History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 490

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“Don’t… shake… I… well… halo… ah!”

Ye Wen stopped his hand: “I just want to wake you up, is your brain normal now?”

A pair of eyes that almost turned into mosquito coils still didn’t recover, but there was no pause in the mouth: “My brain has always been normal!”

For such an answer, Ye Wen was seriously skeptical, but there was no effort at the moment to entangle these nonsense with her. After stopping the action on the hand, he directly put Minow in front of himself, almost by Ye Wen. This violently shook Mino simply spit out the shaking and had no right to say’no’. She sat obediently in front of Ye Wen.

It is a pity that this girl simply does not understand what is called convergence: “Sure enough, muscular men and so on are the most annoying. In addition to not being beautiful enough, they also like violence. They are so charming to me…”


Ye Wen seemed to be able to’see’ that a large piece of’Jing’ appeared on his forehead. He now has an impulse to directly bombard this guy in front of him with a punch, to see if her damn undead can really Resist the full strength attack.

Fortunately, this girl named Mino is not really stupid to get home, seeing the fist that is almost as big as her face. Although she knows that she has an undead body, but it is definitely not very comfortable to be beaten by that fist. .

“I am not a miserable wretch who likes to be abused!”

I said so in my heart, very tightly and tightly closed my mouth, and then my knees were straightened, and I sat in front of Ye Wen very standard. It’s just that those smart eyes are still erratic, it is estimated that the psychological side is still playing sly plan.

Ye Wen is too lazy to say anything about her again, as long as she can tell what she wants to know, she will do. As for what the girl is thinking about, he is really reluctant to think more.

“Your fighters…was originally ordinary person, right?”

Not knowing how to start for a while, Ye Wen simply began to explore from the identity of the underworld fighter. According to the settings in the original book, the Underworld Warrior was an ordinary person before awakening, but only after awakening will he participate in the battle as a Underworld Warrior.

But who knows what Hades of this World will do, after all, he only talked about a lot of things, how to operate simply did not say, nor did he ask how these main gods are going to do, after all, he does not want to interfere too much That would give these proud and arrogant gods a feeling of being played by Ye Wen in the palm of their hands, which would not be beautiful.

“How can it be?”

Minow denied Ye Wen’s guess as soon as he opened his mouth, but he realized that these words didn’t seem necessary to say to a golden saint? After all, to some extent, the Golden Saint Warrior is the enemy of the Underworld Warrior, sitting at this time and chatting?

“Damn, it’s not that Lao Yang and Tong Hu are nostalgic!”

I secretly gave myself a sip and praised myself: “I can only blame my reaction is too fast, even immediately answered, if I go to the answering game, it is estimated that a stable champion!”

I don’t know what this girl is thinking. Ye Wen looked at the negative words more seriously: “Not an ordinary person? Then a resident of the underworld? But what residents of the underworld?”

After thinking about it, I finally thought of a possibility: “You mean… you were all dead?”

It seems that only this may be the most reliable. There is nothing missing in the underworld, that is, there is no shortage of dead people, so finding a group of dead souls with powerful souls among the undead in the underworld as a fighter is also fully in line with Hades Hades style of.

Moreover, the undead will be given a chance to be reborn as Hades, which is naturally grateful to Hades who gave them new life, so that the loyalty is also more assured than the Hades chosen in the ordinary person category. Much.

At the same time, this seems to explain the origin of this girl!

Immortal World or this World, which is God World for the West, is not completely unconnected with Earth, and the closest connection is not the World they are in now, but the symbol of the deceased, similar to Small World. Space, that place is more closely connected to Earth than this World.

After the death of Earth, it is possible to come to the underworld of this world or hell and so on, and then reincarnate in this world-this is why Wu Zhen will be reincarnated here after secluded cultivation, even if he is due to intensive training The relationship between Buddhism and Dharma, but if the two worlds are not connected, he can’t turn it around.

In fact, Ye Wen guessed right. In fact, after Mino’s death in the previous life, the soul did not enter the reincarnation on Earth, but unfathomable mystery was attracted to the underworld of this World, but Hades’s underworld is basically not Those who will let the dead go to reincarnate are arranged to have almost endless sleep in some places.

Until recently, Hades had to choose the Underworld Warrior to wake up most of the dead souls who were asleep, and then tell them that they would have a great chance. If they were chosen, they would get a second life. , And always serve for Ming Sir Wang: Hades, who is afraid of trouble, this promise means that every Holy War will be the same group of people in the future. Anyway, for the king who is in charge of the dead, even if he died in battle, he can The soul is saved, waiting for the next rebirth.

Minow, just after waking up, a well-known figure that stands out from the crowd of undeads, of course, there is also a fortuitous encounter, which is almost inevitable, otherwise how could an ordinary girl be so sinister Stand out from the environment, and even become one of the 3 giants?

