History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 471

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Looking at the group of youngsters with awe-inspiring eyes like awe, obedience, curiosity, etc., Ye Wen suddenly felt that he felt like a big flicker.

It’s the kind of top fool that can make countless young girls die for themselves in one sentence!

After thinking about it, I turned around and whispered to Shen Gongbao: “I’m not very good at these things, let me give it to you!”

Shen Gongbao does not refuse to say anything. Although today he did this beautifully and can’t be considered any face, but now he also understands that only by doing this beautifully can he return to himself Celestial Court, and regain their rights.

It has to be said that Shen Gongbao’s eloquence is indeed very good. A group of youngsters who had been puzzled gradually brought a frenzy in Shen Gongbao’s inflammatory speech. This application made Ye Wen feel terrified. Especially when Shen Gongbao used Ye Wen as an example, they said that as long as they can work hard to cultivate, then they can one day wear this golden holy garment, which symbolizes status and strength, and countless look forward to their future. The eyes of my youngster can almost spit out fire.

“For love and justice, for the protection of our beloved homeland, for the protection of the earth and the 10000000 million people who live on it! Work hard, youngsters!”


After holding his hands high and using his best effort to scream out the gathered breath in his chest, this group of young teenagers and girls officially became a fanatic-not a fanatical fan of Athena, but a’holy Fighter’s fanatic of this profession.

“I said, would this be a bit off topic?”

Ye Wen looked at this group of youngsters and kept dreaming about their life after becoming a saint. He was a little curious if Shen Gongbao had made a mistake. Shouldn’t he brainwash this group of youngsters into Athena’s faithful running dogs?

Unexpectedly, Shen Gongbao said with contempt: “Now they want nothing, even if the Goddess is standing in front of them, I’m afraid they won’t have a good impression on the Goddess, so I have to seduce them with interest first and let them Taste some sweetness, and then tell them to get them because Athena, slowly, unnoticeable influence, said that the benefits they worked for were given by the woman, and then they gradually accepted that this shit didn’t work. Goddess ever! And dedicate his loyalty to it.”

“And after several Holy Wars, this theory will gradually become that only Athena Goddess will bring them happiness, and the power of the Saint Warrior is also given by Athena, and only the power granted by Goddess can defend the earth. …At that time, even if we didn’t need to talk nonsense, someone would rush to show loyalty!”


Ye Wen has nothing to say, he must admit that, compared with Shen Gongbao in this respect, he is simply the gap between kindergarten and academician level. Although he understands many reasons, he can’t rely on a few words if he really does it. Let these youngsters be completely crazy-he is better at making facts for people to understand.

And more importantly, although Shen Gongbao also mentioned the hardships and difficulties faced by becoming a saint fighter in that remark, it was almost a hell road paved with flesh and blood, but he said these words in a very artistic way— —He first will be detailed about the huge benefits he will get after becoming a Saint Warrior. After describing it in a slow manner and in all directions, after inspiring these youngsters to look forward to the Saint Warrior, he took advantage of this group of blood. The youngsters are in a state of excitement before they say the difficulties they will face.

If you change Ye Wen, it is estimated that Ye Wen will first tell the difficulties, and then tell them what they might get-then he will focus on mentioning those difficulties, while Shen Gongbao focuses on describing the benefits.

From here, you can know the huge gap between the two people, but Ye Wen still slandered in the bottom of my heart: “With this, I still have several points of conscience!”

Shen Da Hu You continued to brainwash this group of youngsters, and Ye Wen also handed out the training plan of Saint Seiya to Shen Gongbao and Yu Wentuo-Yu Wentuo still accepts Ye Wen’s teaching every day , But when no one is in private.

Normally, he took a period of time to observe the training situation of this group of youngsters. As for specific guidance, he does not need to do it. The early training of Saint Seiya is almost the physical training of hell devil. There is no technical content at all, as long as An ordinary person can be watched on the side, no guidance is needed at all.

Only after completing this part of the training, the guy who has exercised his physical body to a limit can receive further guidance. At that time, it will be Yuwen Tuo’s turn to appear, and Ye Wen will take advantage of this time to apply some of the theories of the small universe. Tell Yu Wentuo.

“You don’t need to learn cultivation, you just need to understand the circulation method of this power!”

“Why can’t I cultivate?” Yu Wentuo didn’t think there was anything wrong with this kind of power. Besides, his fleshy body was extremely powerful. The side effects of the small universe were almost non-existent for him.

At the same time, while cultivating internal strength, he is also constantly improving his fleshy body strength, and the divine force that has been lurking in the fleshy body has slowly awakened. If he is mastering the small universe, then his strength is not Is it a big improvement?

“Because I’m afraid that the several strengths of your within the body conflict with each other, you’d better not practice it!” I saw at a glance what the recipe was doing. Ye Wen didn’t make any bends or warn him, just very It stated a fact calmly. But it is this kind of calm, which is more shocking than the grinning warning.

