We have a fierce time!”

As a man, I have longed for myself to have a strong muscle and become a fierce man who is even more powerful than the governor, but this idea is not so firm. I feel that if I am really like that, I may not yet. Must be able to adapt.

But the bottle gourd 7 trick taught to him by Cui Jun actually solved his troubles. Later, if he wanted to be a strong man, he could become a strong man, and when the strong man was enough, he could be restored to its original state. It really is do as one pleases.

“It is necessary to pay attention to this dress when you transform in the future!”

Although he put away his gown just now, he didn’t remove the inner blouse. The neat and tidy he wore also forgot this. As a result, after the previous body shape change, the body was pulled down The rag is broken, and the whole person is standing there almost without a strip, because there are no other people around, otherwise Ye Wen will be treated as a kind of bad hobby.

Looking down, after Ye Wen hehe laughed, he took out a vest and shorts from the ring. These two clothes are the same as a pair of socks, but they will be propped up when they are put on. The material of this type, Ye Wen, who has soared a few times now, can wear this kind of clothes with excellent elasticity. Although there are many other clothes in his ring, it is certain that he also has one at this time. Can’t put it on.

And the soles of the feet have also become much larger. He can only play barefoot, but fortunately he only needs to solve the tight underwear, because there is a whole set of dress beside him.

But just these two clothes made Ye Wen sweat for a while, because the power has skyrocketed, and the flexibility has dropped a lot. Ye Wen is not so adaptable to the body now. It seems that this cultivation technique has been completed and I want to be comfortable. The manipulation of this kind of strength and body that can suddenly soar many times also requires a long period of exercise. Then Cui Jun estimates that he can control his own strength after the inflation, and then the strength that can be exerted is It is indeed terrifying.

Thanks to Ye Wen until now, they are very good at manipulating their own power. Although they are a little uncomfortable at this time, they do not make any jokes. In addition to accidentally ripping a vest at at first, the later The movements were fairly smooth. At the same time, when I walked, although I fell heavily, I even made a dull sound when I stepped on the ground, but I did not step out of the ground.

Putting a hammer on the golden box, the result was a little too hard. Ye Wen gave the gorgeous box a depression. While there was an embarrassment on Ye Wen’s face, the golden light flashing Taurus Golden Saint Cloth had already It flew out of the box and was broken down into various parts in front of Ye Wen, which was worn directly on Ye Wen.

After the dress was completed, it was very different from his own disciplinary Yu Wentuo. The Taurus Gold Saint Cloth even exuded a burst of joy. Although this Saint Cloth could not speak or express its mood through movements, but after wearing it The golden blaze burning on his body allowed Ye Wen to understand the meaning of the Saint Cloth without any difficulty.

“It seems my strength makes this holy garment very happy!”

With Ye Wen, which can be compared to the strength of the main god of Olympus, it is indeed lucky to wear this golden holy cloth. It is not surprising that the Taurus holy cloth will behave like this.

But what surprised Ye Wen was that after he put on the holy suit properly, he even had a cloak out of his back. He didn’t know where the cloak came from and stuck in the gap of the armor behind him. , And then almost to the heel position, covering his entire back.

When walking, this cloak will shake slightly, if it moves fast, it will float, but it seems extremely pulling wind: “The guy in Hephaestus also got such a thing…Olin The gods such as Pis are really good at playing handsome!”

When he first introduced the Golden Cloth, he did not include cloak in it, so the cloak was naturally added by Hephaestus himself.

He didn’t know that in fact this idea came from Athena, because in their this World, cloak is not just for decoration, even on some occasions, cloak is also a symbol of status! In order to highlight the loftyness of the gold Saint Seiya in the Sacred Domain, Athena asked the gold Saint Seiya to wear cloak when wearing the cloak-anyway, the gold cloak is more similar to the full body armor, and cloak is also very suitable.

Because of this proposal, except for the Sagittarius because of a bunch of large wings behind him and the Libra is full of weapons and cannot be matched with cloak, the other ten sets of golden clothes have this function: they are neatly dressed After that, a white cloak will appear from the gap behind the neck.

After walking a few steps in the halloween clothes in the bedroom, Ye Wen gradually adapted to the body and the posture of wearing the halloween clothes, and then picked up the gold box that was hammered out by himself, and then took off his helmet to go there. As soon as the box was thrown, the big step went out.

At this time, not only did he become taller and stronger, but his tonnage also rose. I don’t know how many grades he wore. Then he wore the golden holy clothes of Taurus. Although he walked on the road, it was not the earth shook and the mountain quivered. amazing.

Before others appeared, the few people sitting in the hall had already noticed that someone had come out, and after hearing this exaggerated dull footsteps, Athena even showed a little curiosity, looking forward to Ye Wen It looks like a Taurus gold holy garment.

Yu Wentuo squatted on the side, feeling that his stomach and side waist were no longer so painful, so he mumbled: “How did the Master go in for so long? Wouldn’t the Taurus holy garment be reinstated?”

His guess actually got Zhang Ling’s approval, but Zhang Ling didn’t talk about that’s all.

Athena actually thinks the same way. After all, the golden cloak was designed by Ye Wen. If he wouldn’t make it at all, this smart Goddess would not believe it. What’s more, Ye Wen told her at the beginning that he was responsible for the holy cloth needed after the reincarnation of Zeus. This shows that Ye Sect Master has several points of means in forging.

This can prove that Ye Wen does understand related skills, so it is not impossible to modify the Taurus Saint Cloth slightly to become suitable for wearing.

But the dull footsteps coming from nowadays have a very Taurus imposing manner.

