History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 482

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Ye Wen’s departure didn’t alarm anyone, because he was the Sacred Domain who left in the clothes of a pawn, and the only thing he knew was Cecilia… and Cecilia was told by Ekaterina.

For the particularly sticky Little Brat, Ye Wen gave the reason that he had a very important task to do and did not know when he would come back, so he calmed down the noisy little thing to go with himself.

It’s just that he didn’t expect it, because he used this excuse to make this little thing a short time after he left, and when Yu Wentuo noticed this, the little thing already pouted, Standing in front of him as his disciple, it was too late to stop.

Ye Wen didn’t know about these things, although he later learned about them through the communicator left to Yu Wentuo, and he could only laugh with a wry smile.

“Master, do you miss the life of Sacred Domain?”

It’s been 2 years since I came out. During this time, Ye Wen almost turned around the Sacred Domain, and then stepped forward to the periphery. Now he has come to the extreme west again, from here to the west Going is the power of the Divine Race in heaven… If the Orientals have no place in the realm of Olympus, then in the territory of Divine Race in the Paradise, there is only one Easterner who will end up being burnt to death.

Ye Wen was not interested in running there and was chased and stopped by a group of lunatics, so he had no idea of ​​going west. After arriving here, he began to change direction and headed north.

“Sacred Domain’s life…… Although boring, but clean enough, I’m running around all day now, and I really miss that kind of life!” Ye Wen ripped a strip of roast from his hand and handed it to the side to wait Garfield said, watching this Little Brat eat the meat strips, and then showed a particularly satisfied expression.

“Master can return to Shushan!”

“After doing this, then go to the Divine Race in Odin to check it, you can almost go back to Shushan!”

Ye Wen’s words made Zhang Ling stunned. She didn’t seem to think that her Master really had the idea of ​​returning to Shushan. She thought that after busy this lap, her Master would return to Mount Olympus, and then wait until everything is in trouble. Go back after all the problems have been solved. Of course, the problem is all solved by impossible. What Ye Wen has to do is to stabilize the Olympus gods before the Celestial Court and the Western Heaven Buddha Realm officially start a battle and divide the result.

Or, the strength of Shushan Sect’s disciplines has been improved enough to protect Sect, and Ye Wen does not need to continue to entangle with this group of guys.

“7 years…it’s been out long enough!”

For 7 years, for their fairy, who is no different from the fairy Buddha, it is really nothing, just like the 7 days of ordinary people. But Ye Wen until now keeps the habit of human beings, plus he rarely retreats, so he is still very sensitive to time.

“Think about it, is the Heaven and Earth turning upside down on Shu Mountain now?”

“Master wants to know, you can go back and see!”

Indeed, with the strength of Ye Wen, it doesn’t take much time to go back and forth. The main reason is that Ye Wen is afraid to go back once, and he can’t bear to come out again!

Everywhere, although there is no hardship, but will eventually feel homesick! Shushan is his current home and his eternal home, not to mention that this home was created by him.

“The short separation now is to get together longer and more stable in the future! It would be nice to think about it like this!” When Ye Wen finished this remark, there was no more grilled meat on hand, and all of them had entered the little thing In the belly, watching this Little Brat getting more and more round, and then lying on his back and touching his ball-like belly, but also a very cool look Ye Wen was out of breath.

“You should exercise, you will follow us in the next day, don’t rely on Zhang Ling anymore!”

As soon as the kitten heard it, he immediately supported both sides of his head with his mouth wide open: “No, right? You must be cracking a joke, right?” It looks like it can’t accept Ye Wen’s words, Unfortunately, Ye Wen immediately pats the round belly: “If you don’t want to really become Garfield!”

After eating something, the short break came to an end, Ye Wen and Zhang Ling continued their journey, but only took 2 steps, Ye Wen screamed at the little things: “Don’t learn to use walking on two legs, bastard. !”



Walking along the border line, you rarely see anyone along the way, because Ye Wen’s course is basically except the wild mountains and wild mountains…it is still wild mountains and wild mountains!

But the strength of humans is that in any environment, it is possible to see good people living. Ye Wen did not expect to see human villages in this deserted place, only when they appear in the village. At the time, this village had just become a thing of the past.

The dead bodies on the ground were bound to the temporary wooden cross and then became the target’s miserable corpses, burnt into coke corpses and chopped pieces. Everything is showing the tragedy that happened not long ago.

This scene like hell on earth made Ye Wen a little uncomfortable, especially the scorched corpse that still smoked and exuded various flavors.

As a girl, Zhang Ling is more sensitive and disgusted with these, she glanced at her Master while covering her mouth with her hand, because the dark cloak enveloped the whole person, Zhang Ling did not see his Master’s expression, But from the momentary True Qi fluctuations that appear beside him, you can tell that your Master is not in a good mood.