After Yu Wentuo saw Ye Wen’s eyes that were definitely not in a joke, he immediately understood that his situation was not as good as it seemed on the surface, plus he was also a’tested’ generation, various I also read a lot of novels and comics. There are conflicts in the power of different types of trees in my body. It seems to be a bridge section that I like to use in many stories.

Thinking that I might explode because of the conflict of power, the whole person is a shivered: “Master, the discipline will not suddenly burst?”

“For now, no!” Ye Wen pats Yu Wentuo’s shoulder, it is already midnight, Ye Wen just finished guiding the discipline today’s cultivation: “Although the divine force in your Fleshy body is gradually becoming stronger, but True Qi with you within the body is to live together in harmony, and even resonates. Now when you use True Qi, it will also drive the divine force in the fleshy body. In other words, you hit it with a score of Inner Strength. Formidable power may be an effect that others can achieve by 5 points or even 1 Inner Strength.”

He has been watching Yu Wentuo attentively. This situation also made Ye Wen sighed in relief to some extent, and Ye Wen was surprised that Yu Wentuo just punched out at the same time, there seems to be a very overbearing Thunder Strength in his fist, After careful observation, he discovered that it was caused by the divine force in Yu Wentuo’s fleshy body.

“It seems that the part of the power that belongs to Thor in his body has begun to awaken! I don’t know if he can finally turn this part into his own power!”

Yu Wentuo, who still doesn’t know what happened, put out a long breath. As for his body, it might be Thor’s body. Ye Wen hasn’t told him yet, because Ye Wen is going to wait for this discipline. After cultivation of strength to a certain extent, I will talk to him again-at least I have to repair the realm around Earth Immortal.

At that time, this time Holy War is estimated to be over. Then if Yu Wentuo wants to fight, then he will go to find the hammer of Thor and further improve his strength. Or just go back to Shushan, retreat and cultivate well for a while, then slowly plot to plot the hammer of Thor.

“It’s just a little leisure tonight, so I will teach you the Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms for you! It’s also suitable for your Libra Saint Cloth!”

“Is Libra’s unique trick clearly the Lushan 100 Dragon Pavilion?” Yu Wentuo whispered helplessly, but unfortunately Ye Wen simply ignored it, but just urged a sentence: “Remember these tricks and pass you tonight for the teacher Once, whether you can practice it depends on how much you can remember!”

“Ah? Without this, you are not the Great Grandpa passing by!”

Unfortunately, Yu Wentuo’s complaint has not been finished yet. Ye Wen in that side has already started to demonstrate this set of palm techniques. In desperation, he can only calm down and observe carefully every move and every style of this set of palm techniques. A change is remembered in the heart.

Fortunately, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms does not win with changes. Although there are many changes, they are not complicated. Every move is very clear. It is just 3 times of demonstration. Yu Wentuo and this whole set of palms are kept in mind. How long does it take to practice? It depends on how hard he works.

Looking at the discipline under the moonlight, cultivation of this set of World’s First tough palms, Ye Wen pondered: “With this set of palms combined with his strong divine force and overbearing thunder power, even if it is immediately When he starts Holy War, he also has the power to protect himself!”

At the same time, Zhang Ling will continue to take care of this Junior Brother in secret. I am afraid that no one in the entire Sacred Domain will have the strongest strength except for himself, that is, Master Shen who wears a mask all day and the little Taurus maid.

Instead, it is one of the military forces known as Sacred Domain cream of the crop. As a gold Saint Seiya, Libra is a youngster who is as strong as an ordinary person.

If someone is aware of this fact, I do not know how many people will spit blood depressedly.

After teaching Yuwen Tuo, Ye Wen turned and left this valley, which is not far from Sacred Domain, and with Yu Wentuo’s current foot strength, he can return to Sacred Domain in less than half an hour. Stop the gold Saint Seiya? Impatient of living?

So Ye Wen didn’t need to continue to stay. He put the helmet that was left aside in his hand and walked back step by step.

He is now tall and has long legs and great steps, so he wanted to walk slowly for a while, but only a moment of effort has seen the location of Sacred Domain-in the distance, several sentries are very conscientiously holding their posts- — They can’t see Ye Wen who is far away.

After thinking about it, it is okay to go back now. He is going to start again tomorrow morning. After all, Athena’s reincarnation still has to be found by him.

What’s more, he always feels annoyed while staying in Sacred Domain. It’s good to go out and stroll around. Even at the moment of the night, he is not willing to go back to the cultivation in the palace, turn around and go straight to another place. Walked over.

The location where Sacred Domain is located is in a mountain range, one at the peak is connected to another, but there is no lack of that kind of picturesque valley. At this time, the direction that Ye Wen is walking is a relatively smooth terrain with green The grass and countless wildflowers were inadvertently discovered when he brought Yuwen Tuo out of the cultivation.

