History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 491

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“You mean…this World where we are now is not the so-called Saint Seiya’s world?” Mino felt that his head was running at a speed that was not keeping up with things.

Just before today, she always thought that she had come to the world of Saint Seiya, but came a little earlier, and became the first group of Underworld Warriors, and participated in the first Holy War ever!

But she didn’t care, and even felt very excited, especially after learning that as a fighter of the Underworld would almost become Undying and Inextinguishable, because it meant that she would participate in the subsequent Holy War countless times until she could watch So far as those characters she particularly loves… Of course, she has made up her mind that she will never let the last scene happen.

But I have just established my ambitious goal, there is a strong and outrageous gold Saint Seiya who can’t fight himself, and also told himself: “This World you are in is not as simple as you think!”

“Since it’s not the world of Saint Seiya, what about these holy clothes and that Sacred Domain?” Although her knowledge is not particularly broad, she also understands that there is absolutely such a thing as Saint Seiya in Greek mythology: ” is it possible that …Is there any other one wearing a tribe?”

Ye Wen seemed a little embarrassed. After all, these things were made by him: “These are nothing at worst. Simply put, the gods of Olympus are too boring, so I played a game with them! Um… this Holy War…”


Mino feels like a super fool. As a major event for which he has worked hard and worked for his life, in the eyes of others, it is just a game for fun and relaxation. This contrast is too strong.

At the same time, she noticed the sentence “I will play with them” in Ye Wen’s words, a very thought-provoking sentence: “You… are you familiar with the gods of Olympus?”

This is almost a sure thing. If Ye Wen is not familiar with those gods, I am afraid that he will not know so much insider. After all, his current identity seems to be just a golden Saint Warrior that’s all!

The Golden Saint Warrior, although blown up in Sacred Domain, is actually an advanced cannon fodder, that’s all! As pawns in this game, the gods of Olympus are impossible to tell these things to a cannon fodder, then we can know that this Taurus is actually a watcher hidden in the pawns, similar to the presence of the warlord .

Mino is not stupid, and even a little smart. After trying to understand all of this, she just feels that she is completely dark, and she loses her direction of advancement. She feels like she is in a state of confusion: “How could this be…?” “

Ye Wen shrugged: “Now that these things have been explained, I will personally negotiate with Pluto and let you withdraw from this Holy War!”

“Don’t want it!” Unexpectedly, Mino’s reaction was unusually fierce. He was on the ground and was about to die, but after hearing Ye Wen’s words, he lively dragon and animated tiger again. : “If that’s the case, I have to go back to the terrifying place and stay asleep forever. That’s too terrifying!”

It turned out that Mino worried that if she could not continue to participate in Holy War, then she would be thrown back to Hades by the Hades directly to sleep in the depths of hell, and finally she wore it once (although the destination was different from what she expected), but changed it. No one wants to stay in hell and sleep?

Ye Wen found out that this girl also had something to fear, and now a self-righteous smile appeared: “It turned out to be so! If you don’t want to sleep well, then it’s better to be obediently and honestly, don’t make anything strange. Things! Although I am not very familiar with Pluto, I can still say a few words.”

“Um… mean!”

Realizing that she was threatened, Mino found that she had no room to refuse, which made her even more helpless and could only nodded with depression. After all, Heaven and Earth is big has the biggest life, if the real life is gone, then everything is over!

Anyway, there is a saying in the civilization of his hometown,’Leave the Qingshan in, don’t be afraid that there is no firewood! ‘In a word like this, she can comfort herself so deeply in her heart.

Seeing that Minor was reluctant, he nodded after all. Ye Wen smiled and put the helmet back on his head, then hooked Minor who still couldn’t stand on the ground: “Go back, tomorrow Get back to Sacred Domain early in the morning!”

I didn’t go to see if Mino followed up, and went straight back to the place where I had rested. Then I rested against the big tree in Yekaterina and Nice’s doubtful eyes.

Until the morning of 2nd day, he didn’t say a word, even if Mino dilly-dallying for a long time before reappearing in front of everyone.

He could have guessed that it would take so long, this Minnow simply was thinking about the authenticity of what Ye Wen said-not the truth about this World has several points of credibility, but Ye Wen The identity and whether he and the Olympians are really familiar with this.

Thinking about it, Mino finally found out that it might be really big, so she gave up the extremely tempting idea of ​​running away, obediently returned to the front of several people, and then sat there with a bitter face, waiting quietly With the sun rising… ten minutes later, hu hu fell to the ground and fell asleep.

