History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 483

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Andromeda Cloth with Kratos?

Zhang Ling now particularly admires his Master, how does his head grow? Can these two kinds of almost two extreme existences be matched together?

Looking at the tall young man who had changed to the name of’War God’ in front of him, but looked a little thin, Zhang Ling looked at the Andromeda Saint Cloth Box at hand.

From the strange face of Kratos, she can probably guess what this youngster is thinking: the Andromeda Saint Cloth is a very tangled pink.

“Let me wear this?”

Going back and forth in this woman who also hides her appearance in the cloak and the pink metal statue, Krutos thinks that this person must be cracking a joke with himself.

“No, I didn’t have a cracking a joke…at least… he really did so!” He pointed to Ye Wen, not far away. At this time, Ye Wen was very in line with his identity and sat silently. Aside, the whole person, like some conspirators who play villains, is weird, cold, and has a spooky imposing manner.

But this can’t stop Kratos from questioning him: “Can this pink stuff make me strong?”

“of course……”

Finally, Ye Wen said: “This pink thing is the Battle Armor which is claimed to be only selected by Athena Goddess, and those selected are all possessing powerful forces far beyond ordinary people’s imagination. exist.”

“At the same time, don’t underestimate this holy garment, if you can adapt to this very heavy holy garment without having the matching power, then the body will become far stronger than ordinary people!”

“Oh? That’s so good?” Kratos didn’t believe it. Such an unsightly thing has so many benefits? “If it’s really so good, why don’t you wear it? I think this style might suit this…Young Lady?”

Zhang Ling still used a very bland tone, and said that Kratos made a very speechless answer: “For me, this holy garment has almost no effect…”

It’s just that this answer Kratos is hard to believe: “You mean you are…”

I don’t believe it’s normal. Although Olympus has many powerful Goddess here, it doesn’t mean how high the status of a woman will become. Cecilia’s affairs are enough to make Ye Wen understand this. In this World, the dominant position is still male, which can be seen from the slave transaction: female ** slaves are always the most popular goods, and strong male ** slaves also have buyers, but the transaction volume Compared with the young and beautiful female slave, it is not in the same grade-even during the war.

Therefore, Kratos questioned the strength of the woman in front of him is a very ordinary and normal thing, but unfortunately Zhang Ling used his own actual actions to let the youngster swallow only half of what he said.

He barely saw what was happening, only felt a flash of light in front of him, and then a boulder that was taller than him was so neatly turned into 2 pieces-the middle split part smoothly let Amazing.


Seeing Kratos finally understood it, Ye Wen did not need to continue to explain. The next thing was enough to let Zhang Ling do it. Bring this youngster, Ye Wen embarked on the journey again.

And at this time, there was an additional armor wearing pink all day long behind him (the fairy version of the original version of the Saint Cloth, which is the one that almost covered the whole body when entering the Golden Tenth Palace), and according to Ye Wen’s interest, Tianma Both the holy dress styles of the constellation and Andromeda chose the appearance of the animated version, because the original style of the comic version is really ugly. (Only the knee protector and other parts, not even the leg armor…)

At the same time, in the past few years, he also knew that Shushan Sect had already created the 5 little strong garments, among which the Pegasus garments were placed in the Sacred Domain in preparation for the reincarnation of Zeus.

Andromeda was brought in when Zhang Ling went back last time. As for the Heavenly Dragon and the White Bird… The ownership of these two holy clothes made Ye Wen speechless. As for the Phoenix, he was left in the warehouse.

It didn’t expect that the Andromeda Saint Cloth was actually used here. Although it was a bit unexpected, it didn’t matter. As for Kratos himself? He was too lazy to pay more attention, as long as he could control the chain, a rather difficult weapon, according to his requirements.

Although the chain of Andromeda has an autonomous consciousness, there is a premise that the person who uses the chain is the master recognized by the Andromeda Saint Cloth and has a small universe that can resonate with Andromeda-but Kratos can not Understand the small universe, the fairy costume was forced by Ye Wen on him, the situation is similar to the original Yu Wentuo.

In other words, the Andromeda Saint Cloth does not have any boosting effect for Kratos, but instead makes him feel as uncomfortable as being crushed by a large iron block, and the soft weapons he practiced also make He was very uncomfortable, but because of his inability to master his strength, the chain was not thrown out according to his expected route, and may even be directly thrown on himself.

At this time, it shows the benefits of the fairy costume. After the chain hits him, it will not hurt Kratos. Most of the impact is absorbed by the costume. After all, even if the fairy costume does not recognize Kratos is Master, but it is in the form of armor, it is still somewhat protective.

