History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 484

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“This should be Valkyrie?”

Ye Wen looked at the woman not far away in front of her. To be honest, her shape is no different from the angels of Divine Race in heaven, but I heard that ordinary angels have no gender, but Valkyrie is a beautiful woman, maybe this is The only difference?

“But… what about the baby in his arms?”

He tilted his head and looked at it for a while, Ye Wen still couldn’t understand what was happening in front of him. If this Valkyrie was to expel them from the group of intruders, what would it be to take a child?

Fortunately, the opposite Valkyrie didn’t have so much thought, and he directly said: “This is not the place you should come. Go back, and going forward will only bring you misfortune!”

It’s a pity that her good intentions didn’t get any reply. It seems that the young Valkyrie is still sighed. Maybe she thinks that these people are no different from those guys they have encountered before, they are all holding’the possibility of finding God Ideas like “heritage” came to the Land of Falling gods, but they lost nothing but their lives in this vast snowfield.

Although she will appear every time to persuade these people to leave, not only is no one willing to listen to her, there are even some people who try to attack her-of course, those guys ended up miserable.

However, the reactions given by several people I met this time are still a little strange. When facing these people, they seem a little too calm, especially the 2 black clothed persons who hide their entire appearance under the cloak. Their body exudes a dangerous breath that scares them all.

“Who are these 2 people? Are they other Divine Race people?”

Something began to guard her, Valkyrie regretted holding the child out, she thought she had just broken into a group of ordinary adventurers.

“Some things, I want to talk to you…but I have to make sure first, are you the last Valkyrie!”

Ye Wen’s voice came from the cloak, giving an unusually ethereal feeling, clearly in front of him, but this voice seemed to come from a very far place.

Such an illusion-like situation made Valkyrie complexion changed, because she realized what this represented, and when she wondered if she was too careful to guess wrong, Ye Wen’s voice came again.

“Is it a bit rude to talk to us with just one fantasy? Maybe we should really talk after we meet.”

It turned out that Valkyrie used a mirror-like ability. Since she repeatedly persuaded those adventurers but no one listened, and even started to feel bad about her, she gave up the practice of coming out in person, but used such a method. Use spell to advise — if the other person doesn’t listen, a mirror image is destroyed and destroyed, and then she can choose whether to teach the group a meal or simply ignore it.

It’s just didn’t expect that the strange man could see through his spell, and even find out what he really is through his mirror avatar, and pass the sound directly. With such abilities… she is now more and more suspicious that these two cloaks cover her appearance is a certain Divine Race.

“Who you are?”

In front of the Valkyrie expression, he was put on guard, and even holding the baby’s palm unconsciously went to his waist, where her saber hung.

The opposite Kratos didn’t know about the situation, but after seeing this beautiful woman suddenly, they stood here and stared at the woman in a daze-he didn’t hear Ye Wen’s words-then the woman just looked Be alert and even have a tendency to do it.

Kratos, who was completely confused about the situation, did not speak, and did not mean to directly help the man who gave himself a strong power, because he was also curious. Who is this man he has been following?

As the days of getting along get longer and longer, Kratos feels that this man’s mysterious-he hardly feels tired, even when he is eating a lot, this man often eats nothing and seldom drinks water .

If it is an ordinary person, such a diet has long caused a person to fall down completely, but this man still has nothing to do-sometimes, Kratos more than once suspected that this man is not a person, but from Powerful existence like the messenger of the underworld: Anyway, not a good person.

“In short, it is someone who is not malicious to you…maybe to some extent, it is a friend!”

Ye Wen’s answer didn’t make Valkyrie distracted. This statement is too vague and simply not enough to make people believe. Moreover, for the almost annihilated Odin Divine Race, there is no friend to say.

Fortunately, Ye Wen also knew that such a sentence alone could not reassure Valkyrie, so his words did not stop there, but continued: “I hope you still remember the youngster named Thor by you…”


Valkyrie shuddered, and his eyes softened a lot, and there was a little blush floating on his cheeks-both Ye Wen and Zhang Ling noticed this at the same time: “It’s greasy!”, Then Ye Wen noticed keenly that Valkyrie’s eyes glanced at the child in his arms at that one and a half seconds.

With just this glance, Ye Wen was as shocked by Peerless Sky Thunder as if he was shocked and unable to speak: “I’m gone, that kid is so cruel? Not only did he get in the car and left an indelible mark directly ?”

