History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 475

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I used to think that Athena was a smart woman, and especially liked to care about little things. This time Ye Wen felt that this wisdom Goddess did not get this priesthood by virtue of being smart.

Although Athena was still in that tone when she talked to herself, Ye Wen could already be sure that this woman must have discovered something, but she didn’t know why, she didn’t turn her face because of this?

“Why is this?”

Looking at Nicholas, who was wearing the Leo Gold Saint Cloth and standing there, Ye Wen was no longer interested in focusing on him.

This youngster is destined to disappear from his sight, it is impossible to get his attention again! As for Alyssa, Ye Wen didn’t know whether he should continue to teach. He felt that this group of Saint Seiya candidates may have been stomped by Athena, otherwise the woman with such a coincidence would jump out.

“It seems that this Athena is not prepared at all, maybe she has been guarding against the genius that may appear in the Saint Warrior. In order to prevent someone from relying on the small universe breakthrough barrier between man and god, then this group of people It is undoubtedly the best way to strictly guard and fundamentally prevent this from happening!”

Nicholas was like this, and Alesha couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t be so, so after Alesha and Garfield came back one after another, Ye Wen not at all said, although Alesha felt that such a major event happened in such a short time 10000 points puzzled: Nicholas was still in a state of depression, but at this time he was a pair of high-spirited and vigorous. The rays of light from the golden holy cloth on his body reflected his face brightly.

Nothing to say overnight, start again.

This time a few people are no longer as clueless as they were in previous months, but finally found their way forward! Athena ignited Nicholas’s small universe, and also exposed her position. Ye Wen impossible could not grasp it. Moreover, Nicholas and Athena also had a connection. After igniting the small universe and obtaining the golden holy cloth, he could also Feel where Goddess is.

“It’s not very far away!”

Ye Wen didn’t answer, but just went ahead after a while, and was always used as a cloak to cover the snow. This time he was directly tied to his head, covering his appearance of the Oriental. After all, his appearance looks like this way It also caused a lot of trouble. Although Ye Wen won’t take it seriously, it can be solved with a wave of his hand, but is it always annoying?

Therefore, in the following section of the road, Nicholas, who had officially become a golden saint, became a leader-like existence. In front of him, he was matched with the handsome appearance and the temperament cultivated by the nobles. Enough to make some blind-eyed guys retreat.

I have to say that Nicholas’s slightly curly brown short hair is indeed a bit similar to Leo in the original, and compared to Nicholas, he is more handsome. Now that he has become a golden saint, he is even more confident. 15 years old is enough to attract the attention of many people.

As soon as they entered the town, many women hiding in the dark kept their eyes on Nicholas, and even the exaggerated Ye Wen was ignored. However, this also meets Ye Wen’s expectations. If he still attracts everyone’s attention like a big shiny light bulb, then he may not need to do anything. It is enough to deal with these guys.

After walking through this very prosperous town and passing the chaotic slum area, Nicholas frowned as he moved forward.

The looked towards the gradually clean streets, while at the same time, the pedestrians who cast their eyes on the more obscure, and from time to time, there will be a carriage passing by, and the clothes around the infested people should be more clean, tidy and luxurious, everything seems to be It indicates that they are now in a higher-grade residential area.

“This is the living area where nobles gather!”

Nicholas is no stranger to this place. He had grown up in such an environment before, but if this is the case, it is not enough to make him frowned. The real reason is that he perceives that Goddess is located, it seems to be closer to the center of the town, that place…generally speaking is not close to the ordinary person.

“Isn’t…Goddess born in a senior official’s house?”

If that’s the case, it won’t be easy to deal with. If nothing else, how to see this family member is a problem that makes him feel his headache. Ye Wen’s brow hidden under the cloak also frowned.

“That woman…really in trouble!”

Making a gesture to Nicholas, Ye Wen took a few people and turned directly into a dark corner, then Ye Wen removed the cloak and put on a golden holy garment that he hadn’t worn in a long time.

While wearing the helmet on his head, he said to Nicholas: “Show the holy cloth, it is also to indicate our identity! As for the other party’s purchase, you don’t have to think about it!”

Nicholas’s golden holy garment was worn all the time. Only the helmet didn’t wear that’s all. When the cloak was lifted, the Leo’s golden holy garment was exposed to the sight of several people.

Compared with the dominance of the Taurus holy clothes, the Leo holy clothes are not special in shape. If they are not those patterns, they look similar to ordinary one-piece armor at a glance, but this simple appearance is so noble. It also matches the King of 100 Beast like a lion.

