History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 487

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Yekaterina became a Sagittarius golden saint. It’s not a big deal. After all, Yu Wentuo had already told him about it, and Ye Wen had already prepared for it. This little girl would definitely go on the stage of Holy War. ——But he thinks Yu Wentuo is guarding over there, how can he make this Little Brat mix a good result?

But didn’t expect Athena was so ruthless, sent Yekaterina and Nice directly, although he believes that the leader will definitely be Yekaterina, but Nice in Pegasus is the reincarnation of Zeus , And the Pegasus constellation is the protagonist of this Holy War. It is conceivable that the Pegasus constellation must not encounter any danger. In this way, it means that-it should have been the golden Saint Seiya in Sacred Domain. , Need to protect Pegasus when necessary.

If this kind of bridge often appears in the original book, it will make people feel unfathomable mystery, but in this World, this situation will occur in the Holy War, which is completely directed by Ye Wen, and it is normal.

Athena knows the identity of Pegasus and the role she wants to play. Just say a little to the Pope: “The Pegasus constellation will be my guardian constellation, and even he will be related to the final result of this Holy War!” Enough to let all the golden saints die to protect this guy.

Yekaterina was just the youngster who just got the Golden Saint Warrior. It would not be so distressing to give up when necessary. It is even conceivable that the people of Sacred Domain would think that if Yekaterina died like this, Then they can also pick out the new Sagittarius Golden Saint Seiya as soon as possible.

“What a shit!”

He doesn’t think that the reincarnation of Nice will do anything to Yekaterina, because according to Yu Wentuo’s observation, the Pegasus after reincarnation is simply a passionate youth, and it seems that he doesn’t care about anything other than fighting, so It shouldn ‘t be doing too much to Yekaterina, because that is not the purpose of Zeus participating in this game.

At the same time, Ye Wen has already guessed that Yekaterina is the reincarnation of Artemis-this is not difficult to guess. Since Elizabeth gradually awakened to Athena, Ye Wen has already guessed this.

But he still can’t figure it out, why didn’t Artemis’ reincarnation awaken? What did Athena do during the reincarnation? Also, what is the role of Artemis after reincarnation?

It is these problems that made Ye Wen want to leave Sacred Domain as soon as possible-always staying in the game is very difficult to see clearly. It is easier to see the whole picture if you jump out.

It’s a pity that after so long, I still haven’t figured out what tricks Athena is playing. It looks similar to what she did on Mount Olympus. She is still trying to push Artemis to herself. The enthusiasm is simply A bit unfathomable mystery.

Now that Artemis’ reincarnated Yekaterina is deliberately thrown into a dangerous environment, is it to try to test whether he really does not care about that woman?

The more I think about this, the greater the possibility. Ye Wen even has a kind of’Lao Tzu will not go back, see what can you do? The thought of’circled in his head, but it was a pity that his actions were not like this. He left Zhang Ling on the snowfield to accompany Valkyrie, and at the same time left a good battle strength to ensure the safety of Valkyrie, Ye Wen directly He drove in the direction of Sacred Domain.

At the same time, in a deserted mountain, a young golden saint with a bronze saint wearing a white cloak was advancing in the wasteland besides stone or stone. The cloak stepped on the stone The crisp sound on the face makes it difficult to feel down-to-earth, but it becomes more and more irritable.

Yekaterina looked at the road where she could not see the end, wondering incessantly: “The Pope’s father clearly said that the old fighter’s nest is near here, why haven’t he seen it all the time? Even a bit of evil breath felt No, could it be wrong?”

shook the head, throwing this thought out of his mind: “Impossible, there must be no mistake!”

“What’s wrong? Adult?” The young bronze Saint Seiya, who is Nice in Pegasus, gasped while looking at the adult in front of him curiously.

This is a very heroic woman, with a little curly golden brown short hair bound by a gold headdress, a pair of eyes as deep as the night sky keeps looking at 4 places, and a tight golden holy suit will wear The curve is perfectly displayed. From the perspective of Nice, you can even see a perfect S line.

However, these are not things that Nice cares about. He looked at the Sagittarius, who had hardly ever appeared in Khan, and then looked at himself who was almost like a dead dog. The huge strength gap made him depressed for a while: “Is the gap really true? Is it so big? I can’t even keep up with the usual hurry?”

In fact, compared to ordinary person, Nice Pegasus is already very abnormal. After all, not everyone can rush off without rest in just 3 days. Afterwards, it’s the same as no one. Nice just feels tired, Prove that he has already exceeded the limits of the human body.

It’s just that the Golden Saint Seiya is not just beyond the limits of the human body! Nice wants to be the character who dominates the game, he needs to continue to improve-he has this foundation, but he doesn’t know this.