Seeing Ye Wen guessing the truth, Mino didn’t deny it, but instead said in surprise: “Huh? So you are also very smart? Looking at your block, I thought you were a stunned guy!”


Ye Wen’s right hand stretched out, and the big hand that had been opened had already been raised, and his almost trembling arm showed how much will he use now to resist the urge not to pull his arm out.

At almost the same time, the girl on the opposite side pressed the ground directly with both hands, and then pressed her forehead against the back of her hand: “I was wrong, Your Highness Taurus!”

When Ekaterina and Nice came back with the food they were looking for, they saw such a picture.

In the minds of two people, a completely different answer also appeared in a flash.

Ekaterina: “Bull Uncle even made the Underworld prodigal admit it wrong? Bull Uncle is still omnipotent like that!”

Nice: “Adult Taurus actually made the Wraiths profess to admit their mistakes? The Taurus really deserves to be known as the strongest golden saint in the Sacred Domain, the goddess of Athena Goddess, and actually used the brilliance of Goddess to transform the underworld fighters. I feel so much admiration!”

The two men looked away after a glance, then raised a fire on the side, took out the processed food and smoked it, and Ye Wen continued to ask Mino.

“What’s the matter with your undead body?” Ye Wen thought of a possibility, but that might seem a little unreliable. After all, it’s not so easy to do that.

Mino proudly raised her chin, and it seems that this Undying Body is extremely proud of her: “Have you heard of Nether-River Water?”

“Nether-River Water…” Ye Wen secretly thought, as expected, this Minoan’s Undying Body really has something to do with that thing, but he couldn’t understand that it was clearly something in the real underworld. The newly built “Pseudo Underworld” for playing a game is impossible anyway. This kind of thing is right.

At the same time, the Demi-God on Mount Olympus was able to soak the Nether-River Water with the help of his mother, and if the average person jumped into the Styx recklessly, then there was only one result waiting for them : Dragged into the river by endless wraiths in the Styx, and can never escape.

However, no matter how the girl soaked Nether-River Water and there was no accident, this also made Ye Wen understand that this girl does not own the Undying Body, but her body is almost never hurt to that’s all, if you really want to kill her, Ye Wen also has the means.

In addition to forcibly destroying it with a powerful to unmatched force, Spirit Attack like Six Roads of Samsara and tricks that directly attack the soul can cause fatal damage to it.

“It turned out to be…”

Ye Wen paused: “Although I’m not very familiar with Cancer’s tricks, I can show it when I deal with it. If I don’t want to endure hardships, I’d better behaving in the future and stop doing strange things!”

Minow was shocked, and her expression seemed surprised. However, she was not surprised, she did not expect that she just said a word Nether-River Water, the Taurus opposite saw through her weakness directly.

In terms of Cancer’s tricks, it clearly means that he knows how to urge attacks on souls-Cancer’s big moves are almost all direct attacks on enemy souls.

It can be said that Mino didn’t care much about the 2 Golden Saints. Only Cancer and Virgo made her more afraid, of which Cancer was also ranked first by her.

I didn’t expect that I didn’t encounter Cancer, which is almost her body nemesis, but I first encountered a more abnormal Taurus. I don’t know the tricks of Libra and Aries. Why not even the strange tricks of the dead crab of Cancer? Do you understand?

If she was known, Ye Wen would still be in Virgo’s Six Roads of Samsara. I don’t know if she would collapse directly, and lamented that the year was not good. She went out and didn’t look at the almanac, and even hit such an enemy.

The question is almost the same. Yekaterina and Nice also handled the food and handed it to Ye Wen’s hand, and Ye Wen handed a rabbit leg to Mino’s hand, and a few people sat quietly There began to wipe out the food in their hands.

Ye Wen didn’t need to eat, but he didn’t want to be too special, but he still ate a little, but even so, after eating, Mino said despisely: “The big chunks only eat so much Less? I haven’t eaten much yet. I really don’t know how you developed your muscles? Wouldn’t it be fake?”


This sentence makes Ye Wen feel a little embarrassed. Although the muscles in his body are genuine, they are urged by spell. He didn’t have such exaggerated height and this strong body was outrageous. The muscles of the original Ye Wen body type can only be regarded as a standard. If you wear a gown, you still have a little scholarly flavor. Of course, this is a good statement, another way is to look a little weak…

There was no voice, just let the girl guess, but unfortunately, Mino said that he didn’t speak, and he immediately said what he had been holding for a long time: “In other words, why do you listen to the woman of Athena? To know her But there is no good intentions for you, you are just a chess piece for that woman that’s all…”

Her words caused a fierce reaction from Pegasus. The young bronze Saint Seiya, the first paparazzi beside Athena, almost exploded with a sense of eight and a shock that was enough to amaze the Golden Saint Seiya.

