History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 477

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Heavenly forces will run out to find these two little babies, although it is beyond Ye Wen’s expectations, but also not unacceptable things.

Since Ye Wen found two Little Brat, the surging divine force similar to the small universe in the two people is like the two big bulbs in the night. As long as there is a little able person, it is difficult to ignore the existence of the two Little Brat. .

In this case, what attracted the ghosts, ghosts, and snakes was all expected, but Ye Wen did not expect that they were in such a close distance to the forces of heaven, and it took only a few days to lead the angel to a .

However, the forces of heaven are not very clear about the situation here, so only one angel was sent to investigate. Perhaps in their eyes, these two small things that suddenly appeared in the human world should be caused by some unexpected factor. There is, and there are some differences between the powers on the body and the Olympus gods, so there is no need to worry about what obstacles will be encountered, and the average human simply cannot block the angels, so they only sent one… It seems that the rank is also Not very tall guy.

The angel on the opposite side seemed to be aware of Ye Wen’s gaze, and he could easily ignore the power exuded by himself and confronted himself with ease, which made the angel feel offended.

“Humble and dirty pagans, you will pay for your rudeness!” Lifting lance upside down, the angel spread the palm of his left hand, and then a very pure holy light gathered on the palm, and Condensed into a ball shape.

Then as the angel’s hand moved, the ball of light flew straight to Ye Wen. At the same time, the angel secretly estimated himself: “This holy light bomb It shouldn’t be hurt the carriage “” He could feel that the two babies with a strong divine force were staying in the carriage at this time.

Although I can’t understand why 2 ordinary human infants have such a strong and pure divine force, this is not something that this angel needs to consider. His task is to take these 2 babies back and give it to himself Sir.

As for whether his chief or higher level or even Light God wants to transform 2 babies into gods in heaven or say something else, that is not what he needs to consider.

And just as he was about to fall down and take the two babies away, his calm face began to change drastically, first surprised, then unbelievable, and finally shy.

All in all, because of his confident blow, he was swayed to the side by a wave of the tall man.

The flight speed still didn’t slow down or even accelerated the holy light projectile all the way to 100 meters away, and then hit a boulder, the huge explosion and mushroom-like smoke made all the guards’ eyes widen, Then there was fear for a while: if such a thing blasted on them… no, even if it just exploded beside them, they also ended up in skeleton doesn’t exist.

And immediately followed, everyone realized a more incredible thing-that the Taurus master, even with a wave of hand, resolved the angel’s attack? Does this adult have the strength to match the angels?

The impact of Ye Wen’s casual blow on the guards is very huge, and the impact on Nicholas is even more intense, but he thinks of another aspect: “So, is Saint Seiya such a powerful existence? As a golden saint, can I also confront the angels like Taurus?”

Thinking of this, the young Golden Lion reignited confidence again, and the cloak stuck in the cloak behind him began to shake with the burning of the small universe, and then floated slightly, the golden 氤氲 on his body became more and more fierce, and finally it was like A burning golden flame wrapped the whole person in it.


The peculiar sight not only attracted the attention of the guards, but also attracted the angels who were still looking at Ye Wen: “What kind of power is this, weird power, but it is a bit different from the divine force of the two babies in the carriage similar!”

For the first time, the power of the small universe appeared in the sight of Divine Race in heaven, but compared to the power exuded by the two babies, the small universe erupted by the young Golden Lion still counts in the eyes of angels Not much.

Nicholas, who knew nothing about the huge gap gap, took a few strides to the front, and after narrowing his distance from the angel, he roared and shouted, “If you want to offend the great Goddess, ask me if I can’t agree! Trick, lightning speed!”

The principle of lightning speed fist Ye Wen has long been handed over to Nicholas, and even advanced trick plasma speed fist is also taught to Nicholas, and after having the golden holy suit and the small universe that meets the level of the gold Saint fighter to promote, Nicholas can finally This move was successfully released-but it’s just that’s all!

For ordinary human guards, what they saw was that the handsome Leo Golden Saint Seiya turned into a golden flame, and then rushed out instantly, followed by a large golden light flash However, they simply couldn’t see exactly what happened.

After the golden light dissipated, the angel still floated about 3 meters above the ground. The whole person didn’t seem to move more than half. The gaze that looked at Nicholas with contempt and that kind of sullen pity seemed like a normal People are looking like fools.

Nicholas stood there blankly, forgot to retract his fist, but just screamed with wide eyes: “How is it possible?”

