History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 479

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black hair black pupil black off-the-shoulder long dress, plus the handle flashing cold light, like Trident’s lance, how can this style and that dress give Ye Wen a very familiar feeling?

Although I had such a guess in my mind, I always felt a little unreliable. After all, Sir Wang hadn’t seen the animation, so the only explanation is…coincidence?


“Oh?” Pandora looked a little surprised. There was a slight swing in the lance in his hand. The look in Ye Wen was no longer as contemptuous as before, and he finally looked at the small Sacred Domain opposite with his right eye. : “You even knew me?”

In fact, Ye Wen was even more surprised than her: “Is it really Pandora?” At the same time, there are more questions in my heart: “I did tell Hades that he arranged an agent-like identity to help him lead Pluto. Army, after all, it is not immediately awakened after reincarnation. After reincarnation, the body needs to grow slowly like normal human beings, and then grow to a certain extent before they can accept the power of his Pluto and become the incarnation of Pluto in the world! not at all said to support a female agent named Pandora!”

The strange Ye Wen in my heart really wanted to ask about it in detail. Unfortunately, the woman in front of him had a good opinion of Ye Wen not at all, and at the same time did not think that a Sacred Domain soldier was qualified to face the temporary Pluto Commander himself. chat.

I came here this time just to investigate the situation of Sacred Domain. As for someone who would hit a Sacred Domain in a village outside Sacred Domain, it was completely an accident.

“Although it was an accident, I don’t mind telling Sacred Domain about my existence in advance!”

It seems that this woman is ready to kill Ye Wen, and just as she was preparing to do it herself, a young man with a very standard figure suddenly stood up next to him. This man was in his early 20s and had a tan The hair is just a little messy, and it looks almost the same as the bird’s nest at first glance.

And this man first stood in front of Pandora, and then respectfully under one-knee kneels in front of Pandora: “Young Lady, this hello will be left to the genius to deal with it, so as not to dirty your noble hands!”

Pandora saw his men’s initiative to fight, and did not continue to persevere. He waved the man up, and then said indifferently: “Since you have asked for it, then it is up to you, Radaman. Diss… By the way, ruin this small village, and let these stupid guys understand that the so-called Sacred Domain cannot protect them.”

Ye Wen’s face twitched vigorously, and then the guy on the side of Pluto really made 3 giants according to what he said to him-he didn’t talk to Pluto about Pandora, but he made himself among the fighters Impressed and Hades said it again, including the name and the general appearance of the Ming clothes they wore, and didn’t expect that the Ming Sir Wang directly took it and used it.

While twitching, he looked for a sentence: “Did Minos and Ayagos not come together?” Now that Radamandis has appeared in the 3 giants, it is estimated that some other two positions have been obtained?

Ye Wen was just trying to tentatively try, but also know how the Pluto Army is preparing now, but his words let 2 people on the opposite side start —— As for the surrounding crowd, they are completely unclear what is going on here, standing Pointing fingers were talking there, not knowing that a huge crisis had come to the front.

“You actually know Minos and Ayagos, and listening to your tone, it seems to understand what these two names and Radamandis mean together!” The contempt in Pandora’s eyes was finally completely disappeared At this point, the woman was alert and stared at the strong man opposite: “You…not an ordinary soldier! Are you a Saint Seiya?”

In the Sacred Domain, there is the existence of Saint Seiya who competes with the Pluto in the Pluto Army. These things are naturally known as Pandora, the temporary commander of the Pluto.

However, she is not clear that even Saint Seiya currently lacks understanding of the Pluto Army, and the only ones who really know these things are Ye Wen…and his several disciplines.

“If that’s the case…” Pandora’s reaction was indeed quick. She turned her attention immediately to the little girl who had been riding on Ye Wen’s neck and looked at them curiously: “That girl is Athena. Is reincarnation?”

As soon as this remark came out, not only did Side Radamandis frown, but he was obviously taken aback, and even the ignorant crowd watching the lively people around was shocked.

After listening for so long, they probably also heard that this woman seems to be the enemy of Sacred Domain. Although there are many words that they cannot understand, they still understand this sentence.

“That little girl… is the reincarnation of Goddess?”

“A little girl like that…how is it possible? It looks like no ordinary child!”

“Is this the great Goddess? It’s amazing, didn’t expect I can see His Goddess in person!”

A variety of arguments sounded beside me, and the trend was getting stronger, and even a lot of uninformed people gathered here when they heard that Goddess appeared. This situation made Ye Wen Frowned.

He would like to drink these people away, but now Sacred Domain has not established the kind of reputation that everyone would listen to and so on. It is estimated that this group of people will not leave immediately when they roar.

