History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 480

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Without stopping Pandora and Soupnos leaving, Ye Wen picked up Little Brat again and put it on his neck, walking in the direction of Sacred Domain in the eyes of a civilian awe, until Jaya I can’t see the shadow, and these people never get up from the ground… But these are not things that Ye Wen has to consider.

After returning to Sacred Domain, Ye Wen’s first thing was to send Linna to her mother. Cecilia now lives in Sacred Domain. Of course, it will not be a particularly good place to live. High Priest in Sacred Domain A relatively simple house was built for Cecilia in a corner with a pretty environment. Fortunately, the ten guards did not leave, but they stayed firm and voluntarily became Cecilia’s servants. , To help this girl who knew almost nothing through the most chaotic period.

Sacred Domain may have given Cecilia a maid because of Ye Wen. Finally, the girl who has barely lived independently has been able to live normally, but her child is always unable to stay with her. It’s a happy thing, so her life in Sacred Domain is not so happy.

Fortunately, Yekaterina can still stay around all day, and Ye Wen will occasionally come over to see it, plus Libra, Taurus and Chris, a Saint Seiya instructor, no one who dares to open his eyes Come here to make trouble, so Cecilia’s life is calm and boring, maybe Ekaterina likes to run around in 4 places so much, and also wants to relieve her mother’s that that’s all.

Saying goodbye to Cecilia and refusing the other party’s good intention to invite themselves to dinner, Ye Wen waved at Little Brat and left, then did not go to his own Taurus Palace, but took advantage of the fact that no one was around Taurus gold holy cloth summon came out, and then dressed on the body.

When Ye Wen appeared again, it wasn’t the costume of the miscellaneous soldier, but the Taurus Golden Saint Warrior who made everyone awesome. The Saint Warrior candidates who met along the way were looked at with surprise and awe. He, but Ye Wen didn’t have the mind to follow these people, but left Sacred Domain all the way, followed by looking at the general direction, one step, the whole person disappeared out of thin air.

“You really came!”

A person with long hair like pitch-black as ink, deep eyes that can make people indulge in it, and the beautiful one can look like Aphrodite onion on equal terms, standing on the bare mountain, let alone the biting The cold wind kept scratching on his body, and the black robe with the silver cross pattern was blown grinning.

Looking at the black clothed man in the distance, there is a kind of domineering domineering person who sees it in his heart, but it has no effect on the person who suddenly appears behind him. Ye Wen looks like a fool. The same gaze finally made him change his shape, and then turned to face the man he specifically called.

“Are you the Taurus Golden Saint Seiya?” The man in black clothed black hair looked up and down at Ye Wen. The degree of carefulness made Ye Wen wonder if this guy had any special hobbies. Fortunately, the man said later A sentence: “It seems to be just an ordinary human…or is this simply not your real body?”

Ye Wen began to take a serious look at the person in front of him. Although he felt that this person had a violent and dark power that made people feel chilly, but he didn’t know exactly who he was. He came here deliberately to check it out. At the same time, explore what exactly this person is for.

Of course, he actually had some guesses in his heart, but he was right or wrong, but there was no score in his mind: “I am the Golden Saint of Taurus, the Saint of Goddess Goddess! For love and peace… defend Landing…”

The person on the opposite side seemed to hear the best laugh in the whole world. Although he didn’t laugh so much, the unusually bright smile on his face reflected his feelings about this remark: “I don’t think we need to Too much entanglement in these boring words! Are you saying yes? A god from Mount Olympus?”

“So he regarded me as the god of Olympus?”

This misunderstanding was not a bad thing for Ye Wen, so he stood still and closed his mouth and did not speak. Although the person on the opposite side could not see his expression, he still realized the meaning of Ye Wen: “You are again Who?”

“Introduce myself, my name is Lucifer, and I can also call me Lucifer, Corps Head of Divine Race, the fallen angel Legion… in fact, it is a dull guy, but for you who are Olympus gods In fact, my identity is not so mysterious.”

The eyelid hidden in the shadow jumped lightly, Ye Wen did not expect that the person in front of him was actually the famous angel of Lucifer-it is said that Lucifer was originally the most powerful existence among angels, even now the most powerful angel Long Michael was not Lucifer’s opponent.

There are even rumors that Lucifer will become a fallen angel, completely because his power has threatened God’s grandfather in Divine Race Supreme, so God designed this power to continue to strengthen, almost threatening his own hands to become Fallen angel.

In this way, even if Lucifer really has the strength to compete with him, then he cannot threaten his position in the Divine Race in heaven-of course, this is a rumor of more conspiracy theory, and various other Such rumors, but without exception, all emphasized the power of Lucifer.