“Look if there are any survivors!”

Ye Wen’s eyesight is very good. As soon as he entered the village, he saw a lance standing in the middle of the village. The lance was firmly grounded and penetrated the body of a baby. There was a white cloth hanging on the lance. A sentence was written in blood: “Pagan sin can only be forgiven with life!”

Both Ye Wen and Zhang Ling recognize the above text, and from this sentence you can see who actually did this kind of thing.

“For this heaven Divine Race, for the first time such a strong sense of disgust!”

Zhang Ling walked over, and the long knife that had been quietly held in her hand was pulled out by her, and then cut off the lance caused by the ordinary material forging.

“Heaven Divine Race may also be very radical, but not to do this kind of thing…but those irrational believers are the source of disaster!”

Looking at Zhang Ling’s movements, Ye Wen did not stop but closed his eyes, and then used his Divine Consciousness to find! In just an instant, he found a survivor in the dead heap, a youngster who was about 18-19 years old and very thin.

Going there, Ye Wen didn’t make any action, and the old corpse pile was automatically separated to the side 2, exposing the youngster who was hiding at the bottom.

Then Ye Wen turned around and walked in the direction of the woods, and the youngster, who had no consciousness, floated into the air, and entered the woods with Ye Wen behind him: “Here is yours, don’t come for now Disturb me!”

“Yes, Master!”

Zhang Ling looked at it for 4 weeks, and finally found that although he could clean these bodies with his own strength, he had to spend a considerable amount of time on it. Instead of this, it is better to be simple.

Standing in the middle of the village, Zhang Ling put away the long knife, and then inserted the scabbard directly at his feet, then quietly transported his own strength.

Absolute Domain-Ultimate Power-Great Universe Power!

Zhang Ling, who opened her eyes again, seemed to have formed a bright nebula in her eyes, and then a strange force filled her whole body, and as her hands were slowly raised, this force gradually gathered On Zhang Ling’s palm, it slowly twisted and gradually formed!

“Li 100 8 style…Big snake barley!” While Jiao screamed, the pillar of fire went straight to the sky.

Ye Wen, who had already penetrated into the woods, only felt a hot wind mixed with horror and high temperature suddenly behind his back, shaking his cloak.

Fortunately, his cloak is not ordinary, not only can it have a certain concealment effect in the dark, even at noon in sunny days, others also want to see the original face hidden under the cloak-this is in Olympus The mountain allows those tailors to make, while letting Hephaestus help increase the effect.

“It turns out that Zhang Ling’s great cosmic power is such an interesting ability, it is quite suitable for her!”

Although Ye Wen has left the village, the surrounding conditions cannot escape his Divine Consciousness. He naturally knows everything that happened in the village, not to mention that the sky-high fire pillar cannot be ignored.

I threw the youngster into a stream, and the cold stream let the youngster wake up directly, and in a flash lively dragon and animated tiger got up, even after regaining consciousness, immediately picked up a pebble on hand, Directly hit Ye Wen.

Unfortunately, he was forced to stop half of his movements. The whole person seemed to be locked in midair. Not only could he not continue to move forward, he couldn’t even put his feet back on the ground.

“Can… damn…”

The weird situation did not make this youngster feel scared, but rather a face of unwillingness and anger that can make people crazy.

“Do you… treat life saving benefactor like this?”

“What?” Youngster froze a little, then understood and calmed down, but when he barely observed the surrounding environment, some despair suddenly appeared on his face: “The village I live in…”

“It’s ruined, there’s nothing left! You are the only survivor!” Ye Wen stated quietly the fact: “You should be thankful that if it wasn’t for me to pass by, then you also survived impossible!”

The youngster didn’t speak, just gritted his teeth while squeezing the stone in his hand: “Those jerks! I must let them pay!”

Ye Wen smiled, although no one could see: “youngster, if you want to take revenge, you must have strength! The strength that ordinary people cannot match. Otherwise, the revenge you said is just a joke that’s all!”

The youngster has calmed down, and Ye Wen put him on the ground in a timely manner.

Imprisoning his own strength was disappeared, the youngster collapsed and knelt on the ground, his hands leaned on the ground, and then looked down at his thin body: “I… I’m going to join the army, I’m going to get rid of that on the battlefield Group bastards!”

“Naive thoughts… In your current situation, even if you join the army and go to the battlefield, there is no other possibility than being killed!” Ye Wen looked up and down at the youngster, to be honest, this Youngsters are not really that bad, but they are still a little thinner after all.

“So… what should I do?”

