History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 485

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After passing through a cave that was not very easy to walk, I suddenly saw the huge cave in front of me, and I had a sudden and cheerful feeling, which was a huge contrast with the feeling of suffocation that the walls were about to flatten myself.

Even if it is Ye Wen, I can’t help but take a breath, this environment is really not very comfortable, even if I just pass by, I know that I will leave soon.

The woman standing in the cave is the Valkyrie that she wants to see, but unlike the mirror image, she is not at all holding the child in her arms, still wearing blue armor on her body, and the right hand is even more supportive On the hilt, you can always do it at any time. When you look at her posture, you know that this woman still hasn’t relaxed her vigilance.

It’s normal to think about it. After all, Odin Divine Race has nearly fallen, and she is the only one still alive in this world. Although Odin Divine Race has fallen, it has left many good things that humans can’t image. These things are not only human I hope to get it, as do other Divine Races.

Valkyrie, who has been the Guardian, may have been eaten and wiped away if he was not careful… Ye Wen saw the opposite posture and immediately raised his hand to push the headgear on the cloak back and pushed his own The appearance appeared.

The typical appearance of the Orientals, plus Ye Wen’s length is also very good, people will feel a sense of intimacy after seeing it, Valkyrie’s hand holding the hilt is slightly loose.

“I don’t know what to call it?”

“For the time being… just call me Ye Wen!” Although the woman in front of her is probably the wife of her own disciplinary, but after all, she hasn’t set a name yet, let alone the lifespan, the woman in front of her doesn’t know that she is older than herself How many.

“My name is Valkyrie!”

“As far as I know, isn’t this your original name?” Ye Wen was curious. Why is this woman obsessed with the name Valkyrie?

After Valkyrie heard Ye Wen’s inquiry, he finally moved his hand away from the hilt, because Odin Divine Race fell for a long time, unless it was the relatively high-end existence in each Divine Race… and Thor only knew about it .

No matter what kind, she does not need to maintain this vigilance anymore-the high-end Divine Race is not something she can compete with, and the powerful god Buddha does not need to play these crafty plots and machinations with her, directly face to face You can kill her or capture her.

Therefore, Ye Wen will know the reason for this matter, it is likely that Thor told him, then it can prove that Ye Wen’s previous words are not false.

“Now, Valkyrie is my name, and this will not change anymore!” Valkyrie looks a bit lonely: “I will replace all Valkyrie and continue to defend our homeland!”

Ye Wen really doesn’t think how good this land of Divine Race in Odin is. It is in the World of Ice and Snow all day. What is worth protecting? But Odin Divine Race seems to be very aggressive, maybe they also occupied a lot of land during the Peak period, but only left this piece of snowy field afterwards.

However, these things have little to do with Ye Wen. He came here to actually look at Thor’s Hammer.

After another conversation with Valkyrie, the Goddess of the Odin Divine Race has taken the child out again and just coaxed it in his arms, Little Brat is very cute, and reveals a Spirit Qi, open round Round eyes looked at Ye Wen in front of him curiously.

“Boy or girl?”

“It’s a girl…” In Valkyrie, he was very gentle when dealing with his own child. When he was facing Ye Wen alone, he was completely exhausted. At this time, the woman sitting in front of Ye Wen had a caring child. The ordinary mother is exactly similar.

“Oh, it’s a girl! Wouldn’t it be the same as you?” Ye Wen pointed to the white wings behind Valkyrie. To be honest, the thing unfolded was really gorgeous, but it seemed very eye-catching when sitting down. .

Valkyrie was stunned for a while before realizing what Ye Wen was referring to: “Sorry!” After a slight disrespect, Valkyrie shook slightly, and the white wings that had gathered behind him turned out to be so scattered. Feathers, and… fell to the ground…


Ye Wen looked at the cave that was arranged into a comfortable room. He now knows what these pillow bedding and so on contain. It is estimated that they are the feathers of the Valkyrie in front of him.

Valkyrie also seems to be sorry, and his face is slightly red: “In fact, I usually keep my wings, because I need to use it when fighting or going out, and rarely disperse them!”

As for why there are so many feather products in the room… Ye Wen probably can imagine that it is still related to his little discipline.

I clicked nodded to show that I understood. Ye Wen gave a brief account of what happened after Yu Wentuo met him, and finally understood what happened after Yu Wentuo left this forgotten place, and knew that he now not only Living well and becoming stronger, Valkyrie seemed very happy.

“This is really… wonderful!”

Paused, calming his excitement, Valkyrie looked at Ye Wen again: “Tor he, is he still in Olympus?”

“It’s actually not very far. If you want to see him with your strength, can you see it soon?”

