History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 481

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Ye Wen is now in a sturdy body. This move to Dragon Boxing is very standard, but the whole person did not jump up, just got a hook on the ground.

Can his current strength, even if he does not jump, even if only relying on the strength of the waist and abdomen and the arm itself, the fist strength is probably stronger than the strength that is usually used by the whole body. The Western Head Corps Head will not feel better no matter how aggressive it is.

Just as this mighty punch was about to hit Lucifer, the long sword slightly trembled by Ye Wen’s previous stroke was slightly offset by a little, and then he and Ye Wen made a note The uppercut hit together.

A top-down punch, a bottom-up punch, the entire space seemed to pause for a moment when they intersected, although a terrifying force erupted, the punishment under Ye Wen’s feet The shallow pits stepped out more than doubled in an instant, and there was a slight collapse at the cliff, and it was only the aftermath generated by the collision of 2 forces.

This is still because the two people’s control of their own power has reached a certain realm, and there is almost no effect of the power leakage. If the two people let go of their hands and feet, the mountain under Ye Wen’s feet will immediately become For nothing.

The two sides of the fight were almost one touch, and Lucifer was like a cannonball. He was instantly hit by a huge punch, and compared to Ye Wen, it was even more difficult. He stepped on the ground and almost shoved. The next time he squatted, he had the illusion that he himself would fall into the ground.

However, he unexpectedly found that after using bottle gourd to strengthen his body, not only did he increase his strength, but his ability to resist the attack also improved a lot, plus he had already cultivated the Eternal Inextinguishable Body, so the strength of this sword Lucifer It made him a little bit uncomfortable, but after a moment, he was dissolved in the body within himself—they didn’t even need to leak outside to relieve.

“This bottle gourd trick is pretty subtle!”

I was a little surprised. Ye Wen, who lifted the head again, looked up at Lucifer suspended in the sky. Although the black-winged birdman could use the flying to dissolve his strength, he would never feel more comfortable. At this point, when I looked at it, I saw that the fallen angel Legion’s Corps Head was calm, but the blood stains on the corners of his mouth made Ye Wen feel comfortable.

Lucifer stood in the air for a moment, raised his left hand, and then gently wiped the corner of his mouth with his thumb. The blood on the corner of the mouth was immediately wiped clean.

I looked at myself with a bloody thumb: “I have to admit, I still underestimated you, a cultivator from the East!” Lucifer did not expect that a little-known character could hurt himself, which brought him to him The impact was much stronger than that when Ye Wen ran into a super famous big dragon suit: “Maybe, I should first ask your name, Oriental!”

“Ye Wen!” After straightening up, Ye Wen suddenly found that his fist against Lucifer seemed to be hurt. Although his hand was okay, the handguard part of the Golden Saint Cloth was lost. Xifa’s sword was split into two pieces and fell to the ground with a click.

Lucifer’s expression finally appeared on his face, but instead of smiling, he frowned. It seems that he is not very satisfied with his sword, even if the current situation shows that he does not at all fall completely under the wind.

But for the arrogant Lucifer, it didn’t take the upper hand, which was a bad result. He thought he could hurt the Oriental’s hand a little bit of trauma, but didn’t expect only broke it in the end. A good armor gauntlet.

He naturally didn’t know that the strength of Ye Wen’s body might actually be a little stronger than the golden holy clothes. Moreover, when the eastern cultivator made a move, for example, there would be True Qi Body Protection on the palms, legs and feet, which seemed empty-handed. However, there is actually a layer of protection on the surface of the flesh. If this layer of True Qi cannot be broken, the fleshy body will never be injured.

Although Ye Wen is wearing a golden holy garment, this habit still exists. Although it is logical that the sword of Lucifer has broken the body protection True Qi of Ye Wen, but there is still a layer of holy garment in it, plus Fleshy of Ye Wen The body is already arrogant, and only then will the result of no damage to the fur.

This fact made the proud Cors Head very uncomfortable, and at the same time he finally raised the status of this Oriental to his position: “didn’t expect, you can meet the top powerhouse from the East here, really let I was surprised!”

While talking, he lowered his height, and when he fell back to Ye Wen, Lucifer also put away his long sword: “Today, let’s stop here. If the two of us want to win or lose, , Then today is not the right time…at least, it’s impossible before you give up your present look!”

It has been seen that Ye Wen is now completely fighting with him in an unaccustomed state. Although Lucifer has become a fallen angel, he is very proud. When he is proud to face the enemy, he is not willing to take advantage of the other party.

Not to mention… he and Ye Wen may not be enemies.

Ye Wen did not continue to shoot, he could also feel that Lucifer’s strength was very strong, even if he tried his best, he did not necessarily win the opponent!

And here, there seems to be no reason to have to fight desperately with each other! So while Lucifer chose to close, Ye Wen was not ready to continue.

