History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 493

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The journey back to Mount Olympus was smooth. There were no obstacles along the way, and nothing happened. Even when the woman went up the mountain, Athena didn’t make trouble for herself.

Ye Wen knows that although he gave the Goddess a rebirth punch, there is actually no threat to the woman. Not to mention the body, even the reincarnation, it can be recovered after a moment, and then how should it be? What will happen.

However, it is estimated that Athena will not notice that the thing she secretly hid in her reincarnated body was secretly taken by herself in a short while. After all, in order to prevent being discovered by the woman, he deliberately used his own energy to simulate a similar group of energy and put it back in place.

On Mount Olympus, it is still exactly the same as when he last came. The long life makes most of the Olympus gods seldom toss about these messy things, so they lived as them for a long time. Olympus, the environment will not change much.

Along the way, there were even some Demi-God who greeted Ye Wen actively, which surprised Mino behind him even if she didn’t know who the handsome men and men appeared one after another. , But when she learned that she was stepping on Mount Olympus, she knew that these guys were those great and famous great characters.

As a result, these people looked a little respectful when facing the person in front of them. This inevitably made Mino’s curiosity go unrestrained. The beautiful little face was full of doubts, and almost didn’t ask directly. Too.

“Demi-God of Olympus admires the powerhouse!”

After Ye Wen threw out such a headless word, without any explanation, Minow thought about it and realized that the subtext is: I am a powerhouse worthy of their worship!

“It’s so stinky!”

She didn’t dare to say this to Ye Wen anyway. She could only laugh and slander her stomach. 2 sentences were over, just looking at Ye Wen’s appearance that was quite in line with her appetite. : “But… it’s a man!”

Although Mino still didn’t say this sentence, but the naked expression deeply sold her. Ye Wen, although he could see clearly, could only do what he didn’t see.

Going back to the palace where she lived with Shen Gongbao, the huge building was still so impactful, Mino looked up for a long while, until the silhouette of Ye Wen was about to disappear from sight, and then he caught up— —It’s not that there is no majestic building in the underworld, but the architecture of the underworld does not know why, it will not make people feel majestic, it will only feel gloomy.

After catching up with Ye Wen, I found out that Ye Wen was already standing in the hall talking to a man in a robe. The man dressed as a Taoist was lying on his feet…


The Black Tiger opened one eye, glanced at Mino, then closed it again, and continued to lie there lazily, and the balcony that was not far away was still occupied by Jade Qilin.

Today’s jade Qilin is no longer that miserable look. The green scales exude a jade-like luster. The name of jade Qilin is now not just in name only, but also in reality.

The double horns have been restored, and even the blind eyes have regained their light. The original skinny body has regained strong muscles. The four words of fat and strong can also be restored to the present. Jade Qilin Body is on.

Looking at this Ruishou now, although lying there, it can still show the unusual imposing manner. Although Minuo found Jade Qilin without immediately, but when she noticed, her eyes could not move. At this time, the black tiger was already thrown aside by her.

“Qilin?” Ye Wen turned around and looked at her: “Isn’t this your mount?”

In the impression, the Eastern Immortal likes to raise mounts. Since the Black Tiger is lying at the foot of the Taoist, then it is naturally the mount of the Taoist. So it seems that at this time, Ye Wen seems to be more like the owner of Qilin—- Although they are not without others around, they are all waiters on Mount Olympus. A group of white people is not like people who can be related to pure Eastern Divine Beast, such as Jade Qilin.

Although Chris was also standing aside, it was clear that his Caucasian identity made him lost to the Olympus gang by Mino.

Just looking at her in four places, Ye Wen has already made a rough estimate with Shen Gongbao.

“So, Ye Sect Master has turned over with Athena?”

“Roughly this is the case!” Ye Wen ordered nodded: “However, in some things, it is estimated that some simple cooperation can still be carried out. At least as far as Holy War is concerned, it can still be continued!”

Shen Gongbao’s eyebrows have not been loosened since he wrinkled. In fact, he did not agree with Ye Wen’s choice. In his opinion, although Athena is not a good person, she also likes to plot against others and has a little bit Be careful, but in general there is no malice towards them, and it is barely a reliable ally.

Although it caused some trouble for Ye Wen, because Apollo was not that good to deal with. But anyway, it can be regarded as compensation-Artemis is still very emotional. Although Shen Gongbao is a master of Xuanmen Taoism, she dare not say that she can refuse such a stunner.

When thinking of this, he admired Ye Wen, the Shushan Sect Sect Master: “Don’t look at this Ye Sect Master cultivation is not long, but this heart is much stronger than me!”

Secretly thought, as soon as she felt ashamed, Shen Gongbao thought for a while and then made a suggestion: “In this way, we can’t live in this Olympus! Although Athena won’t do anything to us, but this woman is careful Temperament, I don’t know what other tricks are waiting for us! If you continue to live here, you will inevitably fall into passive!”

