History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 489

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Cold field!

Yekaterina is still sitting on the ground and looking up at Ye Wen. She doesn’t understand the special meaning of the sentence just now.

Nice in Pegasus does not know anything. Although his eyes are full of expectation and enthusiasm, he is looking forward to Ye Wen showing the strength of the Golden Saint Warrior, and nothing else-just like Yu Wentuo As said, the reincarnated Pegasus is a fighting maniac and lacks interest in things other than fighting.

As for the mino on the opposite side-this girl scratched her head crooked and pointed her finger to her chin as if she was thinking: “Why is this sentence so familiar?”


Ye Wen sighed, I originally chose such a sentence, but also looking forward to what the girl on the opposite side can realize? This kind of thing like a secret code for incisions is really not suitable for him to do. Of course, that sentence is not simply nothing serious, it means that the little girl still teaches the little girl to teach the moon. Why does it mean the moon? Isn’t this an obvious thing?

Yekaterina is the reincarnation of Goddess of the Moon, so…

Regardless of where the idiot on the other side is still thinking about where he has heard this sentence, Ye Wen has been straightening his legs and suddenly moved, striding forward 2 steps, 2nd Step fiercely has already stepped on already On the crumbling stone floor that was crumpled and abused, there immediately appeared a web-like crack in the place where he fell.

Immediately following the right fist closed at the waist and abdomen, when waving the arm, 5 fingers were slowly stretched out, and the fist was directly turned into the palm. The palm force of Vajra’s palm instantly infused the entire arm, and finally Erupted from the palm.

In order to match the current identity, Ye Wen has become accustomed to using this move to evaporate a golden universe like a small universe. At the same time, the energy will also contain a pattern representing the Taurus constellation-this time Ye Wen has no spoof It looks like a kitten, but a real Taurus pattern.

The thick golden energy almost looks like it erupted from Ye Wen’s whole body, not from the palm of the hand. The opposite Mino has no time to think again. At the moment when Ye Wen moved, Mi Nuo jumped sharply and jumped into the air, almost stroking the soles of her feet, and shaved the soles of the underclothes thinly.

“Hmph, although Taurus has amazing power, but speed and flexibility…oh? How is it possible?”

Just when Minoan proudly expanded the giant wings behind her, and then kept rising, she wanted to express her own high theory. Didn’t expect a silhouette, but the Taurus silhouette disappeared, and then she Feeling a strong force struck from the bottom up, the strong gang wind almost blew his exposed abdomen and his jaw burst into a fierce pain.

Looking down, before a blue dragon-like strength came to his lower abdomen, Mino hadn’t had time to shout the last sentence: “You cheat!” in!

Lushan Shenglongba!

This time Ye Wen is definitely not a copycat version. In addition to not being promoted by a small universe, this move is the decent Lushan Shenglongba. After all, this move has been obtained early, and it has even been modified. Use Inner Strength Push to use-of course, the effect at that time was not good.

But after cultivation success now, Ye Wen gradually feels that almost any kind of power in the world can be used by himself. After all, the so-called universe is all-inclusive!

It can even be said that the meta universe is more advanced than the small universe to a certain extent. Not to mention the simulation, it is not impossible to fully use the characteristics of the small universe. Ye Wen used to be too lazy to do this, just With this Taurus identity becoming more and more stable, it gradually began to think about the characteristics of the small universe.

This move is barely a test…

Ye Wen was surprised that Mino, who was hit by Lushan Shenglongba in the abdomen, was not injured. I received a move from the Titan Nova before, but now I am faced with the Dragon Squad again-the power used in my previous attack, even the Golden Saint Warrior, may not be able to explode, which is enough to be called the strongest in Sacred Domain. Struck, but still could not hurt the girl: “This is impossible, is there any fortuitous encounter with this girl?”

Although I thought about it in my heart, the movement in my hand did not stop. After a Lushan Shenglongba blasted Mino into the sky, Ye Wen looked up and looked at Mino who was also glaring at him.

“How can this bastard use this move?”

Covering herself with a belly that was so painfully stirred by a knife of 10000000 million handles, Mino spread out the wings behind her, allowing herself to stabilize her figure in the air, and then looked down from the ground and fell back to the ground. Taurus.

“Wait… Taurus… Is that the powerful Golden Saint Seiya that Radamandis said? This guy has learned even the tricks of others? No wonder the ugly stupid dragon will deflate him!”

Thinking about it in my heart, I suddenly saw Ye Wen’s legs spread slightly on the ground, and then his left hand was closed at the waist and abdomen, and the right hand was straight up to the sky.

“This pose… is it…?”