Yekaterina continued to move forward, but this time she only walked a few steps, then stopped violently, and then explored her hand behind her, then a golden bow appeared on her On the right hand, a golden arrow was taken out at the same time on the left hand, and the bow and arrow were completed in a blink of an eye.

“Come out, evil fighter, I have already felt your disgusting small universe!”

After this incident, Nice was still entangled with the huge strength gap between him and Yekaterina. Didn’t expect heard this sentence after this incident and hurriedly posed to meet the enemy, but 4 squinted eyes But it shows that the youngster simply does not know where the enemy is.

However, after only a second, he didn’t need to worry about this kind of thing, because he found that there were no places where there were people who were wearing black clothes. The number even made him suspect that the warriors had fallen into the nest. And out.

“Are we…into the fighter’s nest?”

In this case, it seems that this explanation can only be used to explain. Pegasus looked at densely packed fighters around him, and his scalp tingled for a while.

Yekaterina looked at the situation around her and was surprised. At the same time, secretly said in one’s heart, she said badly: “It seems that today is the day of my death!”

His eyes flickered slightly: “It’s a pity that I didn’t see that person again, and I don’t know how he is now?”

A blurry silhouette flashed in her head. She could hardly remember the person’s appearance, but the tall figure, the wide arm that could make her feel very at ease, remembered so clearly.

Taking back his thoughts, Yekaterina took a deep breath: “However, knowing that I sacrificed in the battle with the Underworld Fighter, should he be proud of me?”

Thinking so in my heart, the golden blaze started to burn on her body, and as her left hand holding the arrow became harder, the small universe became more intense and solid.

“Come out, even hiding in the crowd, your unusual small universe cannot be hidden!”

With a sip, the opposite Warrior slightly separated, and then a young woman wearing a black purple full-covered Battle Armor with a pair of huge and exaggerated wings and a flowing black long hair appeared at the same time. In front of Ekaterina.

With a playful smile, this young woman wearing a black dress looks like a 16-17 years old, tall and tall, and this set of black dress on her body highlights the long legs.

Such a shape, at a glance, knew that it was a very high-ranking figure in the fighter, and what surprised Yekaterina was that the deep terrifying small universe actually suppressed Yekaterina’s. In the small universe, the magnificent golden 氤 in the imposing manner seemed to be suppressed, only the surface of the holy garment was slightly exposed.

“Are you the Sagittarius Golden Saint Seiya?”

The girl raised her head and looked up and down at Yekaterina with a slightly surprised look. She seemed very curious about the saint: “It turned out to be a woman?”

“Who you are?”

I don’t know why. Hearing the other person’s words seemed to question her own status as a female golden saint, which made Yekaterina very uncomfortable. She even wanted to curse: “You’re not too A woman?” Of course, unless the guy in front is a pure man with a female appearance and wearing a very female face-the black hair girl on the opposite side, there is a pair of obvious bulges on the chest of the suit, and the waist and abdomen There is no protection in the position, showing a white and delicate waist and that cute little navel.

At the same time, the armor on the leg is like a pair of high-heeled boots, and the slender heel is likely to sprain his ankle if it is not suitable for a period of time.

It can be said that although this posing suit is imposing manner out of the ordinary, but in many details, it fully reveals some of the attractiveness of women, and the pair of shoulder pads and the huge wings behind let the suit remain It is due to the majesty.

If such a guy is a man, then in this world, most women can die!

Yekaterina slandered, and then asked about the identity of the other party: “She still remembers that she was here to investigate the situation of the Underworld Warrior. The strange guy in front of him should be a fairly senior presence in the Underworld Warrior. It’s serious!”

“One of the three giants in the underworld, Mino the Griffon!” The girl introduced herself while emphasizing: “It’s not Minois, it’s Mino!”

This emphasis made Yekaterina completely unintelligible, and did not understand what to say, is it possible that there is a guy in the underworld called Minos who can’t succeed?

“Underworld 3 giant…”

In a trance, Yekaterina thought of the guy she met when she was a child. Although she didn’t see what was happening at all, she was the scene that made her rise to become a Saint Seiya’s idea. Later Taurus left Sacred Domain without taking her, but just made her thoughts more firm that’s all.

At that time, the guy named Radamandis seemed to claim to be the Underworld 3 giant, and the guy was very arrogant and seemed to be confident in his own strength-but unfortunately he met Ye Wen, so his strength simply did not At the slightest opportunity, Yekaterina did not know how powerful the so-called 3 giants are?

“Maybe, this is an opportunity?”