The angel’s gaze stayed on Nicholas for only a moment, and then whispered: “It’s a very interesting power, but that’s all… And it’s clear that you simply don’t fully grasp the power you have! With such a half-familiar The strength and tricks are trying to deal with me as the messenger of God. It is really sad for you!”

The lance in his hand has been raised, and the dazzling holy light flashes on the spearpoint. Although the holy light is only a bit bigger, it feels more dangerous than the holy light bomb just now.

Ye Wen sighed, this young Nicholas has gone more and more on the road of the powerhouse, he has no idea what this youngster will become in the end, maybe it will be abolished! He doesn’t feel any pity, after all, this youngster is not his discipline. The only thing that makes him depressed is that if this kid is abandoned, then he has to bother to find a qualified gold Saint Seiya-really Is too much trouble.

Even for just such a reason, he would not let the birdman kill Nicholas, and he must kill the birdman, there is no reason for a dying NPC to take away something.

“Nicholas, back to the carriage! This opponent is not something you can face!”

Ye Wen’s words made the angel stop his movements, but instead looked at this tall human with a curious look. For this reason, he also deliberately dropped to a height of only one meter from the ground, and then looked funny With Ye Wen: “Do you think you can fight me face to face?”

As if to hear the most laughable joke, the angel endured the smile that would collapse his image.

But just a second later, Ye Wen’s words made the angel calm down his smile and replaced it with burning anger.

“If this sentence is for the addition of 100 columns or Michael, there is still some persuasion!”

Ye Wen didn’t give the angel any idea at all, but in his eyes, the birdman was already a dead person. As for the names of Michael and Jia 100, I still heard from Cui Jun. Among the angels who know the power of heaven, there are just a few of them standing at Peak. Among them, the names of Michael and Jia 100 are the most impressive. It is well-known that in addition to the two of them, there is the fallen angel Lucifer who is the fallen angel Legion.

Ye Wen was also surprised at the time. In the legend of Earth, the fallen angel who is completely opposite to heaven is still a subordinate of the forces of heaven, but it is not surprising to think about it-there is darkness in light and nature, not to mention falling angels. The strength is very strong, one more enemy or one more reinforcement, this is almost nothing to consider, but when propagating to the believers, the fallen angels are not worthy of publicity, so ordinary person does not know the fallen angel In fact, they are with Heaven.

Completely despised the anger in the eyes of the angel If it can be cast out, maybe this piece of land will become a flame hell, but unfortunately he does not have Divine Ability like Ye Wen, he can only put the anger on the bottom of his heart, and then hold his head, just like a best The noble Knight reported his name as well: “Looking at your courage, my fighting angel Adrian gives you a chance to fight me fairly, although this is only a matter of no doubt! Name, humble arrogant but has several points of courageous pagans!”

Fighting angel is the position of this angel. You can know from the name that this is a guy who is dedicated to fighting. As for the name Adrian, it is also very common, nothing unusual.

However, his stance like Knight’s duel still made Ye Wen speechless for a while.

“Under Athena Goddess, Taurus Golden Saint Seiya!”

Since it was the trouble caused by Athena, Ye Wen simply took the name of Athena to pull the banner. If it really broke out with the forces of heaven, it would be a good thing.

But his answer surprised the angel on the opposite side: “Athena? Lord Olympus?”

He didn’t expect this matter even involved the main god of Olympus. In that case, this matter may be a little more troublesome. After all, they all think that this matter has nothing to do with Olympus, because No gods of Olympus appeared in the vicinity.

didn’t expect, in the end, he still had a relationship with the Barbarians who had been hiding in the mountains all day, and Adrian had never worried about the threat that this man who claimed to be the Taurus Golden Saint Warrior would bring to himself, he The consideration is whether the battle between Heaven and Mount Olympus will break out if you snatch the two children back.

From this point, it can be seen why Heaven sent him to perform this task, because he is one of the few calm angels in the battle angel who knows how to use his brain, unlike his colleagues, who only knows that his head is carrying blood and carrying weapons Just rushed forward, shouting in the mouth to wipe out all the evil things that block the holy light, and then wipe out the enemy in front of you, or be killed by the enemy.

He knows how to use his brain and analyzes the pros and cons, and he is therefore appreciated by his officers. This time is even a task to accumulate merits for him. As long as he goes back smoothly, then the promotion will come without suspense.

It’s a pity…he met Ye Wen.

At this time, Ye Wen wearing a Taurus saint looks like an ordinary person. One is that the cultivation concept of the oriental cultivator already emphasizes restraint, and even the impersonation of the saint fighter needs him to be like a mortal in appearance, because the small universe This kind of power is very special. If you don’t burn it, you can hardly feel whether this person has this power. This is why Adrian will be surprised when Nicholas uses the small universe.