In the following days, the small team of four people did not have anything special happening. They rushed by day during the day, casually found a place to rest at night, and finally returned to Sacred Domain after 4 days.

The Sacred Domain’s guards immediately saluted the Saint Seiya wearing the holy cloth, but Ye Wen’s tall figure and did not appear in the Sacred Domain for nearly ten years, making his shape gradually Forgotten, many people looked at this set of golden horns with a lot of sharp horns and wondered: “Which adult is this?”

Fortunately, there are no fakes in the Golden Saint Cloth, so no one dared to stop it, not to mention the presence of Sagittarius, which also means that the Golden Saint Warrior who has barely seen it is also genuine.

And soon, almost everyone in Sacred Domain knows who the tall golden Saint Warrior is-the most powerful man in the Golden Saint Warrior, the hand-picked goddess of Athena Goddess, left Sacred Domain for nearly ten years. Lord Taurus Gold Saint Seiya returns to Sacred Domain!

Sacred Domain’s internal claim is: Because Holy War is about to erupt, Master Taurus ended his mission outside and hurried back to Sacred Domain in preparation for the Holy War of this time!

But in fact only a few talents know that Ye Wen came back entirely because of Yekaterina, and this minority, not even the pope standing on it at this time.

“Taurus, you can rush back to Sacred Domain at this time, enough to show your loyalty to Athena Goddess, I am very pleased with this…”

crackle said a lot. Ye Wen, the Taurus standing underneath, was about to fall asleep, but the acting had to perform a full set. Fortunately, because he had the status of a god, he didn’t have to kneel to the two guys in front of him. ——If this idiot pope doesn’t open his eyes and let himself kneel, Ye Wen doesn’t mind letting him understand why Huaer is so red!

With a look in his eyes, he passed the still-speaking Pope, who now understands why Athena will pick this guy as the pope. This guy is more vernacular than Shen Gongbao, and he doesn’t take less than one when he says it. Hourly, this is simply too much leadership.

At the same time, Ye Wen can also notice that the Pope is stronger than many Golden Saints, so that at a critical moment in Holy War, the Pope can also step on the battlefield personally, fortunately the surviving Golden Saints will serve as ‘S next pope gave way.

Looking over the pope, the little girl with purple long hair standing behind the pope, with a huge scepter in his hand, wore only a plain white dress with almost no decoration, and then Smiling at yourself while blinking at myself secretly.

“This woman… estimated to be almost awakened!”

Having endured more than half an hour of bombing, finally Athena suddenly said: “Let me talk to Taurus alone, I have something to ask him!”

“Yes, Your Highness Goddess!”

The Pope is very respectful of Athena, and he will do it almost unconditionally and without discount as long as it is Athena’s command. Although he hadn’t said enough, since His Highness Goddess had commanded him, he could only obey.

Watching the Golden Taurus of the Taurus follow Athena into the Goddess Temple in the back, the pope’s eyes refocused on several others. Although the Golden Saint of the Sagittarius still has scars on his body, he still kneels respectfully There, this satisfied the Pope, and when the silhouette of Athena and Taurus disappeared, the long talk with almost no end sounded again in the Pope’s palace.

“What a lunatic!”

Although the voice gradually went away, Ye Wen, who was still able to hear, murmured casually, and then no matter what expression Athena was, she sat straight on the steps.

The facilities in the Goddess temple are simply outrageous, and I don’t know if it is to highlight the noble status of Goddess. There is only one stone bed in the entire temple, and there is no decoration from apart from this.

There are several steps in front of the stone bed, which makes this stone bed a place where Goddess rests, and where Goddess meets the Saint Warriors.

Of course, usually the curtain like a curtain will be pulled up to cover the stone bed behind.

Ye Wen is now sitting on those steps, and then looking at Athena—at this time, she no longer needs to call her Elizabeth, because she is now almost equivalent to Athena herself.

“You seem to be very dissatisfied with the fact that I brought you back?” Athena at this time, although still looking like a child, does not have the charm of a mature woman like her own body, but the corner of her mouth is curved. Smirking, but not the same as the deity on Mount Olympus.

This is what makes Ye Wen very annoying: “Of course, something that has nothing to do with me, you have to pull me in!”

“Am I there?” Athena raised her finger and pointed her chin, looking very innocent: “I just tell you the movement of my’younger sister’ that’s all, it seems not at all to say anything else. ? It’s you. When I heard that my’younger sister’ might be in trouble, I hurried back hurriedly and said that you have no idea about her?”

