History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 476

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Ye Wen, who is holding a child, does not have the mighty dominance of the Taurus Golden Saint Seiya at the moment, but instead seems a bit cautious, even if his face and embarrassed expression are blocked by the holy cloth helmet under the shadow, but the stiff body movement is still Exposed his situation at this time.

It has been 2 days since I left the town, and Ye Wen, who has embarked on a return journey, has never been able to adapt to the fact of holding such a small child.

The child’s mother hugged the other. At this time, she was sitting in a carriage that was not luxurious, but it could shelter from the wind and rain. It was just because the weather was good today and the sun was also full. Driving position-as the driver is Alyssa, Ye Wen and Nicholas are distributed around the carriage like ten bodyguards, walking slowly.

After discovering the reincarnation of Goddess that day, and then unexpectedly discovering that it was twin, Ye Wen made a very simple decision: both children were brought back to Sacred Domain, as to which one is the reincarnation of Athena, waiting to grow up Understood naturally.

But the child’s mother will never let her child be taken away by strangers because of trifling a few words, and Ye Wen took a look at it and made a new decision: you should go together, anyway, the child needs your care !

Ye Wen only considered a very embarrassing problem in a moment. Although Sacred Domain is huge and has a lot of talents, but to take care of children, I am afraid that no one can compare with the biological mother of child, plus the mother of Goddess. It’s not very good, so you don’t have to worry about finding others, just take them away.

Of course Sir City Lord was unwilling, but Ye Wen blocked the City Lord who wanted to show his existence in a single sentence: “She is not to be seen with you anyway!”

Sir City Lord, who still wants to refute, wants to fight again. He really did not treat this woman very much, especially when she hadn’t had time to sprinkle her own seeds on her. The woman gave birth to a pair of twin daughters. In the case-one of the two girls has peculiar purple hair, and the other has blonde hair, and the cute appearance can’t be related to him.

The situation is different now. One of these two children turned out to be the reincarnation of Goddess. If he can keep it and work hard as Goddess’s father in Human World, the final achievement is definitely more than one. City Lord-Even if you give up the City Lord and become a member of Sacred Domain, it is not impossible.

It’s a pity that Ye Wen can certainly see what this guy is thinking, so he simply quit the idea of ​​this guy, and took the two children away from here with a tough attitude, and called for a stronger call A carriage, as for the ten bodyguards, Sir City Lord was forced to give it to Ye Wen. The purpose was to return to the Sacred Domain. The ten soldiers would be responsible for returning the carriage…

The tragic and frustrated Sir City Lord was left behind by Ye Wen even before his name was reported, and he didn’t even think of it later. He should ask about this guy’s name.

It’s Goddess’s mother’s name, Ye Wen, already understood, because the 2 babies are very close to Ye Wen, so the child’s mother looks very fierce to this man, but in fact, he always has some points for his polite man curious.

“Master Taurus… what is your name?”

“I don’t have a name…” Ye Wen certainly has a name, but in this World, he doesn’t need to report his name. Taurus is the most perfect code name.

Alesha, who was driving a car, could not help but turn her head to look around. She didn’t expect that Sir Divine Envoy didn’t even have a name? But thinking about the identity of the Oriental Taurus, maybe you don’t want to say it?

Nicholas guessed the same way, so neither of them said anything, as if they didn’t hear anything.

Cecilia tilted her head and her face was full of curiosity-this young girl in her early 20s, the actual age is younger than her appearance, and her psychological young…Ye Wen seriously doubts her Mental age is not yet an adult, simply is a little girl.

Such a young girl, inexplicably, became the mother of two children, and directly destroyed her originally longed marriage life, even if her marriage itself was a product of a combination of interests, but this result It’s still too cruel.

These things are the news heard by Ye Wen in the past few days. The source of the news is naturally these young bodyguards-originally they did not like Cecilia who gave birth to two girls inexplicably. It is a pure slut who is pure in appearance but actually very disdainful.

But the arrival of Ye Wen has uncovered the real mystery. The child born by Cecilia is not a wild seed, but a god! 2 The huge difference between the two also brought a huge impact to the normally gossip guys. The apology that rose from the bottom of my heart eventually became a strange respect: after all, he was selected by the gods and he was in the world as himself The woman of the reincarnated mother must have something extraordinary.

In countless myths, pure women will be particularly favored by gods, this time Cecilia’s impression in people’s hearts has been turned directly.