Seeing this, Kratos and Zhang Ling understood at a glance why Ye Wen would firmly let him wear a holy cloth to exercise, which is also an arrangement made to avoid hurting himself directly during cultivation.

Therefore, in the following days, Kratos stopped his complaints and concentrated on practicing. He now hopes that he can master the usage of the chain as soon as possible, and then taking off this set makes him extremely embarrassed, even even his chest. A slightly swelled pink armor.

Especially when practicing each time, the woman who laughed at herself with smiley words, although she could not see the face clearly, made Kratos very depressed.

“Dead woman! It must be so ugly that I don’t dare to see the talent to cover my appearance with a cloak all day long!”

While secretly slaughtering in his heart, Kratos tried hard to adapt to the increased intensity of training day by day, and under the circumstances that he didn’t even notice himself, his body was happening almost every month. Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

Until half a year later, Kratos was surprised to find that he was unable to put on the fairy holy clothes, because his waist and abdomen increased a lot of muscles, and the size of the fairy holy clothes was always according to his first time. The size determined when wearing, Kratos, whose body shape has changed a lot now, can’t put these armor parts on his body even if he tries hard.

This discovery did not frustrate him, but instead was 10000 points of excitement: “I can finally get rid of this terrifying pink armor!”

You know, since Ye Wen brought Kratos, he hasn’t moved on as few places as possible. Instead, he deliberately drilled into the town, wherever there are people, so he went there. There is a legend circulating on the western border of the Pepsi forces: “There is a tall weirdo who likes to wear pink armor!”

It is finally impossible to wear it, which makes Kratos very excited, not to mention that he has finally noticed that his figure has changed a lot in unconsciously. The original thin he has disappeared, and now he has a strong muscle The standard robust man.

At the same time, his height has also increased. This is what he noticed from the fact that his trouser legs seem to be shorter. The trousers that were originally worn in good size have now become something like 70% trousers. The only explanation is Height has increased.

After Ye Wen looked at him for a while, he seemed to confirm his guess with a satisfied tone: “Yes, now it looks like a warrior!”

Even the kitten who surprised Kratos along the way was also a very careless look, stroking his chin and nodding at himself, as if he was very satisfied with his appearance now.

In fact, Ye Wen is really satisfied that Kratos can make such great progress in such a short time. When he met, he was just a thin bamboo pole with a height of more than 1.9 m, but now it has become a height of more than 2 M, and a burly man with strong muscles, in just over half a year, Kratos has changed almost.

Of course, Ye Wen’s training during this time and adequate food security are also the reasons why he can be strong so quickly, but even this speed is enough to be amazing.

And according to the current trend, Kratos’ height and muscles can continue to grow, so that he may really become the image in his memory-um, he has to shave his head and hair, and get another one at the same time. Tattoo.

“However, although you can’t wear the holy cloth, but the chain can’t give up contact. If you can master the weapon of the chain in the next six months, then I will give you a gift!”

The gift Ye Wen has been prepared for a long time, the difference is only when and when to give this youngster that’s all in front of you. But Kratos didn’t know it, so he was very excited and promised that he would master the skills of using the chain in the shortest time. In fact, in the past six months, he has almost mastered this weapon. Although it is not as easy to manipulate as a guy with a small universe, the formidable power that can be exerted is far stronger than that of an ordinary person using an iron chain. At least he can use a lot of skills.

It is a pity that Ye Wen will never let him accomplish his goal so easily, so Ye Wen has badly opened up the ability that comes with the nebula chain. If Kratos is not careful, then the nebula chain The incidental thunderbolt will make him so cool.

Looking at Kratos, who was accidentally rubbed on his body again and again, and finally paralyzed himself, Zhang Ling was very sorry for this guy-it was really miserable to be stared at by his Master.

I remembered that when I was unfathomable mystery, I got on a thief ship. As a result, the unfathomable mystery was made into the shape of a black long straight sailor suit glasses mother. Zhang Ling felt that she could fully anticipate Kratos’ future destiny-to become a true Kratos.

However, frequent electric shocks have unexpected effects, that is, Kratos’ hair has never grown since it was completely burnt, but it saves a troublesome thing-Ye Wen don’t have to think The reason is to call this youngster shaved.

Along the way to the north, there are fewer and fewer villages encountered on the road. Kratos once proposed: “If you continue to go north, you will leave the area protected by the gods of Olympus, and there is a very cold place. , It’s not something humans can set foot on!”