2 people came back to the street wearing gold holy clothes. This time was more noticeable than before, but no one dared to come up with a conversation – and some people dared not look directly at them. After all, in this place, they can None of the people in armor are ordinary persons.

Because of this gorgeous armor, even the guards of the inner city politely asked about the intention of two people: further in, it was the place where the officials of the city lived, and it was naturally impossible for people to enter casually, Ye Wen will choose to reveal the golden cloak, naturally because of this.

As for the specific negotiations, it was directly handed over to Nicholas, and Ye Wen looked slightly forward, and it happened that a middle-aged man was riding on the horse, leading several guards to leave slowly.

Seeing Ye Wen and Nicholas standing here talking to the guards, the middle-aged man came straight and asked, “What happened? These two are…?”

“Sir City Lord !”

After seeing who the person was, the guard immediately gave a salute respectfully, and then introduced the origin of Nicholas and Ye Wen in the shortest sentence: “They claim to be Sacred Domain!”

“Sacred Domain?”

Maybe there are still some people in the ordinary person who do not know about Sacred Domain, but these officials are aware of the existence of Sacred Domain. After all, the construction of Sacred Domain has made a lot of noise. Even some officials have affected their own future because of these things. How could they not know?

After the construction of Sacred Domain officially started, every official began to collect Sacred Domain’s thoughts, including the composition of Sacred Domain and even who is in Sacred Domain, which became the research of these people.

“We are Saint Seiyas from Sacred Domain. We are here to find Goddess’ reincarnation!”

Nicholas’ words made these people even more shocked. City Lord himself was in a daze for a while, and then he asked with a trembling question: “Dear Saint Seiya, you mean… the great Goddess was born to us. Among the towns?”

“Yes!” Although Nicholas did not know exactly what was going on, he still could not make a mistake in this matter, so he answered very determinedly.

At this time, Ye Wen has even locked Athena’s real position, and even raised his hand to point to a house in the distance: “Which house is that house?”

“What? That building?”

Ye Wen is tall and has arms that catch the thick thighs of others. His movement will naturally attract everyone’s attention. Looking at his fingers, everyone’s complexion became strange, and the guards who followed Sir City Lord were complexion changed. They muttered in their mouths: “It turned out to be that house? Why? may?”

“Did you say… those 2 children are the reincarnation of Goddess?”

“Impossible, clearly said to be the reincarnation of Goddess, how could it be 2 children?”

“Stupid, where a certain is chant…”

Their voice was not loud, but they easily escaped Ye Wen’s ears, turned their heads and looked strangely, secretly thought: “is it possible that there is any dog ​​blood plot in this?”

Sir City Lord’s face became very exciting, which further confirmed Ye Wen’s guess, and his next answer was also very interesting: “Adult may be wrong, there is not at all what child…”

“The sin of deceiving the gods can’t be let go casually!”

Nicholas had no experience dealing with this kind of thing. When the City Lord said negatively, even when they did not mean to let them in, and felt a bit not knowing what to do, Ye Wen’s words with a slightly mocking tone had already floated. come.

Maybe this City Lord knows Sacred Domain, but absolutely impossible has too much fear of Sacred Domain, even if Sacred Domain symbolizes the true god Athena Goddess.

But Sacred Domain is too far away, and at this time Sacred Domain has not yet shown how powerful it is. It is not surprising that these officials do not take Sacred Domain or the two guys representing Sacred Domain into their eyes. Things.

Especially the appearance of Nicholas as a young boy, it is easier to make people look flat-if there is no conflict between the two sides, Sir City Lord may not mind showing his respect for Sacred Domain, but if it violates his interests or privacy ……Since this transportation is extremely inconvenient, the Sir City Lord, who is equivalent to a local tyrant, does not mind showing his strength.

It is a pity that he met Ye Wen, a trifling Young City Lord, a guy who must keep a certain degree of restraint even from His Royal Highness Goddess himself, of course, he will not be put in his eyes.

What’s more, he has been delayed for several months for this, and naturally he will not leave at this time.

“Adult, please speak carefully. Plainly slandering a City Lord is not a serious crime that can be ignored!”

“Slander?” Ye Wen snorted, with a hint of True Qi in the words! His trace of True Qi was nothing to the slightly powerful people, but to this group of ordinary people, it was like a thunder exploding out of thin air, and the whole person was shocked and dizzy.

If it weren’t for Sir City Lord, he would be good at riding, maybe this anger would make him fall off immediately! Even so, the Sir City Lord finally realized that the guy in front of him was not an ordinary person.

“What’s going on? Just an angry anger almost made me fall under the horse, is this still human?”

