History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 488

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The rays of light dissipated, and the originally uneven road appeared a wide avenue. As the embellishment, there were some fighters with slightly damaged clothing. Many fighters either kneeled or lay down, covering their bodies. And don’t kill the wound.

“If it wasn’t for Master Mino in front, maybe we have been eliminated!”

This is the idea of ​​most Wraiths, and then everyone looked at Respect and a little fearful eyes to Lord Minor who was still standing on the spot, and did not move the Celestine Griffon almost halfway.

Mino then pats her armor, just like cleaning the dust on her harem, but in fact, except for some cracks on her harem, there is no dust at all, this action is just to show that she is not being attacked by the other party. Tricks hurt that’s all.

“What a pity! A very powerful trick… reminds me of that brother! But with your hands, the formidable power is not so good!”

Full of sarcasm and a weird look, Mino’s expression didn’t change much from beginning to end. The faint smile looked so sweet, but what she did did not conform to her sweet image.

“It seems that you have no strength, so if that is the case, then go on the road… when your soul enters the underworld, I will hurt you well!”

The right hand lifted slightly, and on the five finger condense, a small dark and deep universe exuding a little bit of starlight: “After all…you look beautiful too…this makes me even more uncomfortable!”

With a violent wave of hand, a mass of seemingly absent, almost imperceptible silk thread was thrown out, and went straight to Yekaterina, who had been completely out of force and could hardly stand.

“Become my doll!”

“has it ended?”

Almost at the same time, two people in diametrically opposed situations spoke words that were very in line with their status quo, but just a second later, this sentence was swallowed back.

A group of golden rays of light seemed to have fallen from the sky. When no one had time to react, it fell between Yekaterina and Mino, and even burst out. The steady shock wave and the smoke that was set up almost covered the golden rays of light in it. At the same time that the surrounding fighters wobbled, they could not see exactly what was going on.

Mino station is relatively close, plus the strongest, but only saw a dazzling golden light rushed down, and then his star puppet line lost control, just like being caught by someone and then fiercely from I dragged it off my finger.


Such a change made Minnow immediately realize that the other party came to a strong helping hand, and only by virtue of what happened just now, the strength of the coming person is very strong, and may even be stronger than himself.

“How can this be!”

Immediately rejected this speculation, Mino is very confident in his own strength: “In such a world, unless it is those real gods, how can it be stronger than me, even if it is Suupnos and Da Nadus, as long as you give me a period of time, I will be able to contend with him, unless the guy who comes is King level guy… But how can such a person exist?”

Minow thought of this, he settled down in his heart, withdrew his hands and hugged his chest, and then looked at what was happening in front of him with a calm and calm smile: “No matter who comes, it can only become my doll in the end. !”

In everyone’s surprised and doubtful eyes, the smoke gradually fell, and the blocked golden light also revealed. Compared with the dazzling golden light just now, the golden flame was much softer. Everyone can look directly at the golden flame, and see exactly who the guy emits.

A helmet with a horn like a bull, golden armor with sharp horns on shoulders, elbows, knees, etc., a height of more than 2 meters and that strong body, just one stop there, everyone has a hope With the illusion of high mountains.

“Good… strong…”

Mino also saw the coming person clearly, and because he was closer, the person on the opposite side had a greater impact on himself than the small group of people who came with him: “I thought Taurus was nothing strange, Now I know with my own eyes, it turns out that muscle men are so impactful…especially tall muscle men!”

At the same time, she also noticed that the golden saint on the opposite side, although half of the face under the nose was exposed under the helmet, the upper part of the nose was always hidden in the dark, and she could not see anything except a shadow: ” Does the helmet of the Golden Cloth have this effect? ​​I thought it was only in Gemini!”

“But… why did this Taurus do this? In fact, he didn’t come at all but just thrown over the holy cloth?” Shook the head seems to be denying his guess: “How is it possible, such advanced How can technology be used by a muscle-only guy like Taurus, that is a skill that only a perfect man like Sadian can use-well, the same is true of Galleon Palace!”

While she was still thinking about it, the tall man on the opposite side seemed to have finished looking at the surrounding fighters, and then the tall Taurus Saint Warrior didn’t even greet, and raised her hands directly over her head. Suddenly even thought this guy would surrender.

But a second later, I saw the man fiercely smashing his open palm against the ground under his feet, and this action was matched with the burning fiery golden 氤氲 of his body, and it made her think about what was about to happen!

“Titanic Nova!?”

