History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 473

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Bring these 2 youngsters, Ye Wen is also thoughtful for a while!

First of all, he must leave Sacred Domain for quite a long time-although the damn Athena said that the Golden Cloth would have some effects similar to her reincarnation, which would help Ye Wen find Athena’s reincarnation.

But who knows what this resonance looks like, and even Ye Wen doesn’t know if this resonance has any triggering conditions. Considering all the previous convictions of Athena’s woman, he doesn’t think he will give Goddess easily. Connect back to Sacred Domain.

Therefore, he could not stay in Sacred Domain for a short period of time, naturally he could not host the selection and training of Saint Seiya, so he could not guarantee the battle strength of the first Saint Seiya-although Zeus would definitely be born to Athena Camp side, but if the power is too bad and was really pushed directly by the Pluto Army, then the unhappy Zeus will let this game continue?

Therefore, the strength of the Saint Seiya side needs a basic guarantee. In addition to sitting on the Athena side with the disciple Yu Wentuo, the other is to train more powerful warriors.

I believe that no one is as good as oneself, plus there is a coincidence that met Nicholas, this excellent youngster, Ye Wen intends to take it with him to cultivate it well, maybe after he takes back the reincarnation of Goddess, Sacred Domain will have one more Gold Saint Seiya.

If all goes well, then Leo’s golden cloak will have his owner-Ye Wen feels that this Nicholas is very courageous, but it is very suitable for that golden cloak, plus his explosive muscles, it is also very suitable Cultivation of lightning speed fist is extremely powerful.

And Ye Wen wanted to teach Nicholas the lightning speed boxing, not the kind of cottage version he used, but the real lightning speed boxing.

The copycat version of Ye Wen is actually a wave of hands, and then the gathered energy or sword energy is released in an orderly manner, and the entire space is enveloped in it for indiscriminate attacks.

Although the effect is not different from the real lightning speed boxing, it is very different in nature!

In true lightning speed, a speed of light represents a punch, and the countless speeds of light that can hardly be seen at that moment represent the number of fists that Leo Saint Seiya slammed at that moment.

The gold Saint Seiya in the original book claims to be able to send light speed fists. It seems that there is nothing rare about the lightning speed light of Leo-after all, you are also the speed of light, and I am also the speed of light!

In fact, most of the so-called Light Speed ​​Boxing of the Golden Saint Seiya is just a punch, and the Light Speed ​​Boxing of Leo can be made into 1000 to 10000 punches in a flash.

To make an analogy, let 2 saints throw a punch at the same speed and at the same time, one of them punches a punch, and the other swings a few 100, 1000, or even 10000 while keeping each punch at the same speed. Boxing, the difference is obvious at a glance.

At the beginning, Ye Wen didn’t understand what is special about Lightning Speed ​​Boxing, and later gradually understood the difference, and this move also has very terrifying requirements for the user’s physical fitness-if the body is not strong enough, use this At such a horrible speed, he punched so many punches in an instant. I am afraid he would kill himself before killing the enemy.

If you look closely, the body of the 2 Leo Saints is also very strong, only because the muscles are more streamlined, so it is not as exaggerated as Taurus-both are powerful representatives of Saints who are similar to Fleshy body.

Nicholas is very in line with the requirements of Leo, plus he has preliminary preliminary small universe, so it is not uncommon to be selected by Ye Wen, as for Alyssa-this girl is just incidentally that’s all, can he be taught as a Saint Warrior, he I don’t have a score.

After ordering 2 youngster Ye Wen, he went back to his palace and took a rest. After 2nd day, he arranged everything properly and informed High Priest that he would leave Sacred Domain to take Goddess’ reincarnation back. High Priest He also specially led a group of priests to come and give him away.

At this time, Ye Wen noticed that there were only 24 people left in the original priest group of 6. It is said that a few people were left in the Goddess Temple on duty, so they did not come.

All the rest of the group were repatriated to the place where they originally lived, but because of a comment when they were sent away, this group of guys may not be happy in the future.

After all, everything they own is obtained in the name of Goddess, and now the sentence “Goddess is not satisfied with their performance” is enough to let everything they have away from them-the benefits of divine power Simple, easy to go.

Ye Wen doesn’t have any affection for this group of guys, so whether they live or die is irrelevant to them. Shen Gongbao didn’t come to send him today. It is said that he was teaching the group of Saint Seiya candidates and it is estimated that they were teaching Goddess The greatness of the Saints, the invincibility of Saint Seiya and the protection of the earth are a glorious task.

Zhang Ling was also left in the Sacred Domain by Ye Wen. This discipline is insurance for Sacred Domain to avoid any mistakes-plus Zhang Ling has a detector in his hand that can talk directly with Ye Wen. It is also more convenient.

