History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 478

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Time passed in a hurry, five years passed in the blink of an eye!

In the past few years, Ye Wen has been obediently and honestly hiding in the Sacred Domain, and has done nothing. Even the training of Saint Seiya was given to Yu Wentuo. Yu Wentuo, who has been 20 years old, has not only Adults are no different, and their strength has changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down 5 years ago.

The most obvious point is that he can finally move all the weapons on the Libra Saint Cloth freely, and exert the formidable power that the weapons should have.

At the very least, Zhang Ling can’t just transfer Yu Wentuo’s team with his 1000 Ben Sakura now. Now that Senior Sister and Junior Brother’s 2 people have played tricks, it can be considered as mutual offensive and defensive. Sometimes Yu Wentuo can also rely on Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms was very embarrassed to fight Zhang Ling, but I didn’t know what the kid was thinking about, every time I just made myself Senior Sister look a little embarrassed and then closed it, then even if Zhang Ling still said that he can continue to fight Will never continue.

“This kid, is it a dead man’s life?”

Every time I saw this situation, Ye Wen would be so arrogant. As for the Little Brat riding on his neck, he is now very adaptable to this situation. The gradually growing Little Brat seems to like it very much here, all day long Sitting on glanced around, it really confirmed that sentence: stand tall and look far!

In addition, in addition to mastering the weapons on the Golden Saint Cloth and the use of the sledgehammer, Yu Wentuo also cultivated Lesser Formless Art. After possessing this Inner Strength, Yu Wentuo can use Lesser Formless Art to simulate small The operation of the universe, let alone Zhang Ling, Ye Wen was very surprised.

“It turns out that Lesser Formless Art can do this?”

Ye Wen realized at this time that his thinking was still confined after all. Although Lesser Formless Art was only able to simulate the effects of various martial arts in the past, what was the situation at that time? What is the situation now? Although it is all cultivation Lesser Formless Art, Yuwen Tuo can now rely on Lesser Formless Art cultivation immortal dao instead of the ordinary martial arts.

Changes in the environment have greatly enhanced the Formidable power of Lesser Formless Art, and the power of Fleshy Body has also provided Lesser Formless Art with more choices. Together with the divine force that can be gradually manipulated by Yuwen Tuo, the small universe seems to be simulated. Nor is it something that cannot be accepted.

“In this way, Zhiruo can now simulate many Xianjia cultivation techniques?”

He didn’t know the specific situation. Maybe he had to go back and look at the situation. As for Shushan Sect, there have been many changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down in the past 5 years.

The two technical lunatics Zheng Ying and Cui Jun will not mention it for the first time. After the initial installation of tap water and power supply to Shushan Sect, the two people began to formally study a deeper thing-that detector has finally made a prototype, It is no longer the inferior product originally used by Ye Wen and Zhang Ling, but a finished product that truly has the ability to call at random, but now the 2 pieces held by 2 people are at most counted as test models. I want to really complete and will It is estimated that the technology will be applied to mobile phones in a few years.

However, during Zhang Ling’s return to Shushan, he didn’t know what to show or say to his 2 wives. When Zhang Ling came back again, the news brought back made Ye Wen very depressed: 2 wives were considering After a while, I came here in person, and before that, Chris, the already accomplished discipline, was the first to be sent over.

Today, Chris also lives in Sacred Domain, helping Yu Wentuo, the Little Junior Brother, to be responsible for training Saint Seiya-Chris has now mastered the complete Absolute Domain and started to attack the tyrannical strength of Black Battle Qi, Mo said to train a few Saint Seiya, training Demi-God is no problem.

If he is successfully attacked by Black Qi and masters the ultimate power, then the achievement of Celestial Immortal is also something to look forward to. Send him to look at Ye Wen, 2 is here seems to be easier for this discipline to get work out.

