History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 492

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“Hehe!” Ye Wen stood on the spot, looking at a pair of “I’ll eat you” Athena suddenly showed a burst of laughter, this sound even made the opposite Athena feel a chill in the body. Wondering, could not help but raised his head and looked at Ye Wen a few more times, it seemed to see through the shadow attached to Ye Wen’s helmet, to see clearly Ye Wen’s expression.

“You seem to have made a mistake!” Ye Wen saw Athena looking at herself, and simply raised her hands to take off the Taurus helmet, and then dropped it aside.

The golden helmet landed on the stone-paved ground with a crunch!

Ye Wen, who showed her original face, even showed a mocking expression, which surprised Athena slightly. She felt as if something was gradually getting out of her control: “I don’t seem to need to do it according to your arrangement! “

Ye Wen knocked on the armor in front of his chest, and after this action, a burst of golden rays erupted at the joints of the Golden Saint Cloth, such as elbows, shoulders, waist, thighs, etc. of light, and then the golden holy cloth attached to his body suddenly detached from Ye Wen, and the table tennis was scattered all over the place.

I don’t know which part of the armor, rolling on the ground for a while, the sound echoed in the empty great hall, Ye Wen and Athena looked at each other, until the great hall returned to silence After that, Ye Wen continued his words.

“Maybe as you said, we stand on a common position on certain things, but it does not mean that I can let you do whatever you want with common goals!”

Only a vest and a pair of shorts are left on Ye Wen, all of which are extremely elastic and tight-fitting clothes, and with his words, the body began to shrink slowly, and finally returned to the original appearance. The vest and shorts are still very close to the body, this is to facilitate the use of the bottle gourd trick, he specifically put on things, to avoid being broken when they grow up or fall back when they are restored.

After turning it over easily, a very ordinary set of clothes appeared on Ye Wen’s hands, and then under the watch of Athena, he put on his clothes calmly and calmly, and he also took out the hair crown and returned his hair. Organized it.

Only a moment later, Ye Wen restored the appearance of Shushan Sect Master, wearing a white Confucian shirt, with her hair tied in a part of the crown, and the rest naturally falling behind her head.

At this time, Ye Wen no longer lost the mighty dominance of the Taurus Gold Saint Seiya, but the scholarly flavor that had not been seen for a long time was revealed again.

It’s a pity that this scholarly flavor is completely concealed by Ye Wen’s anger all over his face: “Then… our cooperation has ended here, Your Honored God and God Goddess, I hope you will be in this game Have fun in playing!”

Athena already knew what Ye Wen was about to do at this time, but the oriental man was so simple that she didn’t want to do anything!

“Why? Obviously everything can be profitable!”

Athena’s complexion was so blue that she couldn’t understand Ye Wen’s choice—although she had plot against Ye Wen, wasn’t he not benefited? Then why should he turn his face with himself?

“I am not your pawn!”

Ye Wen gave an answer with a cold face: “In addition, I need to make you understand…I am not a person who can be manipulated by you at will!”

It is natural to spread your hands like a very normal movement, but with this movement of Ye Wen, the whole body True Qi suddenly worked, and the whole body skills that have not been used for almost a long time are all urged. The strength of the already-profound meta universe has exploded. Ye Wen’s whole person seems to be incarnation as the universe. The opposite Athena only feels that the man in front of her is like the deep night sky.

This feeling is only fleeting, but for Athena, even just a moment is enough to make her vigilant. She hardly ever feels this way in anyone, even Divine King Zeus, will not make She couldn’t see the depth.

“How much power does this Oriental hide?”

Just when Athena thought that Ye Wen was just showing her strength a little bit, and then she would just leave, the opposite Ye Wen showed no signs of moving.

Athena barely saw what was going on, but felt her abdomen hurt, followed by a dark eye, and the whole person softened to the ground.

“This man… actually punched me?”

This is the last thought that flashed in her head, and the strange power in her abdomen almost made the tear force of her within the body dive to the ground 7-8 1. Some of the power left her, The divine force in her body was instinctively aware of the danger and responded immediately, but that was all after she passed out.

Looking at Athena, who was so soft on the ground, Ye Wen didn’t waste any more time on her, turned and walked straight out!

At this time, he is no longer dressed as a golden saint, so when he left the Goddess Temple and came to the Pope’s Hall, the pope who was still chattering constantly watched Ye Wen come out from behind, a moment later Before they reacted.

“Who you are? How come out of Goddess Temple?”

The pope immediately opened his posture: “Dear evil oriental, could you be an assassin from the underworld? How are you going to Your Highness Goddess?”

