History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 470

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Ye Wen would like to look back now, and then slap the woman hiding in the idol back to Mount Olympus!

“What is it asking me? How could I know?”

Athena’s voice sounded in Ye Wen’s mind. This can be considered a special skill mastered by the gods of Mount Olympus. The most secret voice transmission has a similar effect, that is, don’t let others hear you and someone. A private message between: “Don’t be afraid, when Hephaestus forged these sets of gold holy clothes, he deliberately increased the contact with me. As long as you wear this set of gold holy clothes, then you want to find my turn Living body is not a very difficult thing!”

“What do you mean? You can’t simply tell me where to go to find your reincarnation?” Ye Wen was afraid of trouble. Although Athena said that the golden cloak will instruct him how to do it, but he still wants to be simple a little.

What’s more, even if there is a golden holy cloth instruction, in the final analysis, it still needs him to find 4 places? He really didn’t have that idle time sloshing around—it’s not that he was busy now, but that this trivial thing would waste him so much time, he’s uncomfortable!

“No, this is fun!”

Originally according to the script given by Ye Wen, Athena’s reincarnation was not born in a certain family, but appeared directly in the form of a baby in front of where he stands now, that is, in front of the Goddess statue of Athena.

The pope who got Oracle will come here to wait in advance, then after seeing the baby, he will hug him back to raise him, and teach the child some related knowledge and etiquette-in fact these things are almost unnecessary, because the child Gradually growing, the body gradually takes shape, and its within the body belongs to Athena’s consciousness will gradually wake up, and finally completely control this body.

In other words, even if the girl develops her own personality in the process of growing up, it will be slowly replaced after Athena’s memory is awakened, so there is no need to specifically train and teach.

However, considering that this body was originally born of Athena, there is nothing wrong with this kind of situation, but now seeing the meaning of Athena, she is going to be reincarnated directly to the ordinary person’s home?

“Have you ever considered that if you do this is unfair to some people?” If Athena does this, it is equivalent to depriving someone’s soul and then occupying that person’s body, although Ye Wen’s situation is similar, but Ye Wen was picking up the body of a dying person, so he didn’t feel so guilty.

But Athena wanted to deprive a newly born soul of life, even though he knew that the gods of Olympus had never taken ordinary person seriously…

Although Ye Wen is not qualified to criticize this group of Olympus gods, after all, he came up with the idea of ​​using life as a game for fun. Now the situation is as if Ye Wen cut people into 8 pieces with one hand. With tears on one side, “You are so pitiful!”

However, compared to killing a life directly, Ye Wen can also use: “These people still have the hope to survive…” to tell themselves: “You are not a wicked person!”

“If there is no me, then this family will also be able to get a child forever!” Athena seems to have done a great thing: “However, having a child does not mean that the family will be happy…”

Leaving a sentence of unfathomable mystery, Athena’s voice is gradually faint and finally disappeared, it seems that this Goddess has left Sacred Domain.

At the end of the conversation, Ye Wen glanced back at the giant statue of several dozen meters and secretly sipped: “It will cause trouble to others!”

After turning his head, the old face covered with old spots and wrinkles in High Priest made Ye Wen’s cheeks twitch for a while. This old fogey even needs to be assisted by the servant when walking, it is really difficult for him to always be respectful, and Standing slightly in front of himself owed a little.

At this time, Ye Wen was not only wearing a full set of gold holy clothes, but also wrapped in a golden armor, and also wearing a Taurus helmet, which opened the effect of hiding the face in the helmet-only the lower half of the face changed, But in fact, this half of the face is also a fantasy-like existence, always with a gentle smile.

“Leave here first, and then tell me whether there is anything suitable in the Sacred Domain that can be trained as a Saint Seiya!”

Looking at the surroundings, these people on the side are obviously all admirers, so he doesn’t need to be hypocritical, he just took over the right of representation.

Seeing the old priest turn his eyes behind Zhang Ling behind him, Ye Wen casually said, “She is my maid!”

As soon as the words came out, the group of people underneath was well hidden, but many priests who still couldn’t escape Ye Wen’s gaze revealed one: “so that’s how it is!” Zhang Ling was up, but there seemed to be some ambiguous messages between his eyes.

“This group of guys!”

I have long known some ordinary people named in the name of worshipping gods. They secretly often do some dirty things, but didn’t expect even the Athena carefully selected to help themselves form Sacred Domain. And, from what happened just now, we can see that this kind of guy actually occupied most of the seats in the top of Sacred Domain.

For a while, Ye Wen already knew the current composition of Sacred Domain.

It turned out that after Athena descended to Oracle, several countries that had always worshipped gods with Athena directly gathered the most prestigious priests in their country, and they were responsible for the construction of Sacred Domain, and these countries paid for it. Labor, it is only in such a short time to achieve such a great power.

And these high-ranking priests are not much worse than Lord of a Country in their original country, and in their piece of land, they are like a local tyrant!