Another reason is that Chris’s appearance is more easily accepted and recognized by the people here. After all, they are all Western races, although Chris himself thinks he has nothing in common with this group of Greek equivalent to Greek guys.

On the other side of Shushan, the disciplines are still in step-by-step cultivation. The good news Zhang Ling brought back is that Zhou Zhiruo has already passed the customs clearance, and not long after Zhang Ling returned, Nangong Huang finally crossed the threshold of Earth Immortal. It is said that Wei Hong Waiting for several people to hit the final level, if they are successful, Shushan Sect’s older generation’s discipline can successfully achieve the position of Earth Immortal, so that you don’t have to worry too much about age and lifespan issues.

On the contrary, the guy Guo Jing actually got stuck on the door, which made Ye Wen very depressed! If he can give pointers next to him, as for now, Guo Jing can only comprehend himself.

And 5 years, not all is good news. First of all, some of Guo Jing’s disciplines passed away because of the internal injury left by his early practice. Guo Jing has never been able to cross the last hurdle, and also with these disciplines. The death has affected his mentality, but as long as Shushan Sect is still developing, this kind of thing cannot be avoided, so Guo Jing must adapt to this situation.

The other few disciplines do not have to worry about Ye Wen. Li Xiaoyao is steadily striking towards the position of Celestial Immortal. He even has the leisurely ran to tease Claire. Of course, his flirtatious actions also stimulated Claire’s efforts to cultivation to improve his strength. In general, it should be out of good intentions, but the specific behavior seems a bit naive.

Ye Wen will not be involved in this matter, not to mention that the distance is far away, and he cannot manage it. Ning Ruxue asked by answering the call. Do you want to be the master of 2 children? Ye Wen said: “Just follow their temperament, we should not be too involved in this kind of thing as elders!”

This is also a different concept. Ning Ruxue has received this kind of education since he was a child. The major event of the juniors can be the master of the elders. Even the elders will feel that this is their own responsibility. But Ye Wen wouldn’t think so. Moreover, Claire is not the kind of girl who can be manipulated by others. Let Li Xiaoyao’s kid be tossed with her. It doesn’t matter what the result is, and they look at the excitement.

Ning Ruxue though whispering that everything is big and big, this is going to be troublesome, but when Ye Wen made a decision, she didn’t continue to struggle with this issue.

Huayi also took the opportunity to say a few things, in fact, it was nothing more than the discipline called Lingzhu that he collected. The progress is quite fast. Perhaps the next achievement of Earth Mountain in Shushan will be this young discipline instead of Ye Wen. A few disciplines, which makes Huayi very proud, because this is her first time as a Master.

“Maybe, our Shushan Sect needs another expert!”

Ye Wen is only happy with these things. The more powerful Shushan Sect is, the better it will be for him. It’s just that I haven’t seen him for a long time. After all, I missed it so much. It’s a pity that I haven’t had time to say a few sweet words. The two women on the opposite side even said: “Husband (Senior Brother) is not a happy life there? I heard that Goddess is rushing to marry you as a wife, I brought back 2 children…”

Turning his head and looking at Zhang Ling in the distance, he secretly complained: “What on earth did this girl say?” Then he explained carefully, and finally calmed his backyard-he is not in Shushan now In the past, if it caused 2 women to eat jealousy, it would be hard to clean up after going back.

After a few intimate remarks, Ye Wen put out a long breath that stabilized the situation, and then asked the situation of others on Shushan.

He later learned that Huang Yun’s health has been getting worse over the past few years, and it is estimated that it will not be for a few years. Fortunately, his two sons are very contented. Feihong and the pharmacist have almost learned his father’s life in these years. I have learned a lot, and now I am working hard to digest the medicine pill knowledge of Immortal World. Li Xiaoyao also gave his experience in the past few years, maybe 2 children can resist Shushan Sect in a few years. The great task of refining medicine to make dan.

Ye Wen heard these things, even if she only had a general understanding of the situation of Shushan Sect. In fact, Zhang Ling also said these things when she came back, and now it is also to see if there are any unexpected changes.

