History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 486

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“This is Thor’s hammer?”

Looking at the thing in front of him, Ye Wen really didn’t expect the famous Thor’s Hammer to be so…unremarkable…

The shape of the cuboid looks more like a big brick, and then a handle is inserted into this so-called Thor’s Hammer. Ye Wen looked back and forth a few times and still didn’t see the special feature of the Thor’s Hammer. Where: “However, why did you leave it here?”

Looking at the surroundings, in addition to the blizzard still blizzard, Thor’s hammer was thrown into this piece of snow and ice, if not Valkyrie pointed out the exact position, then Ye Wen used his palm to stand here The snowdrifts were broken up, and he could not have thought of the mediocrity. Under the small snowdrifts that can be seen everywhere is the Divine Item.

“Because no one can handle this hammer except Thor, which is recognized by Thor’s Hammer…except Divine King!” Divine King in Valkyrie’s mouth will naturally not be Zeus, but Divine of Odin Divine Race King Odin, Thor’s hammer was given to Thor by him, and he could naturally take it.

Ye Wen extend the hand, wanting to try whether Valkyrie’s words are true, and the moment he reached out, he felt the force of resistance coming from Thor’s hammer.

“Be careful!” Valkyrie did not expect Ye Wen to do such a move, but she knew that this hammer of Thor was not a gentle Divine Item, and even had a temper similar to its owner Thor, which was very similar. Difficult to get along with. But to her surprise, until Ye Wen’s seemingly not at all, how much strength of the palm was tightly held on the hammer handle, the hammer did not appear any abnormal.

Of course, this is a superficial phenomenon, and Ye Wen feels it. This hammer always wants to bounce his hand away, and the place where he holds is constantly bursting with fierce strength. If I change to someone else, I am afraid it will be early. He was bounced off, but for Ye Wen, this strength didn’t hurt him.

Then, the Thor’s hammer began to release bursts of light, which was even mixed with the lightning movie. Ye Wen’s hand was a bit numb, and he even suspected that his hand had been electro-focused.

After releasing his hand, the abnormality on Thor’s Hammer was instantly disappeared, but it was just such a blink of an eye that the snow was no longer visible within a ten-meter radius of Thor’s Hammer, revealing the original appearance of the earth. There was even a burst of heat, showing how terrifying the electric current just released by Thor’s Hammer.

Looking up, Valkyrie had already escaped, and the Thor’s hammer suddenly fluttered, making her a little completely unprepared. In addition, normally used to flying with wings, so the movement was a little slower. She, maybe that moment was enough to hurt her.

“You have nothing?”

After came back to his senses, Valkyrie asked Ye Wen first, which made Ye Wen a little stunned, but also realized that the woman seemed too kind-in fact, since this woman has never given up on those adventurer Advise can learn her nature.

“Nothing!” The left hand stroked his right hand wrist. After a True Qi was circulated several times, the paralyzed right hand gradually regained consciousness: “This thing is quite awesome!”

Valkyrie smiled bitterly for himself, and it was almost too late for him to avoid the horrible thunder and lightning. For the man in front of him, he just felt quite energetic. The huge strength gap between the two sides was revealed at the moment, and Valkyrie was right. Yu Wentuo was happy to be able to worship such a powerhouse, and at the same time he had a little hope for his future.

At this time, she was finally determined that Ye Wen would come to visit Thor’s Hammer, and even seal the Thor’s Hammer to a certain degree, so that Yu Wentuo could successfully obtain this Divine Item, and would not lose herself because of it. A correct choice.

“May Divine King forgive my sins!”

As Goddess of Divine Race in Odin, Valkyrie’s duty is to protect the legacy of the gods, and when Thor, Thor, is likely to be resurrected, she chose to bury the last hope of Thor’s resurrection. This is the biggest. Of negligence, but now she thinks that her choice is correct.

“Your Highness Thor, don’t you want to be resurrected like this?”

Finding a reason to comfort himself, Valkyrie thoroughly throws these things to the deepest part of his heart, and then asks Ye Wen, who circled around the Thor’s hammer, and then frowns thinking: “Is there a way?”

“Well… there are several ways!”

Raising his hand, Ye Wen suddenly showed ten strengths in his hand. At the forefront was a white cloud of smoke. It was the 1st floor of Turbid Heaven Treasure Mirror. The power of white cloud smoke was followed by Mei Xia Dang, followed by soil Kunlun… all the way to the Xuan universe, ten strengths in one go, almost connected into one, and then seemed to feel and so on thunder hammer hammered past.

Originally thought that there would be an amazing momentum, Valkyrie also retreated a little, and made a defensive posture, fearing that the sudden eruption of the force will affect himself, but I did not expect that after Ye Wen’s palm shot, it turned out Nothing happened.

Not only was the disappointed strength in his hands exuding the power of terror, but also the Quake that should have been amazingly powerful became ordinary.

It was just thrown on the ground, and then slowly buried under the snow that had gathered again.