“Stardust rotates!”

This side of the night seemed to turn into a dazzling Star River at once, and countless golden meteors continually shuttled in this piece of night. The high altitude that Minor was in became even more gorgeous and beautiful, just like countless Golden fireworks burst out at the same location.

But this kind of firework is terrible!

“Damn bastard! You cheated Ahhh!”

I don’t know how many stars were hit by my body. A black suit of purple has already been ruined. The wings behind are completely destroyed. The remaining nails can barely cover the attractive carcass. The only thing that remains the same is that the delicate white skin looks like it hasn’t suffered any harm, and it’s still the same as before.

At the same time, although Mino itself seemed to have suffered so many hits, it still didn’t mean to fall. When falling from such a high place, he could adjust his posture and land on the ground steadily.

Although it is not so beautiful to touch the four limbs at the same time, it is better than hitting the ground directly.

lifts the head, looked towards the tall man shining like the sun, Mino always feels that he is really bad luck to the extreme, originally thought that he is a BUG general existence, where do I think the real BUG is waiting for her here What.

“Is this why I came to this World? The original so-called Holy War turned out to be such a perverted Holy War? Sacred Domain has such a powerful gold Saint Seiya?”

Rubbing the still-pained abdomen, Tsang Lung Pa’s energy seems to have not completely dissipated: “Unfortunately, it’s not the beautiful sportsman I like, and I’m sure again, muscle men and so on are the most annoying!”

Standing up again, Mino could find the man on the opposite seemed surprised. In fact, she did not misread it. Ye Wen did not expect that the girl could stand up: “Oh? Interesting!”

Since this little girl can resist, he doesn’t need to be polite anymore. With one hand, 2 nebulas are pinched in his hand, and after doing a very exaggerated swinging motion, his hands are fierce. Pushing forward, with his movements, everything seemed to disappear, and this place turned into a cosmic space.

But this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that the countless planets that seem to be in front of them, and the goal of these planets is the mino who barely stood up.

“Ah! It’s unforgivable to use the trick of the Temple of Spreading, you guys other than muscles or muscles, you are not beautiful at all with this trick!”

With a roar of anger, Mino finally exploded all her strength. I don’t know if the indignation in her heart made her strength breakthrough again (?). With the waving of her fingers, countless thin and almost unavailable The thin line that naked eye sees will continue to hit her planet, pulling away from the original track, but she forgot, this move is really not the death of these planets smashed like a face, but the following…explosion.

Nice looked at the young girl a few years older than herself, flew up into the air like a rag, and then fell on the ground with a click, only to think that the golden Taurus Saint Seiya was too terrifying.

“Although it is an enemy, but it is possible to put such a heavy hand on a girl!”

I can’t imagine what annoyed this adult will end up, and what amazes Nice most is the endless tricks: “Are Taurus the most popular among the gold Saint Seiyas?” Thinking this question with his head tilted.

He didn’t know how many people Ye Wen had plagiarized at the moment, but that was not enough.

A few strides came to Mino, and the little girl was stubbornly ready to stand up, especially with her raised head, and her eyes revealed unscathed: “I want to save the elder brother Gold, so that they won’t be fooled by that idiot. The women are playing around…”

Ye Wen looked at the girl in front of her, then crouched down and gently spit out the name of the next trick: “Tian, ​​dance, treasure, chakra!”


Mino, who lost her focus a bit, regained her imagination. If Ye Wen could use Gemini’s tricks and she was reluctant to accept it, then using this move would subvert all her cognition-this is not necessary. Is it possible to use specific beliefs?

And just when she lifts the head wants to see what is going on, she just feels a sudden pain in her eyes. The kind of heartbreaking feeling is like someone poked fiercely with a wooden stick Her eyes are the same.

“Ah! You bastard!”

Ye Wen withdrew his extended fingers and finally made a point: “This girl actually has an Undying Body! But it still feels pain, like this!”

As Mino rolled her eyes on the ground while covering her eyes, Ye Wen kicked directly on Mino’s neck and neck artery. The instantaneous impact made the girl worth thinking about fainting.


Looking at Ye Wen’s movements, Yekaterina and Nice were speechless for a while, and in the end they could only use: “That is an enemy, and still a terrible enemy!” Such words kept mesmerizing myself.

However, when Ye Wen walked back with the Mighty Warrior named Mino, the two of them didn’t have to think about it anymore. This time they were sent out by the Pope to investigate the situation of the Wicked Warrior. Didn’t expect almost died here. He said that he also met Taurus Golden Saint Seiya who had been missing for nearly ten years.