This may not be intuitive enough. If you compare it horizontally, Lucifer’s status in the Divine Race in heaven is equivalent to War God in Mount Olympus, Victorious Battle Buddha in the Western Heaven Buddha Realm, and Yang Jian in the Eastern Celestial Court, In short, this is an extremely powerful existence. At this time, I ran to Sacred Domain to find Ye Wen. I was definitely not curious about the existence of Taurus. Then I called out to know each other and went out to find a pub to have a meal.

Not to mention the chopping of chicken head and burning yellow paper, not to mention, it is already a very good situation to not directly cut the guy to cut Ye Wen’s head.

After watching self-introduction, a pair of’you now know who I am and why are you here? ‘Lucifer, Ye Wen shrugged, the heavy gold holy cloth issued a light sound: “So, Lucifer Corps Head, why are you here to find me?”

Lucifer laughed: “I think you should remember the angel you defeated 5 years ago!”

Ye Wen realized that Lucifer’s words used defeat, not kill. In this way, the angel really used some means to escape his life, but with the strength of that guy, he had nothing to worry about, but why did Lucifer deliberately run to say this? Come find your own account?

In the past, Ye Wen defeated an angel, and it was also an offense to the Divine Race in heaven. Moreover, this Divine Race is not a kind of open-minded guy. It is justified to find his own account.

“I’m just here to tell you that the young angel named Adrian is now a member of the fallen angel Legion, and as Corps Head, it seems necessary for me to take a look at the opponent he has always wanted to defeat. What kind of guy!”

“En?” Ye Wen was amazed, didn’t expect that the angel named Adrian even joined Lucion’s Legion. Does that mean that this guy will not be seen in the future? After all, the fallen angel Legion is only rumored in the real Divine Immortal, but in the eyes of believers, it is an evil existence. It will not be admired by believers at all, but will be spurned.

“There is nothing unexpected. For an angel, to get strong power, depravity is the fastest and easiest way!” Lucifer seemed to think of something, the whole person looked a little fascinated, looking at Ye Wen His eyes also had no focal length, obviously his gaze did not stay on the person in front of him.

However, this situation lasted for a short time. After a while, Lucifer refocused on the person in front of him: “But now it seems that this new man may be difficult to achieve his wish!”

I was wondering what the phrase Lucifer meant in Ye Wen. When he was puzzled, a strange black cloud of light suddenly flashed on the man opposite him. This black cloud of cloud wrapped Lucifer all except the head In it, and then slowly dissipated after a few seconds.

By the time the smoke disperses and reappears in front of Ye Wen, Lucifer is no longer the ordinary robe, but a black body armor that seems to be able to absorb all the light, gorgeous And the exquisite shape makes this armor look more like a set of pure artworks, only in terms of aesthetics, even compared with the golden holy cloth, it has not fallen.

At the same time, a pair of black wings spread out violently, bringing up a gust of wind. At the same time, the black feathers also scattered a lot with the jitter, which gave Ye Wen an illusion that feather rain was falling up and down. Among the black feathers, Lucifer lowered her eyes and pulled out a long sword at the same time.

The long sword’s forehead is a pair of unfolded wings. From the shape, it can be seen that it is a long sword dedicated to angels. However, the handle used by Lucifer is completely black, even the blade is black. The lacquered piece seemed to fail to reflect any rays of light.

With the extraction of Lucifer’s long sword, a pair of black wings spread out behind him, just a little above the original pair of widest wings, and slightly rested upward. After Lucifer lifted the long sword in his hand and waved it, a pair of wings were added under the widest pair of wings, exactly 3 pairs of black wings, which fully unfolded behind Lucifer.

Coupled with that beautiful appearance and gorgeous armor, even if Lucifer was expressionless at this time, it was still like a stunning picture scroll, which made people reluctant to destroy it-unfortunately, these people absolutely did not include Ye Wen.

As Lucifer continued to pose for the POSS show, he knew that the Corps Head of Legion Angel Legion was preparing to do something for himself, so Ye Wen responded immediately.

Faced with the existence of military force at the top of Divine Race in Divine Race, Ye Wen did not use his half-baked Vajra palm, but directly carried the power of the whole body of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror. The corresponding True Qi, Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms’s Shuangshuang Bingzhi should be shot by hand.

The palms shot by Qi Qi were passed to Lucifer in the blink of an eye. Although the speed was much slower than usual, the state of this body is now a little stronger than usual. The Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms shot in this state is not as fast as it used to be, but the formable power can be stronger than normal.

Lucifer, who was just opposite, didn’t mean to dodge at all. Ye Wen naturally had no need to be polite. His palms were shot at the same time, almost hitting a pair of soft and still a few hard things in an instant.