Ye Wen looked at this pop-adult hu hu, and he didn’t even have the interest to tease him. He raised his hand directly, and a Sword Qi Finger came out with effort.

The Pope on the opposite side didn’t even see what was going on. I just felt that after a flash of purple light flashed in front of me, my eyes turned black, and then nothing understood!

Yekaterina, who was kneeling underneath, and Mino, who had been tied up with a special iron chain, sat with her mouth wide open, watching the scene in front of her in disbelief, and then staring at His Royal Highness Directly soft to the ground and rolled a few times from the stone steps and finally the head was very intimate with the stone surface.

The unusually clear impact sound, even if you hear it, will feel a forehead pain. Ekaterina and Minor both shrinked their necks involuntarily when the sound rang, as if they hit their heads like themselves.

It wasn’t until this time that Yekaterina came back to his senses, immediately jumped from the ground, and then opened her posture to face the Oriental who didn’t know where to come out.

But she found out unexpectedly that she couldn’t get a little killing intent when facing this man?

“who are you?”

The’skinny’ man who looked very different from himself looked at himself for a moment with a strange look, and then said nothing, but walked straight to himself.


Although she didn’t understand what was going on, Yekaterina, who felt that she had been scorned, was not going to continue talking nonsense anymore. Almost just for a moment, her right hand was already holding a gold bow, but when she took gold When the arrow hit, there was no silhouette of the man in front of him.

When she was shocked, there was a sudden pain in the back of the neck, followed by a dizzy head, and fell directly to the ground.

She didn’t know what was going on, but Mino saw it clearly, stared wide-eyed at Ye Wen, and finally asked a sentence that made Ye Wen want to vomit blood.

“Wow, beautiful man! Are you here to save me?”

After talking, I sat on the ground and twisted the chain-wrapped body: “Although your appearance is indeed my food, but people are not so casual, what happens if you are saved once, if you really If it’s interesting to others, then you have to…”

Ye Wen walked in front of Mino and kicked the chattering guy with a single foot, then reached out and grabbed the chain, directly took this girl in his hand, stepped out, and the person had come outside the Pope’s Palace.

The guard at the door only felt that there was an extra person in front of saw a flash, but the person in front of him had been disappeared again before they could speak or make any appropriate response.

The two men glanced at each other. At that moment, the two suspected that they were dazzled, but the almost identical expressions and movements of the two people made the two guards understand that everything just now was not dazzled.

“problem occurs?”

After turning around and rushing into the Pope’s Palace, the two poor guards saw the great Pope and the distinguished Sagittarius Golden Saint Seiya collapsed on the ground…

No matter how far the Sacred Domain has become, it hasn’t been far (Sacred Domain has enchantments that can’t be teleported and can’t fly, but that kind of thing doesn’t work for Ye Wen). Ye Wen just found a place and landed Down.

Next he is going to Olympus, because Chris and Shen Gongbao are there, and some of his own things are also on Olympus, so even if he is going to leave, he has to go first Bring everything you bring there.

What are the consequences of this time and Athena’s fall? He did not that absolutely does not have considered.

In fact, his purpose of coming to Mount Olympus this time is now almost half done!

Zeus is now busy playing the Holy War game. Even if he really wants to do something with Shushan, it is not possible to do it in a moment and a half. He has already given Shushan ten years now, even if Zeus has finished this Holy War. Immediately attack the East, at least for several decades.

Even more how, heaven is also restless, if Mount Olympus really came to attack the East, then they would feel what it means to be enemies.

You know, that feeling is not good!

Moreover, in order to muddy the water, he also specially arranged the small nail of Kratos, maybe this time the guy will bring him some unexpected surprises.

Of course, in order to ensure that this nail can play a greater role, Ye Wen is also preparing to add some chips to Kratos, and looked at Mino in his hand: “Maybe I should inquire about Styx!”

But before doing this, I still need to deal with this guy on hand. In any case, he can’t put this girl back. If you let this guy appear in the Pluto army, then what kind of bird will the Holy War play? If Zeus is unhappy, he wants to take the East Immortal. World is angry, then all of his 100 plans have done nothing.

So this little girl has to be taken care of…

“Just kill it!”

It seems to be casual, but the word didn’t expect attracted fierce protest from the girl in the hand-Mino, who had awakened long ago, did not expect that he had fallen into the hands of a more terrifying guy, not only himself. There is no power to fight back, and the first thing is to kill yourself. Are the people of this World so cruel?

“Don’t kill me, I’m very useful!”

“Oh? What’s the use of you?” Ye Wen looked at Minno struggling to make’I’m cute’, but was curious what answer she would say.

As a result… Ye Wen didn’t expect it.