And in the current situation, it is not the right time to consider those things. Ye Wen bent down, put Little Linna from the neck to the ground, and then touched the head of Little Brat, rubbing the short golden brown hair. The same as the bird’s nest: “Stay well by the side, don’t run around!”

The little thing is very sensible, maybe she can feel the breath from the people on the opposite side-does not mean that the child feels very difficult to deal with? Moreover, this is not an ordinary child.

“If I said… she was not Goddess reincarnated, do you believe it?”

Ye Wen, who stood up again, spread his hand and stated a fact in a very ordinary tone, but the woman opposite him would not believe him at all, and the smile from Pandora’s mouth was full of ridicule: “This kind of bad lies, you think Can you deceive me?”

“Actually, what I said is true…”

Ye Wen shrugged, he had long expected that the other party would believe in himself, but it didn’t matter. With his strength, he really wanted to play with this guy as much as he wanted, even if he talked to the so-called 3 giants. He is not afraid of big moves.

This Radamandis seemed to be an impatient, and when Ye Wen was lingering, he had stepped forward: “Master, let his subordinates kill this verbose Saint Seiya, and then kill the girl too.” !”

“Don’t kill that girl first, I’ll take her back to His Royal Highness!” Although Pandora firmly believed that this girl was Goddess’ reincarnation, she felt that it would make Her Royal Highness even happier to capture the living and give it to Pluto.

“Follow your orders!” Radamandis and Kung Fu turned back to salute Pandora before facing Ye Wen again, holding his head proudly—however he poses, he can only look up at Ye Wen— — Say a sentence to Ye Wen in front of you: “Although you don’t know where you got the two names Minos and Aiagos, but… I’m afraid you have no chance to see them. It’s your pleasure to die in the hands of my two-legged flying dragon Radamandis!”


Ye Wen didn’t speak, just stood there in a daze, until Radamandis finished a lot of scenes before he spoke: “Done? What’s not good to learn? Useless mouth guns, so many The nonsense is enough for you to make ten big moves!”

But after I finished talking, I found myself seemingly guilty of the same problem: “Are mouth guns contagious?” Shook the head, saying casually: “Put your clothes on!”

Radamandis was stunned, it seemed that didn’t expect the saint fighter opposite was even more arrogant than himself. He only wore a set of miscellaneous clothes, and he even asked himself to put on a black suit: “For you, there is no need for that! “

“is it?”

Since his good intentions were treated as donkey liver and lungs, Ye Wen was no longer interested in talking nonsense with him. When the whole body of True Qi turned around, the whole body immediately lit up golden 氤氲, compared with those’real’ golden saints in Sacred Domain , Ye Wen’s small universe looks no different in appearance, but it has a more imposing manner. If it is an ordinary person, it cannot stand firm just by facing it.

The golden flames burned and flourished, almost covering the entire village. Countless villagers immediately knelt on the ground after discovering their abnormalities, and more recently they have already bowed to the ground, non-stop Held his hands with his eyes closed and prayed, and some people faced Ye Wen confessing the mistakes he had made.

At this time, Ye Wen was like a god, burning a golden flame. Although he still couldn’t see his expression, almost everyone could feel the terror power contained in the golden flame, just like an angry bull. People who are staring at you, a little courageous, will immediately scare their urine pants.

Radamandis was also shocked by the small universe emanating from Ye Wen-the Underworld naturally used the power of the small universe-this terrifying power, he almost never felt it on anyone, he even doubted it Even Ming Wang is just like this.

“How can this be?”

I want to raise my hand, but embarrassedly find that I can’t even move a finger. The whole person seems to be imprisoned, staring blankly at the tall man on the opposite side, then staring at the other side slowly. Raised his palms in front of him, and then the golden flame burst out suddenly, he seemed to see a head in a trance… using his front paws as a horn-shaped kitten…

“Damn, there was an illusion! Is it Spirit Attack?”

The force of fiercely on the feet, the shock of the already flat arms, did not rely on the physical muscles at all, but only relying on the internal force to handle the eruption and the powerful Vajra’s palm was sprayed out thinly.

Almost formed a group of strong palm force like a golden beam, almost destroyed everything you can see, but fortunately, Ye Wen’s palm is very particular, with a slight upward angle, so after the palm burst However, the target within a distance of about ten meters was sturdy, and the people farther away were not affected because they had fallen to their knees and flew their hands to the sky.

With Ye Wen’s manipulation of palm strength, naturally, there will be palm leakage and injury to innocent things, so the frightened group of people who passed out woke up and found that they did not appear except for their wet pants. What is abnormal.

And those who have not fainted and had the honour to witness everything, are more in awe of the’ambassador of God’, and the ground that was almost plowed in front of them tells them perfectly clear that everything just now is not an illusion.