These ten bodyguards, said that Sir City Lord’s nose was sent rather than volunteering to protect Cecilia. Even City Lord’s orders were not binding on these bodyguards. Send them as guards.

Every night when camping and resting, it is the best time to listen to all kinds of news. Ye Wen did not deliberately listen to it, and he has touched the matter roughly. In addition to being a little mysterious, he is generally a very polite person, and these guards will not avoid him in a few days. Although they came to the road, they learned from Nicholas’ mouth that this adult Taurus is actually Goddess appointed by Athena Goddess.

“Adult Taurus…” In fact, at first all called Ye Wen as a god messenger, but after explaining the identity of the golden saint fighter, the title became Master Taurus: “There is something I don’t know, can you please help? “

“You say it!” Ye Wen stretched his long legs, holding in his arms the little brat with golden brown hair, said to be the younger sister. According to the memory he remembered, Athena should have a purple hair on her head. If so, the one held by Cecilia in her arms is more likely to be Athena’s reincarnation.

But the problem is that Athena Goddess hasn’t seen that animation. Naturally, Impossible will deliberately choose her hair color according to the story, so there will be a girl with purple hair may just be a coincidence. Which one is Athena? It may take a few years to realize the reincarnation of.

It is not clear what caused it. This little brown braid with golden hair seems to be more intimate with him. No matter who touches her, the little things that will cry and make a big noise will sleep peacefully in his arms. Even if eyes opened, he kept looking at himself with those round eyes, as if he was not afraid of his mighty and oppression force.

Because of this strange phenomenon, many people think that this is the reincarnation of Goddess in his arms. After all, Ye Wen is also the goddess appointed by Goddess. It is normal for Goddess to be intimate to his goddess.

This also made Ye Wen a little puzzled. I really couldn’t figure out what was going on. At this time, Cecilia was sitting on the carriage and had been talking to him: “Two children have been born for a few months. But they haven’t named them all the time! Their fathers don’t know why, they hate them…”

Poor Cecilia, she didn’t understand what she was doing wrong. In her understanding, marrying a man and giving birth to a child is completely normal. Why did you change after giving birth to a child? Become like that?

Before, no one was willing to tell her the reason, and after the truth became clear, no one would have the heart to ruin the cruel facts, so Cecilia, still like white paper, still had a doubt, but she was not too much To waste time on an insoluble or insignificant problem, if you don’t understand, you just don’t think about it.

What’s more, she vaguely felt that after leaving the town that had lived for 20 years at this time, I’m afraid she would never be able to return, and at the same time, she could also see her’husband’ impossible again.

So, she didn’t have to think too much about things in the past. She thinks more about the two Little Brats now: “And I can’t think of any names. Maybe Taurus adults can help two children get a name?”

In the eyes of mortals, God is omnipotent! As a messenger of God, even if it is not omnipotent, it can solve most people’s problems. A trifling name, should this Sir Divine Envoy be upset?

But didn’t expect Ye Wen holding the child for a while, and the kitten sitting on his wide shoulder armor squinted and covered his mouth with his front paws, as if thinking of something funny.

“Why is it the name again? Will you find me a name? Okay, I will give these 2 Little Brat a domineering 4 overflow!”

I was very depressed in my heart, and my head was also turning quickly. Immediately, the two Goddess reincarnated names naturally flashed in my mind: “Sasha and the gauze!”

But it’s too boring to think about it, and it’s not domineering enough, so as soon as Ye Wen turned his eyes, he blurted out the name that almost caused the kitten to fall off his shoulder: “Ekaterina and Eliza What do you think of Bai?”

“Ekaterina and Elizabeth?” Cecilia didn’t do much research on the name, but simply judged whether it was a good name from the good or not. The 2 names that Ye Wen said still read very well Not bad, so I was very happy to order nodded: “It’s a very good name, but who is Ekaterina and who is Elizabeth?”

Ye Wen shrugged, this problem does not require him to tangle, but this action makes Garfield sitting on his shoulders bounced into the air, and after falling down, the little thing also made Ye Wen do an’I despise you’ Eyes.

“Don’t think I can’t see it!” Ye Wen secretly transmitted the sound into the kitten’s ear: “And what your eyes are, do you know who these two people are? Is it possible that you still study the history of the world?”

The little thing did not feel threatened at all, but made a push of the eye. A look like: “Did you know?” made Ye Wen speechless.

The conversations of a man and a cat are silent, and this moment of Kung Fu Cecilia has decided on the final ownership of 2 names: the purple-haired one is Elizabeth, and Ye Wen is holding it in her arms It’s Yekaterina, which makes Ye Wen very stressed.