A few strides came out of the pit, Ye Wen waved his hand, and the cracked right fist gauntlet part returned to his hand, and then reunited on his palm, followed by a swipe with his left hand. , The very obvious crack was disappeared, as if it had never happened before.

This sight surprised Lucifer for a while: “oh?”

“It’s just that there are no scars on the surface that’s all, in fact the cracks still exist!”

The Saint Cloth has the same characteristics, that is, it is not severely damaged, and does not even require special repairs. The Saint Cloth itself has a certain self-repair ability, and the priority is to repair the appearance, and then slowly repair the internal damage! What Ye Wen did was just to make this speed a bit faster.

“It’s a very interesting ability!”

This ability means that this kind of armor can be put into battle many times, but Lucifer just finds it interesting that’s all. The armor on his body is not worse than that of the Saint Cloth, and even more advanced-simply difficult to damage .

After saying this sentence, the two people stood there and said nothing, just stood, but in fact, the two people had a conversation in another way.

“Heaven Divine Race, you might have to start with Olympus. Although I don’t know what you came to when you came to Olympus and became Athena’s, but I think this news is useful to you. ?”

“Why tell me this? Did you declare war on Olympus on behalf of heaven?”

“Don’t crack a joke, if Divine Race is going to declare war on Olympus, then let the guy from Michael come, not me!”

“It turns out so…” Ye Wen’s expression did not change, but there was a hint of playfulness in his eyes: “So, what do you want to gain in this war?”

Lucifer closed his eyes, put away his wings and his gorgeous armor, and changed back to the way he first saw him, a robe with simple lines but noble appearance, and the silver cross followed the mountain The wind is blowing and shaking: “Then it depends, what are you planning to do!”

After he finished speaking, Lucifer slowly began to become transparent, until completely disappeared, leaving only a few black feathers floating in the mountain breeze.

Ye Wen did not prevent Lucifer from leaving, and with his current strength, he could not stop it! Watching the fallen angel leave, he was thinking about what the man was going to do?

“Can it be… Lucifer betrayed?”

This may not be without, no matter who works for someone, but the work is extremely hard, but he still can’t get the treatment he deserves, he will be dissatisfied. Now that the Divine Race in Paradise is relatively stable, Lucifer cannot find a suitable opportunity.

After all, he must be rebellious, and many fighting angels who have nothing to do can be mobilized immediately to fight the war of rebellion. In this case, Lucifer independently faced the angel of the entire heaven, Legion.

But if Divine Race had a war with people and the fallen angel Legion rebelled suddenly, the pressure on Lucifer would undoubtedly be much lower.

And although he has been in contact with Lucifer for a short time, but only for a short moment, Ye Wen saw that it was a not content with a long-standing existence, and his arrogance did not allow him to live in vain. Under the direction of others, it still exists as a shadow.

“More and more lively!”

Recalling that Celestial Court is preparing to use troops against the Buddhist realm, and the Buddhist realm has been fighting against the smaller forces in the more western chaos. Now the Divine Race in heaven wants to fight against Olympus, but as a representative of the Celestial Court, he is working hard. Among the forces of Olympus, this is simply a World War of the Immortal World edition.

“Unfortunately, Odin Divine Race has fallen. I wonder if the island country Divine Race is there? It seems that the sky is a god like a lord under the Celestial Court?”

The specific situation is not very clear. After all, Shushan is located in the extreme west of Celestial Court, and the territory of Tianzhao is in the east. It is very far away. There is no intersection at all, so now Ye Wen does not have to consider the existence of these guys. .

What he should think about now is when is Divine Race going to start? And what role should I play in this war?

Anyway, it should definitely not be a messenger of peace, he could not have beaten the two more fiercely, so what he seems to be doing is to promote the situation?

“Not right… Maybe the gods of Olympus should relax their vigilance, and then let the Divine Race in the war Early-Stage go very smoothly, arouse the anger of the Divine Race in Olympus, so as to change the Divine Race in heaven. Further dragged into the abyss of war. That’s right…”

Thinking about it, it was just that he felt still not enough power, only two companies fought, it was too easy to end the war for various reasons-as long as the two companies felt that they paid a too tragic price, If it is possible to recover enough benefits, then the war will end.

Even if Zeus is a war madman, he also needs to consider whether this war will cause his position in the Divine Race of Olympus to be shaken, so he will end the war at an appropriate time, but this is not in accordance with Ye Wen’s heart. Too.

“Maybe, should I muddle the water a little more?”

There are only two, and even if Lucifer exists, it is a simple matter to end a war, but how many more?

“Although Odin Divine Race has fallen…but… isn’t Yu Wentuo got the Fleshy body of Thor? Maybe Yu Wentuo can make some articles!”