It’s just that on the ground that has been plowed, it’s not that there is nothing. At the last moment, he put on a cloak and burned all his small universe. Rada Mandez, who was guarded in front of Pandora, seemed to have nothing on his body. Injured, but in fact there is no one intact.

There is still a part of golden 氤氲 that did not dissipate. Ye Wen is still in the shape of the move, and the man looking at the other side secretly praised: “Pure guys!”

Whatever the reason, Radamandis realized that the moment he could not take over this move, the most powerful force in his life erupted, and then… instead of running away, he quickly retreated In front of Pandora, use his body to block Pandora behind him, to avoid Pandora being also killed by Ye Wen this move.

Don’t think about it for himself, even because of his move, Pandora’s lance broke out a strange divine force to help him resist part of the impact, but the only effect is to let the biped dragon leave a The whole body.

Pandora looked at Radamandis, who was no longer alive, and stood there in a daze. The body of Radamandis still didn’t fall down. She stood very obstinately standing behind her, exuding her body. The deep glow cold clothes have been covered with cracks at this time. The original clothes like exquisite works of art are like a toy that has been broken. At this time, people don’t want to put a little attention on it.

Looking back and looking back at the tall man on the opposite side, Pandora asked the biggest doubt in her mind with a slightly trembling tone: “Who are you? How could it be so powerful?”

“Taurus Gold Saint Seiya!”

“Impossible!” According to Pandora’s information, although the strength of the Golden Saint Warrior is very strong, the existence of Peak among them is the 3 giant level that’s all. Even if there is a difference between strength and weakness, it is impossible huge to this extent.

“I’m different!” Ye Wen rolled the eyes, although this action was not seen by others, and at this moment, he was stunned for a while, but then a strange smile appeared: “It seems someone came to pick up You are the beautiful Pandora Young Lady!”

Pandora froze for a moment, then bit her lip with a look of unwillingness, because in her view, when the strength gap was so obvious, she could not escape from death, even if her own men came to save herself, but in this strong In front of some scary men, what role can they play?

But Pandora didn’t expect it anyway. The one who appeared before her turned out to be the man—the man who gave the power of the Pluto Army temporary command to her… No, it should be said that god.

“Xiu… Master Xiupnos…”

Wearing a very ordinary robe, the man who undoubtedly showed his slender and toned figure stood in front of Pandora, and then gently stroked on Lada Mandis, who had no longer lived, and instantly turned into a dust. After that, they gathered into a group of purple light clusters, and then flew to the sky and eventually disappeared.

Pandora regained her imagination in her despairing double pupils. She did not expect that the lord would come here in person. If it were the lord, then no matter how powerful that golden saint fighter, I am afraid that it will no longer pose a threat to herself. . After all, in the eyes of ordinary person, God is an omnipotent and invincible being.

But then a scene that surprised her appeared. Soupnos stopped at a distance of about 6 7 meters from Ye Wen, and then stroked her chest slightly to give Ye Wen a salute: “The first time I met, I It’s Soupnos!”

Ye Wen also didn’t expect The Sleeping God was so polite to himself, but it came to be understood after careful consideration-the class of Olympus gods is still very obvious, he has always been with Athena and Hades The contact with Artemis at this level neglected this point. If you really count it, you are barely the same as the same level as the main god of Olympus, and Sleeping God… is just that’s all under Hades’s.

Ye Wen, which is the same as Hades—although some mistakes will make it—Sleeping God, must have a certain degree of respect for Ye Wen, even if it is only on the surface.

As a right-hand man of Hades, he also has a thorough understanding of the inside story of Holy War. Ye Wen is the real planner of Holy War, so…

It is also because of this reason that Soupnos is willing to appear, because Ye Wen will not kill Pandora, otherwise he will destroy the Pluto Army now, and Holy War will play a hair? Now Ye Wen is worried that there is no proper step to let Pandora go. The appearance of Xiupnos can be said to be very in line with Ye Wen’s needs at this time.

I also returned a gift to Soupnos. Since people were kind to him, Ye Wen was not the kind of guy who didn’t know what to do. Then the two people looked at each other for a moment and said nothing, Soupnos turned directly Say hello to Pandora: “Go back!”

And Ye Wen seemed to casually say: “Sorry, let one of the 3 giants you just selected hang up!”

“It doesn’t matter… It doesn’t take too long to resurrect anyway!” Supnos just turned back slightly and answered Ye Wen with a calm tone.

This sentence also made Ye Wen’s mouth hang with a smile: “The characteristics that Hades really can be resurrected after death are used on his own Pluto army! Holy War…some hit…”

After whispering 2 sentences, Ye Wen turned his eyes to the West immediately: “And, there seems to be a tendency to deviate from the original script!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to recommend Tickets, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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