According to Ye Wen’s estimation, if Valkyrie flies at full speed, it will not take much time from here to Sacred Domain. When he came, he spent so much time. First, he was walking around at a speed slower than that of human walking, not that the distance was really so terrible.

Valkyrie naturally knew this, but she still firmly took the head: “I will always guard here until the day I also fall!”

frowned, Ye Wen didn’t like to hear such ominous words: “Living well, why should I think about the unhappy things?”

But in addition to a bitter smile, Valkyrie still smiled bitterly, until she even realized that she was facing the customer in this way, and it was a master that Thor was hard to find. It was a bit of a loss. This is helpless: “The current situation You have also seen it, it really makes me unhappy. Not to mention…”

The recent movements of Divine Race in Paradise seem to be frequent. Valkyrie has sent many people from the forces of Heaven that he didn’t know how many in the past few years. He even noticed that angels were frequenting around. Maybe Divine Race started to forget. The idea of ​​the place?

She doesn’t think that the Divine Race in heaven needs this cold, except pure white snow, it is still in the area of ​​white snow, then the reason why the Divine Race in Paradise is aimed here, after all, is for the legacy of the gods-Odin Divine Race has fallen. But what they left was enough to make other Divine Race covet.

If the angels really attacked this land, even if they had geographical advantages, what could be done by Valkyrie alone?

After seeing the baby in her arms, Valkyrie suddenly felt a sense of unwillingness, but she still closed her eyes and stubbornly said her decision: “I hope you can bring this child to her Where’s father…”

“I reject!”

Ye Wen interrupted Valkyrie’s words with impoliteness, and the cold response even made Zhang Ling feel cold: Master is so ruthless?

Valkyrie was also stunned, and the decision she had made was finally rejected by others. This situation was completely beyond her expectations, and she did not know how to deal with it.

“If you want her father to see her child, I think you, the child’s mother, should come forward in person!”


“Don’t say anything as fart as I can’t leave, a group of dead people with no corpses left, what is there for you to protect?”

Valkyrie stood up in a sudden: “This is my accusation and my mission!” The firm expression of the Buddha became another person, which surprised Ye Wen.

“Okay, even if you must guard, but don’t talk to me with such an expression that I will definitely die! Do you think I am a decoration?”

The anger that Valkyrie had just risen dissipated at once, and he stood there froze, not understanding what Ye Wen’s words meant? is it possible that this cultivator from the East is willing to help protect the graveyard of the gods? This seems a little unlikely.

“I won’t stay here to help you guard together, but I believe someone will be willing to do this! That person has been working hard to exercise his strength in order to do this!”

Although Yu Wentuo is a bit sloppy, he doesn’t speak well, and sometimes he likes to talk big with Ye Wen, but he is really desperate in cultivation, which makes Ye Wen like this latest little discipline! After all, who doesn’t like his students to be a serious learner?

In less than a decade, Yu Wentuo crossed the threshold that many people could not cross. Just before he came here, Ye Wen understood that Yu Wentuo had crossed Earth Immortal through the communicator staying in Sacred Domain The threshold, now he is basically invincible in Sacred Domain (Chris has left, went to Olympus to stay, and every day and Demi-God drink more strength), the reputation of the Libra Gold Saint Going to the Underworld-The Underworld did a trial of Sacred Domain a while ago, and was beaten back by Yu Wentuo.

At the same time, Ye Wen got another news: All the 3 giants in the underworld were selected, and Ladamandis, who was killed by Ye Wen in a second, had been resurrected a few years ago. The cultivation that has been playing hard, seems to vow to find Ye Wen to compete again.

At the time, Yu Wentuo personally said this to Ye Wen. At that time, Yu Wentuo encountered Rada Mandis, but he didn’t do it: “Master, that Rada Mandis is very arrogant, but when it comes to Taurus, it seems With some respect, Master, won’t you go to the Underworld to make a guest appearance?”

Ye Wen is also surprised. Is Ladamandis still the guy who advocates the idea of ​​powerhouse is respected? But what do you say? He said that he had killed Radamandis with one move, so he was polite to himself? So Ye Wen could only confuse the past with Ahhhh, and then asked about the progress of Yu Wentuo’s current cultivation.

Lesser Formless Art has long been practiced by him to Great Accomplishment-this kid has a good Meridian body, as long as True Qi accumulates, he can go directly to Earth Immortal realm, and Lesser Formless Art has given way in his hands. Ye Wen feels speechless, because this kid can rely on Lesser Formless Art to promote any moves he can think of. Although they are all simulated cottage products, with Yu Wentuo’s current strength, those simulated moves are also formidable power out of the ordinary.

Knowing this at the time, Ye Wen turned his head to look at Zhang Ling, and thought of Zhang Ling’s great cosmic power-but has several points of similarity, but Zhang Ling’s ability is more widely used.