Ye Wen nodded said: “I think so too, so I came back here to call you and let us go down the mountain together!” Paused said again: “What’s more, our purpose is almost achieved, and now even It’s not impossible to go back to the East!”

Although Shen Gongbao did not understand the confidence of Ye Wen, he believed that Mount Olympus would no longer pose a threat to the Celestial Court, but he also understood that this was not the best time to discuss matters, and the location was also inappropriate. No nonsense, nodded directly said: “Since this, we don’t have to say more, let’s go!”

Both he and Ye Wen are relaxed, and important things are carried with them, and there is nothing to clean up. Just lift your feet and you can leave.

Ye Wen glanced at Chris next to his eyes. The disciplinary temperament was calmer. Ye Wen looked at him and asked him: Did we forget something?

See Chris nodded, and then stand directly on his side and prepare to leave with himself, and I understand that there is nothing to clean up: “Go!”

After talking about it, I turned around and went straight out. As for the Jade Qilin? simply Don’t need to shout, this Divine Beast can understand what they say, plus they have been with each other for so many years, there is a little tacit understanding, and with Ye Wen out of the palace together, there is no need to go with it. Someone said hello and went straight down the mountain.

No one on Mount Olympus is worthy of greeting. Zeus has fallen into a deep sleep in order to concentrate on playing this game.

Athena is also the same situation, when it is not necessary, her body is also asleep, and will not run around in 4 places!

Hephaestus, who has a good relationship with Ye Wen, is not on the mountain right now. The only Artemis left is the familiar one? Ye Wen doesn’t even know where she is.

So, say goodbye and so on can also be avoided, just leave.

The only thing worth worrying about is that Apollo’s dead sister control will suddenly run out, but Ye Wen’s luck is not bad, he didn’t meet Apollo or his people in and out, and waited until everyone got off Mount Olympus And after flying for a while, these talents began to think about where to go.

According to Shen Gongbao, since the goal has been achieved, it is enough to go back to the East, but Ye Wen obviously cannot go back so simply.

Not to mention that Yu Wentuo is still in the Sacred Domain, Zhang Ling is still waiting in the snowfield! Of course, he can also directly communicate with Zhang Ling and let her return. But the point of the problem is that the mother and daughter of Valkyrie, if the mother and daughter have something unexpected after they called Zhang Ling away, then things will be in trouble…

“I still have some things to deal with, so let General Shen go back first!”

Shen Gongbao thought about it, and it didn’t make sense to stay, and the key was that he had understood it. This Ye Sect Master was not a good talker. Don’t look at the peace and kindness, but the major event was early on There are abdominal cases, how to do it does not require others to join casually, plus he is not a Shushan middleman, after all, and Ye Wen has several points of separation, so it is estimated that staying is not good, it is better to simply leave Go back directly to the jade emperor.

“Only Shushan Ye Wen has already settled the Olympus gods, should you be able to satisfy Your Majesty after returning?”

Thinking like this, he smiled and Ye Wen had a cup one fist in the other hand: “So, there is a chance to meet again there!”


2 people suspended above the sky to salute each other, then Shen Gongbao stepped on the white-fronted black tiger, turned around and asked the jade Qilin: “Do you want to follow me back to the east?”

Yu Qilin tilted his head, and finally shook the head at Shen Gongbao shook the head, to see that it meant to stay here in Ye Wen, Shen Gongbao saw secretly sighed: “This leaf Sect Master is really good Fortune deep… Begging, that’s all!” But it was the exchange of feelings with this jade Qilin in a few years, but it was always difficult for Qilin to look at him. His heart was a little depressed. He directly patted the back of the black tiger and brought a gust of wind. A shadow.

Minow sat on Yu Qilin’s back because of his flightless technique. After listening to a few words from the talents, he realized that Yu Qilin was simply not Ye Wen’s mount. Qilin said: “Why don’t you make my mount, in fact, I am very majestic!”

It’s a pity that this remark only exchanged the eyes that Yu Qilin despised and Ye Wen: Are you an idiot? Mino’s expression made me feel depressed for a while.

“If you don’t do it, don’t do it. Next time I will find a flying dragon as a mount!”

Ignoring Mino’s complaint, Ye Wen flew straight ahead, Chris also broke up with Purple Battle Qi, who had returned to Peak, and Jade Qilin stepped on the auspicious cloud, either fast nor slow.

Mino sat on Qilin’s back curiously, left and right, and then unexpectedly discovered that there seemed to be a shield-like presence around Qilin. Even if she flew fast, she could not feel the wind.

“It’s really good…”

After watching for a long time, he finally turned his gaze to the side and looked at Chris who was flying aside. Mino suddenly exclaimed: “Huh? Why did you follow? Are you not Olympus?” “

Chris: “…”

Ye Wen’s Jianguang suddenly tilted in front, and then turned his head to look at Mino: “You only noticed?”