There was a terrified look on his face, and when he came back to his senses, he found that the tall guy had ignored the group of soldiers on his side, and each minding their own business went forward.

“Damn it, stop me!”

City Lord still has several points of consideration. Although these people claim to be saints of Sacred Domain, they have nothing to prove their identity, but they still have several points of fear, so they just shouted and won instead Kill. Because of this difference, he saved the lives of the soldiers…

Ye Wen almost didn’t do anything, and a golden flame ignited slightly on his body, and then he stepped on the ground a little hard, and the ripples visible in the naked eye spread out with Ye Wen as the center.

The person or horse that was swept by the ripples immediately seemed to be hit by a huge force. Within a range of time, a person called the horse to turn the horse, and even the Sir City Lord who was a little farther away was not spared. He flew away and fell heavily on the ground.

Embarrassed to get up from the ground, Sir City Lord wanted to shout a voice: Devil’s spell! It is easy to use this reason to recruit soldiers to kill this terrifying guy, but there is a feeling in my heart, constantly reminding myself not to continue to fight against this person, otherwise the consequences will not be bearable.

Helplessly looked around, a group of soldiers fell to the ground in embarrassment, but no one was injured, and no one lost their lives. It seems that this terrifying guy is indeed not malicious. City Lord noticed the guard’s inquiry. Helplessly said: “Follow to see!” Then he took the lead in chasing the past.

He wants to see what is going on!

There was no longer any obstruction along the way, and Ye Wen quickly came to the house. Alesa and Nicholas, who were behind him, had not came back to his senses from everything that had happened, especially Ye Wen raised his hand. In the meantime, the scene of tipping a group of elite soldiers with almost no real hands, gave them a strong impact-it turns out that the power can still be used this way?

After all, in their eyes, power is what is used to destroy and kill the enemy. After acquiring the small universe, Nicholas exploded every time the small universe exploded. Simply did not control such a concept.

Alyssa is also working hard to improve the freezing effect of frozen air, that is, constantly pursuing lower temperature frozen air, in essence, it is still pursuing stronger power, and then directly released, never considered control or skills, and so on, and Ye Wen’s random blow today pointed out a whole new way for her.

Ye Wen didn’t have time to care what the two youngsters were thinking there. At this time, he was standing in a room that was still clean, but a little messy and a little shabby. Yourself.

Yes, it is 2 children, not one! What makes Ye Wen tangled is that he feels the divine force of Olympus on both children.

“I’m gone, you Athena, who is bored and hurts, what is this doing?”

The young woman in her early 20s, with beautiful long blond hair and dark-green eyes, wore a slightly stale skirt with a few patches on it, this…

“It looks like a dog blood plot!”

Ye Wen just looked at the furnishings in this room to understand the general situation. Although it is not clear what is going on, there is no conflict between those things and what he will do next.

After a big step, the scared woman stepped back again, but touched the edge of the bed behind him, and then fell on the bed. Her eyes full of alertness and fear were always staring at the one who had come to the front. Giant, that looks like a pair of poor sheep about to be slaughtered, giving people an impulse to Beast Blood Boiling.


Ye Wen, who felt like a bad guy, was speechless. He had to squat down a little, and was forced to choose one-knee kneels on the ground for comfort—this post embarrassed him more—and then stretched out like a fan Big hands, straight to the arms of the woman in front of you-2 children holding.


A scream that could pierce the eardrum forced Nicholas and Alyssa to raise their hands to block their ears, and even the kittens closed their ears and buckled directly on their heads to block the terrifying brain-penetrating magic sound. , And then looked at Ye Wen, who still insisted on protruding his own claws, with his admirable gaze.

Ye Wen, who was completely unaffected, put his hand on the body of two children, and the golden radiance in the palm kept boiling, but it gave the woman a very warm feeling.


Realizing that the giant in front of him seemed not malicious, the woman finally stopped her movements, and then looked slightly towards Ye Wen who was close.

“Are you… exactly…?”

After watching for a long time, Ye Wen kept the movement just now, and then she was surprised to find that the 2 babies in her arms, like the big hand of the strange person, rose up a golden ball Light flames-and compared to the golden light flames from the man’s hand, the rays of light from her child gave her a very warm feeling.

“This is… what the hell is going on?”

The woman who was completely confused about the situation was stupid. She even wondered if she was dreaming. What happened in front of her was too dreamy.

At this time, she was surprised to hear that the man in front of her suddenly murmured something, because she was close enough, so she heard the sentence very clearly: “I lean, don’t bring such a joke, It is not enough to reincarnate, but also to twin? Are you trying to play me?” (Unfinished to be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation, monthly pass, your support, Is my biggest motivation.)

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