Now that Yu Wentuo, who has gained the strength of Earth Immortal, is here to help Valkyrie, there is no problem. Maybe Yu Wentuo can’t deal with those true powerhouses, but against some ordinary angels, simply is not a difficult challenge.

Ye Wen originally wanted to bring Yu Wentuo back to Shushan to continue training for a while, but now, it is better to let this family reunite earlier.

“Holy War, is it about to start? Are the Golden Saints gathered together?”

“It’s basically the same, only the Taurus of the Master is now missing. The explanation given by the Pope is that Taurus went out to perform tasks in the early years, and since the Golden Cloth has never accepted the new owner, Taurus is still on earth, so Taurus The palace is temporarily empty!”

Ye Wen laughed, it has been many years since he came out. Sacred Domain did not go back even if the pope was elected. It is estimated that the pope is also angry. He thinks that he is a Taurus Saint fighter who does not listen to dispatches. The title of God Envoy, so the Pope could not move, otherwise he would have been deprived of the qualification of the Golden Saint Warrior?

In addition, Shen Gongbao, who originally thought he would become the pope, was still just a steward. In the end, the pope’s post failed to fall on his head. It seems that Athena cannot always trust him completely.

Of course, there is another explanation, that is, the pope must also go to the battlefield, if Shen Gongbao also participates in Holy War, then the underworld can’t really fight!

What’s more, the Pope must be killed, how does Shen Gongbao die? Various factors forced Shen Gongbao to fail to sit in that position, but he did not care, but at this critical moment, Shen Gongbao still expressed a little of his dissatisfaction: don’t you say that I can’t die? I die to show you!

dignified Sacred Domain first thing, just left Sacred Domain on the grounds of illness and went directly to Jolin Qilin in Mount Olympus to play!

After hearing Shen Gongbao’s method, Ye Wen also shined: “Will I die from illness?”

But he didn’t put it into action in the end, because according to Athena’s request, for the first Holy War, no matter how many or 2 golds had to appear once, even if he played one game and died, he would have to play!

Therefore, Ye Wen has another play that needs to go back to play, but when and how the play will be performed is Ye Wen’s heart.

“The golden Saint Seiya of Sagittarius has never been selected. I don’t know what is going on. The Sagittarius Sagittarius has always refused to choose his master, and now the situation…”


“Ekaterina’s girl seems very likely to be the Sagittarius Golden Saint!”

The news given by Yu Wentuo gave Ye Wen a bad feeling, especially before he left Sacred Domain, Athena’s utter simplicity made him think that this woman must have some conspiracy.

It’s just that this question was left by Ye Wen in the end. He felt that it was better to deal with the matter in front of him first. Valkyrie’s question is easier to handle than Sacred Domain.

“There is a game at Mount Olympus. The two sides of the game are Athena and Hades. When the game is over, I will bring Tuoer…oh, Thor brought you here! But I have a request now.”

“any request?”

“Let me see Thor’s Hammer!” Ye Wen’s calm expression and Valkyrie’s surprised look formed a sharp contrast. Zhang Ling looked at the left side and then the right side. I think this picture is still pretty good.

“This is impossible!”

Valkyrie resolutely rejected Ye Wen’s request: “The hammer of Thor is the legacy of Thor, and it is absolutely impossible to let outsiders feel free to contact!”

Ye Wen laughed: “Tor is also Thor’s name, but you gave this name to my little discipline! And, I want to see Thor’s hammer just to determine one thing, presumably the real reason you also know Is that right?”

Valkyrie blinked and suddenly thought of something that changed his face: “You mean… Thunder God’s Force of Thor within the body awakened?”


Hearing a positive answer from Ye Wen, Valkyrie’s mood suddenly became extremely complicated and tangled. This was originally the result she had hoped for, but after everything happened, she thought it would be better if she didn’t wake up.

“So… Thor…”

“Relax, he is still him, not at all becomes the thunder god of the past!”

As soon as Valkyrie was sighed in relief, he heard Ye Wen followed and said, “But if you let him touch the hammer of Thor, or his divine force within the body becomes stronger, it directly attracts Thor. Hammer, I don’t know what it will be like!”

Looking at Valkyrie’s complexion, Ye Wen finally said: “So, I need to see Thor’s Hammer with my own eyes, and if necessary, I will give the Thor a few seals to avoid that possibility! After all, Thor is my discipline, and that Thor… has nothing to do with me!”

Valkyrie was in a terrible entanglement. Facing this situation, she didn’t even know how to choose! Because according to her duties, she should refuse Ye Wen’s request, even if she is facing the blade. But in the bottom of my heart, he kept shouting, and the words lingered in her ears very clearly, and she refused to dissipate: promise him!


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