“I…I…” After a long time, Mino didn’t come to a conclusion. Seeing Ye Wen’s impatient look, Mino was anxious. He said, “I will warm my bed…”


Ye Wen looked at Mino, who was put in his hand very calmly: “No, I think it’s more neat to kill you!”

“Ah? Don’t be like this, you see me so beautiful and beautiful, and my figure is so good, you won’t have any loss if you take care of it! And you can highlight your identity if you take it out?” Blinking constantly. Shuangshui Lingling’s big eyes, and then stared at Ye Wen: “Besides, look, we are all black-haired and yellow-skinned Orientals, and they are more or less a family. You have the heart to cruel me this delicate flower Is it ruined?”

Not to mention, if Ye Wen kills this girl casually, he really can’t stop, because this girl has never really been hostile to him from beginning to end. As for the conflict, it can only talk about the problem of role allocation. .

Ye Wen sometimes shoots very ruthless, but it is only true of real enemies. If Mino really wants to be hostile to him, he will not keep his hand, but now this situation…

Throwing Mino on the ground, and then waving it with a sharp sword energy, Mino didn’t notice what was going on, just felt like a purple light flashed in front of him, and then the chain on his body was there. It was cut off in an instant-and it was broken into a small section and a small section of the scattered ground.

Even though he didn’t suffer any harm, even the underclothes under the chain (although they were already broken) were still harmless.

“Wow! Is this a fairy law?”

In fact, after waking up in the sky just now, Mino probably noticed her own situation. It was the legendary fairy who could wear an ancient oriental gown and fly around in the sky.

Regarding the Taurus and the World that he said before, it is Immortal World for the Orientals, so the answer will not come out?

But why did this fairy go to Sacred Domain? And saved yourself? Is it related to that Taurus?

After there will be no mortal danger for a while, Minor’s head has started to function normally. What is the connection between this matter? After thinking about it, she suddenly discovered that the person’s voice was a bit familiar.

“Well… it should be the voice I often heard recently…”

Just thinking for a moment, a tall and sturdy man wearing a gold holy cloth and a helmet with a pair of horns appeared in her mind.

“Ah!” Mino stared wide-eyed and raised her finger to Ye Wen: “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Maybe it was because it was too late to think about the facts, and for a moment, I didn’t know what to say. I could only point to Ye Wen and open my mouth in surprise.

“En?” After noticing Mino’s reaction, Ye Wen had a funny expression: “Did you find it?”

This sentence is tantamount to admitting this point directly, and at this time, Mino calmed down, and sitting there looked back and forth from Ye Wen: “How come there is so much difference in shape?”

Ye Wen laughed: “This Elder has already received Magical Powers, and now this is what I look like!”

Hearing his explanation, Mino smiled brilliantly: “This look… has love!” Then he showed an intoxicated look, holding his hands against his chest, and then looked at him with a drunken look With Ye Wen.


After a burst of chestnut woke Mino who was in a state of dementia again and threw her a suit directly, Ye Wen stopped taking care of her and took out one from the ring, leaving Mino stunned for a long time. Came back to His senses thing-detector.

Through the detector, Yu Wentuo who was still in Sacred Domain was contacted, and the general situation was told to this discipline. After the lecture, Yu Wentuo was silent for a moment, and then asked: “So the discipline also leaves!”

“No… Although I turned my face with Athena for the teacher, it was just a little friction! She was right about what she said, and we are consistent in terms of position! You continue to do what you should do and play well Your character is all right. By the way, accumulate some actual combat experience in this game!”

Yu Wentuo’s stay in Sacred Domain is also the next insurance, to ensure that Sacred Domain can win the final victory-if the situation goes against the direction of Sacred Domain, Yu Wentuo will use his personal strength to reverse the situation and ensure Sacred Domain won the Holy War while also allowing Pegasus to have Hapi, and then he could be honorably bento.

Of course, apart from this, Ye Wen also hopes that Yu Wentuo can take care of Yekaterina.

Ye Wen is very open about this, if you can’t let go, you can’t let go. As for Apollo? He wasn’t really afraid of the dead sister.

As for Artemis…

Ye Wen raised his hand and looked at the halo pinched in his hand. This moonlight-like thing was taken from Athena’s body, and this group of things obviously did not belong to Athena. .

“It turns out like this!” Ye Wen snorted: “This woman is really tossing!” Turning around casually, the light group seemed to appear disappeared as never before, and let Mino look at the clicking one’s tongue in wonder.

When Ye Wen turned around again, Mino had already changed the suit. Ye Wen immediately swelled Jianguang and wrapped Mino in Jianguang, heading straight to Mount Olympus. As for the original tattered undergarment? No one will bother about being left on the hill.


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