Ye Wen, who hadn’t noticed it just now, glanced into Valkyrie’s arms. The little braided little Brat turned out to have black hair, while his mother, Valkyrie, had A splendid blond hair, so it can be inferred that the child’s father is black hair-although the child’s eyes are beautiful blue, but Yu Wentuo is still red and blue, so these blue eyes are not unexpected.

“However, according to age, Tuo’er should have been away from her for almost ten years. Why is this the case with the child?” But think about it, this Divine Race and humans must not be the same, Athena still jumped from Zeus’s head The difference is normal.

To his surprise, Yu Wentuo could even use Goddess as a human body (Varquiri is a low-level god, but also a god).

If this is the case, he really became a family with the Valkyrie in front of him, and Ye Wen smiled silently for a while, and then directly indicated his identity: “Tor is now called Yu Wentuo, and it is currently my discipline, under his door. cultivation!”

“Disciple?” Valkyrie’s eyes were a little puzzled, and it took a long time to understand it: “Are you an oriental cultivator?”

Compared to Mount Olympus and Divine Race in Paradise, Diving Race in Odin is farther away from the Eastern Celestial Court, and Diving Race in Odin has long since been annihilated. It is almost ignorant of Eastern Celestial Court, if not Valkyrie Part of the memory inheritance of the gods was obtained from the cemetery of the fallen gods. I am afraid she would not know the existence of the Eastern Celestial Court simply.

Even at at first, Yu Wentuo’s appearance as a yellow man puzzled Valkyrie for a while because she had never seen it.


Ye Wen raised his hand and slightly lifted the hood that had been covering his head. Kratos behind him could see nothing, but the opposite Valkyrie could clearly see at that moment, in his mind The dark and fierce night sky that has been deep has dispersed, revealing an oriental look quite similar to Yu Wentuo-in fact, the gap is still very large, only some characteristics are similar.

Valkyrie finally got rid of a bit of vigilance, and then thought together, her avatar beckoned to Ye Wen: “Since this is the case, then come with me!”

Although she really wanted to ask about Thor’s current situation, she also knew that this environment was not suitable for conversation. She would first bring them to a suitable environment and ask again. After all, she has been here for almost ten years. Isn’t it so short?

What made her happy is that after Thor left here, she really found a way to make herself stronger. Although she didn’t know much about the oriental cultivator, she also learned from her memory that the oriental cultivator is a group Mastered the group that makes ordinary people as strong as gods and Buddhas. It is said that they were originally just a group of mortals, but with this strange ability, they eventually became extremely strong.

Thor meets the oriental cultivator, which means that he hopes to get rid of human identity, so that they can really be together.

Seeing the scene of Valkyrie flying in front, with a little jump in his posture, Ye Wen immediately understood: where is the little discipline of his own that needs to be bothered, and the woman in front of him has been eaten by the stupid thoughly what There is no more left, and will drive him out of here, also hope that he can become stronger, because only then 2 people can really be together!

After all, after Valkyrie tried the methods he had mastered, there was no way for Yu Wentuo to get rid of his mortal identity. Then he could only let him go outside and rush out. At this time, he could only devour his heart, and he must not be softhearted. Perhaps it was because of this reason that Yu Wentuo thought that this woman did not like herself?

“What a fool!”

Originally, he felt that Yu Wentuo had lived for more than 20 years before he came to this World. He should not have seen this, but he only found out today that not only did his appearance age become smaller, but his mental age also seemed to decline. To such an extent, such obvious things have never been discovered?

Of course, it may be discovered, but in fact it has not been shown, so Ye Wen does not know.

“Anyway, it is no longer necessary for this family to be separated for a long time anyway!”

Valkyrie’s avatar stopped before he came to an unremarkable mountain wall, and then pointed to the cave that was hidden behind a boulder: “Go in from here, just walk in along the cave!”

After that, the whole person wasappeared. Ye Wen knew that Valkyrie had put away his spell and quietly waiting for his arrival, but some things he was not prepared to let everyone know, so he turned his head to Zhang Ling He and Kratos commanded: “You two don’t go in, I have something for you to do!”


Ye Wen not only surprised Kratos, but even Zhang Ling didn’t expect it.

I saw Ye Wen flipped it over, followed by a huge iron box and fell on the snow. When the box fell to the ground, a powerful force burst out, and the wind and snow were forced to retreat. A relatively quiet space.

Lifting his foot and kicking on the box, a pair of wide single-handed blades were revealed, and at the same time, the end of the handle of the single-handed blade was still connected with a long iron chain. Zhang Ling recognized this as soon as he saw the weapon What happened, immediately turned around and glanced at Kratos.

