History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 469

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Shen Gongbao was taken away from Mount Olympus by Athena with a cloud of mist. As for the jade Qilin, Athena directly promised that Qilin would remain in the palace, and the maids would also Regular meals and cleaning the palace. Of course, that palace is still counted as the residence of several of them on Mount Olympus. After all, even if they live in Sacred Domain, it is only temporary.

The lifespan of human beings is limited, and the small universe cultivation method put out by Ye Wen is of little help to prolong life.

Even, most fighters of cultivation small universe have shorter lifespan than ordinary people due to the transitional exercise of Fleshy body. Even though the physical quality of people in Immortal World is much stronger than that of Earth, they still cannot change the power of small universe. It is an essence similar to self-abuse cultivation technique.

Ye Wen certainly has a solution, otherwise he will not let Garfield cultivate this kind of power! But he impossible handed over this method of radically strengthening the battle strength of Olympus, even more how, even the gods of Olympus themselves, do not want ordinary mortals to have strength comparable to gods Cultivation way.

Only a few people can realize another realm, and even use the small universe to repair their physical defects and finally step into another level-if there is any Saint Warrior who can do this, then they are real Set foot in the realm of God, the strength at this time will be equivalent to a Demi-God.

However, this probability is so low as to be negligible. Neither Ye Wen nor the Olympus gods believe that anyone can do this.

Even more how, the so-called Holy War is originally a game, and the gods are happy to see that these Saints will complete their mission, whether it is Athena or Hades will find ways to make these powerful Saints They die in the game, and impossible gives them too many opportunities to comprehend stronger power.

As for the next game? They will naturally cultivate a new batch of fighters, and then continue to cycle like this…

Of course, Ye Wen did not fail to take into account the fact that someone who is so low as to be negligible may do this. After all, this World is short of everything, but it is not short of genius! He even saw a lot of perverted characters in the protagonist template fortuitous encounter, so even if the probability is extremely low, as long as it is absolutely impossible, Ye Wen must consider it.

And the final consideration is that if such talents really come out, it will still be able to become the power of the Olympus gods-Olympus gods seem to be fairly hospitable on the surface, but in essence they The degree of xenophobia is more exclusive than the more western paradise or the *** opposite the Mediterranean.

This can be known by looking at the composition of the gods of Olympus-almost all Olympus gods are related by blood, and the entire Olympus mountain is simply a private residence of the Great Family, which is Say this is a family-style Divine Race, may such an existence accept the presence of an outsider as a member?

Even if Ye Wen, who came from the Eastern world, was a tyranny with the same level as the main god of Olympus, they were all accepted by impossible, not to mention a mortal who could be regarded as a ants and chess pieces at their disposal.

Therefore, once such a character appears, the Olympus gods must be suppressed. As soon as this situation occurs, the possibility of this outstanding character becoming one of the Olympus gods is basically cut off, and it may even lead Come this person’s revenge against the gods of Olympus.

This…is more in the interests of Ye Wen, so the Saint Seiya of the cultivation small universe might have such a possible existence as Demi-God. Ye Wen decided to ignore him, even he made up his mind, if necessary, maybe Secretly help the guy who doesn’t know if it’s bad luck or lucky?

As for this time Holy War, in the upcoming situation, Ye Wen they live at most for several decades in the Sacred Domain, and this time is only a short period of time for the gods, after that Ye Wen I still have to go back to Mount Olympus.

Athena ignores the fact that Ye Wen is not an Olympus himself. Maybe she thinks that this man from the East, no matter what purpose he came to this land, but since it came, then it is easily easy ‘S left.

In short, just after the idea of ​​have nothing common with each other in the hearts of several people, Ye Wen drove the sword light and followed the flying carriage of Athena and saw the building complex built in the mountains.

“how about it?”

Stopped the frame, and pointed finger towards the lance in the hand to see the complex of buildings with grand palaces-although only a few prototypes: “There is Sacred Domain!”

Ye Wen was surprised while looking at it. The prestige of the gods of Olympus in this realm was indeed terrifying. Athena just issued an Oracle, and it didn’t take long for this group of crazy believers to take Sacred Domain The prototype for the construction has taken shape.

A general range has been determined, and the location of each building has been determined. Looking from the height, densely packed, it is unclear how many people are working hard to build those that are almost impossible for humans. The magnificent building completed.

There is no automated construction machine in this, only some simple tools and human power to complete these tasks, the difficulty of which can be imagined, and the Sacred Domain is still in a mountain range, although the mountain is not high, but the terrain The complexity has brought greater difficulties to the construction.

But all of this can’t stop the group of people from carrying out the work they are doing. They are still squeezing every force in their bodies and giving the tasks that are almost impossible to them. The best.