While her thoughts turned, the opposite man’s hands had fiercely struck the ground under her feet, and to her surprise, after this blow, the ground under the opposite man’s feet was not even far away. There was no change in the ground beneath the fallen place. Instead, the ground under the feet of a group of fighters began to crack, and at the same time, a golden horror light was also emitted from the crack, followed by something that seemed to explode underneath. The ground beneath his feet suddenly exploded, and the stones under his feet also turned into countless gravel, accompanied by the eruption of terror energy that caused fatal damage to the Underworld Warriors.

Mino is not immune, especially after this move broke out, there is almost no room for dodge, and can only passively choose the hard block. Fortunately, Mino also has his own card, even if the power of Titan Nova is indeed strong, but I want to It’s a little harder to hurt her body…

The horrible big bang came to an end. Ye Wen, who stood with his head high, looked at the ground, which was almost devastated and completely changed, not at all. How proud he was, even if he made the land change the landscape directly with one move. The same is true, as for the dozens of underworld fighters, that’s all right.

Nice in Pegasus lay on the ground, looking at the horrible scene around the world like the end of the world, with his mouth open and speechless. After a long while, he muttered: “Is this…Gold Saint Seiya true strength?”

The Sacred Shining Pulse that Sagittarius had just used was enough to give him a great impact. Such a fierce move is not like a human being can make it. Although the Saint Warrior is known as the Warrior of God, it is not essentially the same. person?

But following the emergence of the tall golden saint, he completely subverted his original idea: the saint…is really not human!

One side is entangled whether he is still in the human side and how to become a non-human Pegasus still lying there, and Ekaterina realized that the person in front of him was not what he saw before he died. After the illusion, his feet flicked and sat directly on the ground.


Although the horrible scene in front of her was telling her that the person in front of him would never be an illusion, but it is still not certain whether this person is the Taurus he is familiar with, Yekaterina’s voice is a little anticipated, and A little scared.

At this time, where is she still like a golden saint of uncommon martial heroism? It looks like an ordinary little girl.

Under her gaze, the tall man in front turned around, still invisible, but gave her a sense of familiarity, followed by a very familiar voice: “It’s already so big, It’s been a long time, Linna!”

Yekaterina suddenly felt very happy, but she hadn’t answered, and the’Uncle’ in front of her had turned her eyes to the side of Libra who had been lying on the ground: “Yo, boy! You lie here What are you doing?”

“Ah, haha! Hello, I’m Nice Pegasus!” 2 embarrassed smiles, Nice tried to stand up again, because the Saint Warrior had been trained in horror, and his recovery ability was also inhuman, lying for a while , Nice has recovered his ability to move.

“En!” Nice’s enthusiasm not at all in exchange for more responses, Ye Wen is not very interested in this Pegasus, in fact, if it was not just looking towards Ekaterina just now, that curvaceous figure After letting himself appear for a while, he would not turn around and talk to Nice to ease his embarrassment.

“Damn, is it only ten or three years old? Isn’t that why I have such a good figure? Is the girl in the West so cruel?” His head tilted, and at the same time thought of another possibility: “Or because of Artemi Si’s good genes?”

After turning around, Ye Wen glanced at Ekaterina again. She really doesn’t have the appearance she had when she was a child, but to Ye Wen’s surprise, it’s hard to see Artemis on her. Imprint, although Ekaterina is as long and beautiful, but she reveals the heroic spirit of uncommon military might, which is very different from Artemis.

Although Artemis also had that kind of heroic atmosphere when fighting, on the whole it still gave people a noble and elegant feeling, but these feelings could not be felt in Yekaterina.

At the same time, the short golden brown hair also formed a strong contrast with the original appearance of Artemis. After all, Artemis’s long hair with a slightly wavy hair still gave Ye Wen a deep impression-at the beginning At such a good opportunity, he hindered his vision.

Watching sitting on the ground, holding his head and looking at his Yekaterina with a smile, Ye Wen extend the hand and dragged her head twice, which reminded him that when he was before, he was almost watching With this little thing, from a baby who can only babble, it slowly grows Great Accomplishment, a naughty bag running around.

Even if it is a pet, it will have feelings when it looks so long, let alone a big living person? Ye Wen wants to leave Sacred Domain. It may be because of this point. If you continue, you may really want to come to a light source’s plan.

At this moment, a gust of wind suddenly broke out in the pieces of rubble, and after rushing out of the rubble, Ye Wen came straight, Ye Wen was surprised’Huh? ‘Sound, but I didn’t care much about this gust of wind. With one hand, I dissipated this gust of wind for 4 times.

“Taurus… is it so strong?”