Looking closer, it turned out that the pair of wide wings suddenly collapsed, blocking Ye Wen’s palm, and the rigidity of the pair of wings was greater than Ye Wen’s expectations.

“I thought that the angel’s wings were extremely fragile things, and now it seems that it is not so serious!”

But this palm also surprised Lucifer. He thought he had overestimated the guy in front of him. In his original expectation, this so-called Taurus Golden Saint Seiya was most likely on Mount Olympus. A certain god, but certainly not the main god, 80% is a Demi-God known as military force.

Among them, the greatest probability is the Hercules (Hercules), which is famous for its strength in the Western God World, but in the final analysis, it is only a Demi-God, and Lucifer did not pay much attention to it.

But when Ye Wen took a shot, he noticed something was wrong. First of all, the palm’s move and the speed of the move were all made Lucifer startled. He didn’t wait here intentionally and then used his wings to catch This move, but because Ye Wen this move is too fast, he has to cover it with his wings in a hurry-although Lucifer is strong, he does not take speed as long.

Immediately afterwards, the palms shot on his wings revealed 2 different strengths, a kind of icy force that could stop everything, and seemed to be able to stop everything including life. Reminds him of hell.

But the other palm is full of vitality, and that kind of vitality almost makes his within the body’s power turbulent-he is full of the powerful and powerful Dark Aura in the body, and he hates this kind of energy And exclusion.

After hitting this palm, the force of overbearing domineering made him unable to continue to maintain the appearance of calm and collected. In a hurry, Lucifer made a very correct choice-a flick of the wings, and then borrowed The force of this bomb jumped backwards, and it had been flying out for more than 20 meters before completely unloading the strength of the wings.

Already flying away from the mountain peak, Lucifer’s calm face hanging above the sky finally appeared surprised, and then after a while, he suddenly said: “You…not the Western Divine Race!”

Ye Wen was stunned. He didn’t expect to be seen by the other party just because he was beckoned. It seems that he is now like this, and he can flicker those low-level gods or ordinary humans who are not strong, facing the real high-level God, simply cannot hide the difference in strength.

He easily took off the helmet, revealing a face that was obviously different from that of Caucasians, with the same long black hair, naturally draped behind his head, Ye Wen threw the helmet aside and stood in the same place and spread his hands: ” Since you have seen it through, there is no need to wear this helmet!”

Lucifer glanced at the helmet again, and he didn’t pay much attention to it. At this time, he realized the peculiarity of this helmet: “If it’s not the trick you just made, I’m afraid I can’t see your true identity… “Pause, and look back to Ye Wen: “Great Cultivator from the East!”

The long sword in his hand was thrown, and an invisible sharp sword energy directly hit Ye Wen, but such a trick had no meaning for Ye Wen at all. Ye Wen didn’t even use evasion. index and middle fingers, and then it is very appropriate when the sword energy hits.

I can hardly see any abnormal sound in the space like a glass breaking, and this casual energy of the word was easily received by Ye Wen using this trick can’t be considered how proficient Finger of Harmony Down.

“As far as I know, how many not at all are so strong in melee in the Eastern cultivator…then which one are you?”

There is not much intersection between Lucifer and the Eastern Celestial Court, but Divine Race has collected a lot of information about Celestial Court. After all, both parties are in this World, maybe someday there will be an intersection.

Ye Wen raised his head and raised his head: “No one is estimated, I believe my name is not in your paradise Divine Race!” Ye Wen is 100% sure about this. How long has he been in Immortal World after all? And his time to become Celestial Immortal is shorter, and not many people even know.

Although Divine Race collects information from the East, it is also impossible to collect so diligently, after all, the two parties are still far away.

“Is it…” Lucifer didn’t bother about it again after thinking about it: “So, an oriental cultivator, even disguised as Athena’s messenger…” There was a playful smile, considering the Austrian The relationship between Mount Limpis and the Celestial Court, he had to think about things in that direction.

Unfortunately, Ye Wen quickly broke his fantasy: “Just because of a game that’s all, and I’m not disguised!”

“Oh? Game?” While Lucifer was speaking, the whole person was also disappeared. Ye Wen didn’t even have a blink time. The black blade that could absorb all the rays of light had been cut in front of him, Ye Wen’s physical agility at this time has greatly decreased, and the movements that could have been easily made at this time are very difficult, but the continuous combat experience of wars and small wars since he practiced martial arts still made him think of the most suitable solution.

A step of fiercely lifted the foot and used a foot to make a strong Vajra palm (the foot is also the palm). The power that burst out from the sole of the foot instantly destroyed the foothold of this side, and the power of the recoil also let Lucifer’s Long sword was forced to a meal, and immediately followed, Ye Wen’s counterattack came.

“Fuel Root!!!”


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