Such a complex and huge amount of work, impossible completed in a short time, Ye Wen glanced at Athena: “It stands to reason that even the Sacred Domain has not been completed, this time Holy War impossible fight up so early?”

According to the current progress, it will take at least ten years for this Sacred Domain to be finalized. Even if you build a rough outline of those palaces, you don’t know how many years to go.

In other words, even if all goes well, Holy War must start at least after several decades!

“Divine King Your Majesty can’t wait any longer, and fell into a deep sleep yesterday, reincarnate part of Divine Consciousness into the world…”


Ye Wen didn’t expect the old naughty boy of Zeus was so impatient, originally he wanted Zeus to look at the holy suit he had prepared for him. Didn’t expect this guy didn’t even have the holy suit he would wear in the future Go and see, just reincarnate! It seems that he can no longer tolerate this boring life on Mount Olympus, so he can’t afford to sleep. He regards this Holy War as a dream, and then he can have a good aftertaste after eyes opened.

Athena was also quite helpless: “So, the construction of Sacred Domain and the training of Saint Seiya needed to be carried out at the same time!”

In the original plan, Athena used 20 to 30 years to build the Sacred Domain, and then used 30 to 50 years to train the first elite saint fighters, which means that at least 80 years will be required, and the fastest The first Holy War will only start after 50 years-the guy in Hades does not have to worry about the construction of his base camp. If there is nothing else in the underworld, the labor force is rich.

It is said that Hades opened a special hell, called endless labor, and all those guys who were delicious and lazy before his life rushed to that hell to carry out the heavy and heavy work, and the content of the work is to build the base camp of the fighter.

Compared with the workers here in Athena, they also need proper rest time and eating and drinking Lasa. There is no need to consider these issues at Hades, so the progress is also extremely fast. Athena is just taking shape, it is said that Hades There is already a rough model.

Ye Wen listened to these inside stories, only to realize that the abuse of private rights could achieve this degree, Ye Wen could not help but admire Sir Wang’s whimsy.

“Later, I will return to Mount Olympus and fall into a state of false sleep, and divide a part of Divine Consciousness into my spokesperson in the world, but this spokesperson needs a considerable amount of time to adapt to my strength, so at When she was first, she was only like an ordinary girl, and she needed a Guardian to avoid any accidents!”

Athena turned her eyes to Ye Wen: “Later, I will use Oracle’s way to tell the person who is currently in charge of construction work in the Sacred Domain, your identity will be the 1st place golden saint in the Sacred Domain, Responsible for cultivating the first generation of Saint Seiya, that is, the main combatants decisive battle with the Pluto!”

Then pointed to Shen Gongbao: “And you are responsible for taking care of the internal affairs of Sacred Domain!”

“I am the pope?”

Along the way, Ye Wen has spoken to Shen Gongbao, and he has spoken to the general of Sacred Domain about this. He already knows that the highest ruler of Sacred Domain is the Pope, so he will There is this reaction.

didn’t expect Athena just smiled weirdly, “shook the head”: “No, but with the exception of the Pope, you will have the highest decision-making power in internal affairs! At the same level as the Golden Saint Seiya!”

Shen Gongbao understood it at first glance. If it is plain, it is a Chief Steward. If it is awkward, it is the head of the inner court of the Imperial court of the ancient king-then the straight point is a big Court Eunuch!

Shen Gongbao, whose face was not very good looking, could only hold her nose, and took the errand into her hands. But he made up his mind. If the fool who became a pope dared not treat him, he wouldn’t mind letting the idiot understand what it means to be a fairy’s anger!

“where are they?”

Ye Wen pointed to his two disciplines. Yu Wentuo said that he was already a Libra Saint Seiya. What he had to do now was to continue to cultivate and improve his strength that’s all. He couldn’t be a fairy disciple. A group of mortals who have gained some strength can’t beat it? That’s too shameful.

Fortunately, there is no saint in the Sacred Domain, let Yu Wentuo directly occupy the position of a saint, and I am not afraid of someone jumping out and saying something.

It’s a pity that Ye Wen thinks it’s too simple. He didn’t know that Athena had thrown out the carrots long ago. Otherwise, why would so many people be recruited to build Sacred Domain like her?

As for Zhang Ling… what excuse should this discipline use to enter the Sacred Domain?

“The disciple is said to be the master’s maid, and it wouldn’t seem strange to follow a maid next to a noble golden saint, right?”

This excuse made sense. Ye Wen clicked nodded and agreed, and then slowly followed Sacred Domain behind Athena, and went all the way to the Goddess temple with the Goddess statue. Athena displayed it After a magic trick, the figures of several people were concealed, and then a gesture was made to several people of Ye Wen, before rushing towards the huge statue.

Behind the Goddess temple, there is a group of old fogeys looking like priests all day long. It seems to be paying attention to the situation at any time. I am afraid that Goddess will suddenly drop Oracle.

