History’s Number 1 Sect Leader Chapter 494

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Jade Qilin hasn’t known if it’s been a long time since she opened her mouth. Ye Wen has been talking all the way there, making Ye Wen a headache. Absolutely didn’t expect this Jade Qilin’s whole word!

Fortunately, I don’t need to go along with it myself. Mino seems to be quite curious about this Divine Beast who can speak. I listened to it all along the way and said a man and a beast chirp chirp twitter twitter, called Ye Wen. a feeling of.

Until it flew over the snowfield, the snowstorm almost obstructed everyone’s sight. In desperation, he had to slow down and gather together. At this time, Mino closed his mouth and looked at the surrounding snowstorms. daze……

“How? Little girl hasn’t seen snow yet?”

Yu Qilin said a few words, and found that no one had an interface. When curious, she turned around and glanced at her. He noticed that Minoan was staring at the sky and snow, and immediately ridiculed.

didn’t expect This time Mino didn’t refute, but instead “huh” said: “There is almost no snow in the place where I used to live, even if it is the next time, it is very small or simply caught in the rain, so This is the first time I saw big snow… I feel a little scared!

This sentence made Ye Wen finally feel that this is an ordinary little girl, not a big nerve, a bunch of strange thinking alien creatures in his head.

At the same time, he also learned from this sentence that Mino should have lived in the south before, so he had never seen such a big snowstorm. But is it too exaggerated to be afraid?

Ye Wen is standing and talking without backache, he has the habit of looking at it, plus the boldness of execution stems from superb skill, he regards the horrible snowstorm as nothing, but the average person sees this scene for the first time, fearing that he will think that the end of the world Is it coming? How can there be no panic?

Fortunately, Ye Wen put his energy all around and formed a shield-like existence around it, isolating the wind and snow, so even though Mino felt a little uneasy, he was not too frightened to do anything unreasonable. Behavior.

After flying for a while, Ye Wen transported Divine Pupil to look at the following, just a look, and suddenly there was a surprise, and then said with a sneer: “act recklessly guy!”

As soon as Chris heard the words of his Master, he knew that something must have happened, but now the Master is by his side, and it is not his turn. He secretly prayed 2 sentences for those bad luck eggs, and then followed Ye Wen fell to the ground behind him.

Although Mino heard Ye Wen’s words, she did not know what happened, and her strength was also the weakest. With the wind and snow blocking, she could not see anything at all, so she was a little curious: “What happened?”

Yu Qilin once again despised Mino once, but still kindly told her things: “There is a birdman fighting Zhang Ling!”

Although the words were very short, they directly explained the matter clearly. The only thing that puzzled Mino was who was Zhang Ling? Looking at Ye Wen’s reaction, could it be his girlfriend?

“Zhang Ling is a discipline of Ye Wen!”

It’s a pity that before waiting for Mino to further lurk in her mind, Yu Qilin directly released the truth, leaving her speechless for a while: “Aiya, what do you say so quickly…”

The two while speaking had fallen to the ground. Only then did they discover that there was no wind and snow in this space, and this side world seemed to be separated by a force alone.

Minor looked up and found that 4 was covered with an energy hood. Although it was very fragile and had little protection, even Mino had the confidence to destroy it with one punch, but it could block the wind and snow safely, even Some missed, but it will not have any impact on this space.

Look at the field, a 2-wing angel with two pairs of wings, wearing a silver body armor, holding a two-handed sword in his hand, standing there looking at the few of them with vigilance, wait until After Mino also fell, the angel suddenly smiled: “didn’t expect and helpers… but no matter how many pagans come, it is useless! Today, you will all wash away your life with your life. original sin!”

The head of each minding their own business said something similar to a declaration: “Remember that the angel who cleansed your sins is called Kane. If you have the opportunity to get Lord summon to go to heaven, report my name, How much can bring you some convenience!”

Ye Wen looked at the proud 4-winged angel like a rooster opposite him, and he was speechless: “Why do angels exist so stupidly? Even the opponent’s strength is dragged, 2 5 80000 !”

What’s more…

The angel and Zhang Ling seemed to have fought for quite a while, and there were a lot of knife marks on the gorgeous armor on their body, which was obviously injured by Zhang Ling. Zhang Ling, who was standing not far away, although gasping for breath, There is no harm. It seems that the angel’s strength is not very good… What kind of capital arrogance does he have at this level?

Ye Wen 100 was puzzled, and finally came to the conclusion that angels cannot be treated as normal people, and they are all idiots, then everything can be explained.

For a moment, Zhang Ling had adjusted his breath, and then took a deep breath. Although he did not turn his head, he was obviously asking Ye Wen: “How did the Master come so fast?”

Ye Wen shrugged: “There is no hindrance, so it’s flying faster!” Then I felt the energy fluctuation in Zhang Ling’s body, and finally said: “Hurry up to solve this noisy bird!”

