History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 472

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Ye Wen leaned her arms on her arm and looked at the two youngsters in the distance. The girl named Alyssa raised her hand stunnedly and watched Nicholas unravel the bandage around her hand. , And then tied it carefully and carefully again.

It’s just that the frowning brow also seems to show the concern in the youngster’s heart. Ye Wen felt a little unreasonable to look at the side again. Looking around, he lifted his feet fiercely and kicked on the stone, making a bang. ring. This kind of voice doesn’t say that these two candidates who will soon become Saint Seiya, even a guy with hearing problems can notice the abnormality.

Sure enough, Ye Wen watched the big stone in front of him turned into a broken piece, and the two youngsters on the opposite side immediately opened their posture to face him, but when they noticed Ye Wen wearing a golden armor, at the same time There was a look of consternation and disbelief.

“Master … Master?”

“Ah!” Ye Wen had just put on the helmet and concealed his face, so the two people on the opposite side could not see his embarrassed expression at this time: “you two … why not rest?”

It’s just that there’s nothing to talk about. The situation of the two youngsters opposite is no longer obvious. It’s just that when Ye Wen appeared, he suddenly found himself having nothing to say. After concealing 2 sentences, he looked at Alyssa’s hand. : “You’d better stop this useless cultivation, otherwise no more than 2 days, your hands will be completely scrapped!”

Alyssa bit her lip, seeming a little unwilling, but dared not to refute it. After all, she is not an alternate student like her, but the real one of the highest existence of Sacred Domain, the most powerful military force.

Not to mention, only the exaggerated figure and the gorgeous armor, the power created by standing in front of them makes them trembling with fear, and dare not move.

“Why?” Unconscious Ye Wen was still looking down at Aretha’s fist: “Your finger bone has already had 6 bone fractures, do you want to continue?”

Seeing that Aretha didn’t speak, Ye Wen knew that she wanted to continue practicing as soon as she saw her unwilling expression: “This way you are impossible and became a Saint Seiya!”

Alesha still didn’t speak, and Nicholas on the side was anxious first: “Is it possible for adults to cure Alesha’s hand injury?”

“Nikola!” Alyssa immediately stopped Nicholas’ words: “How can Lord Taurus have this time…”

“Yes!” Ye Wen felt that she was idle and idle, and it didn’t take much time to help her treat it, although she didn’t have the ability to help people treat hard injuries! However, if calculated carefully, as long as the body’s metabolism is stimulated, it seems that the recovery of skeleton can be accelerated.

But as soon as he started to run True Qi and thought to treat the girl’s injury, a wave of scarlet energy appeared in his hand.

“En? This group is…”

Ye Wen shrouded the hands stretched out by Alyssa with his hand. His big hand is now about the size of a fan, as long as he wants to be able to hold both hands in one hand, at this time the scarlet is released. , 2 youngsters saw a mass of red rays of light.

This group of rays of light gives them 2 a sense of vitality, and Alesha, who put her hands in the light group, although not seeing what is happening to her bones, but that kind of comfort and numbness The itching sensation, and the magical sight of the bloody hands slowly becoming intact, are telling her the fact that her hands are recovering.

“this is……”

Looking at the phenomenon like Gods Vestige in front of her, Alyssa was shocked! Although she knows that the adult in front is the goddess of Athena Goddess, claiming to be one of the most powerful existence of Goddess sitting down, but the strength of military force and this general ability like Gods Vestige do not seem to draw equal signs. It can restore injured people to health, it seems more like the ability of the gods themselves.

“Could it be… this angel was a god himself?”

Not only did Alyssa have such a guess, but Nicholas on the side also had such a thought! As a descendant of the nobility, he knew something more detailed and in-depth than Alesha.

For example, the 24 priests who were originally the highest rulers in Sacred Domain, Nicholas knew what some of them were like in the original country. What these guys did was not quite commensurate with the priest robes they wore, so Nicholas also lacked due respect for the so-called gods.

This time it will become one of the alternate candidates for Saint Seiya, but it is only a choice made by his family. I hope that Nicholas can go to Sacred Domain to develop and develop. If it is possible to become a senior priest, then their family It is also possible for the status in the country to be as the tide rises, the boat floats-after all, the nations under the rule of the Olympus gods are a world of theocracy.

It is not required that Nicholas will become a senior character, even if it is only a relatively middle-level presence in Sacred Domain, it is also a great benefit for their family.

Therefore, Nicholas, who was almost forced to come to Sacred Domain, had no good feelings for Athena. He also had no good feelings about the so-called Sacred Domain, which was wasted by the waste of human and financial resources under the banner of the gods.