Youngster is confused, he wants to avenge, but he has no power! The only way I thought about it was denied by the strange black clothed person in front of me: “Do you have a way?”

“I… can give you the power you want!”

The youngster raised his head, but there was a trace of vigilance in his joyful eyes.

Ye Wen appeared too strange, too sudden! Moreover, he and this person have never met before, let alone have any friendship, the other party saved himself can be said to just catch up, so why does he want to help himself?

“Don’t worry, I have some holidays with the people over there. As long as you have trouble finding the group of guys after gaining strong power, then even if it helps me the most…”

“So why don’t you shoot it yourself?” This youngster doesn’t seem to be so easy to fool, and he can still notice this at this time.

But Ye Wen is also impossible, because these 2 sentences are choked and can’t correspond, he has already prepared to say: “Of course I will shoot, but now I have other things, I just met you… maybe I You can train yourself a helper!”

Youngster raised his head and looked at Ye Wen from the bottom up, maybe he wanted to see the face hidden under the cloak, but he was surprised to find that even at this angle, he still couldn’t see the cloak. The thing that feels very strange, as if he is not a person in front of him, just a cloak.

In addition to being dark in the headgear, it is still dark. In the slightly dim woods, it is as if nothing exists, and Ye Wen’s voice comes out from this strange darkness, which makes people chill.

Reminiscent of the strange ability just now, youngster even doubts whether he has encountered an emissary from the underworld, but for him, whether it is an emissary of the underworld or something else, since this person can give himself strength , Then what he needs at this time.

Almost without hesitation for too long, a nodded of youngster fiercely agreed with Ye Wen’s suggestion.

“I promise you!” After standing up, the youngster looked at the strange person in front of him: “What should I do? I’m willing to pay anything for it!”

“Cost?” Ye Wen thought for a while: “Actually, you don’t have to pay anything, but you will spend a very painful time in the next period!”

Youngster’s words made Ye Wen speechless for a while. How did he seem to be what kind of messenger of hell, the existence of the devil’s spokesperson and the like? Should I say the following sentence: “As long as you surrender your soul, I can make you Barbara Barbara…” Such words are reliable?

“However, starting today, you have to abandon your original name!”

This sentence did not make youngster feel at worst, even the youngster had a similar idea: “Of course, from today, the original one has already died. In the future, I only exist for revenge! “

Ye Wen didn’t say anything, but he was absolutely unbelievable about this remark. Although the hatred was great, but after the youngster gained strong power and completed the revenge action he thought in his mind, would he continue to hate it? He will definitely find a new life motivation for him, at that time his mentality will change again.

But he doesn’t need to think too much about these things, just pats his thin shoulders: “From today, your name is called Kratos! But if you want to match this name, the first thing you need to do is, Make your body stronger!”

At this time, Ye Wen only noticed that the height of the youngster who straightened his waist was higher than his normal status, at least more than 1.9 m.

Standing close to 2 meters tall is still quite powerful, but it is too thin!

youngster… it’s time to call it Kratos…nodded is ordered, he is also looking forward to becoming stronger, but his biggest headache now is that if he wants to be strong, it seems that a lot of food is essential to life In this world for nearly 20 years, he has almost never been full.

When he said his worries, the black robed man who always gave him mysterious, weird, terrifying, eerie and so on actually laughed out, and this laughter gave him a kind of: “This person, maybe not a bad person?” Such a feeling.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Wen raised his hand, holding a whole roasted wild boar leg on the palm that had been hidden under the cloak. This was made on the road, and Ye Wen took it away without eating it. Youngster has a stomach lift.

“Follow me, I don’t think you need to worry about food!”

As long as Ye Wen thinks, what prey can’t be caught? If this youngster hopes, Ye Wen can even grab a flying dragon to let him taste the taste of dragon meat, but there is absolutely no need for that.

Kratos, who knew he wanted to be strong and had to eat enough, could only hide the sorrow of the village’s slaughter in his heart, and took fiercely the wild boar leg and took a big bite on it.

At this time, a relatively petite silhouette came over. Although he wore a cloak, it was a bit cold, but the crisp voice still sounded like a girl: “It has been dealt with over there!”

Ye Wen didn’t look back, didn’t even answer, but raised his finger to Kratos who was nibbling roast boar legs: “You will not be bored in the next trip, you are responsible for making this guy strong!”

The petite silhouette turned slightly, and it seemed that a cold light flashed in the darkness hidden under the cloak, cooling Kratos’s involuntarily back.

And Ye Wen’s next sentence makes this strange atmosphere even more strange: “In addition, the Andromeda Saint Cloth you brought back last time… just can be used!” (Unfinished. If You like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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