History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 474

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hong long long’s exaggerated loud noises kept ringing in his ears, and the wind of the rubble was almost stopped. If another person was changed, I would be drenched with blood immediately by these rubble, but unfortunately now The man sitting here completely ignored these small stones with powerful lethality.

Ye Wen sat casually on a big rock, right hand on his knees, and then his palm rested his chin on the distant background, and the screams beside him could not make him raise his interest in turning his head to take a look. It wasn’t until Aretha asked: “Adult…Time is up!” He ordered nodded, then stood up and walked to the scene of the explosion.

Among the huge potholes, a muscular man was lying there, with bloody scratches all over his body. The miserable look made people feel pity at first glance, but Ye Wen was not surprised at this situation, just Turned around and looked at the little kitty squatting on the side, squinting and licking its paws.

“how about it?”

The kitten licked his paws, and then took a small bite and took a round head, and then made a sigh, it seems that the youngster in front of the emotion: Why are you so disappointing?

Nicholas, who was lying on the ground and was dead, could not speak for half a word. After a few months, he had long understood that it is not good fruit to fight against these two tough creatures that I don’t know should be counted and so on. What people said they recognized by holding their noses is that if they try to refute, then the end will only be more miserable.

Carry the True Qi of the blood vault to help Nicholas heal the wounds of drenched with blood on his body. Ye Wen is very familiar with the treatment work, so I can know that he has been almost Do something similar.

However, compared to his more and more proficiency in True Qi, Qi Wen is more concerned that this Nicholas has been trained by himself and Garfield for several months. How is there no sign of burning the small universe? is it possible that at first you looked away?

Putting away the blood Qiong True Qi, Nicholas’ trauma has all recovered. The remaining problem is physical and energy fatigue. In this regard, he has no way to deal with it. He can only rest slowly to recover.

However, because the wounds on his body have disappeared, Nicholas can stand up and move freely. Nicholas sitting on the ground looked at the kitten squatting next to him in awe, and then stood up and respectfully bowed to him: “Many thanks, Master’s guidance!”

This has become a habit, but it’s not how he really respects this somewhat exaggerated Little Brat, but he accidentally finds that after doing this, this little thing will be a little bit merciful in 2nd day training If it is the opposite, then you have to suffer a few more cruelty.

After clenching his teeth for 3 days, Nicholas decided: “Do not go with this animal lower oneself to somebody’s level, anyway, it would be no trouble to give a gift!” Such an unusually wise decision.

Garfield, who seemed to be addicted to the Teacher, also enjoyed this feeling. He even received this gift with a very proud expression on his head.

Ye Wen looked funny and speechless, but he didn’t think there was anything wrong with Nicholas’s salute to Garfield-the immortal who was an animal after successfully cultivating it in the Eastern Immortal World No, so the immortals of the Immortal World in the East are naturally much less prejudiced about this species.

So in the East, the concept of whoever attains shall be first was implemented thoroughly! Since the kitten Garfield is so much stronger than Nicholas, what’s wrong with being his teacher? As a teacher to receive a gift from the students, naturally there is no big problem.

What’s more, Garfield’s age is not too small. Compared with Nicholas, who is less than 6 this year, he is enough to be his grandfather. From respecting elders, there is no place to say.

In short, such a behavior that looks very strange in this realm, in Ye Wen’s eyes is a matter of justice, but this picture is a little funny that’s all.

Lifts the head looked at the gloomy sky. Although the cold north wind will not make Ye Wen feel uncomfortable, he still has to consider the situation of the two youngsters beside him.

“It looks like snowing!”

It has been several months since I left Sacred Domain, and it took me a few months to go around. It took so long that even Ye Wen didn’t know how long it had passed, until I encountered a snow a few days ago. Awakened to have been outside for a while.

But where is the reincarnation of Athena, there is still no clue. Ye Wen has met no one except a few waves of vain attempts to capture him back as a slave or a noble who wants to develop into a gladiator. .

The few people who always traveled in the wilderness didn’t encounter too many villages. Ye Wen wondered now. Did Athena deliberately go west to find him deliberately fooling him?

At the same time, he has concentrated on cultivating Nicholas in the past few months, and the result is also limited. In addition to bringing the youngster’s body closer to the limit, the cultivation simply of the small universe has made no progress. It has clearly been more than a month ago. The explanation of the content of the small universe was given to these two youngsters to listen to, but Nicholas could not compare with Aretha in understanding the small universe!

At the same time, what surprised Ye Wen was that the thin and small Alyssa’s strength improved very fast after learning the small universe. If it continues according to this progress, maybe Alyssa will become a golden saint before Nicholas.