Originally he liked it very much, but unfortunately it was too close to Sacred Domain. If he trained Yu Wentuo here, it would be hard to avoid being hit by anyone, so he went further away.

At this point I remembered that I wanted to go there to spend some time. After returning to the morning to explain 2 sentences, I can leave Sacred Domain, but didn’t expect that he heard a burst of fists and feet as soon as he approached the place, and there were still mixed during the period. The shouting sound that comes out when you practice.

“En? Is anyone here?”

He didn’t stop, but he lightened his pace a little bit. After seeing the valley he liked a lot, Ye Wen walked in along with his voice for a while.

As a result, he was surprised to see a rather thin girl who used to be wrapped around densely packed cloth but still torn skin and gaping flesh and was already covered with blood in his fists and beat a piece of 2 people tall. Boulder.

This girl also stands a young boy not far away, but compared to the girl’s thinness, this boy has a standard height and a streamlined beautiful muscle, and just looking at this figure, you can feel the implications Explosive power.

But this male child stood aside like a piece of wood, staring at the girl’s non-stop masochistic cultivation, trying to speak but was interrupted by the girl’s cry.

“Did you meet a pair of dumb men and women?”

Ye Wen is standing behind a stone at this time, and behind him now, the stone can’t stop him, but it just happens to allow him to put his hands on the stone and then support his chin looking towards what happened not far away.

It’s been ten minutes since he stood here, and finally he heard the young boy say: “Aresha, if you go on like this, your hands will be lost!” The words are full of deep concern and almost useless Doubt that this youngster must have some idea about the girl named Aretha.

It’s a pity that the girl named Alyssa didn’t appreciate it at all, but just yelled: “Nicolas, don’t talk nonsense! If I don’t work hard, then I will be eliminated soon!”

Speaking of the back, this girl named Alyssa seemed to be a little bit dissatisfied: “I am a woman. If you do not train so hard, then in the selection of Saint Seiya, you will certainly be no match for you guys! So I Only by working harder can you become a Saint Seiya!”

“Why do you have to become a Saint Seiya? You know, Saint Seiya is a fighter who defends the earth and fight Pluto. To put it bluntly is a group of soldiers. Even if you become a Saint Seiya, you may be killed in the Holy War…I hope you… “

Nicholas’s words surprised Ye Wen for a while. The youngster is a clear person. It seems that Shen Gongbao’s brainwashing was not so successful. Ye Wen buried Shen Gongbao in the heart while wondering what Alesha would answer.


Heavy punched on a huge stone, a dull sound slowly spreading with a few drops of bright blood beads, and compared to Nicholas, Ye Wen also heard another unremarkable voice: “That It’s a cracked bone, so subtle, it’s estimated that she can’t even notice it!”

“What do you know? You, born in a noble family, don’t worry about eating and dressing through childhood, and even the guys who will be accompanied by countless servants will know what?”

This remark surprised Ye Wen a little bit. It turns out that the ingredients of the batch of saints in Sacred Domain are quite complicated. Not all of them think that they are a group of hard-working people. There are even noble descendants.

Nicholas stopped talking, but stared at Alessa stunnedly until Alesa was about to punch again. Nicholas suddenly reached out and grabbed Alesa’s wrist, preventing her from continuing to punch.

This action is very fast, you need to know the speed and suddenness of Alessa’s fist, and wanting to grasp the opponent’s wrist so accurately and not let it continue to exert force requires a very strong visual reaction, shot speed and accuracy. .

But these are not enough to surprise Ye Wen. What surprised him is that at the moment when Nicholas reached out, he seemed to feel the outbreak of the small universe.

It’s very short, short and weak. It’s almost hard to notice. If it’s not Ye Wen, I’m afraid no one can notice the changes that happened at that moment.

“Small universe?” His eyes narrowed. He was surprised that the youngster named Nicholas had already mastered the small universe. You have to know that the selection of Saint Seiya has just begun, and the small universe has not yet begun to teach the small universe within Sacred Domain. Humans can have a small universe.

but also not Absolutely, the training of Sacred Domain is to stimulate the human body to reach the limit, and very few people have a very low probability to understand the small universe by themselves under this kind of stimulation-after entering Sacred Domain, they will be divined by Athena Force coverage, under this coverage, the seeds of the small universe are almost invisible.

In this case, it means that this youngster named Nicholas is likely to awaken his small universe in just a few days of training, then it also means that this guy named Nicholas is an innate talent. Saint Seiya.

But look carefully, this Nicholas seems to have not noticed that he burned the small universe at that moment. He just quietly looked at Alyssa’s fist that was already drenched with blood and said, “You The bandage on my hand has rotted. Let me wrap it up again…”

“This… kid…”

Ye Wen, who had expected him to say something, vomited blood for a while, and can only sigh: “It seems that I am not the most wood, this kid is more wood than me…” (Unfinished. If you like this Works, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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