A pleasant girl’s voice came over, and then Ye Wen saw a shadow leaping from the gravel, followed by a shock, a pair of large giant wings spread out, and shattered the gravel from the body.

The giant wings spread out and also showed the slim and beautiful figure. Ye Wen only noticed his opponent at this time: “en? Is it a woman?”

But looking at the side Yekaterina Ye Wen is not surprising, he can come up with a female golden saint fighter, it is not uncommon for Hades to have a few powerful female fighters.

“Putting it that way, this woman is the weird small universe I just felt?”

He wore the holy cloth in the air and then fell down directly. Next time he looked at all the fighters, and he didn’t even have the mood to ask again. He burst into energy directly, simulated by Kunlun and Jin Qixi True Qi With the effect of Titan Nova, I want a second.

Didn’t expect the underworld fighter could survive under this move of his own-something that even Radamandis can’t do.

The girl on the opposite side fell down and stepped on the piles of rubble. The rubble under her feet did not know how many fighters were buried, but none of those present were concerned.

“I… is Mino of the Celestial Gryphon! Hello, Taurus Golden Saint Warrior!”

With an expression very interested in you, Mino’s gaze kept cruising back and forth on Ye Wen, but when she noticed that Ye Wen’s hand gently stroked the hair of Sagittarius, Mino’s expression Suddenly changed.

“How can you do this?”

The scream that burst out suddenly made the three Saints stunned. Ye Wen even wondered what he had done too much. Because the scream was really outdated.

“This is taboo and not allowed! The elder brother of the Golden Saint Warrior should be together with the elder brother of the Golden Saint Warrior! Although I don’t have much love for Taurus, no one can be allowed to betray the Golden Saint Warrior group. what!”

With a mouthful of crackle, he said a lot of words, leaving Nice and Yekaterina’s head on the opposite side, only Ye Wen standing in front of him froze for a long while and suddenly realized what was happening. On the cheeks, there was a twitching movement, and forcibly outlined a bitter smile on the corner of the mouth.

“Brother Taurus is obviously a super brother who was attacked in 10000 years. How can he show such a gentle expression and make such disgusting actions to a woman?”

Mino talked to herself for a long time, and finally pinched the waist with his left hand, and then the right hand drew behind him, even pulling out a grip, followed by her right hand flick, a long and dark shadow faintly discernible , And a crisp sound sounded out of thin air.

When her hand stopped, all the people saw clearly that the man was holding a long whip: “If you do something wrong, you will be punished. Let me correct your gradually distorted psychology!” “

After speaking, it was a long whip in his hand, and there was a crisp pop in the air again.


Ye Wen turned her head and pointed to the girl who claimed to be Mino in front of her and asked Yekaterina, “Where is the crazy woman?”

Seeing his appearance, not only did Mino on the opposite side feel very commanded, but together with Nice and Yekaterina, who were in the Saint Seiya camp, were speechless. Yekaterina even wondered for a while: “It turns out that the cow Uncle… …Is it such a non-key person?”

At present, the enemy still has the mood to ridicule his opponents with others. This kind of nerve is not generally thick. Ekaterina asks herself that she is rough enough in normal, but not to this degree!

Of course, her in mind’s cow Uncle is fully qualified to do so. After all, in her psychology, Taurus adults are almost invincible-the impression of being a child is too deep.

Minow didn’t care so much. The person who saw the opposite ignored him completely, feeling uncomfortable for a while, and flicking the whip with his hand, the long black whip turned into a spirit-like existence in an instant. , Walked out of an unusually strange route in the air, and then struck Ye Wen’s denomination.

But no matter how fast the speed is, the angle is strange. In front of Ye Wen, it’s just display one’s slight skill before an expert that’s all. Just grab it, just grab the front end of the whip in your hand, and look at it. Ye Wen was unhappy for the sharp whip, but he still said to Ekaterina on the side: “It was her that caused you the injury? See me to help you get revenge!”

With a drag, Mino felt that an almost unmatched power of terror was uploaded from the whip. In desperation, he was forced to let go of his hand and watched his beloved whip robbed by the other party— If you don’t let go, it’s not just the whip that flies past.

Ye Wen threw it away, and the long whip was thrown into the distance. Then he looked at Yekaterina with scars all over her body. Finally, she looked at the mino who was angry across the mouth.

“Children who have learned so badly need special education!” Ye Wen pinched his hands together a few times, and then the voice of Karakora kept coming out: “Let me represent the moon and punish you This head contains a bunch of little brats with 7 8 bad things!”


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