“Chaos Blade, this is the gift I promised to give you!”

Kratos stared blankly at the pair in front of him, exuding streamers, constantly showing his unusual weapons, and his mood became particularly excited, even he could clearly feel his heart beating violently, and the blood was in The feeling of boiling in the body.

“As for the chain that is tied at the back, it is actually a pair of separate weapons, called the chain of Olympus, don’t look at him only enough to wrap around your arm a few times, but in fact this chain is absolutely longer than you If you connect him to the Blade of Chaos, then you can increase your attack distance to a point where your enemy can collapse in a flash.”

Pointing to the weapon in the box, and then speaking to the excited Kratos in front of him, he said: “Take off the nebula chain on your body, try this pair of weapons!”

Kratos has been waiting for this sentence. At the moment Ye Wen said it, the tall youngster had lifted all the weights on his body, and then took off the nebula chain that had been wrapped around his arm. , And then skillfully wrapped the chain of Olympus around his arm, followed by lifting the double blade in his hand, a strange feeling of Bloodline connected rose, he could even feel that the double blade seemed to whisper slightly , Seems to be expressing his joy.

“The pair of double-edged…”

Ye Wen was also a little surprised to see the double-edged natural phenomenon, but he didn’t show it, he just said lightly: “It seems that your weapon is very satisfied with your master!”

Kratos, with his double-edged blade in his hand and the chain of Olympus still wrapped around his arm, looks the same as the original War God. The only difference is the tattoo on his body and the pale skin. But…Ye Wen is not in a hurry. Moreover, now Kratos is still a prototype, he still needs to experience.

“In a year’s time, you are no longer the original thin guy, now you are qualified to use your strength to do something you want to do!”

Kratos froze for a moment, even the joy of getting a new weapon dissipated a little, but immediately followed, a huge sense of hatred that had been suppressed deep in his heart burst out, and it seemed to echo him. Chaos Blade burst into a more splendid streamer, vaguely like a layer of flame attached.

“You mean…”

“Yes, you can leave and do what you want… and leaving this snowfield alone is the last test I have arranged for you!”

There are almost no enemies on the snowfield, but it can also be said that the whole snowfield is Kratos’s enemy. He needs to learn how to survive in the worst environment. As long as he can do it, he will not lose himself even on the battlefield. His life-plus his far greater than the ordinary person’s arrogant battle strength, enough to make him wander the world.

Kratos looked at the snow and snow that could not be seen far away, and there was no white at the end. The terrifying of this snowfield had been learned when he came. He had absolutely no confidence that he could survive alone in such a ghost place. Yes, but now with the help of Chaos Blade and Olympus Chain…

Ordered nodded, Kratos respectfully greeted Ye Wen-a Western-style one-knee ceremony, and then said nothing, and brought nothing, just with the blade of chaos and the chain of Olympus Without looking back into the snowstorm.

“Damn, surely pure men! I just let you go back without saying that you don’t even bring food and water!”

Ye Wen was surprised at Kratos’s neatness, and looked at the pile of luggage that was thrown away silently-after the creeps, the kitten crawled out of the pile of luggage and jumped up and gritted his teeth. Looking for the guy who was buried alive.


The absence of the guy’s shadow in the sight made Garfield very puzzled, or Zhang Ling picked it up aside: “He has already gone, and it is estimated that he will not see him in a short time!”

Ye Wen didn’t say anything, but turned around and walked into the cave. As for Kratos, the matter came to an end temporarily. He needed the youngster to practice on the battlefield for a few more years, and then go back and see after a few years. What kind of fruit will you harvest yourself?

Of course, he would choose to give Kratos the pair of weapons here, which is also a consideration-Kratos walking out of the forgotten land of the Divine Race in Odin, even if he carries some treasure, he will It is considered to be the legacy of the gods that this youngster is looking for, without thinking of anyone else.

This is also the reason why Ye Wen did not leave the nebula chain to Kratos-if this kind of clothing with a self-small universe is carried by Kratos, then Athena is likely to doubt herself, then Kratos, the suitable seed that was finally found, may also be destroyed by Athena.

So… Ye Wen made such an arrangement and brought Kratos here, in order to give him a suitable reason to bring the pair of weapons on his body.

As for the next thing, first ask the Thunder God’s Hammer…Oh, there is the matter of the child, if it is really Yu Wentuo’s child, it is also his grandson by seniority! (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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