“At present, everything in our Shushan Sect is on the right track, depending on whether the strength of several of you can continue to improve!”

Compared with several disciplines, their strength is the key to the survival of Shushan. After all, high-end battle strength is the key to this World’s final strength. At present, the only expert of Shushan Sect is Ye Wen, Among the most powerful people in Shushan Sect, Xu Xian’s progress is still fast. Now he has started to attack Kun Wuji. As soon as he enters the country, he will become Celestial Immortal.

“Really? Junior Brother Xu has been closed for 3 years!”

Zhang Ling said that Martial Uncle was in retreat last time. Now I heard that Xu Xian has not gone through customs. It can be seen that the importance of his retreat this time. It is estimated that as soon as the kid comes out of the customs, he will practice Kun Wuji.

Because of Xu Xian’s retreat, Ning Ruxue and Huayi didn’t dare to concentrate on cultivation, so the progress of the two people was much slower, but even so, Ning Ruxue also trained Qiankun Diamond Body and Huayi also started Trying to invert congenital chaos is just the stage that these two people are currently striking, and it is not so easy to succeed.

“That’s it!”

After finishing the call, Ye Wen thought that if it went well, maybe he could take some time to go back and see. After all, it’s not difficult to stay outside. Maybe this time Holy War is a suitable opportunity.

Five years later, Sacred Domain has also undergone changes in Heaven and Earth turning upside down. The 5th 2nd Palace, the Pope’s Hall and Goddess’ Hall have been completed. Ye Wen has now lived in the Taurus Palace where he should stay. But no one knows how long he will stay in the palace.

In these 5 years, Taurus adults appear and disappear unpredictably, it is almost impossible to see whereabouts, almost the consensus of people in the Saint Saint domain, and even many people have only heard of the existence of Taurus adults, simply did not have the opportunity to see him.

On the contrary, Libra and Leo are often seen, because the two of them are the main people responsible for training Saint Seiya, and naturally they are often seen.

For 5 years, Ye Wen’s after successfully cultivating it of course can’t be considered. For the gods on Mount Olympus, it’s just a blink of an eye, but for mortals. Quite a long time.

For such a long time, the people of Sacred Domain have changed a lot. The original batch of Saint Seiya candidates were mostly eliminated, some left, and most of them lost their lives during training. The few remaining people were not lucky enough to become Saint Seiya, they eventually stayed in Sacred Domain as miscellaneous soldiers.

During this time, the selection of the Golden Saint Warrior was also smooth. In addition to Nicholas getting the Leo’s golden holy cloth, in addition, Alyssa also finally got the Aquarius golden holy cloth. Ye Wen had brought the 2 Youngster, has now become the existence of Peak in Sacred Domain.

At the same time, two constellations of Aries and Cancer were also selected in training. Ten 2 Golden Saints now have half the number of people. As long as the remaining few people are found in the next time, then this Holy War can be It started smoothly.

As for the time of Holy War, it is naturally based on the goddess reincarnation grown up as the benchmark. Today’s Athena Goddess is just a 5-year-old little girl. At the same time, the reincarnation of Pluto is not much different. Now I want to fight, of course it is impossible.

That is, considering that there is still a long time, Ye Wen will be lazy in the Sacred Domain, do nothing, and take Yekaterina to hang out in the Sacred Domain all day long-he usually does not wear a holy suit, casually set The clothes of a miscellaneous soldier went out, and no one knew that this tall guy was actually the Taurus who disappeared all day.

As for the sisters of Ekaterina, Elizabeth was finally identified as the reincarnation of Goddess. The reason was that after Ye Wen brought Cecilia and 2 babies back to Sacred Domain, in order to determine which one It was the reincarnation of Goddess. Several people deliberately ran to the Goddess Temple. As a result, under the statue of Athena, Elizabeth’s body exuded the power to overwhelm Ekaterina, so Elizabeth was identified as Goddess’s Reincarnated.