Of course, leaving her is also convenient to teach Yu Wentuo. After all, Yu Wentuo is still holding the title of Libra Gold Saint Seiya. If the performance in Holy War is not good, it will be too embarrassing to Ye Wen, so be sure to be in Holy War. Begin or say, before the end of the selection of Saint Seiya, cultivate it to meet the status of strength.

In this way, it seems that only the kitten is left to come to send himself…

Carrying Garfield in front of himself with two fingers, Ye Wen looked at Garfield, who was still slamming his paw at his side to say goodbye, and then said, “Since you can’t bear me, go with me. !”

In one sentence, Garfield lost all her strength in an instant, and Ye Wen carried her head down with her head down, just like she died! Its performance surprised some of the priests around them, and none of them thought that this little animal was so spiritual, as if it could understand people’s words.

“Maybe it is a god’s pet!”

“Shenming’s pets are certainly different!”

“Maybe this is a Divine Beast, but just walking around with this appearance in 4 places, so as not to attract the attention of ordinary person!”

Various speculations whispered in the crowd, and Ye Wen didn’t care, carrying Garfield turned around and walked out of the Sacred Domain. Nicholas and Alyssa who had been waiting at the gate were carrying A small package, after seeing Ye Wen coming, he was thinking about whether to meet him.

Unexpectedly, Ye Wen threw it away, and Garfield, who was quite corpse-like, drew a perfect parabola in the air and fell directly into Alyssa’s arms: “Bring this little thing, let’s go!”

In a word, the movements of the two people were also prevented. After he strode out of the gate where the sentry stood, the two youngsters hurriedly followed.

The silhouette of 3 people slowly disappeared from the front of the crowd. Ye Wen wearing the golden holy cloth was the last silhouette to disappear from the sight of everyone, and it has been out of the distance for a long time. After about half a day, Ye Wen only Suddenly stopped.

The two youngsters, who have been obediently and honestly behind them, dare not even take a breath from the air, were taken aback by Ye Wen’s sudden stop. When they saw Ye Wen suddenly stopped, what unexpected situation occurred?

“Did you encounter a bandit?”

But now it is only half a day away from Sacred Domain. The establishment of Sacred Domain has shocked everyone in several countries. And the current power of Sacred Domain has also made those gangsters afraid to come over to make any ideas. After all, Sacred Domain is a combination of several countries. It was established, and the idea of ​​dare to play Sacred Domain is not to live with all countries?

No one who is a robber will be so idiot, and a man has to leave his own way, even a robber.

So after the establishment of Sacred Domain, there was no wicked person in this area, which made Nicholas even more strange. Why did Ye Wen stop suddenly?

Ye Wen suddenly turned around and took a look at wearing very simple armor-only one shoulder armor, one breastplate, wrist brace, and Nicholas surrounded by a skirt-like cloth around her waist, and then again I looked at Alesha, who didn’t wear much more than Nicholas, only a little more fabric.

“Do you think it’s appropriate for me to turn around in four places like this?”

In laughter, Ye Wen directly took off the helmet that he had barely taken off in front of outsiders, and his movements made two youngsters take a breath, maybe it was about to see the original appearance of the god Taurus. There was a trace of expectation in the hearts of 2 people: “What will this adult look like?”

Originally, 2 people thought that Ye Wen’s appearance would be more powerful. After all, his body was very strong, but when Ye Wen took off his helmet, his facial lines were much softer than those of Olympus. And even more surprising to the 2 people, Ye Wen turned out to be an Oriental look.


The face of Alyssa and Nicholas changed in unison. The reason for the change of Alyssa’s face is because in the eyes of ordinary civilians, the Orientals are mysterious and terrifying, because in the propaganda of countless countries, the Orientals are theirs The enemy is a group of evil beings that disrespect the gods of Olympus, and even there are many terrifying legends about the Orientals in the folk. In those stories, the Orientals play no bright characters.

After being a nobleman, Nicholas naturally knew that the stories were not accurate. The reason he was surprised is that the Orientals have little status in this land. Many nobles even capture the Orientals and sell them as slaves. After all, nobles with special hobbies are everywhere.

At the same time, many Orientals know some strange skills. Although such craftsmen are slightly valued, they are a little stronger than slaves. They are kept secretly by nobles in addition to food and clothing. The treatment is almost impossible, and even they are invisible—easy to be robbed by other nobles, or killed by ignorant civilians who believe in those legends.

For various reasons, when two youngsters discovered the powerful and mysterious Taurus Golden Saint Seiya, Athena Goddess’ Sir Divine Envoy turned out to be so shocked.

2 people didn’t know what to do at once, but just stood there stunned, and then watched Ye Wen take a picture on the golden cloak, and didn’t know where to take a golden box.

The golden armor on the body instantly turned into one after another golden light, and finally formed a golden bull and finally fell in the box. The impact of all these peculiar scenes could not make 2 people came back to his senses. Still immersed in the fact that the Taurus is an Oriental is shocked.