It’s going to be windy and rainy, and they are also very happy about the construction of Sacred Domain-there is no other reason because it is profitable here.

In addition to being able to earn prestige for themselves, they can also pump oil. After all, the funds that various countries have built to comply with Athena’s Oracle to build Sacred Domain are a terrible number. They don’t need to go to Da Lao. A little bit oily is a terrifying number that amazes everyone.

Moreover, a large number of sturdy slaves will also gather here, which is a large amount of objective property, whether they are divided by Sacred Domain after the construction is completed or they can directly sell some unused slaves to the market and sell them. They don’t always follow their wishes.

Unfortunately, Athena is not an idiot. She shows from the very beginning that the position of the pope will be chosen by the envoys sent by her, rather than being selected by this group of virtuoso priests, which makes them somewhat Scruples.

So now the management of Sacred Domain, standing at pinnacle, is High Priest. A priest group composed of 24 priests is responsible for many of Sacred Domain’s affairs.

A Pope who was originally designated as the highest ruler of Sacred Domain was vacant, and Athena made it clear that some important departments in Sacred Domain will be served by the Golden Saints-for example, Libra has served as a judge and a director of the weapons department. Job title.

To this day, an Oriental has been sent to restrain them. It is impossible to say that there is no resentment qi in the hearts of these gods. How to deal with these situations depends on the means of Ye Wen and Shen Gongbao.

Ye Wen is the guarantee of military force, and Shen Gongbao…

“I have to say that the woman of Athena chose a very suitable person! Shen Gongbao this guy is definitely a qualified big flicker!”

Leaded by High Priest, Ye Wen was parallel to it, behind them were Yu Wentuo, Zhang Ling, Shen Gongbao, and then a group of priests.

From the platform where the statue of Athena is located, come to the Goddess Temple, and then go forward to the Pope’s Palace, where there is still only the foundation, and a few sturdy giant columns have been erected at the same time. The entire palace has no prototype, but it is still there. It can be seen how magnificent this palace will be after the construction is completed.

High Priest’s turbid eyes stayed unconsciously in this palace for an instant. Although Ye Wen noticed it, he didn’t say anything, but secretly thought: “Athena has arranged a chore for me!”

But looking back, Shen Gongbao this guy had already got together with the group of priests. He listened a little bit carefully, and Ye Wen noticed that these words of Shen Gongbao were like a heavenly steed, soaring across the The skies are not on the verge, but the situation of this Sacred Domain is roughly understood among these people unconsciously-of course, it may also be that the group of guys deliberately leaked it out to Shen Gongbao to know, or it was deliberately misleading this Master Shen .

After all, Ye Wen is not interested in understood. These intriguing things will make Shen Gongbao worry, he doesn’t need to blend in.

After all, he is not good at these things, not to mention he doesn’t like to do such things! If you want him to solve it, then just give it a sentence and either follow it or get out! disobedient? Just kill the chicken to warn the monkey!

Anyway, he has this capital, so why bother?

“But look at Shen Gongbao’s enjoyable look, let him toss about it. Anyway, there are several decades of effort. If he can’t solve it, at worst Holy War, I will have a big clean before the worst Holy War!”

Passing through the Pope’s Hall, a ladder with almost no end in sight appeared in front of Ye Wen and the others. The High Priest showed a bitter face when they saw the ladder, and then many people looked at another group of stations A group of strong youngsters in the corner of this platform hesitated.

Ye Wen had walked forward normally. When he noticed the strangeness of this group of people, he also noticed another group of people.

The sturdy youngsters are all muscular and have a height of 1.9 m. There is only a small cloth wrapped around the whole body, and a pair of shoes like flat sandals are stepped on the feet, apart There is nothing else from this body.

And about every 6 to 8 men will be placed with a car-like thing, Ye Wen turned his head and then looked at the group of priests who kept looking at the cars and themselves, and immediately understood the group What old ghost is thinking.

With the weak body of this group of people, I want to climb this long staircase. It is estimated that even the Taurus Palace is tired and lie down. I want to come to the Goddess Temple. It is an almost impossible task. The only explanation is Someone helps-this group of sturdy men is estimated to be the’chairman’ of this group of people.


Ye Wen didn’t say anything, just lifted the sedan and went down. He wanted to see how the group of priests would choose-they saw Ye Wen go down directly. Is it brace oneself walking together? Or don’t hesitate to get on the car directly? Either way, it is enough for them to struggle for a long time.

When Ye Wen stepped on the stairs where she could hardly see the end, the old priest still followed him. This old man had several points of decision. After seeing Ye Wen hesitating, he did not hesitate at all. , Followed directly.

But the group of priests behind him had no such determination. Eight out of 24 priests had called the sedan chair, and then a group of dead pigs who were not afraid of boiling water got on the sedan chair and followed behind Ye Wen and the others .

At the same time, Zhang Ling roughly counted and said to Ye Wen with the method of secret voice transmission: “Master, there are only ten or nine sedan!”