And every time Athena releases Oracle, it’s dressing up as God, playing the devil through their own gods-fortunately, these gods are not Bai Jian, they have to show some effects with their use, otherwise in the future Who built a statue for himself?

Ye Wen saw Athena using the statue dressing up as God, playing the devil, and gradually understood why both the Bodhisattva Buddha, the Western deity and the Eastern fairy priests like to use this way to show their existence, and finally It still makes sense.

At this time, Athena said nothing to a group of old fogey kneeling in front of her: “The Pluto and his evil Legion are recovering faster than expected. Holy War is likely to be launched in advance, Sacred Domain’s The construction work must be accelerated, and the selection and training of Saint Seiya must also be put on the agenda!”

These words made the old priests kneeling underneath not look good, one of them looked the highest, the closest to the statue of Athena, and the oldest man with the oldest worry, then lifted slightly. the head said to Athena: “His Royal Highness Goddess, we can also think of some ways to build Sacred Domain, but we have no nodded thread in the selection and training of Saint Seiya, and we hope to be honored His Highness Goddess can give us some clear instructions!”

Indeed, although building a house is a bit more difficult, it is still a matter of manpower in the end, but this aspect of the Saint Seiya is not something that an ordinary person can solve.

However, Athena would say this on purpose, naturally to bring out Ye Wen and others later, so as soon as the old priest spoke, Athena said slowly with the speed of either fast nor slow: “Don’t worry, I know you too The difficulties faced, so I specially sent someone to help you solve the problem!”

Ye Wen heard this, laughed, and said a few words to the side: “It’s time for us to play!”

Sure enough, Athena said a lot about Barbara, but it is a matter of a few words: I sent you a man from the far east, he is very good at many things, he will Will help you solve all kinds of difficulties encountered in the construction of Sacred Domain!

apart from this, I have also sent you 2 Gold Saints, the most advanced Saints, which I prepared for this Holy War earlier, and now I will bring them to the Sacred Domain to help Sacred Domain selects and trains more Saints to defend against the evil Pluto army and defend the land we live in.

A group of old fogey crying and praising Athena Goddess while weeping bitter tears deeply grateful, the degree of numbness made Ye Wen in the sky a chill.

At this moment, several of them felt that they were surrounded by a burst of rays of light, and at the same time came the voice of Athena: “Come on, just stand in front of my statue!”

It turns out that this group of rays of light not at all has a special role, and the only role is to make them as dazzling as a light bulb that’s all.

The priests kneeling on the ground couldn’t help narrowing their eyes, and when the rays of light had dispersed, there were a few more people out of nowhere.

Fortunately, Athena Goddess had already dropped Oracle, so several priests knew that these people were the people Athena Goddess just said.

“Are the two men in golden armor the golden saints?”

“It’s so tall, really strong, and at first glance it’s true powerhouse. With such a fighter in Sacred Domain, we don’t have to worry about the evil Pluto Army!”

“The other one looks a little thin, can he do it? And is he carrying weapons? Isn’t Saint Seiya using weapons?”

Compared to these ordinary priests who are a bit chaotic and noisy, the old priest standing at the front obviously knows more, but after looking at a few people, he came straight to Ye Wen and Yu Wentuo. I gave a gift: “Dear Taurus and Libra Gold Saint Seiya, welcome you to Sacred Domain!”

There are still some people in the entire Sacred Domain who know the situation of Saint Seiya, but only a limited amount. The old priest only knows that Taurus is the most powerful fighter among the golden saints (in his opinion, the most powerful), while Libra is the only one who has the right to decide whether to let the saint fighter use weapons except Goddess. At the same time, he also has the responsibility to judge whether the person in Sacred Domain is guilty.

These 2 should be the special existence of the Golden Saint Warriors (Libra is really special, Taurus…), so although the old priest stayed in the Sacred Domain for a while, and he has worshipped Athena for several decades, but still The two Saints of Goddess maintained their due respect.

“Is this Mr. Shen?”

In the eyes of the old priests, Shen Gongbao was obviously much lower, but fortunately, Goddess sent him, so he was more polite, and he didn’t give Shen Gongbao a chance.

It can be said that the first meeting of Ye Wen and the people in Sacred Domain is still happy, but this happiness not at all lasts too long, and the first person who broke Ye Wen’s good mood is Athena.

“In addition, I will also be reincarnated on the earth and fight side by side with my Saints to jointly resist the invasion of Pluto and defend the earth!” Athena’s words were a little inflammatory and made a group of worshippers of Athena Goddess The priests were thrilled, and the following sentence made Ye Wen the target: “As for how to find my reincarnation, you can ask Taurus!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to start (Qidian.com) Voting recommendation and monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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