“Human?” Ye Wen laughed. Kratos may not have realized that in this small team, except for Kratos, who is barely considered to be a human, the rest are not human.

And even Kratos himself, in this nearly one year of horrible training, is farther and farther away from the word human. Today Kratos has a height of nearly 2 meters and a muscular muscle is uncovered. When it came out, there was only a very ordinary breastplate and a battle skirt made of black bear skin.

Among them, the breastplate was used by Ye Wen before, and the battle skirt was the spoils of war obtained after Kratos used his strong body to face-to-face with a black bear, which Ye Wen arranged for him. A quiz. Although in Zhang Ling’s words: “That’s just the Master suddenly wanted to eat bear paws!” This is an episode caused by such unreliable reasons, but Ye Wen will not admit it.

apart from this, Kratos’s arm is wrapped with a nebula chain, and behind him is a box with the Andromeda Saint Cloth, and there are a lot of miscellaneous items 7 and 8 on the box. In short, let Kratos act as A task for a human-shaped handling tool. Although these people simply do not need Kratos to do this kind of thing, Ye Wen said: “You need long-term weight-bearing to maintain muscle and strength exercise!” Determined this thing.

At the same time, there seems to be a basket hanging under the Saint Cloth Box, but if you look inside, you will find that there is a thick layer of fur inside. The kitten Garfield sleeps with her eyes closed and is very sweet. With the same thickness of fur, only the round head was exposed.

Then, Ye Wen and Zhang Ling are still a mysterious figure, and such a strange team stepped into this world that was almost snowy all day long. Kratos was surprised to find that there was almost nothing in his body. , But actually completely ignored the severe cold and the cold wind that almost cut off human flesh.

“Am I getting so strong now?”

It seems that it is a more reliable explanation to attribute his situation to the muscular muscles on his body, but Ye Wen knows that Kratos’ changes are not only in the flesh, but also in him are Heaven and Earth. The change of turning upside down-This youngster, in this year’s extreme training, actually grasped the small universe without knowing it.

Now Nebula Chain has been able to exert some real formidable power in his hands. Although the Andromeda Saint Cloth still does not recognize him as the master, Kratos uses his own strength to force Nebula Chain to obey himself to a certain extent. Fielding.

Ye Wen remembers that this youngster ran proudly to show off to himself a few days ago, saying that this chain became very obedient.

“A seed buried, didn’t expect much more than expected!”

Kratos will awaken the small universe. In addition to his training method, which is similar to the cultivation method of the small universe, there is also a period of time with the fairy cloth. It is inevitable that he is affected by the cloth. Ye Wen is not unconsidered. Did Athena secretly do something, but after thinking about it, that Goddess should not take care of it now, and it is so far away, and in front of herself, she must really be able to do something without her knowledge. I’m afraid he doesn’t need to waste time here anymore. It’s serious to go home early and hug his wife.

Therefore, Ye Wen can rest assured of cultivating Kratos. He even considers arranging several trips for Kratos. If it goes well, then Kratos can definitely grow into a very qualified nail-Zha Zao The nail inside Limpis’s force was also a dangerous mess of nails that might explode and blow up the people around him.

Just about 5 days after Ye Wen and the others entered this snowy field called the Forgotten Land, the blizzard that almost engulfed several people, and the person who was standing in front of him was shadowed Seeing this, Kratos was a little panicked, but Ye Wen didn’t care.

I have closed my eyes for a long time. Using Divine Consciousness to observe the surrounding Ye Wen can completely ignore these snowstorms. Even Zhang Ling has his own means to solve this dilemma.

“Great cosmic force…white eyes…open!”

The clear voice was hindered by the wind and snow, and no one could hear it except Ye Wen, but this passage made Ye Wen mutter to his own discipline: “Do you have to shout this ability?”

Although Zhang Ling still used that plain and dull tone, she still showed a little helplessness: “Yes…Although I think it is silly!”

“It’s okay… Just remember to make a little noise next time, it doesn’t matter if you hear it anyway!”

As for Kratos, Ye Wen waved one of the chains and then led the youngster forward so as not to lose his way in the snowstorm.

Just walked one day one night in the snow and snow, Kratos, who had burned the small universe all over him, was surprised to find that the snow and snow that had just caused him pain had just disappeared.

When he lifts the head and clears the snowflakes on his eyebrows, he notices that there is a beautiful woman floating in front of him… a white wing with magnificent armor and arms in his arms With a child woman…


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