Ye Wen didn’t say anything, just walked each minding their own business, but also understood in his heart: “Ten and nine sedan chairs, one old side priest must use one, and the remaining ten or eight are used by those 9 priests! Said that besides these people, there are 8 people who are stronger? Can you go to the Goddess Temple with your body?”

“No, there must be priests left behind in Goddess Temple, which means there will be a few healthy people, but not six…”

After thinking all the way, then a relaxed look passed the ten-two palace that has not been completed. When passing Libra Palace, Ye Wen also said to Yu Wentuo: “You will live here in the future… “

Looking at the Libra Palace, which has no roof, Yu Wentuo bitterly laughed and said nothing, but the side old priest interjected: “The residences of the 2 adults have been arranged. Please stay in the residence before the completion of the construction of these palaces. Yamashita!”

A word of breath, it seems that he has been here with Ye Wen to the limit.

However, Ye Wen didn’t mean that it was finished at half a minute. Continue to make great strides forward. When it came to the bottom of the mountain, ten or eight of the ten or nine sedan cars were all seated, and the only empty one should be the body. Next to this old priest who was about to become mud.

“This old fogey… isn’t completely useless waste!”

With a smooth shot, a True Qi was sent into the old priest’s within the body. The old man only felt relaxed for a while. After a few laps of warmth in his body, he felt like he was alive again. . Although there is still little energy, it is not as dead as before.

With only this hand, the old priest was greatly amazed and said with a heart: “It is worthy of the messenger of Goddess. Such a wonderful ability may only be mastered by the gods? Could it be that this adult is someone on Mount Olympus God?”

Thinking this way, I am even more fortunate that I have persisted until the end, and secretly despised the eighty-eight stupid people who did not persevere-Sir Divine Envoy is walking, but they are riding the sedan chair, which is simply a great disrespect. In the highly-secured Sacred Domain, it is reasonable to kill them all directly.

Fortunately, Ye Wen is not so murderous, but just looked at the guy with a dish-like face (the old priest who is almost dead, and after being gently supported by Ye Wen, his breathing becomes normal and his face is calm. After they came over, they didn’t understand what was going on, and then gave High Priest one: “You know what to do!”

Leading Zhang Ling and the others into the palace that had been arranged for them long ago, Ye Wen didn’t take care of the priests any more, but when it was evening, the old priest came again and said only : “Those people have returned to where they should go!”

Ye Wen didn’t speak, just picked up the helmet that had been clasped on his head, revealing the outline of the face that was very different from that of the Westerners. After a bit of surprise flashed in the eyes of the old priest, he immediately lowered his head, Quan Quan did nothing. Did not see.

“Tomorrow, it will be announced that Sacred Domain will officially select the Saint Seiya, the construction of Sacred Domain… Under the condition of ensuring the existing quality, if the speed can be increased, the speed will be increased, if not, just wait for the training of the Saint After the start, the construction speed will naturally increase…”

The old priest is a bit strange. Is there any connection between the training of Saint Seiya and the construction of Sacred Domain?

Ye Wen explained it to him: “A saint fighter who is still in training can resist a four-person stone pillar to the top of the mountain alone, and wait until the saint fighter’s training is on track. Will the huge stone that people have headaches be troublesome?”

In a word, the old priest understood the key and was shocked by the terrifying power possessed by the saint fighters-the most important point is that the saint fighters are ordinary humans, not the ones that appeared before with bloodline gods Demi-God hero.

“After the selection of Saint Seiya, the training will be handed over to Libra, and I will set off to find Goddess’ reincarnation, and during this time, the size of Sacred Domain will be left to you… Master Shen will assist you you!”

While talking, he took out a piece of paper on which he had drawn something. Although the old priest did not see clearly where the man took the piece of paper from, he still did not ask.

“Make a shoulder armor and mask with cloak according to the pattern drawn on this paper, and send it to Master Shen when finished!”

On the screen, there is a metal mask that can cover all the faces, a gorgeous helmet and a pair of heavy shoulder armor with cloak that can cover all parts of the body.

This one is the equipment that Ye Wen designed for Shen Gongbao. First, it can maintain mysterious feeling, and 2 is to hide his appearance that is different from the people here.

Shen Gongbao has no meaning to this, let alone he is a Celestial Court general, and it is indeed a bit of a shame to run to work for the affiliated institutions of the Olympian gods, so covering his face is also what he meant.

So by the 2nd day, when a large number of physically strong youngsters saw this group of so-called Goddess messengers, no one except Zhang Ling revealed his appearance.

For this reason, some youngsters who do not believe in Goddess of Athena can’t help but whisper: “Are the angels all invisible?”


Wake up as a Sect Leader in a dream? It’s a good thing, but… I found brothel.

With the benefits of a transmigrator, I found that…Yah often gives “Sword Handbook” and “Sunflower Treasure Scripture”.

Ding Yi… With longing and ambition, he started the fairy road of a bit different and a bit lewd.

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