As for the so-called envoy-he originally thought it was the group of old bastard who found out to fooling people, but everything that happened in front of him seemed to tell him that all his previous ideas were wrong.

The rays of light of red lasted for about ten minutes, and then Ye Wen put his energy away, and after seeing it was intact, pure white as jade had the same hands as those noble young ladies, Ye Wen is very satisfied with the medical effect he just sat in-while Alyssa looked at her, which was almost like a shock in her hands.

“I almost forgot that there is a blood vault in Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror. Isn’t the blood vault representing vitality the best choice to help people treat injuries?”

But think about it carefully, from the very beginning of Purple Dawn Divine Merit to the advanced version of Innate Purple Qi, and the subsequent Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror actually has the effect of treating injuries for his people-his dad seems a little too competent Some more?

As he thought about his cultivation techniques, Nicholas next to him suddenly said something that surprised several people: “Great Taurus, I don’t know if I can see what a real gold Saint Seiya is. Strength?”

“Oh?” Ye Wen didn’t expect this youngster was quite daring. After seeing the power that the ordinary person absolutely can’t master, he can still express to himself as usual, and even make a request-only this kind of daring It was enough to make Ye Wen feel appreciated. “Which aspect do you want to see?”

Nicholas narrowed his eyes and then took a deep breath. It seemed that he had gathered courage before saying: “I heard that Taurus is a symbol of power, then let us see the powerful power of adults!”

Ye Wen didn’t mind the tone of the youngster’s words. After 2 steps, he came to the boulder that Alesha used to exercise-the incomparable gigantic stone that appeared in front of Alesha. At this time, Ye Wen looked less exaggerated in front of him, but it was still much better than him.

With the palm of your hand on the boulder, Ye Wen also pretended to say profoundly: “If you want to become a saint, you don’t mean that you can simply exercise the physical strength to the extreme, you must also master another kind of strength… The power God has given to mankind, only by mastering this power, can the Saints fight against the army of Pluto!”

“Is it a small universe?”

Nicholas did know more than Alyssa. While Alyssa was still listening to Ye Wen’s words and thinking about what kind of power it was, Nicholas had already said the answer.

I have long noticed that Ye Wen, a different youngster of Nicholas, ordered nodded and moved with a huge yellow golden horn helmet undetectable. It was due to 2 people who put all their attention on Ye Wen, otherwise I really can’t see his action: “It’s the small universe…it seems that your origin is very ordinary!”

Ye Wen even doubts that this youngster called Nicholas should be Prince and so on of a certain country, right? Is there too much to know? Or do the rulers of these kingdoms have decayed to this extent? It was almost well known that things that had been asked not to be leaked out at random?

Nicholas did not answer, just looked at Ye Wen quietly, as if looking forward to Ye Wen’s next performance-and Ye Wen did not expect his answer, after turning the sentence, he turned around and faced the front. The boulder, then raised his palms against the huge stone.

“What is going on with the power of the small universe, I will not explain it to you in detail now, and you will naturally have the opportunity to learn slowly in the future! And now, I will only show you the formidable power of the small universe…”

As Ye Wen’s words sounded, the golden holy garment that had been very dazzling in the night suddenly became brighter, and the golden 氤氲 gradually rose up and down, and with the ebbing of time, the golden 氤氲 became more and more After a few minutes, Ye Wen almost turned into a golden flame. The fiercely burning small universe reflected the sky like the day.

The moment Alesha and Nicholas burned in Ye Wen’s small universe, they unconsciously stepped back. The arrogant imposing manner and the dazzling light emitted by the small universe outburst both people, but even so This pair of youngsters still didn’t look away, but looked at Ye Wen in the golden light standing like a giant in the same place.

Once again using this simulated small universe, Ye Wen thought about what tricks he used to show the power of Taurus?

Use his signature sword energy? That will definitely not work!

Six Roads of Samsara is not used for demonstrations. It takes human life to shoot. Besides, the subtlety of this move cannot be seen by ordinary person.

If it’s power, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms is undoubtedly the most suitable, but Ye Wen is ready to make that move a sign of Libra. If he exhibits it, he may be tempted to steal his disciplinary rice bowl. After all, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms tricks come out, the characteristics are too obvious, it is easy to distinguish.

Counting and counting, I finally found that I didn’t have the right tricks. I had no choice but to think about the tricks that summon had obtained but hadn’t used before, to see if there were any suitable ones. Ye Wen had been brewing here for so long. The actual reason for universe is that he is thinking of suitable tricks. Otherwise, where does his cultivation base need so much effort?

This thought really reminded him of a trick. While feeling happy, the legs that had stood upright slightly strained slightly and separated slightly.