But thinking of this, Ye Wen suddenly froze: “It seems… there are no women in the Golden Saint Seiya?”

Thinking about it, there are no female golden saints in the original work or related surroundings. Perhaps the only reliable thing is some fan works. Ye Wen suddenly felt that it was also a female golden saint. Very interesting challenge.

Even, he even thought about cultivating twelve male gold fighters and twelve female gold fighters. When the time comes, 2 fights directly up, even if it’s a three-man battle. How many groups can be added to the array?

It’s just that I can’t even get 2 golds together, let alone 2 men and women, so I’m throwing this idea aside, and I’ll have a chance to talk about it in the future. Now let’s think about if Alesha’s strength continues to improve, Then let her choose which golden holy suit is more appropriate.

Because after choosing the follow-up development route, Ye Wen can help Alyssa to choose the skills of cultivation-because of the different tactics of cultivation, the attributes that the small universe may show later will also be slightly different, such as the gold of Aquarius Saint Seiya’s small universe will give people the feeling of being able to freeze everything, and the Taurus saint clothe they wear will give people a domineering feeling that they can destroy everything that is blocked in front of them.

After the past few days of observation and inquiry, Ye Wen finally determined that Alyssa is suitable for the ice attribute tricks, which means that if she can guarantee her progress speed, then she will become the gold of Aquarius Saint Seiya-apart from this, she is likely to become the 1st place female gold Saint Seiya.

“Even if you can’t be an Aquarius, you can choose other holy clothes!”

Ye Wen, the holy cloth of Aquarius, was not made, but for Hephaestus, it is much simpler to make a bronze holy cloth than gold holy cloth, as long as you don’t consider the holy cloth At this point, it is entirely possible to rush out one job in a very short time.

Or the Crystal Saint Seiya in the animated version is also possible, although there is no such guy in the original! No matter how bad it is, Ye Wen can also drum up some of the guys in Northern Europe. Don’t those guys like to use cold air? Just pick one and you can give it to Alyssa.

In short, he is not afraid that there is no way to arrange Alyssa, so in the subsequent period of time, she has been taught a few tricks of the ice attribute Saint Seiya, as to how much formidable power she can understand and eventually exert, then look completely She herself.

For those who are obviously inferior to oneself, but first master the small universe by oneself, and may become a noble golden saint before oneself, Nicholas’s perception of Alyssa is quite complicated: while happy for it, Gradually a little eager for success.

Ye Wen not at all who saw everything in his eyes to wake up the youngster. He still let Garfield clean up the boy as usual, and he pointed Aleisha to the side intentionally or unintentionally.

So after the second snow, the atmosphere in such a small team became more strange.

“Sir, are you camping here tonight?”

A small forest is not large enough to make a huge tree surrounded by 2 or 3 people seem to become a natural barrier. It is also suitable for avoiding the snow falling down from the sparse Lala and the snow on the ground that is barely over the feet.

Ye Wen The number of equipment not at all on several people is much, but just covered with a thick cloak outside, covering the whole person.

Such a dress is nothing to him, and the complementary small universe, especially the refined ice attribute trick Alesha is not afraid of this bitter cold, only Nicholas’s face is not good, but the young nobles who come up arrogantly still wear a pair It didn’t look like anything, but it was a pity that the blushing cheeks and the lips that had begun to turn a little purplish sold him deeply.

Choosing a leeward position, Alyssa and Garfield were looking for firewood and hungry prey, respectively, while Ye Wen and Nicholas sat opposite each other, leaning against a huge tree trunk behind.

After Alesha went away, Ye Wen suddenly said: “Following me is an opportunity, but it may also mean that you will lose your life because of this! If you feel that you can’t persevere, you can say it, I will let you left!”

Nicholas gritted his teeth, but he still didn’t speak. He really raised the idea of ​​giving up. At this time, he even doubted whether he could really become a saint.

Ye Wen the past few days seemed to be disappointed with his performance. He gave little guidance to him. Instead, Alyssa, who had not been optimistic, showed amazing innate talent, and let Ye Wen control the cold air. All export praise. And that powerful and disproportionate kitten also often nodded to Alyssa, seems to be praising.

Everything seems to be deviating from the track Nicholas originally expected. The picture he dreamed of in his heart was that he followed behind the powerful Taurus, and after a difficult but not difficult journey, he successfully found Goddess. At the same time, he also mastered the powerful power and became a powerful and noble golden saint.