At this time, Ye Wen ignited his own “small universe”, which was actually released as a small universe with his True Qi. Anyway, some theories of the meta universe are similar to the small universe has several points of, as long as they cooperate On the golden rays of light, it is no different from the small universe.

However, Adrian was keenly aware that Ye Wen’s small universe was so different from Nicholas, because he felt a divine majesty in the power of this vast universe, which is the realm that only real gods can touch. , Absolutely impossible is a power that human beings can possess…


Shocked by the power of Ye Wen, the first reaction of Adrian who has returned to God is that the man in front of him is actually also a certain deity. Now this look is just an illusion that’s all, including the previous like ordinary person. appearance.

Because he made up his mind to do it quickly, Ye Wen, who had exerted his true strength, looked at Adrian’s expression, and immediately knew what the angel noticed. In the eyes of the flash of severe light, he immediately made a decision, and his legs were fierce. ‘S fork spreads, and at the same time, the thick arms that have been raised push forward violently.

The vigorous Vajra palm that exploded with full force almost broke out the terrifying palm force in an instant. This palm force almost crossed the space under the impetus of the meta universe and came directly to Adrian, assaults the senses of horror pressure Straightened back what he hadn’t had time to say.

At this time, Ye Wen still had time to embroider a flower in his surging golden light, for example, to make a pair of starlight composed of a bull pattern to show his identity as Taurus.

It’s just that beside the pattern, Garfield made a horn on his head with his front paws, and then bowed his head in a forward pose, which ruined his domineering, but gave people a feeling of didn’t know whether to cry or laugh .

Of course, these have nothing to do with the poor angel. After the palm force of Vajra’s palm broke out, a group of golden lights that could not be opened by eyes almost covered up the weak sunlight in the winter. Everyone closed their eyes at that moment. When the eyes opened, where would the silhouette of the angel be?

The white feathers falling from the sky fell on Ye Wen’s palm, and the only thing that could prove that the birdman existed was caught in the hand: “Next time… don’t be so much nonsense… …”

From the appearance of the angel to the death of the angel, it is almost to add nonsense and then play the Knight spirit. Maybe Adrian wanted to show the elegance, gentleman and nobility of the angel, but in Ye Wen’s eyes it was almost the same as the clown-of course, relative to him in the eyes that day, it is estimated to be equal to the barbaric painting.

However, there was a little abnormality at that moment that made Ye Wen a little uncomfortable. In the moment when Adrian explodes into waste, he felt that the other party’s body was missing before the collapse. This feeling made him not very Pleasantly, he secretly speculated what method the angel had used before his death. Perhaps it was a method of escape similar to Nascent Soul’s ex-body, or maybe it was some kind of ability to send a message.

But looking back carefully, he found that this situation was better. If it really caused the friction between God Olympus and Divine Race in heaven, it would be more reliable than using this Holy War to stabilize Zeus’ war madman. Too.

So soon he didn’t take this matter into his heart, turned his head to look at his still standing staring at his crowd, and then revealed the bird hair in his hand: “The angel ran away, we Hurry up and leave here!”

The dumbfounded people are still shocked by the fact that “Taurus has run away the angel”, but after thinking about it, I feel that Taurus, as the goddess of Athena Goddess, defeating an angel does not seem to be anything. Incomprehensible things, after all, in terms of identity, the two seem to be equivalent.

People, sometimes find various reasons, this time fully reflects this! Ye Wen didn’t say much after seeing this, and they went with them.

However, after the accident at this time, Nicholas, who was already a little too proud, even respected himself, and even came to himself deliberately, expressing his hope that he can continue to accept his teaching.

Ye Wen was surprised, but he refused altogether, and said to Nicholas, who was a little disappointed, “You have gained strength, and the next thing you have to do is to keep familiar with the power you own, and this I don’t have any way to guide you, you can only rely on yourself!”

An acceptable reason made Nicholas much better, but if he knew that Ye Wen simply was too lazy to teach him the fact again, I don’t know what kind of reaction would happen.

But in any case, the purpose of this time travel has basically been completed: I found the reincarnation of Goddess and cultivated a golden saint. Although the process is a bit confusing, the result is acceptable…

It’s just that when Ye Wen looked at the messy Little Brat that was peeing in his hand, it was speechless for a while, and even more speechless was Cecilia who was busy changing diapers for Isabella. A few diapers: “Sir, please help Linna change it!”

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