Ye Wen didn’t think there was anything. Although he had learned from Shen Gongbao about Olympus before departure, he was not very friendly to the Orientals. Maybe it would be better to go a little further to the East, but the more Toward the west, the status and living environment of the Orientals will become worse and worse.

This trip was to go west. Although Athena didn’t leave much clues, she gave Ye Wen a general direction, otherwise it would be impossible to find it.

“No, nothing!”

Nicholas first came back to his senses. The aristocratic education made him more responsive than Alyssa, so he soon realized that even if the Taurus is an Oriental, he cannot change the God of Athena Goddess. Make, and the fact that one of the most powerful gold Saints.

Moreover, with the strength of Master Taurus, who can find his trouble in this area? If he is unhappy, it is not impossible to destroy a small country directly.

After all, Nicholas underestimated the strength of Ye Wen. Although it was already terrifying existence in his heart to destroy a country by himself, he never thought that with the strength of Ye Wen, even if the whole Austrian It is not impossible for human beings to kill all Olympus realms-as long as the gods of Olympus do not take action, this matter is also a matter of time for him that’s all.

Alyssa still couldn’t get back to her spirits. Fortunately, Nicholas stabbed her so that she could see if they could become Saint Seiya right now, and they had to rely on the grown-up. It was not time to care about these side details.

After Ye Wen took off his gold holy garment, he wore the clothes found in Sacred Domain—cloth trousers, and then stepped on a leather boot covering his calf, wearing the same knee protector on the knee Armor.

There is a sharp single horn on the shoulder armor on the right shoulder, a normal shoulder guard on the left shoulder, and a big palm guard on the chest, which only protects the position of the heart.

There are 2 unremarkable bracers on the arm, apart from this, there is nothing else, but the exaggerated muscles that appear to make people feel palpitated are presented in front of everyone without reservation, and you can know what they contain at a glance Horror power, it is estimated that people with a little vision will not want to try the formal power of these fists.

This is Ye Wen’s current dress, no cloak, it looks no different from the ordinary Saint Seiya alternates in Sacred Domain, standing with Nicholas and Alyssa, except for the still exaggerated figure, there is nothing Difference.

But seeing him like this, the kitten knew it was very happy, and jumped out of Alyssa’s arms, circling around around Ye Wen, and the last one: Not great! Looked at Ye Wen.

“Small thing, maybe I should consider taking control of your food and seeing your bulging belly. Do you really want to be the guy who can’t even see your feet?”

Garfield’s ears flicked, and his eyes flicked out the rays of light. Immediately, a pair of pleasing looks ran to Ye Wen’s feet, and he used his own to be in the midwinter. The furry head rubbed and rubbed…

“Who is your character like?”

Everyone says that pets will be very similar to their owners. Pets that have been raised for a long time can only see the owner’s character by looking at some of the pet’s performances. But in this way, Garfield, Ye Wen can’t really imagine who he looks like. Yourself? Killing him will not admit it.

They a man and a cat said 2 words of kung fu, and on the other side, Nicholas was whispering with Alyssa: “Forget that adult is an oriental, for us, he is a god Make! It is the great Taurus Golden Saint Seiya, which has nothing to do with whether he is an Oriental!”

“But… Why did Athena Goddess choose an Oriental as a god messenger? Did the High Priest deceive us? How is this possible?”

Alyssa is a loyal believer. She is a little unable to accept this fact. Compared with Nicholas, her acceptance of this matter is much worse.

Fortunately, she also suffered a lot in Sacred Domain. Now that she is determined to be a Saint Seiya, the fact that the Golden Saint Seiya is a Taurus can only be put aside temporarily-if she knows it, Libra And now, Master Shen, who has almost half of Sacred Domain’s rights, is also an Oriental and will he faint directly.

Nicholas did not understand why Goddess chose an Oriental as his spokesperson, but the idea of ​​the gods was obviously not something he could know. Now he is more worried about whether his reaction with Alyssa will cause the adult Disgust, this is related to whether he can become a saint.

Fortunately, Ye Wen didn’t care about these things. After saying a few words with Garfield, he threw the kitten in front of Nicholas, and Nicholas instinctively took the small things in his hands-round meat and flesh. The fluffy Garfield felt pretty good in his hand.

However, he still does not understand why the Taurus adults bring pets on such an important journey, although this pet is a little different.

“You will be taught by it for a while!”

“Who?” Nicholas was stunned, lifts the head looked towards Ye Wen, but felt something grabbing his wrist. Looking down, the kitten stood up in his palm, and then Pointing at yourself with your front paws.

Realizing that Ye Wen’s mouth is referring to the kitten in his hand, Nicholas’ expression was so wonderful. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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