Thinking about it, I suddenly felt that a golden light flashed in front of me, and the dazzling rays of light almost covered the whole hall. The huge light source made everyone unconsciously squint his eyes and adapted to it for a while before gradually Look at the huge golden light bulb that suddenly appeared.

In addition, Ye Wen also collected the burning small universe (Saint Cloth, not Ye Wen’s) very timely, so it clearly revealed his appearance.

“Wow! Really?”

“Oh? Does Taurus Gold Saint Cloth still have the effect of fitness? Even turned Master into a governor? No, it’s a more exaggerated man than the governor!”

Athena was even more surprised by the changes in Ye Wen. She even thought that Ye Wen shouted Hercules and asked him to put on this golden holy suit, but not at all wearing a helmet and showing his face And the long black hair tells her clearly that the strong and slightly exaggerated man in front of him is the slightly weaker oriental man.

Can’t help but go a few steps forward, Athena seems to want to see if Ye Wen used a strange spell to make such a change-in fact she at first suspected what spiritual system Ye Wen used The spell, that is to say, she suspects that what she saw is just an illusion, the real Ye Wen is still the same as before.

It’s a pity that when she put the hand with divine force on Ye Wen’s stout arm, she clearly felt the horror power contained in this arm. The power of destruction is not created by an Illusion Technique.


Ye Wen’s face changed a little bit because of the fact that he became taller and stronger, and he appeared to be more stiffer. Instead of wearing a hair crown, his black hair was spread out and fell naturally behind his head.

Lifting his chin, Ye Wen seemed a little proud. Who asked these guys to suspect that he couldn’t put this Taurus suit into the proper imposing manner?

Looking at Athena, who is nearly half a meter shorter than himself, Ye Wen actually has a feeling of raising his eyebrows, which makes him feel a little unfathomable mystery: “How to become a child? How could it be this bottle gourd 7 There are side effects?”

Pushing all the strange phenomena to Cui Jun’s set of Divine Art secret art, it seems to be a very good choice, and then Ye Wen pinched his waist with peace of mind, and propped up his tall body to let these people surround himself A look of wonder.

Only after Zhang Ling looked at it, she said, holding her glasses: “didn’t expect Master is also suitable as a brother expensive, which is really surprising! I thought that only Senior Brother Guo is suitable for this style!”


This remark made Ye Wen’s imposing manner suddenly stagnate, and Yu Wentuo on the side was surprised, looking at his Senior Sister up and down.

“Why?” Zhang Ling’s eyes turned slightly, with a sharp murderous aura as sharp as a blade, and Yu Wen Tuo jumped aside, before he dared to throw his question out: “So Senior Sister is good?”

“I just made that view of the facts that’s all, nothing to do with my own hobby!”

2 people were talking on the side, but they didn’t want Athena to reach out and grope on Ye Wen’s sturdy waist for 2 times, and then showed a rather ambiguous smile: “I really like yours The image is really great!”


Ye Wen didn’t speak, it was just embarrassment, but Yu Wentuo, who was not far away, was surprised, an unbelievable look, but soon showed a sudden look, and then used the right hand with his fist. Hammered his left hand: “It turned out to be this way, no wonder she didn’t like me! I even forgot the huge difference in aesthetics between eastern and western women!”

But then he became painful and entangled, covering his head with his hands, whispering in his mouth: “Do I have to be like this? Maybe he doesn’t like it like this What about it?” Then she shook her head again: “No, she should like this. It is said that this guy used to be such a muscular man…”

Zhang Ling looked at Yu Wentuo, who seemed to be nervous there, and then looked at Garfield, and the kitten was also looking at her. A man and a cat were sighed at the same time, with a look of’this child is not saved’.

Ye Wen looked around and looked at her Athena, and said awkwardly, “Are we… not yet going?”

This made Goddess, who was a bit of an awkward wisdom, stop his pace: “Well, let’s go!” Only after a few steps forward, the Goddess said again: “I am a bit I regret it. Maybe it would be a better choice to keep you on Mount Olympus?”

In a word, not only did Ye Wen stop, but the steps were bigger. With the thick long legs he had at this time, everyone was thrown away for a long distance in a few big steps.

Shen Gongbao didn’t know what to do and just came back. Shen Gongbao, who was walking with his head down, didn’t notice Ye Wen who was approaching. He almost bumped into him, and he lost 2 cultivation bases. Not bad, in the last moment stopped their respective steps in time.

Compared with Ye Wen, Shen Gongbao’s expression is much more exciting!

He thought it was almost a collision with a god on Mount Olympus, but when he looked up, he was full of golden light. The golden garment was really eye-catching.

Then he noticed that the golden piece was too wide, and took a step back to see clearly the guy in front of the wall. And when he noticed that there is more than 2 meters high, and the back of a tiger and waist of a bear looks like a human beast. The guy who has a very familiar look is even more surprised.

“Ye……Sect Master?”

Shen Gongbao is also a character who has seen winds and waves, so he quickly recognized who this’giant beast’ was in front of him, but he still seemed surprised. After all, the oriental cultivator had no need after the cultivation reached a certain level. It will not change his appearance easily.

And Ye Wen looks like this…

Just want to ask in detail, I saw Athena walked out slowly in an elegant step. After a brief glance at Shen Gongbao, she said, “If you have any questions, let’s talk about it on the road, you have to go together at this time!” “

“Me?” Shen Gongbao just remembered that he was called back by Athena, so that Goddess has something to do by himself? However, he never thought of refusing to say, just asked: “What should I do?”

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