Keep adding a tone to the word’younger sister’: “Also, looking at you so anxious, you should know her true identity, but are you curious?”

“What are you curious about?”

“Why my memory has been fully awakened, and even after the reincarnated body can exude a part of the divine force, she still has not awakened her original memory, even the divine force that she should have cannot be used at will! “

Athena didn’t say that Ye Wen hadn’t really considered this. After all, he didn’t know about the reincarnation of the gods of Olympus, plus the memory of Nice Pegasus did not awaken that he was Zeus, so he never I wondered what is strange here.

Now when Athena mentioned it, did he realize that there was still a mess in it?

“What does it mean?”

Ye Wen couldn’t sit still anymore. From the time when he started preparing for this Holy War, Athena always seemed to be trying to put herself together with Artemis, but now she has deliberately set up a position to reincarnate herself. The later Artemis took the lead with one hand-although it only took 5 years, it was a very important experience.

At the same time, Artemis did not awaken her memory at that time, so she will naturally get close to Ye Wen. When this part of memory is merged into her body, what effect will it have, then it is not easy to say…

Anyway, this experience has had an impact on Ye Wen. It would be almost impossible for him to care about Yekaterina at all.

Athena seems to be very satisfied with the result of her game. At this time, she still has a mood to make fun of Ye Wen: “didn’t expect! It was still wondering why the beauty of Goddess of the Moon can’t always attract you. It turns out that you Love this age girl…”

After a round of rotation, the long skirt fluttered slightly with her movement: “So, does my current appearance make you feel the same?”

“You are lolicon! Your family is lolicon!” The angry Ye Wen has a somewhat Taurus imposing manner, and he is no different from an angry bull.

“Aiya, get angry!”

Athena laughed, and then the topic suddenly changed, and the thought jumped quickly, even Ye Wen was stunned for a moment: “Since you want to know, then just tell you!”


Fortunately, Athena later revealed the answer: “I hope you can help me deal with a person, and now, the only way to make him hate you enough is to keep you and Artemis together!”

Ye Wen frowned, his head quickly turned up, almost instantly he thought of who Athena had dealt with himself: “Sun God Apollo?”

“Yes!” Athena admitted it very simply, without even turning around, Ye Wen wondered why Athena became so simple and happy? I even wondered if this was another conspiracy?

But the reason given by Athena later made Ye Wen reluctantly accept: “Apollo has always been on the side of Ares, and Divine King Your Majesty attaches great importance to Apollo, and he will be very helpful to Sun God’s suggestions. Think about it seriously. That is to say, Apollo stands on the opposite of you and me from the standpoint, and the Divine King Your Majesty we want to fight for is very fond of following Apollo’s suggestions, so he will Elimination is the best solution!”

Apollo likes his younger sister. Who doesn’t know the whole Olympus? Even for this reason, Artemis was the first male to fall in love with the design-Artemis did not like to approach men and was not willing to be approached by men. It is because of this reason.

“So, you want me to be a rival to Apollo and fight for your life?” Ye Wen also gradually sorted things out: “Even if I can’t kill Apollo, but as long as the two of us fight desperately, even If one side wins, the other side won’t feel well. At that time, even if Apollo won, you can take the opportunity to clear this hindrance Sun God… It’s a good plot against!”

Athena narrowed her eyes and laughed: “This is a good result for you and me. Besides, the moon and hunting Goddess will become your spoils of war. This is the result of how many men yearn for something even in dreams. , Don’t you want to?”

“Of course…”

It’s a pity that he was interrupted by Athena before he finished saying: “If it was before, maybe I will believe it! But now what? There was an unforgettable experience with Artemis’ reincarnation. I can’t feel love for Artemis, I am afraid I can’t really let go of it?”

“So what?” Ye Wen has calmed down now. Athena, the wise Goddess, is really not a good character to deal with. He only noticed that he fell into the chessboard as early as unconsciously: “I just took care of the reincarnation The later Artemis had some good feelings for her, but that was just a concern, and I could keep a considerable distance from her, so that Apollo would naturally not have any misunderstanding… Hey, although he misunderstood Nothing!”

“Do you think you can do it? Or do you think I will give you such a chance?” Athena’s smile became more and more evil: “Trust me, you and Artemis will have next A very intimate journey, unless you are willing to watch Artemis go to ruin!”

“What do you mean?”

“It literally means!” Athena walked to Ye Wen’s side, and stroked his body wrapped in a golden holy cloth: “Go and save the beautiful moon and the hunting Goddess, from her Evil and hateful brother!” (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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