Fortunately, Yekaterina and Ye Wen stopped him at the same time, but Ye Wen found that Yekaterina’s face was not good-looking, but she was not dissatisfied with Minor’s remarks, but with a doubt. He suddenly realized that if this Minor continues to say this, it is estimated that Holy War has not really started, and Sacred Domain himself is in a mess.

Looking around and confirming that Mino is safe, she starts the language offensive again: “Look, it is clearly called the ultimate power of Sacred Domain, Sacred Domain’s most powerful fighter, but the woman sent you to This is a place completely occupied by the enemy to send to death. Didn’t she consider that this kind of behavior might cause unnecessary casualties for her gold Saint Seiya?”

“Of course not… in fact she simply… alas? What are you doing? Don’t carry my collar!”

“I have something to tell you alone!” Grabbing Minuo’s broken clothes directly, and then mentioning it in midair, so that Mino, who was sitting on the ground, was picked up by Ye Wen, and then Ekaterina and Nice walked into the darkness next to them in surprise.

He didn’t dare to let Minow talk anymore. This girl was simply engaged in a propaganda war. If she was really allowed to let her talk like that, maybe the Golden Saint Warrior would be betrayed by what she said. After all, this is the first Holy War right now. Saint Seiya’s loyalty to Athena is not high, and what Athena does at this time is really a bit weird, and it’s too easy for people to misunderstand.

Fortunately, this time, the side fanatic Pegasus and simply unfathomable mystery were involved in the Holy War Yekaterina, if they changed other Saints, so they were dissatisfied with Goddess and then rebelled to the Pluto camp, That fun is great.

This is not to say that such a situation cannot happen, but this kind of thing must not happen in the first Holy War, because the impact of this kind of thing is really too bad.

“It seems that something has to be understood with this girl! At least she can’t be allowed to let this go on.”

After making sure that he would not be seen by Yekaterina and Nice now, and that he would not hear the sound, Ye Wen let go of his hand, and Mino simply fell to the ground.

“Aiya! It hurts a lot, you rude man!” Mino fell to the ground sideways, Mino showed a miserable expression, and then supported the body with one hand, the other hand on his cheek Above: “It seems that in the end, I can’t escape this scene, forget it, after all, it is my beloved gold Ge Ge!”

Ye Wen now feels a little immune to Mino’s weirdness. Ignoring Mino’s self-talk there, and then continue to ignore Mino’s appearance as if he was dead, closing his eyes and holding his chin to his chest. The generous and generous gesture straightly took off his helmet, revealing the true face hidden under the helmet.

Half a mile…

“Could you please open your eyes, won’t you?” Ye Wen felt very powerless now when she looked at the figure in front of her, 4 with her eyes closed.

“Hate, how can this be? People are ladies… alas? Alas? Alas?” Although that was said, her behavior was not so different. Almost immediately, he opened his eyes, and then a long-awaited look, almost green eyes almost swept directly to Ye Wen’s body, but he still saw the neatly dressed gold holy cloth.

It wasn’t until the end that her eyes swept to Ye Wen’s face. Through the moonlight, she finally saw Ye Wen’s original Minnow, then froze there for a long time, and then didn’t slow down for a long time.

“How can it be?”

“What’s impossible?” Ye Wen said it deliberately in Chinese for the purpose of temptation. As a result, the girl on the opposite side was shocked.

It’s been a while…

“It turns out that the original Taurus was an Oriental?” Mino jumped up suddenly and looked up and down at Ye Wen. The words in his mouth became Chinese: “didn’t expect can still hear the native language, It’s so kind! By the way, where is your hometown?”


Ye Wen is helpless about this girl’s nerves, hasn’t she found that possibility yet?

Just when he was thinking this way, Mino around him suddenly stopped, then stared at himself with suspicious eyes for a while, and suddenly asked in an uncertain tone: “You… Wouldn’t it be…”

“Did you finally realize it?”

Ye Wen has a sigh of relief, this girl is really a headache.

“Huh? didn’t expect actually met someone from the same tribe who is also “wearing”, and he is also a Goddess fan. See me to eliminate your dirty existence…”

Before the words were finished, Mino was directly lying on the ground with a heavy punch: “Listen to the words!”

A cough: “You always thought you were in the world of Saint Seiya?” A grievance-like Minoan was nodded with tears, and whispered in a low voice: “It’s not that I don’t work hard, the enemy is too powerful!” “some type of.

Ye Wen endured the desire to continue punching, and then directly said the fact that shocked Mino: “In fact, this is not the world of the so-called Saint Seiya, this is actually God World, it is the gods of Olympus The world of life…Of course, this refers to this piece of land under our feet, and the piece to the west belongs to heaven. And in the east, it is the jurisdiction of Celestial Court. According to our custom, this World is also called Immortal World…”

“Hah?” Mino opened her mouth, she already understood the meaning of Ye Wen this remark!


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Crazy movie


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I only know,

When that day comes,

The ordinary word of movie,

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