“Yes, Master!”

The dialogue between the two did not specifically shout loudly, but it was not so small that it was inaudible, not to mention just a few people, and the opposite angel could naturally hear clearly.

Seeing that the young Oriental who had just arrived did not put his great 4-winged angel in his eyes at all, he was also annoyed in his heart: “What an arrogant Oriental!”

It’s a pity that he didn’t get any response at all. Ye Wen always disinclined to pay attention to those who have IQ deficiency.

Minuo looked aside curiously at Zhang Ling.

Zhang Ling’s height is not high, belonging to a relatively normal oriental female figure, although there are but not exaggerated in front, more impossible has the perfect S-shaped curve.

The appearance is a delicate and pretty, but the long straight black hair that almost reaches the waist, and the black sailor suit, and the slightly damaged one, revealing the white and tender over-the-knee stockings that were covered below .

“Wow… so cute!”

But these are nothing. Although seeing the costume of sailor suit in this place called Immortal World makes Minor feel a little difficult to understand, but soon she found out that sailor suit and so on are not so much compared to Is unacceptable…

Zhang Ling still stood there naturally, and did not pose any special posture, but his energy was constantly fluctuating, and the snow at his feet was blown by the energy to form a vortex, which surrounds Zhang Ling. Keep spinning.

The long knife in his hand naturally hung down, and his eyes gradually closed. The black-framed glasses that were originally placed on the bridge of the nose did not know where they were thrown at this time. It might be damaged during the fight or simply received by Zhang Ling. stand up.

As the power in Zhang Ling’s body condensed more and more, Ye Wen felt that a force similar to his own metaphysical universe has several points of emanating from Zhang Ling.

“It turns out that even the power of the universe is useless?”

After realizing this, Ye Wen became more and more dismissive of the angel, and now he is too lazy even to give his right eye-such a bird, I really don’t know where the superiority comes from.

As the strength condensed, Zhang Ling suddenly opened her eyes, and then opened her mouth softly and spit out a few words: “Awakening, you can face the eyes of death!”

As the voice fell, the original pupils with nothing strange suddenly exuded a burst of blue purple, which looked beautiful and revealed strange.

Ye Wen was not surprised by this situation, just blinked and muttered: “This ability can also be used?”

And Chris on the side is not surprised…only Mino stared wide-eyed, looking at the eyes, and then curious: “How come this eye looks so familiar?”

While she was still thinking about where the pair of eye pupils had seen, she saw Zhang Ling put her long knife in front of her, and she said lightly in her mouth: “卍解,1000本櫻景strict!”

“Oh~ Special?”

Mino’s mouth almost became an’O’ shape, then wiped his eyes vigorously, and finally found that the scene in front of him did not change at all, and the long knife that emerged like a jungle around her was under her watch. It turned into a sky of pink petals.

“What is this?”

It’s a pity that no matter how incredible she feels, everything that happened in front of her will not suddenly stop or suddenly disappear as if it never happened. The wind and snow outside seemed to break down the mask that obstructed him at this moment, and then occupied this piece of’land.’

The pink petals and white snowflakes seem to blend into one, completely occupying the entire space, Ye Wen looked at this picturesque beauty, but just sighed: “When you go green, you can let Zhang Ling come here for a while. By the way, you can also enjoy the flowers…”

Chris: “…”

For Ye Wen, this is just a beautiful picture, and for Kane as an enemy, all this is a nightmare.

He didn’t understand what was happening at all, when at first he still took a disapproving attitude and waved a long sword with his hand, trying to cut off the petals that looked light and seemingly lethal, and found himself in the hands The two-handed sword is just like the most fragile thing in the world. It is cut into countless fragments by the petals.

If it is not that he saw the machine quickly, maybe he did not lose one finger but the entire arm!

What makes him unable to understand is why no matter how he uses holy light spell, he can’t heal the injury of his finger, even if he connects the broken finger perfectly to the broken position, but how does holy light Shino, the broken finger that was originally expected to be taken back to its place, and then the scene not at all appeared as if it had not been hurt.

Instead, no matter how he urged himself within the body’s holy light, the broken finger still didn’t get back to its place, and the palm and fingers seemed like two things that had never been in contact.

“How is this going?”

Kane was still wondering about such incomprehensible things. He hadn’t noticed that when he was busy picking up his fingers, countless pink petals had surrounded him.

By the time he discovered it, he was already deeply trapped in it, and there was no room for hiding.


It was already known that the beautiful-looking petals actually had a powerful lethality. When he saw his present situation, Kane’s proud face turned pale, but he still didn’t understand what was going on.


Before the cry came out, it was drowned in the sea of ​​flowers. After the petals spread out, the people hardly saw anything left, but a little red fell down from the air, making it white. The snowy ground was dyed a little brightly.