I even saw with my own eyes the powerful existence of the most powerful Golden Saint Seiya and the messengers personally dispatched by Athena Goddess.

Of course, for Yekaterina, there is another layer of meaning, that is, the’Bull Uncle’ that I always wanted to see is finally back.

“Can it still move?”

Yekaterina was able to become a saint, and naturally had a terrifying resilience like everyone else. After sitting for a while, she had recovered almost. After standing up again, she looked at Ye Wen again, seemingly. What are you looking at.


Yekaterina was a bit sorry: “Nothing!” But then lifts the head and looked at Ye Wen: “Uncle…you are still so tall!”

I thought I had grown up, but still standing next to Ye Wen, I still feel like a child. However, it is precisely this way that made Yekaterina feel that the’Bull Uncle’ is still the same as the’Bull Uncle’, and nothing has changed.

“Okay, let’s not talk about these for the first time!” Ye Wen shook Mino’s hand, and did not regard this as a living person at all: “I have to think about how to deal with this little girl, as for the problem of the Underworld…”

4 Look down, this area does not know how many fighters are buried, but Ye Wen knows that this is useless, because for the fighters, the most terrifying place is not their strength, but their death after the war There are still features that can be resurrected. If you don’t want to curb this, then Sacred Domain has little chance of winning-provided that you and Yu Wentu don’t rely on strength as a bulldozer.

However, these problems don’t need Ye Wen to tangle. If you let him solve everything, and still give a holy Holy War to let those real golds get a headache, he should continue to fight soy sauce.

What really annoys him is the girl who is holding it in his hand. He can already be sure that this Little Brat also came from Earth, just how it came, and then how to go to the Underworld. These all are things that need to be asked clearly .

The easiest way is to go to Hades, but he doesn’t think a transmigrator will brag about the fact that he is actually wearing. For transmigrator, this is the biggest secret that can never be talked about. If it were not enough to give Yu Wentuo his own hint, it is estimated that this kid will not be exposed.

“So, talk to her as Senior?”

After looking at the little girl in her hand, Ye Wen felt that her girl might not be a dimensional creature. At least there must be a gap in light years in thinking.

While thinking, he was heading in the direction of Sacred Domain. Although Yekaterina and Nice had shouldered the Pope’s orders, Ye Wen was there, and the Pope’s orders could not be ignored at all. All he cared about was just a few. Things, apart from this, even if Sacred Domain let Pluto destroy him, he won’t care.

But along the way, Ye Wen didn’t speak, so the other 2 people didn’t speak out, maybe the silent Ye Wen had a kind of coercive power, so that the two of them were also involuntarily not dare to speak out, so this way appeared Very dull, the atmosphere is so depressed that even the less powerful Nice can’t hold back.

During the break, Nice directly stated that he was looking for food and took the opportunity to let himself breathe a sigh of relief.

Very terrifying coercion! Beside him, it seemed to be breathless! “

Looking at the crystal clear river in front of him, Nice showed a sunshine smile that was very suitable for his age: “Supper has fallen!”

But when he jumped directly into the river and started catching fish, Yekaterina also came to the river, looking at Nice in the water and saying directly: “Adult Taurus doesn’t like to eat fish. I’ll find some. Yes!”

“Ah?” Nice froze until Ekaterina left, and then wondered: “Aren’t they so familiar? But doesn’t it mean that Taurus has left Sacred Domain for nearly ten years? At that time, should Sagittarius be a child?”

He tilted his head and felt that he couldn’t understand it. Nice continued his big fish catching business: “No matter, since Master Taurus doesn’t like to eat, then it’s mine!”

At this time…Ye Wen, who doesn’t eat fish, sat under a big tree, and then lifted Mino’s collar and pulled a few mouths straight out: “Hey, wake up, you will be late for school!”

“I finally graduated, let me sleep!”

The confused Mino even murmured a few times, and it made Ye Wen unable to continue his hands. In the end, he had to raise his hands out of the indigo sea, and a blue water ball gathered in his hands. , And then transported Bi Xuebing to make this water polo cold and bitter, followed by…

Oh la la !

“Ah! It’s so cold!”

A scream sounded, but swallowed it back a second later, and the big hand in close proximity and the figure with the oppression force made Mino blow out directly: “What are you going to do to me? You this Damn muscular man!”

A punch like itching could hardly cause any harm to Ye Wen. Ye Wen was wondering why this girl suddenly became so weak, and she saw that the girl was so weeping and shy, she looked like she was tilting her head. Dare to look at himself like this: “Since it has become this way, you have to leave it at your disposal! But be gentle!”

That look was really enough to burn all the males into a torch, but what happened in front of Ye Wen had only one feeling:



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