“The nickname is Lily and Linna!”

Cecilia is very happy that her child finally has a nice name. Fortunately, she didn’t struggle with the true meaning of the two names, otherwise Ye Wen would be depressed.

He didn’t know it himself, but the kittens on the side knew that the name Ekaterina was still fine, but the word Elizabeth had’swear in the name of God! ‘This meaning, fortunately, no one knows this meaning in this World, otherwise it would be embarrassing.

However, after the name was given, it was unclear whether it actually caused some kind of mysterious power. Ye Wen, after walking a few steps forward holding the child, suddenly stopped and lifted his stout The arm stopped the entire team.

His size is huge and conspicuous, so his movements will be seen by everyone. Almost in a flash, this small team stopped its own pace, and everyone looked at this strong Taurus with a puzzled expression. .

“Adult, could it be…”

The side guard asked in a low voice, but Ye Wen stopped the conversation!

Turned around and returned the baby in her arms to Cecilia, and told the following: “You go back to the carriage first, don’t come out!”

Although Cecilia is simple, she also knows that some things do not require her to come forward, nor do she need to know, so she uttered oh, and then turned back to the carriage of the carriage.

After Cecilia entered, Ye Wen turned around and asked about the bodyguard: “Here, is it close to the forces of heaven?”

“Heaven?” The guard was stunned for a moment, and then woke up: “Is the adult saying that the group of Light God’s nations? Their country is indeed not far from here, in fact, we are already very close to the border line here About 3 days to the west is the border, where there is the strongest fortress to defend our country!”

At this time, Ye Wen only knew that he had traveled with Nicholas for a few months, and even walked unconsciously to the periphery zone of the Olympus. According to the answer of the bodyguard, the town they had previously visited was still a military center.

However, there was still a sentence in the bodyguard’s words that made Ye Wen very concerned: “Light God? Is the god they believe in not called God?”

The bodyguard scratched his hair: “It’s not clear, but I heard a little bit about the situation that’s all from the past merchants and the brother who retreated from the front. When they conflict with those guys, those people will always shout: Bright and I am with you! So we think they should believe in Light God?”

It turned out to be the case!

Ye Wen ordered nodded and said that he understood. At the beginning of Earth, the Paladin of the Holy See also often shouted: Holy light is with me! It is estimated that the believers of God here have similar habits.

And in the effort of these few words, a warm feeling spread all over the body of a man, wearing a gorgeous silver armor, with a pair of white wings behind him, and the handsome looking youngster fell from the sky. Going down, and then suddenly instigated the wings behind about 3 meters above the ground, bringing a burst of majestic wind, and the whole person was hanging there.

This youngster is carrying a very unremarkable lance in his hand, but the sharp spear exudes a terrifying chill, making everyone aware that although this weapon is unremarkable, his practicality is beyond doubt.

Compared with Ye Wen’s calmly looking at the birdman who suddenly appeared, the other few people were shocked. Although the several guards had drawn their weapons, the whole person was shaking and holding The weapon seems to fall to the ground at any time, and it seems that it has no deterrent effect at all.

Even Nicholas, who was set aside to burn the small universe, was no better than these ordinary guards.


For this legendary species, even if I haven’t seen it myself, I have heard of it a little bit. In Olympus, angels are a kind of mysterious existence that most people have heard of.

They are the messengers of the Divine Race in the West. They are also the blades of those gods. Angels play many roles in the forces of heaven, but no matter which role they show, they have the power of second only to gods.

These guards may not know who is the big boss of the forces of heaven, but they absolutely know what angels mean, because silhouettes of angels will always appear on the battlefield over the years, so compared to the one who does not know that it should be called Light God or God Guys come, they are more familiar with angels and more afraid.

Nicholas’ situation is a bit different. Although he has become a goddess of Goddess, after all, the time is too short, and the angel represents a true god-in the realm of Olympus, with the angel mental on equal terms It should be those Demi-God with the god Bloodline, and definitely not his mortal.

At this time, after sculpting his feet and fully enjoying the fearful gaze of the group of people underneath, the still-faced angel finally appeared.

“Humble pagans, let go of the 2 children with powerful divine forces you carry and leave!”

In a sentence, he clearly stated his purpose. Ye Wen raised his head slightly, and said in his heart that he really came to the two children who exuded a strong divine force, but had almost no defense. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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