The flat ground was forcibly marked with two short ditches by his feet. The hard stone ground was like two pieces of tofu under Ye Wen’s feet, which hardly caused him any obstruction.

Afterwards, the palms that had been held in front of him were shocked, and Ye Wen, who stood like a giant, exploded angry roar, and at this moment, whether it was Nicholas or Alyssa, it seemed like a group of golden氤氲 saw an angry bull, which is a pattern formed by dots like stars, just because the pattern flickered, so 2 people thought they saw an illusion.

And when the two of them came back to his senses, it was a wind blown by the cut wind. The two barely stood. After barely passing the wind, the place where Ye Wen was standing was still The smoke was shrouded, but even so, 2 people could still see the giant still emitting golden rays of light.

After the smoke had dissipated slightly, Alyssa and Nicholas, who finally saw the food in front of her, could not help but open their mouths, watching the terrible scene in front of them for a long time without making a sound.

The boulder that was originally in front of Ye Wen has been disappeared, replaced by a ditch that is wide by one person, and then I don’t know how long the ditch is. Although the ditch is not deep, but the length of the end can’t be seen at a glance, still let 2 people Feeling horrified, the two people were even more surprised that after a while, the river flowed from a distance and filled the ditch.

Alyssa and Nicholas glanced at each other. They still remember that the nearest water source in this direction was at least 100 meters away. Did the Taurus strike a far distance?

Ye Wen didn’t know the thoughts of the two, but just watched the small river he whispered and said to himself: “This Vajra palm hasn’t been practiced after all, and it can only be used to exert such a formidable power! And the energy is dissipated. No condensation, after 2 meters, there is almost no formal power…”

Of course, this is calculated according to the standard of his fairy level. If his terrible palm force is used on an ordinary person, even this kind of palm force that is not at home can kill an army in seconds, but Ye Wen seems to There is no need to survive the human army.

Nicholas swallowed, but he was thinking of such a powerful force in his heart. Sure enough, only the gods can possess it, and as the ordinary person, can he really master it?

The shocked Nicholas did not even notice that Ye Wen turned around and came in front of him. When he realized that he was covered by a huge shadow, he looked up and looked taller and stronger than himself. Many Ye Wen: “Adult…”

This adult sounds no different than before, but Ye Wen heard of the huge difference! When Nicolas previously called him an adult, although he remained respectful, it was nothing more than that. Now, in addition to respect, with admiration and…acknowledge allegiance?

“People in this place seem willing to willingly acknowledge allegiance under the powerhouse! Is it possible that Lao Zi Wang Ba Qi 4 overflowed?”

Looking at Nicholas, who bowed his head and respectedly, Ye Wen didn’t play any games there. After all, he came to Sacred Domain to train Saint Seiya, and Nicholas in front of him was a very suitable choice: “You, Want to have this power too?”

“Yes, sir!” Nicholas did not hide, admitting his inner thought very happily. After seeing this powerful force, I am afraid that no one will say no to this temptation.

“You have this kind of aptitude!” Ye Wen was very impressed that Nicholas had exhibited the small universe at the moment just now. He felt that he wanted to complete his work in the shortest time, looking for more outstanding talents of this innate talent. certain. And for this kid who was almost sent to the door, he had no chance to let it go.

As for the other Alyssa: “To be honest, your body is too thin to be a Saint Seiya!” Ye Wen’s words directly sent Alyssa into hell, a pale young girl squeezed her fist He gritted his teeth and stood trembling all over the place, as if he wanted to say nothing, but in the end he could say nothing.

The power that Ye Wen just showed is nothing for a fairy or a god, but for an ordinary person it is simply a dream scene, and the strong body that Ye Wen is showing now highlights Alesha. Physical defects.

“However, not all things are absolute. Maybe I will look away! Now, there is a chance before you, depending on whether you want to grasp it!”

He has always appreciated this kind of persevering youngster, even if their aptitude is not Peak, but as long as they are diligent and willing to endure hardships, they will eventually walk out of their own way, so he will not be overly blown.

When Aretha heard this sentence behind Ye Wen, she even showed a surprised expression, which made Ye Wen a little embarrassed herself: “Is it too much?”

But he said: “Now go back and pack things, and wait for me at the door of Sacred Domain tomorrow morning!”

“Yes, lord!” The two youngsters, who were full of curiosity, looked at each other, but after thinking about it, it wasn’t a bad thing.

Fortunately, Ye Wen did not deliberately conceal, and casually said: “You will follow me to travel for some time! During this time, I will teach you how to become an excellent Saint Seiya, as to whether you can succeed, just It depends on you!”

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