Zhang Ling extended the hand, and the petals in the sky seemed to be attracted and gathered in her hand. Finally, as a pink brilliance flashed, it turned into a long knife that seemed nothing strange.

“Chapter of Soul… That is actually Soul of Sword!”

Along with the bursts of sternness and full of unbelievable cries, Zhang Ling withdrew the long knife in his scabbard, and then his energy slowly dissipated. Until the end, the halo of the blue purple in his eyes disappeared.


After exhaling in a breath, Zhang Ling suddenly knelt on the snow, followed by the red liquid flowing down from the corner of her eyes, Ye Wen immediately understood that this ability was too harmful to Zhang Ling himself It is estimated that she also used it with a strong brace, and immediately took a step, immediately came to Zhang Ling’s side, and immediately raised her hand, the purple lotus came out and fell on Zhang Ling’s shoulder.

Zilian spins on Zhang Ling’s shoulders, one after another, the gentle energy enters into the body, wipes out the raging power, and warms up within the body meridian who was hurt by that force, Zhang Ling only feels A whole body of warmth rushed around within the body, and the whole body was refreshed, and the uncomfortable feeling slowly disappeared.

“Thank you Master!”

“Don’t use your uncontrollable ability next time!” Ye Wen suddenly thought that Zhang Ling would use this ability also for do it quickly, after all, it was his own sentence. However, didn’t expect Zhang Ling, who is usually quiet and silent, seems to be a girl who doesn’t care much about anything. The temperament turned out to be really strong.

However, Zhang Ling’s actual battle strength is higher than his own estimate, which is a matter of pleasure!

If you think about it carefully, it is estimated that Heaven and Earth turning upside down has taken place on Shu Mountain now? After leaving for almost ten years, most people’s strength should have been improved by leaps and bounds. He now quite expects the strength of other people.

Zhang Ling looked down and knelt on the ground again: “Can’t you go?”

Zhang Ling tried to move, and found that although he felt a lot more comfortable, he still couldn’t move. He had to say “um”, although it still sounded so bland, it seemed that he had no feelings, but Ye Wen still heard it. The embarrassment in the voice.

Ye Wen wanted to hug Zhang Ling directly, but it seemed inappropriate to think about doing this kind of thing by himself. He was looking for the idea to simply let Yu Qilin come over to help, and he saw Chris walked over very timely: “I will help you!”

Bend down and hug Zhang Ling in her arms—Chris’s physique is already strong. Zhang Ling shrinks and hugs her in her arms as if holding a doll.

Mino on the side saw this scene again, and felt emotion again: “Wow~ Princess hugs! It is very worthy of these two people!” At this time, she had already thrown away all the slashing swords and the like. , From time to time, glance at Chris and Zhang Ling with eyes full of all kinds of strange and weird messages. The two people who watched felt uncomfortable.

This embarrassing feeling lasted until Valkyrie was seen, because Mino turned his attention to the’famous’ Martial Goddess.

Even on the way, Ye Wen gave her a little “common sense” and told her that Valkyrie actually refers to a group of gods of Divine Race in Odin, not a specific person, just because Divine Race fell in Odin, Now there is only one Valkyrie left, so she uses this title as her name.

But in Mino’s head, there was still no change. She still felt that Valkyrie was a person, and the impression in her heart was always a collection of words such as handsome, heroic, powerful, gorgeous, etc.

However, there is absolutely no love, mother, etc. in these words, but Valkyrie just feels like a very ordinary mother.

Holding the child and saying hello to Ye Wen, Valkyrie looked at the little girl sitting on Qilin’s back strangely, and then with tears in his eyes, as if something important was robbed.

“What’s up with her?”

“Don’t pay attention to her, she will recover in a moment!”

Chris placed Zhang Ling lightly on the sofa on the side, and then put a fur list on the side to cover Zhang Ling’s body, while Yu Qilin directly lifted his body and threw Mino down. , Each minding their own business found a vacant land and fell down.

Ye Wen and Valkyrie exchanged a few words, instead of taking care of the screaming Mino, but asked Zhang Ling who seemed to have recovered a lot: “What happened just now?”

Although he expected that the angels of the Divine Race in heaven would begin to explore this piece of snowfield, didn’t expect came so quickly, but Zhang Ling’s explanation made him understand that the reason was still on himself.

“Kratos is now on the battlefield, and his pair of double-edged blades have already attracted the attention of the angels!”

Feeling that the 4-wing angel was deliberately ran to check this. If Kratos’ double-edged blade was really found from Divine Race Land of Falling in Odin, does that mean there are more treasures here? ?

It’s just that the angel named Kane didn’t expect that what was waiting for him was not the treasure, but Zhang Ling’s long sword!

“If you say that, there will still be people coming from heaven, but I will stay here during this time, but don’t worry too much about this!”

The words haven’t settled yet, and suddenly started: “Huh? Come so fast?” Motivation.)

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