Ye Wen looked at it, then bent down and picked up the hammer of Thor who was buried by snowflakes for the most part. This time, the hammer of Thor did not resist at all. Obediently and honestly was raised by Ye Wen. This scene made Var Kiry was taken aback again: Did the Quake recognize this man as the new owner?

I threw it a few times in my hand and watched the Thor’s hammer roll up and down in his hand, Ye Wen laughed: “You don’t need to be surprised, I just used my own power to seal the divine force in this hammer, There is nothing strange about this Thor’s hammer, it is no different from a normal iron bump!”

Such an important thing, he doesn’t want to be thrown on this snow field forever, although no one can come to this ghost place, and Thor’s Hammer itself won’t casually recognize the Master, but this World dogshit luck is good, open aura 4 There are not many guys running around, and Shushan doesn’t know how many people live there, so Ye Wen doesn’t be stupid to think that this is absolutely safe.

Therefore, it is the safest choice to keep it properly and hand it over to the little discipline at the right time, throwing it all the way to catch it, causing Valkyrie to throw dissatisfaction at him from time to time. , But Ye Wen never meant to converge. He kept returning to the cave where Valkyrie lived before he put Thor’s hammer in front of Valkyrie: “Put it away, and Thor will come to you in the future. Take it!”

“Don’t you just take it away?” Valkyrie didn’t expect Ye Wen to arrange this, she thought Ye Wen would take the hammer directly!

Ye Wen shook the head: “That kid needs to exercise now, he is not yet suitable for possessing such a good weapon!” Although Yu Wentuo has developed a good strength, but the actual combat experience is too poor, this is also Ye Wen will The reason why he stayed in Sacred Domain.

Holy War is a game, but Yu Wentuo, who must suppress his own strength, will also gain valuable actual combat experience in that battle, which will greatly benefit his future cultivation.

At the same time, he can further hone his use of weapons. After the Holy War is over, Yu Wentuo’s strength should increase a little bit. At that time, it is more appropriate to let him come to Extreme North Land to pick up this hammer.

Valkyrie didn’t ask too much, just ordered nodded, and then extended the hand touched the hammer of Thor to make sure that the hammer would not cause harm to him, so he picked it up and took it to the middle of the house to collect it.

Then, Valkyrie, who came out with the child again, sat there with Ye Wen big eyes staring at small eyes, the 2 people didn’t even know what to say-the huge difference in culture and thinking made the 2 people have no common Topic, the only topic is that Yu Wentuo that kid, but basically everything about that kid is almost the same.

After a long while, Valkyrie asked: “When will that…Holy War end?”

Ye Wen, who bored little things and made faces, teased the little child laughed, Ye Wen thought for a moment, and finally gave an answer: “It should not be used for a few years!”

For the first Holy War, the trouble is that there are too many things to prepare. According to the time, the reincarnation of Zeus should have entered the Sacred Domain for training, which means that Holy War has officially entered the countdown stage, as long as 2 3 The year is almost starting!

Once it started, it didn’t take much time until the end. Holy War shouted a lot, but in the final analysis, it was a small-scale conflict of dozens or even less than 100 people, even if these people died. It won’t take long to end, if it’s fast, one month, and if it’s long, it will take less than a year.

Hearing that Yu Wentuo could be seen again in a few years, Valkyrie was also very happy, and even bowed his head to his daughter: “You will see your father!”

I don’t know if Little Brat can understand it, but he smiles even happier. Then, in Ye Wen and Valkyrie’s unexpected eyes, a pair of tiny white wings emerged a little, and even wrapped them up. All the blankets were freed, and they were vigorously fluttering, so that the eyes of the two were full of flying feathers.

“This one……”

Ye Wen looked at Valkyrie, but the Goddess didn’t think there was anything wrong with this look, but just said in surprise: “Are you so awakening your own divine force?”

It turns out that the white wings are also a symbol of Valkyrie’s divine force, and generally speaking, the sooner the child of his divine force is awakened, the stronger the strength will be when he grows up-it is said that the most powerful existence in Valkyrie has been from birth Wings, after adulthood, their strength can be almost the same as those of the gods on Odin Divine Race who are famous for battle strength.

This is also the origin of the title of Martial Goddess of Valkyries. Although this Little Brat does not have wings at birth, it is quite rare to wake up so early. Divine force is certainly rare. proud.

Ye Wen learned these things later. At this time, he can only unfathomable mystery watching Valkyrie. He was surprised, and then he was happy and proud to help his daughter pack the blankets that were kicked and messed up, and help his child to The pair of wings that are still tossing around are gathered together-before Little Brat understands things, don’t expect her to learn how to control her wings.

Ye Wen looked at the little thing, and finally closed his eyes and searched for a long while, and finally took out a pendant: “This is a gift for the child! Come hastily, and I did not expect the child to exist, so I did not prepare in advance !”

A seemingly ordinary silver necklace, a drop-shaped gemstone pendant, looks very simple, but it is very beautiful, after being hung on the neck of the little thing, the drop-shaped gemstone exudes a soft rays of Light wrapped the child, maybe it felt comfortable, and Little Brat giggled again.