Maybe I felt that I was a little too nervous. Mino even felt sorry: “I just watched this as Qilin came here. I didn’t go to see anyone beside me! And…you haven’t spoken, naturally. I don’t feel your presence.”

Pushing the blame on Chris, Mino said more and more that it was like that, with a chin on his chest and a look of’blame you’, making Chris speechless for a while.

After thinking for a while, Chris decided it was better to ignore this girl who didn’t know where it came from. Looking at Ye Wen flying ahead, she asked directly: “Master, where are we going?”

Ye Wen didn’t say much about his opening, but Minor was surprised again: “Wow, your Chinese speaks a good standard!”


Ignoring Mino’s yelling there, Ye Wen didn’t look back and said directly: “Go to Zhang Ling! By the way, let you see your little Junior Brother’s wife and daughter!”

“Ah? Little Junior Brother’s wife and daughter?”

Little Junior Brother naturally refers to Yu Wentuo. Chris and Yu Wentuo spent time together in Sacred Domain. During that time, the two of them could say something to each other, so they were familiar with each other. Chris and Yu Wentuo had the deepest relationship.

So he is also clear about the fact that Little Junior Brother is obsessed with that Valkyrie. Now Master says that Little Junior Brother’s wife can still estimate which Valkyrie is. As for the child… where did this come from? ?

Ye Wen explained the matter briefly, and Chris understood it with emotion, saying, “Good woman!” He stopped talking. On the other hand, Mino over there was still noisy and noisy.

“Walkiri alas! dignified Martial Goddess! Why did you become a wife like that? What is the Little Junior Brother you said? I’m curious what kind of man can actually conquer a woman like Valkiri? !”

“Also, Shushan Sect…is your Sect called Shushan Sect? Is there also Myriad Swords Art and so on?”

“You also know my Master’s stunts?” Chris suddenly realized in a moment, the feeling girl is also the same as Little Junior Brother’s “wear” goods? It’s no wonder that the Master has brought him around. Could it be that he needs more Little Junior Sisters?

It’s just that this time it was replaced by Mino, and it was estimated that the man who didn’t expect not far away actually knew Myriad Swords Art, so her head fell into a crash at that moment: “Is this person called Li? Get away?”

Ye Wen, who was flying in front of him, couldn’t help but had a relatively simple self-introduction: “I am Shushan Sect incumbent sect leader, surnamed Ye has a single name and a text!”

“Ye Wen?” Mino just noticed that she knew the name of this person, but she cares more about the identity of the Shushan Sect Sect Master: “didn’t expect, you look young It turned out to be a Sect Master! I thought Sect Master had to have a white hair and white beard!”

Ye Wen glanced back at Mino: “Don’t look at my appearance, it’s enough to be a grandfather at your age!”

In one sentence, Minow choked on speechless. Although many traditional things were almost forgotten in the time she grew up, some things were carved in the bones.

For example, the concept of inspect the old and cherish the young, which has been instilled since childhood, does not mean that you can ignore it if you want to ignore it. I didn’t know what I didn’t think before, but now I know that Ye Wen is also a Great Grandpa. The character suddenly made Minow not know how to be at home, and felt awkward how to sit.

Sitting on Qilin tossing and twisting, first sitting upright and sitting straight, just like the elementary school students in class, but I feel like this is a bit too contrived, and then I want to be a little casual, but I feel like this Not respecting’Senior’ enough, and writhing around for a while, but annoyed Yu Qilin under him.

Yu Qilin, who has never spoken before, even broke his mouth and cursed: “Smelly woman, you continue to twist on my back and I will throw you from the sky!”

This sentence was originally nothing worst, but from the mouth of jade Qilin, it is inevitable that it will be a little surprised-Chris has also been with this jade Qilin for several years, and it is the first time he heard jade Qilin speak. He used to think that Divine Beast was the same as Garfield. Although he was intelligent and human, he could not speak.

I never thought I heard Jade Qilin speak human’s words today, and it made people feel uncomfortable when he opened his mouth: “Don’t you know that you don’t have a lot of meat on your butt? I am very uncomfortable, and I still wriggle… Could you please twist the fat points of your ass?”

In this sentence, several of Lei’s people were out of focus, and Ye Wen stopped Jianguang to stop his body, looking at Jade Qilin and asked in surprise, “Can you speak?”

Yu Qilin raised his head: “As Divine Beast, if you say that’s all, what’s the major event?”

“Then why haven’t you spoken before?”

Yu Qilin’s eyes narrowed and his chin was higher: “What’s there to say in human language? I used to be too lazy to say that’s all…”

Ye Wen looked up and down at Jade Qilin, as if seeing the ground for the first time, and looking directly at Jade Qilin felt a little uncomfortable: “What are you looking at?”

“It’s nothing!” shrugged man: “It’s didn’t expect that you are such a character!” The psychological side secretly kept up with another sentence: It was too detrimental to Qilin’s mighty Divine Beast image. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to come to the starting point (qidian.com) to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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