With the thought together, his eyes suddenly became firmer, and the yellow golden sword, which had been in the hands for a long time, also burst into a powerful power in an instant, and after a second, the glory converged and still radiated golden rays of light. The golden arrow had hit Mino’s heart.


Yekaterina’s heart was filled with joy, but her face immediately changed, because she found that her yellow golden sword, although hitting the other person’s heart, was only shot into the dark clothes, and then it was difficult to enter: “How can this be possible?” ?”


A very slight laugh came from Mino’s mouth, but at this time it seemed so clear that the irony contained in it could be heard as long as it was not stupid.

Raising his hand, he pulled out the gold arrow stuck on the armor, and Mino dropped the gold arrow to the side: “Is the gold arrow in Sagittarius? The gold arrow claimed to be able to kill gods, the original formidable power That’s all… when I meet my body, it can’t do anything!”

He licked his long black hair, the hair fluttering slightly in the wind and the raised jaw all showed the pride in Mino’s heart, but what she said from her mouth made people feel more and more confused.

“The guy who has tainted the image of the great golden brother in my heart must die!”

There were no movements in both hands, but the huge wings behind them spread out violently. After seeing this movement of Mino, a group of fighters who had originally surrounded Yekaterina even shouted together. : “Your Highness Mino is soaring, everyone will hide!”

Then almost at the same time as the shouting sounded, the Wraith fighter who had blocked Yekaterina and Nice’s retreat ran away without a shadow, and opened a big mouth to the surrounding circle.

Yekaterina noticed this keenly, and a step was blocked in front of Nice: “Take advantage of it, leave here quickly, return to Sacred Domain and tell the Pope and other golden saints today what you see! fast!”

At this time, Nice was still stunned there, watching only a moment of fighting, and then almost instantaneously he and Sagittarius fell into a desperate situation. He really didn’t expect to appear at the last moment. Such a change-strange, isn’t the other party obviously already trapping himself? Why did it suddenly flash away?

“Giant wings flying wind!”

It’s quiet but can make everyone listen to it clearly, and at the same time, the huge wings that spread out violently shocked, and then brought terrifying impact and mixed with terrifying hurricane that can shatter people like countless sharp blades. Suddenly hit!

Nice barely had any reaction time and was blasted into midair with a trace of aftermath, and then fell heavily to the ground. The huge pain allowed him to maintain his sober consciousness, but his body seemed to fall apart. Unable to move even a little bit: “How is it possible… just rubbed a bit, there is such a terrifying formidable power…”

lifts the head, the Sagittarius in the golden cloak standing in front of him is still standing firmly, and compared to being rubbed a little bit, the adult fully withstands most of the formidable power of the previous move, Even because she helped herself stop most of the attacks, she didn’t let herself die directly here.

But in fact, Yekaterina was also uncomfortable. The blow just destroyed the gold bow in her hand, and although the whole body was protected by the holy cloth, it was like this. Not the same as yourself.

The forehead and eyebrows were cut a few more times, and the gold headdress on the head has been shot down to the ground. The blood left from the forehead even affected his sight: “Damn… so strong? “

A slight glance at the Libra, which fell to the ground, she is no longer able to consider the issue of Pegasus, although she did receive the Pope’s instructions: “In any case, guarantee the survival of Pegasus!”

But the situation in front of her couldn’t help her make the decision: “How can such an enemy… have the energy to take care of the kid…”

But the Pope’s instructions are Goddess’ instructions. Although Yekaterina until now is not very cold about the so-called Goddess, in order to prove that she is a qualified Saint, she will not choose to give up.

At this moment, Minos with arms across chest looked at Yekaterina with a smile: “Actually, I am not such an unreasonable person, as long as you choose to give up the status of the golden saint fighter, and then hand over the cloak To a handsome younger brother, can I let you go?”

“Damn, don’t underestimate people!” Yekaterina, who felt like she was being teased, burst into an unprecedentedly small universe, and this small universe was mixed with a trace that made all fighters feel trembling in fear of imposing manner.

“What’s it like?” The only normal thing was the mino opposite, but she also felt a threat from the fiercely burning golden small universe: “Nasty woman, let’s die!”

And when she made another move, the opposite Yekaterina had already gained momentum, and after putting her hands on the posture, she suddenly released her ultimate move.

Shengchen shines pulse!

A huge and dazzling beam of light burst out, almost encapsulating everything in front of Yekaterina. The rays of light emanating from the beam of light even illuminated the darkening sky. The silhouette floating in the sky in the distance noticed this natural phenomenon and suddenly adjusted his direction.

“Even the Divine force of Luna burst out?” Silhouette while flying, suddenly began to grow in size: “But what is that strange power?”


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