The little girl who is Elizabeth’s younger sister has caused several priests a headache-they don’t think that a child born with Goddess and having the same divine force is a good thing. They worry that 2 children will grow up. Later, Yekaterina, the younger sister, would pose a threat to the elder sister’s status, so the suggestions made by the old guys were so brutal that Ye Wen could not accept them.

After protecting Little Brat as a god ambassador, Ye Wen has become one of the few people in Sacred Domain who knows the true origin of this child. Fortunately, since that day, the power of 2 children seems to have been disappeared, usually Just like ordinary children, so there is no trouble.

It’s just… the little girl who grew up and was particularly close to Ye Wen, the title to him made him very tangled.

“Bull Uncle, when will you take me out to play?”

Riding on Ye Wen’s neck, holding the ordinary helmet with horns in both hands, Yekaterina looked around at the already boring scenery 4 places, and asked about the’cow Uncle he was riding ‘.

“Every day I’m taking you to play, don’t you play enough?” After thinking about it, the difference between the sisters is too great. Elizabeth, who was identified as Goddess’ reincarnation, has no childish nature. Being able to endure the boring and boring knowledge and etiquette training will not be bored even when facing the bunch of old guys with buns and buns all day long.

And this one in his own body, he would run over and noisy if he didn’t go around for a day. It was really a temperament that he couldn’t rest for a moment: “Always turning around in the Sacred Domain, it’s boring!”

With his mouth flattened, Little Brat said so, but the neck that still didn’t stop turning seemed to make a completely different explanation.

“Ah, it’s Uncle!”

The gadget’s eyes are good, maybe because it’s in a high enough position? Even immediately saw Libra, who guided a few youngsters on the side-mainly because Yu Wentuo, who was wearing a golden holy cloth, was so conspicuous.

Yu Wentuo also heard Linna’s cry and turned his head to see his Master walked towards himself against the small object, showing a smile (now his helmet only covers half of his face, and the lower half of his face is not using illusions, so The expression can be seen), and the same, a group of young Saint Seiya alternate students also smiled.

Yekaterina, who has been circling in Sacred Domain all day, has also become a favorite of many Saints. Who would hate such a cute little thing? Although most people do not know the true identity of this little girl, they are just guessing which child in Sacred Domain.

Of course, even the tall and strong man who took Little Brat as a mount all day has become the focus of public discussion, but looking at his suit of clothes, many people speculate that they are the first batch of candidates to survive.

Although it is just a miscellaneous soldier, it is also a relatively prominent presence in the current Sacred Domain. For several years, many people have understood that the people who can survive to the end of that cruel training are far more than ordinary people. Bullying exists, so they are kind to Ye Wen.

As for Yu Wentuo will be called Libra, mainly because he can’t reveal his name, he can only show people with the Libra code. As a result, the little things don’t know where to hear the word, so Libra has become Yuwen Tuo’s exclusive title. ——Of course, in Sacred Domain, she dared to shout like this.

Reaching out to grab the little thing, the result was rejected: “No, the iron on Uncle’s body is hard and ice, not comfortable at all!”

Yu Wentuo’s embarrassed laughed, and he didn’t take it seriously, he continued his work after saying a few words with Ye Wen, and Ye Wen slowly walked out with little things-he was going to go outside.

Outside of Sacred Domain, there are a lot of beautiful scenery. Even because of the existence of Sacred Domain, there are several villages around Sacred Domain. The villagers who have been blessed indirectly are very respectful to the people in Sacred Domain, so when they are Ye Wen After appearing with small things, the simple people around them all took a respectful look at Ye Wen.

However, there are always a few exceptions. The woman in a black dress with black hair and black hair and a lance is undoubtedly one of them.

“Didn’t expect, someone who can meet Sacred Domain, although it seems to be just a…”


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