Alesha may become a Saint fighter with the help of herself and Master Taurus, or simply see the facts and give up the dream of the Saint fighter, and then concentrate on waiting beside her, whenever she leaves the house, she Will quietly wait for his return.

All of this is what he hoped for, and at first seemed to be developing according to his ideas. Until a few months ago, when the Taurus began to officially teach the small universe, everything was off track.

Alyssa mastered the small universe, but she didn’t touch that threshold all the time!

Alyssa has become stronger and stronger, and even the Taurus adults have spoken out: maybe you will become a powerful golden Saint Seiya-that should be your own glory.

Alyssa now also has the power to transcend humans. Look at the frozen air she swayed, you can completely freeze any kind of things. This kind of magical power has no chance of touching herself. .

“how could this be?”

Ye Wen doesn’t know how this happened. Maybe he can only say that God is fair. Because Alyssa worked hard, she finally received a return?

In fact, Ye Wen doesn’t believe this sentence, because there are too many unfair things. Sometimes one person’s innate talent is enough to make the efforts of another person’s several decades into a laughing stock.

In terms of innate talent, Nicholas is definitely tough enough, so I can only explain that in the aspect of small universe, Aretha’s innate talent is more perverted?

But Alesha’s thin body is a fact. If she can’t change the status quo, her final achievement is still limited—after all, the small universe relies on the body to function. If the fleshy body as a carrier is not strong enough, then The strength to be able to send out meetings is still limited.

Fortunately, Alyssa’s body is still in the development stage, maybe after this stage will be better? This kind of thing is not easy to judge, everything still depends on time to judge.


“Your heart can’t keep calm! If you keep doing this, then you can never understand the small universe!”

This is Ye Wen’s last teaching. If Nicholas can cross this level, then he will face a broad and open road, and there will be no difficulties that will hinder his growth. If he can’t get through, then he may not even be a saint, and he will either be a miscellaneous fish in Sacred Domain or return to his hometown to spend the rest of his life in peace.

After finishing this sentence, Ye Wen didn’t have any more nonsense. He sat there quietly and felt Athena’s position through the Taurus Cloth.

This time it felt like he had gained something, but what surprised him was that the Athena-like power seemed to be locked in the youngster in front of him. A warm and inclusive loving divine force similar to the small universe would almost Nicholas shrouded in it.

As soon as Ye Wen opened the eyes, I found that the youngster on the opposite side didn’t notice his abnormality. He just sat there, and then his slightly cloudy eyes gradually became brighter, followed by a golden ray of light. The horizon flew and suddenly turned when he reached the top, falling straight in front of Nicholas.

“This is… the golden cloak of Leo?”

Nicholas stood up, threw the cloak attached to him aside, and then extended the hand on the head of the Golden Lion facing him: “Thank you, Goddess, for guidance, I understand how to count as a qualified Gold Saint Seiya! Abandoning jealousy and selfishness, I dedicate everything to you!”

As soon as the words fell, the rays of light masterpiece by Golden Lion broke down into one after another golden light and fell on Nicholas, and Ye Wen looking at it all over the place was stunned.

A crisp laugh sounded in his mind, and Ye Wen immediately realized that this was the abominable woman talking to herself with that kind of magic.

“You fooled a pure boy again!” How could Ye Wen not know what Athena did? It’s just that when Nicholas was confused, he suddenly appeared, and then a pair of Savior did some preaching and enlightenment. As a result, Nicholas, who was only 15 years old, was completely limped by the Goddess and immediately expressed it. loyalty.

And Athena, who received the loyalty of the youngster, was also very simple, helped him ignite his small universe, and gave him the golden cloak.

“He is an excellent youngster and will also be a very good saint. I just helped him a little that’s all!”

Ye Wen shook the head: “If you do this, you are ruining his future, and his strength can never be improved…” At the same time, it was a pity in secretly said in one’s heart: Originally selected by yourself, it may become an Olympic The hidden youngster of Linpis was destroyed by Athena in this way-Nicholas, who really ignited the small universe with the help of Goddess, although he directly possessed the strength of the Golden Saint Warrior, he was always impossible to go further!

In this brief moment, he even doubted whether Athena had noticed anything, so she directly shot to cause such a result. After all, Athena did not want an uncontrolled pawn in this game to kill time, and then Threat to the gods of Olympus.

Athena’s voice was still beautiful: “A pawn, it is enough to show what it deserves when he is needed, as for the future… they don’t need to think about that!”

A few words amounted to a decision for Nicholas’s fate. Athena then asked another question: “Also, you should find where I am? Come here quickly, I’m so bored to wait!” (Unfinished To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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