“This sinker has the effect of calming and calming Bloodline, and will form a protective wall when it is attacked. Although it is not very strong, it can withstand a little.”

“Thank you!” After listening to Ye Wen’s introduction, Valkyrie also understood that this unremarkable little pendant actually has a wonderful function, and he was not polite with Ye Wen, so he just accepted it. After all, the environment she is in now is not very good, and her child has this thing as an extra layer of protection.

But she didn’t expect that Ye Wen was not satisfied with her gift. The pendant was brought back by Zhang Ling last time. It is the latest magic weapon created by Shushan Sect, but the effect is really average. The things that came out at that time, if they weren’t pretty, may have been destroyed.

According to Ye Wen, you have to give yourself this’granddaughter’ fully armed. The armor must be prepared. After all, Valkyrie normally likes to wear armor, and it is estimated that the offspring will also be like this.

At the same time, Valkyrie also has no weapons concerns. In this case, Ye Wen has to consider what kind of weapons to match this little thing.

“I don’t know if the Little Brat, a hot weapon, can accept it?” I thought about it in my head: “Why not just send a VF or Gundam?”

After thinking for a while and looking at the little palm of Little Brat, Ye Wen felt that this issue could be considered slowly. Maybe he should first consider improving Valkyrie’s strength? If Yu Wentuo is strong enough after a few years, then when he happily ran to find his wife daughter, and found that his wife had already hung up, wouldn’t it be so depressed to death?

Don’t ask how strong Valkyrie becomes, at least have the ability to protect themselves? It’s a pity that Ye Wen’s idea has just emerged, and Zhang Ling came over with a communicator: “Master, Junior Brother is looking for you!”

“Is it your Junior Brother or that woman?”

Since Athena knew that Ye Wen had such a communicator in her hand, she often let Yu Wentuo, who is Libra, act as the liaison officer of Ye Wen and Ye Wen. If you think of something, let Yu Wentuo find Ye Wen-now Athena Already awakened, Elizabeth gradually merged with Athena, and the appointment of the Pope was announced by Athena in the Sacred Domain as Elizabeth.

“It’s that woman…”

Ye Wen, as I knew it, took over the communicator and walked to a quiet corner: “What’s the matter?”

Opposite came Elizabeth’s bland and very pleasant voice, but the tone was getting closer and closer to Athena herself: “Ye Wen, have you been away for a long time?”


“Just think, you should be back!” Elizabeth laughed, that kind of triumphant momentum can be felt even though Ye Wen is far away: “What do you mean? Holy War started?”

“Almost!” Athena’s complacency suddenly disappeared a lot: “There were some accidents, and I don’t know how Hades did it. He actually launched the Holy War in advance. Fortunately, the boy of Nice finally got it yesterday. The Pegasus Saint Cloth!”

“Nice? Who is that?”


There was silence for a while, Ye Wen turned to look at Zhang Ling not far away: “Who is this Nice?”

“It’s the reincarnation of Zeus!” Zhang Ling lifted his glasses that fell a little, expressionless, but it made people feel a little weak: “Did you not tell Master last time?”

“Oh! I usually don’t take too seriously this kind of trivial matter!” Ye Wen didn’t care about the opposite Athena still listening, Ye Wen grumbled casually: “Since the constellation Pegasus has awakened, it means that the protagonist is already in place , Seems to be nothing to me?”

“You promised… At least to come back to participate in a battle!” Athena snorted, with a hint of coquettishness: “I also hope that this time Holy War will let the 2 Gold Saints each establish their respective prestige It!”

“Okay! I will rush back!”

Just as Ye Wen was about to end the call, Athena suddenly smiled strangely: “It’s better to hurry up, otherwise you will regret it…”

Then Ye Wen heard Yu Wentuo took over the detector and whispered to him: “Master, the situation has changed!”

Ye Wen didn’t speak. He knew that his discipline would definitely explain it. Now it doesn’t mean that it is inconvenient… Sure enough, Yu Wentuo did not hang up the call, but after a while, it seemed that he found a safer place before speaking. : “Master, are you still there?”

“Yes! What’s the change, just say it!”

“The actions of the Pluto Army became very strange. Not only did Holy War be launched in advance, but it seemed that from the very beginning it was for Athena, which was different from the original plan!”


The original plan was for both sides to open their positions, little by little put the fighters in their hands into the battle, and then let the fighters of both sides fight fiercely again and again, anyway, the final fight was the death of the fighters, Athena and Hades You don’t have to show up, you just need to show your face at the last moment to arrange an ending for this Holy War.

However, now the Pluto Army seems not ready to do that, at first, he will leave the nest without saying a word, and even take Athena…even everything!

“In addition…” Yu Wentuo groaned a little: “Yekaterina that girl got the Sagittarius golden cloak, and she was sent by Athena to investigate the underworld warrior, and there were also Pegasus Nice! “

This sentence made Ye Wen’s eyelids jump.


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