After thinking about it for a moment, there were only some rough prototypes in my heart. This alone was not enough for Ye Wen to take any action, but at this moment, he felt that he could put the second script he prepared on the stage, and with Holy War At the same time in the script, if everything goes well, it may cause Olympus Divine Race to appear a relatively small shuffle.

Putting the Taurus helmet back on his head, Ye Wen looked down at the Sacred Domain in the distance. At this time, Sacred Domain’s affairs were proceeding step by step. He didn’t need to stay here anymore. Maybe he should give himself Design a story and leave this game early.

It’s a pity that Ye Wen’s exit is not so easy. After returning to Sacred Domain, Ye Wen was surprised to find that the little girl Elizabeth came to stick to herself. This kind of situation rarely happened before because of the surrounding It’s more about Yekaterina’s little thing.

Ye Wen, who felt something was wrong, took advantage of Ye Wen and went to the Goddess Temple alone, and then looked at the huge statue that was countless times taller than himself, and kicked it.

“come out!”

He knows that there is a wonderful connection between these gods and the statues dedicated to him, so if you want to find Athena, you only need to do some actions on her statues-just those priests generally choose prayers, and he Certainly will not do that kind of stupid thing.

right hand False grip, condense in the palm of a cloud of golden light like a nebula, although the power of the extremely condensed energy was suppressed by Ye Wen, but the statue in front of you can definitely feel it because of this The statue is the most direct object facing this mass of energy.

“If you don’t come out again, your idol will turn to ashes!”

“If you do this, the most is to give your students more cultivation project that’s all!” Athena, who has been pretending to be silent, finally opened her mouth, and through the idol as a medium, Ye Wen established contact with this Goddess.

“I thought I had to go back to Mount Olympus to let you speak!” Ye Wen right hand pinched, and the power of terror dissipated into the invisible, as if it had never appeared.

Athena didn’t seem to have seen this group of spirits, and continued to speak calmly with Ye Wen: “What’s the matter with calling me out? You must know that I’m in a semi-sleep state now. Waking up, especially the beautiful women who need sleep very much…”


Ye Wen sat straight in front of the statue and waved his hand: “I think I have done almost the same thing, it seems that I don’t need to stay here anymore!”


“Holy War will be able to fight normally in another ten years or so. What am I still doing here? Now that the Sacred Domain has been established, the first batch of Saint Seiyas has been trained, and the next thing to do is to make this first The saint fighters cultivated one colleague after another, and then waited until the day to go directly to the battlefield to start fighting, I continue to stay, are you going to help you destroy the Pluto army directly?”

Indeed, Ye Wen’s work seems to have been completed, and now he is mostly in a daze in the Taurus Palace, and occasionally takes Yekaterina around 4 times, the trouble of cultivation is not troublesome to him, and the alternate student is also not in turn To him, as for managing Sacred Domain?

Shen Gongbao is doing very well now, and even now that High Priest is half dead, Shen Gongbao, the power leader, is likely to become the first pope of Sacred Domain-really giving the Oriental a long face.

“you sure?”

Athena’s answer made Ye Wen stunned and wondered what this meant? Listening to the meaning of Athena, it seems to be ready to agree to his departure?

Is it… any conspiracy?

His eyes narrowed slightly, and such a good-looking Athena gave him a very bad feeling. He always felt that the woman was planning something.

“What? Regret?”

Athena’s question with a smile made Ye Wen more convinced of his judgment, but after thinking about it, he felt that he was really not necessary to stay, even if there was really an accident, he had enough time to rush back. In the human game, only Yu Wentuo will participate in this game. Chris will leave Sacred Domain before Holy War begins-maybe he will go to Olympus to stay.

Zhang Ling…He is going to take it away, and it is boring to prove that this girl is staying at Sacred Domain.

Counting, it seems that I really don’t need to worry about the things here in Sacred Domain, even if the script is off-center, it doesn’t matter to him, as long as Zeus’s reincarnation is happy.

As for the clothing of Pegasus, he has already handed it to Shen Gongbao. The general situation is also discussed with Shen Gongbao. With the wisdom of that guy, he will understand how to do the best thing.

“Yes… I’m pretty sure!”

“So, that’s it! As for the Taurus Cloth…you can just put it in the Taurus Palace, but I hope that after Holy War starts, you’d better come back to see it!” Athena cut off the contact after she finished, before The god’s idol turned into a dead object again, although Ye Wen was a little puzzled, but he didn’t take it seriously.

“Women, it’s so smart that it’s really a headache!”

The dust that didn’t exist on pats’ buttocks, Ye Wen went straight back to the Pope’s Hall. After seeing him, Shen Gongbao just said casually, “Ready to leave Sacred Domain?”


“Ready to go back to Shushan?”

Ye Wen startled, but after a while, he replied very simply: “No… first go to the west, then go north!”


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